Trash Talk – Thursday Throw Down Special Edition

It’s here baybee!!

Marcy’s Pats are hooking horns with bmaz’s New York Bretts. Tonight!!

Unfortunately, it is on the craptastic NFL Network (cable or sat); but get thee to a TeeVee!

There is always something special about a NY versus Beantown sporting match, and it is not just when the Yanks take on the Sawx. In week two of the season, a still reined in Matt Cassell led the Pats to a 19-10 win, although the game felt a little closer than that most of the way. Since that time, Cassell has come into his own a bit. Tom Brady he ain’t; but he does look to be getting to be at least comfortable and competent. The Pat’s defense is a little depleted since then though. Roidney Harrison is out, maybe career over; and last week, Audalius Thomas was lost. Considering the age of Bruschi and some of the others, the loss of Thomas, a big time defender, hurts.

The Jets have come into their own too. While not at the comfort level he was in GB, Favre looks to have settled in to the Jets offense. Somehow, I think his shoulder is hurt just a tad though, the old zip isn’t quite there, although he is still better than most. More importantly, Thomas Jones is untracked and the jets offense is balanced and not relying as much on Brett. On the downside, both key receivers, Cotchery and Coles are slightly dinged, but will play. The Jets defense is really coming together now and Kris Jenkins is a wrecking crew all by himself. The Jets also just signed Ty Law to help the secondary, and with his knowledge of the Pats passing game, he should be a plus.

Okay, none of you mopes on the sidelines! Pick a side and let’s get it on!

emptywheel here. First off, where does bmaz get off, with a mid-week Trash Talk? No sooner do the Democrats get in office, I guess, and they’re mandating mid-week recess and whatnot. Mostly I think bmaz did it so he could boast that Eric Mangini bought himself some expertise on the Pats with Ty Law; one might ask, of course, why Mangini’s own experience with the Pats does him no more good than allow him to tattle once or twice to the teacher. 

Which is really what bmaz is about here. He’d like to pitch this as a battle between BillBel and Favre. When of course, it’s really a battle between BillBel’s Video Cheats and the Mangy Manginis. Besides, as goofy and infectious as Favre’s smiles are, bmaz neglected to mention that someone else has been smiling on the Pats in the last week or so–and that’s got to be good luck. Doesn’t it?

Whatever. This game is going to be decided by the defenses–and the Jets are improving wildly there. But I’m not sure that means Mangini is ready yet to beat his hated mentor.

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  1. JimWhite says:

    Being a rule of law guy and all that, I have to go with the Bretts. After videogate, I can’t endorse the cheating Pats. And now the Bretts literally have (the) Law on their side…

  2. bmaz says:

    Yeah, where does that bmaz jerk get off with that… Oh, wait a minute…..

    …tattle once or twice to the teacher.

    Gee whiz, in other instances of wrongdoing discussed on this blog, that has been called the rule of law! My oh my.

    I wonder if Major Tom is bringing Jessica Simpson Giselle with him tonight? Yes, Brady will be there I think, because it is “Troy Brown” night, and Brown is his friend.

    • emptywheel says:

      “Rule of law” is when, while still employed by the Pats, Mangini narcs on his own boss. He didn’t do that and was therefore presumably complicit with taping for some time. Telling the teacher is when you reveal these details only after you continue to lose against the guy.

      As for Brady, the question is whether he’ll be on the sideline, right?

  3. BayStateLibrul says:

    The weather sucks here (cold and rainy)

    After the game,

    Pats 7-3
    Jets 6-4

    Before the game,

    Corona and pork chops

      • bmaz says:

        Am going to buy a six pack of Corona for BSL!

        As long as Brady isn’t suited up and throwing bombs to Moss, I don’t care where he is.

      • randiego says:

        Whoa, I noticed that too. Corona south of the border ain’t that great, north of the border it’s terrible. Pacifico, XX or even Tecate would be a better choice…

        • BayStateLibrul says:

          How about Labatt Blue or Labatt Blue Light, as well as the Brazilian
          beer, Brahma (ah… good karma)

          • randiego says:

            I’m not much of a beer snob, but I do have my limits…

            I like the Mexican lagers and I’m a big fan fan of Stella Artois. The darkest I’ll go is an Amber – XX has a good one and Michelob has a decent one too.

            When I was in Indonesia I developed a fondness for Tiger from Singapore.

            • PJEvans says:

              How about Bohemia or Superior? (I’m fond of Anchor Steam myself, but that’s what comes og living in the Bay Area.)

              • randiego says:

                How about Bohemia or Superior? (I’m fond of Anchor Steam myself, but that’s what comes og living in the Bay Area.)

                yes, absolutely – how could I forget Bohemia?

            • emptywheel says:

              Oh, don’t get me wrong. There is a time and a place for Corona. (In fact, San Diego is indeed one of those places, particularly if you’re at the beach and it’s warm, but you gotta have lime).

              It’s just that that time and place is not MA before a Pats game, IMO.

              Now if you’re drinking something awful from a free kegger (not that I’ve ever done THAT in MA, not at all), that’s an appropriate (ack!) beer.

  4. BayStateLibrul says:

    The Bruins are in first place, the Celts with Paulie Pierce’s last second
    shot KO’ing Hotlanta, and the Pats with the four-named BenJarvus Green-Ellis, how can we possible lose?

    • bmaz says:

      LawFirm may fight the Law, but the Law’s gonna win….

      ESPN says bad weather favors Favre, but that a “Hoodie” is always good protection from the elements. I agree, the Hoodie is going to prevail.

      • BayStateLibrul says:

        Yeah, but his Hoodie is an embarassment, I thunk…
        He needs to dress preppy…

        OT, we lost a good guy today… Herb Score. My favorite Herb-ism:

        “There’s a two-hopper to Duane Kuiper, who fields it on the first bounce.”

  5. randiego says:

    Well if this game was in NY, I’d say the Bretts, hands-down.

    But it ain’t, so take the home team at night in a division game. I’ll take Pats.

    And yes, watch out for the The Firm.

  6. randiego says:

    I promised Bmaz that I wouldn’t start early on the weekend games, but there are some dandies on the slate…

      • randiego says:

        The Red Raiders are off this week, ditto with Oklahoma. The big throwdown is 11/22 at 7pm CST, in Norman. Honeybunch can think of nothing else.

        Alabama has Miss St (+22). They will likely win that game, but after what we saw last saturday, I think Florida will beat them in the SEC title game.

          • randiego says:

            Honeybunch’s head has been in the CLOUDS. It’s all TT, all the time.

            Some kid she knew from kindergarten (a Texas alum) decided to talk some smack on her Facebook page. She went medieval on his ass – on her page, and then on his! He hasn’t been seen since.

            • JimWhite says:

              Turns out I will be close to Norman again during that game, but I just can’t justify sneaking off from my kids this time like I did for the Kansas game. Should be able to watch it on the tube, but it will be tough being so close. If the RR’s pull it out, I’ll call my sister and trash on her before she leaves the stands…

              • randiego says:

                A shame. Probably their biggest game ever, no?

                Man, a win would sure shut up all the haters. Nobody gave them a chance to beat Texas, even fewer against OK State, and here they are…

                Heh – don’t get me started on how I think they deserve the #1 ranking.

                I’m from California – I didn’t know but I guess I should have guessed – that there was this pecking order in the State of Texas. Tech is way down the order, behind UT and A&M, with a handful of other contenders. The UT guy from kindergarten was talking smack about how Tech grads couldn’t qualify at UT.

                Virginia was like that and I assume Michigan is the same way…

  7. dakine01 says:

    FWIW, Mangini has been associated with the Pats more recently than Ty Law. Look where that’s gotten him.

  8. john in sacramento says:

    Forecast says rain and 49 degrees. If it would be cold and or snowy take the Jets and the points

    Pats pass defense is not playoff caliber, but the rain will help them with Brett’s hard throws going through the receiver’s hands. Pats’ll dink and dunk and use ball control. Pats are banged up but, the Pats have the smartest coaches in the NFL – look to their lack of penalties – and they would never have a debacle like the 49ers on Monday night.

    Jets best hope is for Thomas Jones to have a big night. Think Joe Washington of the Colts against the Pats in 1978 in the rain

    Favre is the wildcard but the rain cancels him out

    Take the Pats to cover

  9. randiego says:

    Okay, can I just say right here, right now that the whole NFL + NFL Network + Cable Company triumvirate/fiasco totally sucks ass?

  10. randiego says:

    Hey Bmaz… I just now watched the video at the top (they are blocked at my office).

    Great stuff! Did you ever see the Wings rockumentary they did like back in the ’80s? I never much cared for McCartney – being a Lennon guy – but that was a great flick.

    • bmaz says:

      No, didn’t even know about such a thing. But I did see them at the Forum in 1976, and they were pretty darn good. Really good.

    • bmaz says:

      No, giant screen TeeVee in front of trusty couch. The Pats dude was tackling the Jets back as Brett was fixing to throw. First one was bad though; Vrabel didn’t do jack.

      This no good. How they get downfield so fast?

  11. randiego says:

    espn guys describing the game without the benefit of replays (none allowed ’til game over)…

    said “it appeared Moss did not get the 2nd foot down…”

  12. bmaz says:

    Cassell was very good. Pats are still to be reckoned with; this loss will probably piss them off and set them off on a tear.

    In post game interview, Favre said “This is what I came back for”. Indeed. You gotta love it. Incredible game.

    • emptywheel says:

      Sure seemed like it.

      YOu guys have the TItans next (oh, Massacio…?!?!?!?). The Pats have the Fins and then the inconsistent Stillers at home (Phred will undoubtedly throw curses their way).

      Who knows. Maybe you’ll be lucky and the Cardinals will help the Mangy Manginis win the division?

      • bmaz says:

        Oh goody. Brett has to depend on the Cards? He’s screwed. Don’t know that the Jets can beat the Titans, but they will be well rested, and it should be a pretty interesting game. May not be as good as the Titans, but Jets defense is pretty decent.

        Where was teh Law Firm tonight? Seemed kind of absent….

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