Trash Talk – Thanksgiving Stuff Yer Face Edition

It’s Turkey Day!!! Time to get fat and happy people. And then, when you cannot have one more round of food, you simply must have one more wafer thin mint! Or perhaps a Savoy Truffle.

Hey, is anybody out there having the John Madden specialty of Turducken instead of turkey?

Okay, this is a short trash talk for the Thursday Thanksgiving Day games only. Let’s get down to it:

Titans at Lions: That’s right, the masaccios are invading the Wheelhouse. If not for Brett and those pesky Jets, this would likely have been the first time in history that an 11-0 team visited an 0-11 team. Still pretty freaking close. Jeebus, and who says Ford doesn’t need a bailout? Cause William Clay Ford sure needs some kind of assistance here with his kitties. Just brutal. Makes me feel proud of the Bidwells (That’s bad; really bad). On the other hand, a rejuvenated Kerry Collins, Chris Johnson, a tough defense and the always solid as a rock steady coaching of Jeff Fisher has the Titans going strong and tied for the best record in the league with the Elis. This is a tough call, but I think I’ll roll with teh former Oilers. Football in Michigan will be a lot better next year. Has to be; the laws of physics say it simply cannot get worse. Jeebus.

Seahawks at Cowboys: The Seahawks fell 20-17 at home to the Skins last week, and have now lost four straight games. The do have Hassle back now. Not sure what else, if anything, they got going though. The Boys on the other hand look to be gelling and rounding into form now that Tony Romeo is back in the swing of things. T-Oh is even catching and running wild again. Cowboys roll.

Cardinals at Eagles: Donovan McNabb, heck really the whole team, has gone wobbly. Thankfully they have very understanding and patient fans in Philly, else they might get a little testy with the Iggles. Oh, wait, these cats booed and pelted freaking Santa Claus. The Cardinals with Kurt Warner and their high powered offense ought to kill the disjointed Eagles. Ought to. But these are the Cardinals. With a Bidwell owned team, the light at the end of the tunnel is always an oncoming bullet train. And the game is at night and outdoors; the ball will be cold and hard and hands frozen. Not a good combo for the fumble prone Kurt Warner. Eagles rebound for a much needed win.

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  1. nomolos says:

    Pitt at Patriots is THE big game of course. The Pats will run up the score against Pitt allowing the NY crowd to swear Bill is “unsportsmanlike”. While the only thing NY can win is a bloody coin toss.

    • JimWhite says:

      Could be worth watching. Texas has to be a bit bummed that there is a good chance the land thiefs Sooners will pass them in the BCS standings if they blow out Okie State. On the other hand, an upset by the ‘Boys would be tons o’ fun and put the Mrs Randiego’s in the Big 12 title game.

      Gonna have to DVR the Gators humiliating the Seminoles since I won’t be home.

      • Muzzy says:

        All things being equal, the computers alone stand to put the dirt burglars ahead of Texas in the BCS standings by the slimmest of margins. The gap between BCS #2 Texas and BCS #3 ou got closed to a razor thin margin by voters last weekend when ou hammered TTech on their home field while Texas had a bye week. It’s BS that Texas beat OU head to head, and has as hard or harder strength of schedule yet stands to edge ahead in a bauty contest because Tech is historically awful on the road and on natural grass.

        If Okie St. beats the dirt burglars on Sat, they are out of the BCS.

        Assuming Texas beats aggy today, They are either in the BCS Fiesta/Sugar Bowl, or will play in the BCS title game. Not a bad outcome in they take care of business tonight.

        If blowU wins ugly against Okie St. and Texas stomps a mudhole in aggy, conceivably Texas could retain its BCS #2 rank through this weekend if enough voters reassert Texas’ place.


          • Muzzy says:

            I might be insufferable, but Texas fans on the whole are as classy as you will encounter anywhere. It’s my observation, though not entirely unbiased, that anyone not a rival with first hand experience at a game will likely concur.

            The worst trash I’ve talked was at the 2005 Rose Bowl when Texas played Michigan. I struck up a pre-game conversation in a concession line with the jersey wearing sister of one of Michigan’s starting O-Linemen. When I asked her what year he was, she replied “a Junior”. I said, “That’s good, he’ll get another chance to win the Rose Bowl”. She laughed.

            • bmaz says:

              Heh, I was kidding. this is Trash Talk ya know. Most peoples fans are very decent; with the exception of those from the UofA in Tucson. Those people are rude, and their team sucks too!

              • dakine01 says:

                I bet UofA fans say the same about you ASU fans though.

                Kinda like Kentucky and Louisville. Or NC/Duke, Florida/Florida State/Miami. Hell even Michigan/THE Ohio State. USC/UCLA

                But I bet we can almost all agree on Notre Dame’s suckiness.

  2. Mauimom says:

    Time to get fat and happy people.

    Does that direct us “people” to get fat & happy, or are we supposed to go out and find us some fat, happy people?

    Dare I ask what we do with them once we find them? [Thanksgiving is OVER, after all.]

  3. Peterr says:

    Thanksgiving . . . the day everyone in St. Louis gives thanks that Bidwell left town — even (or perhaps especially) the fans of the old “Big Red” team.

  4. emptywheel says:

    I can’t believe masaccio was already trash talking this game. I’m not even sure it has sold out–at least a few weeks ago they were advertising the game on TV.


  5. masaccio says:

    I never thought I’d get to do any trash-talking after Vince Young went down. I’m still amazed about the resurgence of Kerry Collins, especially after his performance against da Bears and the Jags.

    All I’ve seen of the Lions is the lowlights from ESPN: how many ways can a team lose?

    • emptywheel says:

      Well, the nice thing about the Lions getting a national platform on Turkey Day is it makes everyone realize that Ford Motor Company is far more successful than the Ford family’s other main venture right now.

      Congress?!?!?! Are you watching?!?!?!

      (/Marcy, finding the little things to be thankful for today)

  6. phred says:

    bmaz, I’m with you on Dallas and TN rolling their respective opponents today, but I think your favorite team to hate is going to give Philly yet another shove on their downward spiral. ‘Course what do I know — I picked the Pack to win against NO Monday night. Ouch!

      • phred says:

        I’ve missed being here bmaz : ) I’m still hopeful that I’ll be back more regularly by the end of the year. I agree about Brett and the swagger, but if you ask me what the Pack really misses is a defense. Take Bob Sanders… please. (h/t Henny Youngman ; )

        We’re off soon to spend Thanksgiving with friends, but before I go, just want to wish everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Enjoy that bird EW ; )

  7. Argonaut says:

    Pro ball, feh. Notre Dame fans are going to get the bird twice this week. If Tex-ass is going to pile on the Aggies, just think what the USC second string is going to do to ND in the second half.

    USC 63 – ND 10

    • bmaz says:

      Heh, not sure it would help. Here I have thought the resident Cardinals here were the most pathetic NFL team imaginable; I think the Lions have caught them in the consistent futility department.

    • Spencer Ackerman says:

      Did you see Shannon Sharpe put a bag on his head and say that the Lions shouldn’t get to pay the Thanksgiving game anymore?

  8. MadDog says:

    Merry Thanksgiving bmaz, EW, Jane, Christy, and all the other happy campers at The Lake!

    May your belts always be expandable and your recliners inclined to the great deity TV!

  9. Spencer Ackerman says:

    OK I just got back from walking the dogs. 38-10? Marcy, you’re my girl, but the Lions need to be demoted to an Arena league or something.

  10. katymine says:

    Well that was 10 minutes of hard work getting the pot roast into the oven…. phew…need to rest and recover from that…… ahh…. in 3-4 hours….. beef heaven…. AND no turkey today…..

    Was someone diss’ing the AZ Cardinals? hahahaha….. even their million dollar brand new fancy smancy stadium won’t help them…….

  11. mack says:

    Well another Thanksgiving Lions game to remind me why I switched alegiance to the Bears 23 years ago.
    The only thing sadder than a Lions fan is a Cubs fan.
    And that’s my trashtalk for the day.
    Off to the in-law’s for turkey

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