Trash Talk Too

Dang you guys trash talked a bunch while I was waiting for the Pats to catch up!!!

In the interest in keeping the threads under 500 comments, I’m going to do another trash talk thread–so we can all channel good thoughts about the Bolts beating the Colts.

Predictions are (tell me how I’ve screwed this up in the comments, and this is just through the first 100 comments):

emptywheel: Pats, Packers, Colts, ‘Boys

bmaz: Pats, Packers, Colts, Giants

CTuttle (last week’s reining reigning raining champ): Jags, Packers, Colts, ‘Boys

phred: Packers, "kitty kitty kitty," Colts, Giants

Coyoteville: Pats, Packers, Colts, Giants

watercarrier4diogenes: Jags, Squawks, Bolts, Gents

Evolute: Packers, Jags, Colts, ‘Boys

Strategerie: Squawks, Jags, Giants

radiofreewill: Jags, Giants, Packers, Bolts

freepatriot: Packers, Jags, Colts, ‘Boys

Go Bolts!

Prof Foland: [Oops, I missed him] Packers, Pats, Colts, ‘Boys

TexBetsy: Manning East, Manning Central

Muzzy: Squawks, Pats, Colts, Dallas

Neil: Colts and Cowboys 

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  1. radiofreewill says:

    I thought Brady was just plain Careless on those two misses today!

    That kind of slop will cost him next week against the Bolts!

    Go Giants!

  2. bmaz says:

    Whaaa??? Who is this interloper trash author? Heh heh Crikey, I’m thinking that without it being under my byline, I may have a shot on this. Lord knows I sure have been pretty shaky in my own threads; so i’m viewing this as a good sign. That would, if true, also mean a championship game at Lambeau; and, really, what could be better than that?

  3. bmaz says:

    EW – Oh, by the way, ESPN reports Brady had statistically the best playoff game for a quarterback in NFL history, topping Phil Simms’ Super Bowl game and Montana against the Rams. Pretty darn impressive.

  4. readerOfTeaLeaves says:

    Just wait till next year…. (it may take me that long to digest all the ‘crow’ that I’ve eaten later today). Good luck to all the contestants for this week’s Hub Cap!

    • watercarrier4diogenes says:

      Yeah, I’m half-way to having to go out and steal another one myself. No chance for this year’s award.

      bmaz: This prize is a real metal one, right? Not one of those plastic pieces of crap.

    • BayStateLibrul says:

      Congrats on last week.
      Did the exit polls reflect a “I’ve had enough of Brady” bias?

      Brady came out with a loaded pistol, a Saturday night special.

      A “you-gotta-be-kidding” me performance” Ryan writes.
      “It was a strange game, all right.” Ryan continues. “The combination of completed passes and lots of rushing attempts enabled this baby to be brought in in well under three hours. It was eerie. If this were the Yankees and Red Sox, we would have been lucky to be in the seventh inning.”

      Strange indeed.

      I’m delighted with a 3:00 PM match up with the Bolts next Sunday.
      I don’t have to call in sick for my grandson’s (Brady) baptism (2:00 PM
      coin flip)
      The family can celebrate a twofer.
      Okay, his name is Max.

      • phred says:

        Congrats on the new member of your family! Be sure to give him a little Patriot something for the occasion. I know, how ’bout a bib — something he can spit up on ; ) (quickly running away before anyone can throw anything at me ; )

        • BlueStateRedHead says:

          And as I am a rookie football fan, I keep my talk to what I know well. I have learned my football from watching the Pats, so I guess I have that us-u-us view of the (bite my toungue) Yankee fan.
          Signing off for some real life stuff and this pm, Indian cooking lessons with a visiting expat (as in expatriot, not as an ex-Patriot).

    • watercarrier4diogenes says:

      Manning brothers!

      Izzat a brand of coffee?

      Go Giants!! Until you’ve beaten the ‘boys, anyway, after that, go the way of the Colts, home for the off-season.

      News flash: Lambeau Field, Monday, 1/21/08 – Eli Manning found wandering near his own 10 yard line, mumbling “lost a fumble around here somewhere”, 27 hrs after end of game. Film at 11

    • Evolute says:

      Don’t forget me!

      I didn’t

      and @314

      why all the post double up?

      Using Safari I get that at FDL sites when I post AFTER preview. A refresh click makes it all hunky-dunky.

  5. Evolute says:

    emptywheel @330 …and tell me how shitty Brady, had two guys miss it, is…

    I didn’t miss nothing, I was just standing up for what’s right. Though rooting against a guy that is willing to take a pay cut for the team is hard for a union guy like me, especially since this Writers Strike has made topsy-turvy of this town and spanked me pretty good.

    CTuttle @7Dang, I was p*ssy whupped, but, I obviously wasn’t the only one… *g*

    I wear my scares with pride.

    And bmaz, I see yesterday you had Jessica Simpson on your mind. This Upset Special thing, is your money going this way because you know something we don’t?

    And one last: CTuttle, not that I’m one to talk, but if you are going to nitpick with EW about spelling isn’t it whupped whooped?

  6. BlueStateRedHead says:

    Phred, how do you like Pats, no patsies they?

    And EW, thanks for trashing no. 37 who did some mean work, in both sense of the word. Although the type A personal fowl behavior was widely (have nothing to do with wide receivers) shared.

    and before Bmaz beats up on the Pats or wishes them ill, see my comment on the Trash talk about Limbaugh hating them cause they are socialists, as well as written (well, blogged about written) proof that Coach Bill prefers democrats to Rethugs.

    And what are we going to name that Brady ‘turn your back to the defense and throw a TF play’? He said he deserved an Oscar for it. Since it for the moment sui generis, I prefer calling the Brady. Oscar or Brady, same combat.

  7. ProfessorFoland says:

    Per my 59 I’ve got Pats, Pack, Colts, Boys (same as yours, EW, and surprisingly we’re the only two who took the home teams.) ATS I took the Jags but otherwise the rest of the home teams.

  8. egregious says:

    CT—In defense of my honor, I am a sports fan, but the choice was watch the game or take the one and only opportunity to go over to chez EW, meet the esteemed Mr. Emptywheel and the adorable MilleniaLab. What else could I do? Throw in homemade pie….a thoroughly delightful evening.

    • phred says:

      egregious — next time you visit Chez EW during a Pats game, please please please stay until it’s over. I don’t know what it is with EW’s acute viewing skills, but every time she’s been away from the telly, the Pats game has been evenly matched. As soon as she starts to watch, that’s it. The Pats shut down their opponent. The kitties need to sharpen their claws a bit for next year ; )

    • bmaz says:

      Heh, I understand even McCaffrey the MilleniaLab enjoyed dessert and that much hilarity ensued. Sounds like you were stirring up a ruckus over there at Casa de Wheel…..

      • emptywheel says:

        egregious gave McC a dollop full of whipped cream, straight from her plate. So, yes, he quite enjoyed egregious’ company and has officially asked me to invite her back.

  9. BlueStateRedHead says:

    The CBS coverage was so anti-Brady that they did not do the head shot thing of him until the last quarter, so late that the second guy told the guy in charge, well you finally got around to it.

    Garrard is an attractive figure and the underdog is a better narrative than perfection prevailing. I wish that was the only reason for the bias. Any guesses about why it hate-the-Pat time all the time and even on this blog?

    • phred says:

      BSRH — note the title: Trash Talk. Honestly, I don’t hate the Pats, but given the legions of Pats fans in these parts, someone’s got to hold up the trash-the-Pats part of the conversation. It is a burden, but I am willing to bear it for the benefit of all ; ) Go Gents!

    • BooRadley says:

      It has nothing to do with the Pats. The media hates BillBell with a deep and abiding passion for his press conferences.

      This link to the Belichick
      news conference before the Jags is imho, by Bill’s standards, unusual in terms of how much info he provides. After viewing this, you get a feel for why they call him “protractor Bill.” You can also sense how uncomfortable Bill is. He just hates this part of his job. The less info Bill gives out, the less every other NFL (and college) coach has to give out. So sports writers really, really do not like him.

      • CasualObserver says:

        The same thing works just fine for Bush though, doesn’t it. Maybe we should swap all the sports gaggle for the WH ‘media’.

        • freepatriot says:

          we could do better than that

          Maybe we should swap all the sports gaggle for the WH ‘media’.

          I’m thinking we could get the whole whitehouse press corps for two rookie sports reporters and a draft pick

          but what would we do with the whitehouse media once we got em ???

          they’re to stupid to feed, to greasy to eat ???

          and the pigs won’t eat em either

  10. martha says:

    OK, I’m in trouble. Mr. martha has informed me that all he wants for his birthday (Feb 3, #47) is a Packers superbowl win. (He grew up in Ashwaubenon, heck, Ray Nitske came to his 3rd grade class for show and tell…) I have lots of charge cards. But I don’t think any of them can purchase that gift. martha bangs head on desk…

  11. freepatriot says:

    woo hoo

    I made the list

    I’m NOT a faceless nobody

    I’m a faceless somebody …

    oh, and I toll ya the seagulls ain’t a real team

    up by 14 in the first quarter and look what happened

    the primordial ooze hates seattle

  12. radiofreewill says:

    Today’s Game is Gonna Be Great!…..oKr3guQF0Q

    Michael Strahan will say yes to Jessica Simpson if Tony Romo doesn’t

    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – If Jessica Simpson gets tied of going out with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, there’s a gap-toothed New York Giants defensive end who wouldn’t mind a date with the singer-actress.

    Veteran Michael Strahan came to Romo’s defence on Thursday, saying the young heartthrob had every right to go to a Mexico resort with Simpson and other teammates during the Cowboys’ recent bye week.

    “You guys love to say, ‘Oh, he is coming off the beach and he is dating Jessica Simpson’ – please!” Strahan said during a news conference Thursday after the Giants practised for Sunday’s game against the Cowboys in the NFC semifinal.

    “Heck, if Jessica Simpson wanted to date me, I may give her a shot,” said the recently divorced Strahan.

  13. nonplussed says:

    I am not only shocked & surprised, but deeply saddened to learn that the redoubtable Texbetsy is a traitor to the great State. I shall be forced, yes forced, to demand that she hereafter refer to herself as just plain old “StatelessBetsy” or NYBetsy” as a consequence of her publicly expressed Manning love and failure to pick the Pokes. Any real Texan will tell you such a pick during the play-offs is a terrible offense and flies in the face of the natural order of things.

    • freepatriot says:

      so, uh the poster formerly known as Texbetsy has officially been banned from texas ???

      and that’s a bad thing ???

      I think they kicked my grandpa out too

      something about having too many IQ points or something …

      the best thing that ever came out of texas was the interstate …

      • bmaz says:

        Hey freep – Ya know where the best place in town is to take friends and family that are visiting you from Texas? Yep, damn straight, right back to the airport….

    • CasualObserver says:

      well, I guess nonplussed has a point there, but there’s not much a Giants fan can do about it. You can no more change your loyalty to the Giants than you can change your DNA. You’re born a Giants fan, you make the most you can out of it as a chronic condition during life, and sooner or later, it kills you. Sic semper devovoti gigantis.

  14. nonplussed says:

    Actually we have an Oasis called Austin, which is surrounded by a vast inhospitable wasteland filled with cretinous republiclowns. It functions a lot like a giant moat. We find it to be quite effective.

  15. Muzzy says:

    From my #68 on the prev thread: ‘hawks, Pats, Colts, Dallas

    Now that my stomach has recovered from yesterday’s barrage of queso, mixed nuts, and pizza, I’m feeling better about my Cowboys’ chances. I’ll be very interested to see how the Colts’ pass defense looks today with the expectation they will be facing NE. Even with near perfect execution yesterday, without a meaningful running game and the absence of a shut down defense, NE looks mortal.


    • CasualObserver says:

      They CAN beat Dallas. All they need is 4 consistent quarters of football. Easier said than done, but they can do it.

      It would be the ultimate payback, after losing to Dallas twice in the regular season.

      I think it hinges on Giants D. Pressure the QB, and hope the secondary holds up, as it did last week. Of course Dallas can beat you with the running game as well, but if they can pressure Romo hard, scuff him up, they have a real shot.

    • bmaz says:

      Again, for all those that haven’t seen the disclaimer already, here it is: I am no big Clemens fan, but I do think investigations and prosecutions ought to be done fairly, professionally and properly. OK, that said, this is just a continuation of a big long line of total bullshit. If I were Rusty Hardin, I would handle it the same way, and if my client didn’t listen to me, I would tell him to get another lawyer. They got the IRS, DOJ, FBI, DEA, 2 US Attorney’s Offices, Major League Baseball and the Untied States Congress all diligently conspiring to try to pimp little ole Clemens. Yet he is the one ready to stand up under oath and get on with it. Well, once he said, despite all that, he was ready to testify under oath, side by side with his accuser McNamee in front of Congress, suddenly that isn’t good enough either. Now they want to depose Clemens under oath, before he testifies under oath, so that the malicious out of control cabal out to get Clemens can use the material to sandpaper and prep their star witness, McNamee before he testifies. And despite even all this contortion,this fucker McNamee STILL wants a second grant of immunity, ahead of time, against being charged for any crimes he commits or admits to in testifying before Congress. What is going on here is absolutely stunning.

      If all the pundits, sports reporters, and “legal experts” that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground ever actually consulted someone that knew what they were talking about in criminal law, they might figure out how absurd this all is. McNamee has a history of lying to law enforcement, ask the detectives down in Florida investigating him on rape charges. Why should Clemens help out of control AUSAs and the wildly out of control IRS investigator Jeff Novitsky coach their witness? Clemens is still willing to go heads up, under oath, in front of the committee and answer all questions. The fact that he wants to do it in an intelligent fashion, with the assistance of his attorney’s advice, in light of the whole legal force of the United States government, and Congress too, lining up against him IS NOT a cheap dodge and evidence of guilt. If this same group was aligned against someone you like, say Valerie or Joe Wilson, you would be going batshitcrazy shouting off the rooftops about how evil, unfair and oppressive it was. And rightly so; because it would be wrong. It is here too. Clemens may well be guilty; but this whole deal is one giant pile of shit. Due process should be fair and equally applied. Just because this stuff seriously pisses me off, here are two comments I have previously made.

      The Congressional hearing is being postponed because the government panicked and is fearful that Novitsky, McNamee and Radomski will give critically problematic testimony (whether it be perjury, actual truth or fatal recantations) before Congress before they have Radomski sentenced. Now why in the world are they worried about that I wonder? And McNamee is seeking his second grant of immunity in the same investigation because he is concerned about criminal implications of his testimony, before the testimony is even given? Now why in the world is he worried about that I wonder? However, the one guy who is raring to go right here and now without any continuance and give full testimony without even the hint of a request for immunity (actually a disdainful refusal to even consider a request for immunity) is Clemens. You may not like Clemens, but I am telling you, this thing smells so bad that it almost knocks me out. They got the IRS, DOJ, FBI, DEA, 2 US Attorney’s Offices, Major League Baseball and the Untied States Congress all diligently conspiring to try to pimp little ole Clemens. Yet he is the one ready to stand up under oath and get on with it. Hmmm…. I guess he’s guilty, but this sure is a curious situation for such a guilty man.

      Wouldn’t you be self absorbed by this if you were Clemens? The pundits and chattering classes jawed that if he was innocent he should make a statement. He did that. Then they said he should make a more forceful and personal statement. He did that. They said he should go on the TeeVee and be subjected to questions by a reputable journalist and say he was innocent. He did that. They said he should go in front of congress and swear under oath he is innocent. He has unequivocally said he is ready to go. They said he should sue if he has been defamed. He did that. What more can he do?? The sole, and I mean ONLY iota of evidence against him is the statement of McNamee, who if you listen to the tape of the phone call he made to Clemens last Friday, has clearly been put through the grinder by the Feds and is so broken down that he may be suicidal if you ask me. I have never been a huge Clemens fan, but I am kind of a stickler for due process for those being tied to the railroad track by runaway investigators and prosecutors and this case absolutely reeks of that. I am also totally shocked by the shitty and uninformed reporting going on by the sports reporters, who, quite frankly, I usually find to be some of the better journalists out there in the media these days. What if he really is innocent? What then?

  16. randiego says:

    morning kids! Off to watch the game at a local Charger bar… wearing the LT jersey for the first time this season. Let’s hope that makes the difference!

    The Lightning Bolts can win today – it depends on which team shows up. We’re a 10 point ‘dog, which is good for us. We play better as a ‘dog.

    Go Bolts – see you guys later!

    • phred says:

      Have fun randiego! Yesterday was a day for the home teams — lets hope today is a day for the visitors : )

    • parbuster says:

      How do you like us now?? While the NFL officiating fix seemed to be in, my Boltz wouldn’t be denied. Billy Freaking Volek, people! Mr. Three and Out all year in relief of a gutsy Phillip Rivers. Volek, Turner, Cromartie, Merriman…all stellar for the undermanned Chargers.

      As improbable as this was, next week’s highly improbable matchup should bring The Boltz back to Earth.

      Or will it??

      • Neil says:

        What am I supposed to do with that? Put your predictions or your hopes? C’

        I KNOW you are not confused by that, put my predictions please. I imagine you honed your trashtalking skills at an early age, perhaps playing frisbee football with the Lombardi’s. …My dad wouldn’t let the girls or the boys wear jeans out of the house either.

  17. pdaly says:

    I haven’t listed my picks but is there any point to do so? Pats all the way! This might sound a bit boastful, but then I remembered this group is reality-based.

    (I’ll admit, thoguh, to momentary concern last night. I was attending a delayed holiday office party last night. As I danced the night away, I spied on the flat screen TV just off the dance floor at one point the tie game with the Jags. But I didn’t bother to check the final score until just now. My apologies to the Pats for even having to check the score. I suppose I should just throw the Superbowl party now!)

  18. freepatriot says:

    that’s the guy I had LAST year

    Tony Romo, describing Terry Glenn

    looks like “She” is OKAY

    kinda makes you wonder how the Cowboys swept the gnts this year, without their best receiver and all …

  19. jayt says:

    Colts: O-Line – all present and healthy. D-Line – all present and healthy (except Freeney, of course). Marvin Harrison – present and healthy.

    We’re ready.

  20. Neil says:

    Colts are running a lot of clock, moving the ball extreamly well on the ground and in the air. The Colts o-line are the story of Q1. They have been dominating. One turnover each team, both ended of a good drive.

  21. Neil says:

    It sure is noisy in the RCA dome. Do you think they might have a foley artist piping in a little extra crowd noise to jam the bolts offense signal calling?

    • Evolute says:

      Speaking of Foley, here’s a little background, from wiki:

      The term “Foley artist” is named after Jack Foley, one of the earliest and best-known Hollywood practitioners of the art. Foley began his career in the film industry as a stand-in and screenwriter during the silent era, and later helped Universal make the transition from silent movies to “talkies”.

      Figures that a screenwriter would come up with the idea to help make the illusion more bankable. These same family members that the AMPTP now doesn’t want to share their wealth with.

  22. Muzzy says:

    As highly rated as the Colts D is rated, I’m impressed by the bolts’ drive following the harrison fumble.

  23. Neil says:

    Jumpball, touchdown. Who thinks the Bolts are lucky to get a score on that drive?

    7-7. I think low scoring favors the Bolts.

    • Muzzy says:

      We’ll see if indy can make some adjustments in the pass D. I don’t know about lucky – Rivers was perfect on that drive and picked up yards in chunks, not underneathe checkdown completions.

      • Neil says:

        Rivers has been EXCELLENT, teammates have not been as consistent. Colts D has been excellent. Colts seem to know where the Bolts want to run the ball. You think they give it away withtheir formation or motion? Plus LT fumbled on the way down … that kind of lucky.

  24. masaccio says:

    CBS really sucks. The announcers are mediocre to poor, and the signal from the RCA Dome is screwed up, just like it was most days when the Titans played. Where is Congress when you need ‘em?

    • watercarrier4diogenes says:

      I’d agree with you if Phil Simms was doing this game, but not today. That ‘12th Man’ effect so prominent in the design of the Squawks new stadium is something the Colts had better hope got designed into their new place.

  25. jayt says:

    The RCA Dome is just an incredibly loud building – I’ve left with my ears ringing. But you can hear pin drop when the Colts are on offense, Good fans.

    Next year they go into a bigger building – will cut down on the noise, unfortunately.

  26. Muzzy says:

    Re Neil @67: “Colts seem to know where the Bolts want to run the ball. You think they give it away withtheir formation or motion? “

    Without counting who’s in the box, the Colts are likely focusing their weight on shutting down the run first. Now with LT, dinged, I expect the Colt pass coverage to tighten up.

  27. BooRadley says:

    For your half-time viewing pleasure, Dan Hawkins, the head football coach at the University of Colorado, and his now famous, “it’s Division 1 football.

      • bmaz says:

        Tee hee hee! I’m going to spook you guys into understanding that due process and fundamental fairness is not meant to be selective and we are all hurt when that principle is abused by our governmental entities. Please forward foam cheesehead; I anticipate things being chucked my way….

  28. BooRadley says:

    That was classic “cover-two” defense by the safety. On that long sideline pass, it’s the safety’s responsibility to knock the wide out into next week. When they hold on, like Chambers did, you tip your hat.

  29. BooRadley says:

    After flashing playmaking potential as a nickel back and wide reciever his first two years, Cromartie tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee July, 2005 during voluntary workouts before his junior year and was forced to miss the entire season.

    Cromartie is interesting, because I think he only started one game at Florida State. Chargers took him, because of how he tested at the NFL combine.

  30. Beerfart Liberal says:

    Some of you may have seen it at FDL.

    By popular demand generated by “take hawaii and the points”…….it’s Beerfart’s Heart-Over-Head-Pick-o’-The Week:

    New York Football Giants and the points.

  31. stagemom says:

    jeesh, you guys want the same ol’ intrenched crap.
    is this an indicator of how you’ll vote?

  32. BooRadley says:

    Dungy punted at midfield on fourth and five, because he respects the Charger’s defense and because he’s got doubts about his defense’s ability to stop SD.

  33. BooRadley says:

    If the Chargers lose, a lot of sportswriters are going to want to know if Rivers really had to go the lockerroom or if it was just a pathetic ploy to get attention.

  34. bmaz says:

    Uh oh. I might would have picked the Bolts if I had known that Billy Volek was going to be quarterbacking instead of Rivers. I want to, ahem, amend my picks…..

    • BooRadley says:

      Bolts have to make a first down to stop Peyton from getting another shot.

      IIRC, the Bolts punter is really good.

      IIRC, Colts have all three time outs and it’s second and nine.

  35. emptywheel says:

    Holy shite. What do we do with the hubcap?

    And what happened to the logic that the Jags and Pats were going to beat the shit out of each other to soften them up for the Colts?

      • emptywheel says:

        I just described the end of the game to mr. emptywheel, who is at work right now. When I said, Peyton and Merriman were the only marquee players on the field at the end of the game, he didn’t believe I meant it literally.

  36. jayt says:

    damn – and this year’s team was actually better than last year’s team…


    and Philip Rivers is a punk…

    • parbuster says:

      damn – and this year’s team was actually better than last year’s team…


      and Philip Rivers is a punk…

      Sure punked Indy, didn’t he?? And Hell…the Bolts were better’n The Colts last year, too. HAHA

  37. jayt says:

    Ah well – hats off to Bolts fans – they needed pretty much a perfect game and they got it. We got all our starters back, and somehow they all forgot how the game is played.

    We’re still the second-youngest team in the league (stretching waaay hard for a positive)…

    • bmaz says:

      But the youngest team in the league? Ah, that would be the one with the kid throwing snowballs yesterday as their quarterback. Favre or something like that. GO PACK GO!

      OK, this isn’t meant to be pricky, legitimate question, sooner or later, Peyton Manning will likely break many, if not most, of Brett Favre’s records (though not the games started streak I don’t think). As good as Peyton is, would that be the case if he had had to play half of his games in Lambeau instead of that BioDome with the tartan track surface?

      • jayt says:

        But the youngest team in the league? Ah, that would be the one with the kid throwing snowballs yesterday as their quarterback. Favre or something like that. GO PACK GO!

        yeah, yeah, I know. I’m pulling for the Pack now. Well, first I’d like to see the Pats smack the smirk off of Philip Rivers…

        As to the “Bio-Dome” – that place was brutal for a bunch of years before they finally changed the carpet, and got one with some padding. Before that. it was like newspaper over concrete – I don’t know how anyone ever survived getting tackled on that junk. I was on that stuff for a father-son event where we could just play around, get timed in the forty, catch punts, etc.

        My knees hurt for three days after that, and I didn’t even get tackled.

        Next year we’re in one of those retractable-roof stadiums, like in Dallas(?).

    • BooRadley says:

      Most of Dallas’ rushing yards come behind, or because of, number 70, Leonard Davis 6-6 354lbs, their right guard.

      • bmaz says:

        Oh yeah. I remember him. The fucking Cardinals drafted him with the number 2 pick in the draft (they are always in the top ten) and then let him walk away, for NOTHING, as a free agent. Real men of genius those Cards executives.

        • freepatriot says:

          The fucking Cardinals drafted him with the number 2 pick in the draft

          fucking cardinals ???

          people might pay to see that, but it ain’t football

          I’m sure the church is opposed to it too

    • emptywheel says:

      The Bolts’ second string put together an awsum drive against the Colts D. And then Peyton, with 5 minutes left and two chances, didn’t get the touchdown he’d normally get.

      Oh, and the Bolts punter kicked it a zillion yards out of their endzone.

  38. stagemom says:

    woohoo! a western win.
    i just finished it on tivo. you guys had me
    ascared to watch!
    and bmaz, i was talking about a dem from the west running mate.
    you’re right that republicans from the west have
    been baaaaad.
    but, i think most from the south and east have been
    bad, too.

    • phred says:

      You go right back upstairs this minute. If we can chain bmaz to the TV for the Pack, we can send you back upstairs ; )

        • phred says:

          You and me both, at least you had some laurels (ok, a lumpy hubcap) to rest on. Still, the only pick I cared about was the Pack : ) Yep, even with 1-3, happy as a clam : )

  39. radiofreewill says:

    Giants looking Good on the Opening Drive!

    Toomer taking that one in is a good sign!

    Let’s see if Romo came to play…

  40. prostratedragon says:

    Well what I wouldov said is Boys win ugly. Looks like it will be very ugly if at all.

    As for the other game, who could have anticipated that Rivers would get knocked out early enough to save the day?

  41. jayt says:

    Oh – and the Pats’ fans have shown up big in the comments section for the story of today’s game at

    Classy bunch of knuckle-draggers. Are there elementary schools out there – just askin’, because none of them seem to be able to spell any words of more than four letters…

  42. freepatriot says:

    Eli goes down

    just don’t have the same ring as


    did I ever mention how much I hate montana, theisman, and various other quarterbacks named joe …

    • bmaz says:

      Also Terry (Bradshaw), Doug (Williams), Mark (Rypien), Jim (Plunkett, McMahon) It’s a long list that has whacked the Boys….

      • freepatriot says:

        I never said I was a Cowboys fan back then

        and I also noticed that you din’t put Phil Simms on that list

        good thing

        Phil Simms was the first quarterback to make a buck by goin to disneyland

        we like Phil (but his kid sucks)

        All Hail the Mighty Bill Parcells

    • watercarrier4diogenes says:

      especially if they came outta Notorious Dame? ‘Fight On!’ Put a line that can keep him healthy and Leinart would even make an SC fan outta bmaz… well, sorta, anyway.

  43. BooRadley says:

    I think the Cowboys are “cracking back” with their wide outs on Giant linebackers, forcing the Giant corners to have to tackle Marion Barber.

  44. Muzzy says:

    whew. I my hands have been tied up giving my other a back rub which I superstitiously determined wouldn’t end until the Cowboys drive ended. jeez !

        • watercarrier4diogenes says:

          If they hired the architect that built Qwest Field for Paul Allen, trust me, it’ll be deafening. Most false start penalties on the visiting team in the whole NFL this year. The 12th man thing (thank you, Texas A & M) was on his mind when Allen sat down with the architects, or so the story goes.

          • CasualObserver says:

            I question any decision that is influenced by a campus where many of the students walk around in military dress–including boots and Sam Brown belts. A&M is just strange.

            • nonplussed says:

              You are very charitable. Remember this Institution allowed a member of the Bush family to house their “Library” on their Campus. Of course, it was run by the the Secretary of Defense at the time.

              • CasualObserver says:

                Not charitable at all. There are good people there at A&M, both students and faculty. I just don’t like that cadet thing they have going on…

  45. TexBetsy says:

    My nephew came home from the grocery store with tortilla chips shaped like the state of Texas. Damn things have the Cowboys helmet on the bag. Me? I am skipping the chips today!

  46. CasualObserver says:

    The Giants will not win at this pace. I say this as a Giants fan since Y.A.Tittle. They must stop that run, and they must get to Romo.

  47. BayStateLibrul says:

    Thanks phred for your kind words about our new arrival.
    I thinks he’ll be wearing a No 46 Jacoby Ellsbury bib.

    Back to our Patsies…

    Ah, sweet memories of Shawne Merriman’s snoopy dance.
    Ya think LaDainian Tomlinson’s one year old trash talking incident will go off like a fire cracker?
    “When you go to the middle of our field, when you start doing the dance that is known for, that’s disrespectful to me. And I can’t sit there and watch that. And so, yeah, I was very upset. And just the fact that they showed no class at all. Absolutely no class. And maybe that comes from their head coach. So you know, there you have it.”
    Maybe the expiration date has passed.

    • phred says:

      Excellent choice on the bib — Max and Ellsbury can grow up together ; ) Ellsbury sure was fun to watch last year, eh? Glad we have the Sox to look forward to… I always hate to see the end of football season : )

      • watercarrier4diogenes says:

        Folks from around Oregon State’s baseball team (back-to-back College WS champs) had been puzzled why Coco Crisp was still playin’ CF. He’s a great fielder, but no better than Ellsbury and he can’t hit worth spit. So now you BayStaters know. I just hope the idle talking-head chat about the Sox trading him was as vacuous as the average utterance outta Jonah Goldberg. Unless, of course, y’all’d like to send him to the Mariners for a couple of draft picks and cash…

        • phred says:

          Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of the Sox front office, but they’d be nuts to let go of Ellsbury. His picture is all over town (any sports memorabilia shop or Boston tourist type stuff shop). He’s very very popular here.

          • watercarrier4diogenes says:

            I sincerely hope you’re right, phred. Any way to keep the Yankees off for the year after 162 games, I’m all for. As a ‘b’oregonian, I was happy to see him drafted by the Sox, and very happy to see him show his stuff so quickly and so well.

            Of course, if they miss their ol’ Curse of the Bambino, we’d love to have him back here in the Pacific NW. He’d look good out there next to Ichiro, not to mention following Ichiro in the #2 slot in the lineup 8^).

      • BlueStateRedHead says:

        BayBlueStaters, are you telling me we are keeping Ellsbury? Be still my heart, if so. He won it the day he took over for Manny and beside doing a great job on the field, also fixed one of the wooden letters that had fallen off the out-of-town board. A young man who keeps the place clean and orderly. Every woman’s dream.

    • Elliott says:

      Bud commercial: “darker cloudier beers are more susceptible to flaws.”

      there’s no question that darker cloudier beer commercials are

    • CasualObserver says:

      That is bullshit. But what do you expect? “American-style” lagers depend on marketing, not on content.

    • Evolute says:

      Bud commercial: “darker cloudier beers are more susceptible to flaws.”


      They have the potential to actually get one buzzed as compared to American beers that just make one pissed.

    • phred says:

      Yep. That’s the magic of football though, it’s something you can still do together via the magic of long distance. That’s why my family enjoys the Pack so much. We’re all over the place, but we still watch games together : )

  48. parbuster says:

    Cromartie got robbed!

    Holding, my ass! That’s the biggest heist since Brink’s. The NFL just didn’t want their spokesman getting picked SIX times again.

  49. bmaz says:

    Randiego and Phred – WAFUCKINGHOOOO!!!!! Gotta run, brthday party for wife’s best friend tonight; am told I need to take a shower (took one yesterday, shouldn’t that be good enough?) Try to check in before I leave. Frozen Tundra for the Championship game – the way, and the place, football is meant to be played!

    • phred says:

      Oh and bmaz, in case there is any confusion, I’m all in favor of proper hygiene in general — just not when the game is on! Sheesh! Make sure you’re all nice and clean before the kickoff next week. Evidently the Pack can’t do without you ; )

  50. CasualObserver says:

    Second Half–they stopped the run, and they put Romo on his ass.

    this defense has more heart than I can put into words.

    I lit a candle to the Virgin de Guadalupe on that last series. I greatly appreciate her support of the Giants’ secondary.

  51. BooRadley says:

    Just posted by the online version of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

    It’s seven days out, so a lot can change, but the early forecast for next Sunday’s NFC championship game between the Packers and the Giants calls for a high of 7 degrees. Ice Bowl II?

  52. radiofreewill says:

    Well, well, well…Looks like Romeo couldn’t go all four quarters! And he got frustrated, too. But, he’s got Free Time now, and I hear Cialys is looking for a new spokesman.

    Where can Jessica go next? Astronauts are no good. Cowboys are too easy. Republicans prefer men. I know! How about Patriots? Hmmmm…

    Congrats to the Bolts! It would have been easy to hear the hype of the Peyton Express, take two big injuries early and collapse – but the Team would not be denied. Beat the Cheats Next Week!

    Eli, Strahan, Toomer…Big Time Stars coming up Big in the Playoffs! That New York magic is always ready for Showtime! Dallas’ fussy-little-city-next-to-a-Cow-town Culture makes it hard for them to get the whole organization, fans especially, ready for Smashmouth Playoff Football. Better luck next year! PS – Lose the Panicky Guy in the blue suit.

    Bolts and Giants Rule Today!

    • CasualObserver says:

      Where can Jessica go next?

      Eli’s way too unhip for her. Better to stick with Romo. So to speak.

  53. randiego says:

    This just in – Lightning Bolts win in one of the greatest playoff games ever! Can anyone think of another game when the BACKUP QB AND RUNNING BACK came in and won the game on the road in the 4th quarter against the defending champs??

    Nobody gave the Bolts a chance to win, and that’s all good – the only way we were gonna win was as a huge ‘dog! (They play down to lesser teams all the time).

    jayt – sorry your team lost, but let up on the Rivers smack. Rivers has shown he can play when it counts, so give him some credit.

  54. Beerfart Liberal says:


    No one will mention “take Hawaii and the points again.”

    Beerfart nails it: “New York Football Giants and the points.” Didn’t need ‘em.

    RIP Marty Glickman.

  55. Beerfart Liberal says:

    I love it. I been sayin’ since he took over that job that Romo ain’t got it. He ain’t. Second tier QB. Never win the SB.

    • CasualObserver says:

      I can’t agree with that. Romo’s great. Scares the crap outta me, anyway. I think he’ll win a ton of games.

      But not today! Bwaaaahahahahaha!

    • phred says:

      I wouldn’t take that bet in a million years. Romo’s got good stuff. I can easily see him in a Super Bowl in a few years (after Brett retires and Aaron Rodgers has a couple under his belt ; ) Anyway, Romo’s from WI, can’t let you talk smack about him without givin’ the kid his due…

  56. BlueStateRedHead says:

    For a fun look at the Red Sox from a perch in the Big House, check out Red Sox and Blue Lions, at

    The 2007 wrap up in November 13th, some choice fun bits:

    –Not only did he play much of the season with a broken hand, the kind of broken hand that puts other players out for MONTHS, not only did he overcome the fact that he’s approximately half the size of some of his own teammates, but Dustin Pedroia also won the Rookie of the Year award. Short men all over New England rejoiced and enjoyed much attention from single ladies who wanted a slice of that action.

    –Every single thing that Mike Lowell did, up to and including all the ways that he is not Alex Rodriguez.

    The fact that the Red Sox became the only team in MLB to have a fully functional bullpen band, which was not afraid to use water bottles, hands, benches, overhangs, and anything else as instruments. Doug Mirabelli became an instrument when he was musically hammered upon from both sides by overly enthusiastic teammates. I honestly don’t think there are enough words to describe how awesome this whole thing was.

    Jonathan Papelbon the Crazy Closer and Equally Crazy Human Being. He plays Scrabble! He and Josh Beckett fight like little boys sniping at each other! He refers to his pitching personality as Cinco Ocho (the reverse Chad Johnson)! He… oh, hell, HE DANCES IN HIS UNDERWEAR WHERE TV CAMERAS CAN SEE HIM.

    Also check out her Red Sox 2004 at Hogwarts.

    • phred says:

      Nope — fill me in, if you’re still around (had to pop out for a bit right after the game…) By the way, I agree, winning the game with backups was spectacular!

  57. radiofreewill says:

    Here’s a snippet of what Sports Illustrated says:



    Cornerback R.W. McQuarters intercepted a pass into the end zone with 9 seconds left, turning away a last-ditch drive by Romo. It marked his second straight disappointing finish to a playoff game, following his flubbed hold of a short field goal in Seattle last January.

    “It hurts,” said Romo, who was 18-of-36 for 201 yards with a touchdown. “It’s tough right now.”

    Terrell Owens came to his quarterback’s defense, even crying behind dark sunglasses with a quivering bottom lip while declaring, “You can point the finger at him, you can talk about the vacation (with Simpson), and if you do that, it’s really unfair. That’s my teammate. … We lost as a team.”

    Dallas’ failure is huge.

    The Cowboys just wasted a 13-3 season, which matched the best in team history. They’re the first No. 1 seed in the NFC to lose in this round since the NFL went to the 12-team playoff format in 1990. They also became the seventh team to lose a playoff game against a team they’d beaten twice in the regular season – joining Dallas’ 1998 club.

    Worst of all is the extension of all the skids: Romo now 0-2 in the playoffs, coach Wade Phillips 0-4 and the team 0-for-the-postseason since winning a wild-card game in 1996. The Cowboys have dropped five games since.


    There were plenty of interesting signs, including a teenager holding one that read: “I wish I was in Mexico with Jessica.”

  58. randiego says:

    pretty dramatic stuff… sobbing and sniffling and calling out the media on their coverage of the Romo/Jessica trainwreck…

    • phred says:

      Yowza — thanks radiofreewill and randiego for the update. I think maybe next time TO should shower first, then talk. Although to be fair, I did think all that crap about Romo’s love life was seriously overblown. Has everyone forgotten the guy who first broke the 4 minute mile ; )

        • phred says:

          Well, perhaps it’s an apocryphal story, but I have always heard that he had a, ummm, tryst shall we say, just before his record breaking race. If this is evidence of my gullibility, well, then, my sincere apologies to the good doctor.

          • ANOther says:

            It’s a new story to me but I suppose it is possible. The problem with the “boys” today seemed to me that Jessica Simpson would have caught more balls than they did and, with the Giants secondary decimated, TO did not catch a pass in the second half. Romo may be a loser, but he has potential to fix it. Wade Phillips doesn’t.

  59. lectriclady says:


    Been having my daughter’s birthday party and couldn’t see the game, or hear the results until now.

    Poor CBoys :< </p>

    Did I hear that the Giants now have to go to Green Bay???? In conditions that may be as bad as yesterday???

    Maybe, just maybe, the Pack may go the Super Bowl????

    As I said, Whoo…fn…whoo!

    See you all here next weekend.

    • watercarrier4diogenes says:

      Did I hear that the Giants now have to go to Green Bay???? In conditions that may be as bad as yesterday???

      Worse, from what BooRadley quoted at #290 above, 7 day forecast shows possibility it will be 7degF in Green Bay, and per EW above:

      Pats game is at 3, so the second game is likely 6:30 or 7.

    • BayStateLibrul says:

      I hope I don’t jinx our beloved Pats.
      Super Bowl LXII…
      Ave Brady! Morituri de Packsters te salutamus – Hail Brady! We, the Pack, who are about to die salute you. (Gladiators before the fight at Glendale, AZ?)

      • Neil says:

        As you know, the “cardinal rule” in Belichik-ia is one-game-at-a-time. Don’t forget, the bolts are at least the 2nd best team in the AFC.

        It will be a little more complex to defensive game plan against San Diego this week since the availability of their key personnel is unknown. The Pats coaching staff will take Mon and Tue to come up with the plan and put it in Wed, Thu, Fri.

        Similarly, why assume a Packer victory? They’re playing the second best team in the NFC, a team that’s won two road victories in the playoffs. Coughlin will have them practicing in Clarence Birds-Eye’s deep freezer.

        Anyone else out there getting a dollop snow today?

  60. radiofreewill says:

    I see this morning that the Cowboys are being called France’s team in the Dallas Morning News Sports Blog…


  61. randiego says:

    Hey EW, can we can start a new thread before saturday? I’m always running around like nuts on the weekend!

  62. bmaz says:

    Random Late Notes:

    1) Even a fake Jessica Simpson was good enough to throw off the Dallas Cowboys yesterday, as New York took a Giant step toward the Super Bowl. The Giants, who notched a stunning 21-17 victory over Dallas in the NFC Divisional Playoffs, had a good-luck charm in the stands — in the form of Simpson lookalike Lynsey Nordstrom.

    2) EW, I am almost starting to feel sorry for the Wolverweenies. First you lose Lloyd Carr, who really was a class act. then Ryan Mallett leaves (probably for Tennessee), now Mario Manningham is bolting for the pros. I think Rodriquez is a good coach, but a fairly brutal start….

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