Holiday Travel

I’m supposed to be in Philly right now. Me and mr. emptywheel and McCaffrey the MilleniaLab were supposed to pile into the new Honda Fit and drive to Philly for an early Christmas celebration with the family. Only, for a variety of reasons, it didn’t happen. And the fallback plan–to leave tomorrow and drive without mr. emptywheel–well, that’s forecast to get buried under 10 inches of snow tonight.

But in preparation for this mythical trip to Philly, I recruited someone to post for me on my driving days. It was a pretty easy decision, really. When I meet TNH/emptywheel people in person, they tend to rave about bmaz. So I thought I’d give him the keys to the front page while I’m gone.

And no way to get him up to speed on the controls of this thing then to have him do the new official weekly Football Trash Talk thread–since bmaz can trash talk with the best of them. Except for maybe Brett Favre.

So look for bmaz to post that in the next couple of hours (he keeps telling me there’s a game this evening on some "NFL Network" that I’ve never heard of). I’ll be around for trash talk today and (if the snow does come as expected) tomorrow. But be nice to bmaz while I’m gone. Well, at least as nice as you would be anyway.

  1. bobschacht says:

    May your holiday travels be unimpaired by weather! I’m actually headed up to Michigan myself, and will be there from Dec. 28 – Jan 3 to visit my brother’s family in Romeo and a colleague at the UMich. I’ll probably be watching the Michigan Bowl game with my brother– unless it conflicts with the University of Hawaii’s first ever bowl game– in which case I’ll be frazzled and torn.

    Hey, why not UMich vs. UHawaii???

    Bob in HI

    • MadDog says:

      A Corona for BMAZ (is that short for Bill Mazeroski?)

      I think the “az” in “bmaz” is for “Arizona”, but other than that, you’re probably close. You know, Bill, Bob, Bert, Barney, Benny or maybe Bo.

      And how may Coronas have I had you ask? None, absolutely nada…hic.

        • BayStateLibrul says:

          Bo Belinsky and his chicks?
          I’ve only had 2 Coronas… I left the 12 pack in the car and
          they were almost frozen…
          We are geeting ready for Wine day tomorrow with the neighbors… watching
          the Pats v Jets and the snow….
          Methinks the Jets will give us the run for our perfect record?

          • bmaz says:

            BSL – I left you a note a few threads back where we talked about the Mitchell Report. At any rate, did you see that the Diamondbacks just traded for Bill Buckner? I am serious….

            Jim Clausen – I would shelve the proud; trust me, I can screw this up royally. But thanks.

            • BayStateLibrul says:

              Thanks for that info on the other Billy Bucks?
              Quite ironic…
              Last I knew, Buckner was leaving in Idaho, shrink-free…
              Actually he deserves big credit for putting up with such drivel
              (Confession: I was part of the crowd, can I get a pass)

        • watercarrier4diogenes says:

          Had a barber for a couple of decades whose middle name was Buford, and since he’d been in the same high school a few years earlier, I was probably his only customer who knew that. I’d show up, he’d start stropping his razor, smiling. I never said a word…

          I can understand your distaste for the name, bmaz.

  2. radiofreewill says:

    Nice to see promotion from within the ranks! Well Done and Congrats, bmaz!

    Speaking of Trash Talk, doesn’t Lloyd have some overdue Trash Talk from last year’s Bowl Season?

    After Tressel ‘gave’ Carr his last touch in the Big Ten Championship, to make the score ‘look’ closer than it was – and you Big Ten Colluders know what I’m talking about – Lloyd went on to clamor about a ‘re-match’ National Championship with Ohio State.

    When the Mighty Florida Gators got the nod to take on the heavily favored Buckeyes, you would have thought someone stole Lloyd’s most prized possession!

    Then, after a Month of Whining, the Wolverines went down to USC in the Rose Bowl, voiding all of his Trash Talk about a National Championship, anyway, and We All Know who pounded OSU 41-14 to Win it All.

    So, good luck Lloyd – just don’t expect us to ‘give’ you a touchdown for your legacy on the way out the door!

    And, while I’m at it, Geaux Tigers!

      • bmaz says:

        USC ought to be playing Ohio State. I had the pleasure of seeing the Trojans live and up close Thanksgiving night. They had a blip in the middle of the season when Booty was hurt, but you cannot convince me that they are not one of the two best collegiate teams right now.

  3. Jim Clausen says:

    Congrats on the billing. I am quite proud to say I know you and really respect your analysis and depths of legal experience.