Thank You Howard Dean, for Showing Us the Way!

ewpic2.JPGWhen I went to Cedar Rapids to work for Howard Dean in 2004 (when he was still leading in the polls), we moshed him outside of the Jeff-Jack Dinner. But I didn’t ask for a photo.

When I went to an ACLU fund-raiser with Dean later that year, I didn’t ask for a photo.

When I went to a another fund-raiser with him in MI, I didn’t ask for a photo.

When I saw him speak at YearlyKos, I didn’t ask for a photo.

Last night, I got my first photo with Dean (It’s a pity I look so crappy). 

It was at the Netroots Nation ball. I was coming out of the ladies room and someone ran up and said: Howard Dean is at the top of the steps!  Like he was a rock star … which, in this crowd, he is.

For some reason, I wanted a picture this time, with the man who got us to where we are today. I ran up the stairs (and promptly found my friend from MI, whom I met on the Dean campaign). We moved close to get a picture. But one after another person pulled him away to get a picture. A staffer of his started moving him towards the stage. Someone, I’m not sure who, was standing nearby with that staffer’s coat. "Give it to me," I said.

I went up, leaned over to the staffer, said, "I’ve got your coat. But I want to get a picture with Dean so I can put it on the front page of FDL." Dean started to turn around at that point–I don’t think Dean even heard the last bit … "so we can bitch about Rahm." 

In response to the first bit: "I want to get a picture so I can put it on the front page of FDL," Howard Dean said, "Oh, I’ve got time for that."

So, for FDL, this is my picture with the man who did so much to get us where we are today.

Thank you Howard Dean, for showing us the way forward!

  1. JohnLopresti says:

    Guys can tolerate the cold, borrow my windbreaker until the slush melts and the air is the fresh breeze of freedom.

    I met someone organizing locally that year, had worked for Joe Horatio Biden, then she decided the General was the future. Howard did wonders by preserving continuity and cohesiveness to his plan to rejuvenate the party, keeping spirits focused on the Democratic party’s innate idealism. Plus, internet helped.

    • readerOfTeaLeaves says:

      It only helped because he saw that it coulld help and he was willing to embrace it.
      I tried o persuade some of my local Dem officeholders back in 1998 that the Internet might be useful in tracking data and providing public info. A Dem for whom I’d held a fundraiser two years before scoffed, “The Internet? Nobody ever uses it. It’s just hype.”

      And yeah, the guy lives within 30 miles of Microsoft.

      All the more reason to admire Howard Dean.

    • bmaz says:

      Sorry, Spielberg is from right here here in the Arcadia section of East Phoenix. You Mich-againers can’t have him!!

      (Hoping EW didn’t see my crack at the Deetoit Lions yesterday…)

  2. readerOfTeaLeaves says:

    If it weren’t for Howard Dean: strategist, healer, analyst, innovator, bullshit-caller, I’d have given up on the Democratic Party utterly and completely.

    What a remarkable man.
    Rock star?

  3. jacqrat says:

    What is it with you, Margaret and your “coat fetish”? First, it’s that leather number from Swopa, and now the poor staffer…

    Lookin’ good, in any case!

      • Larue says:

        My guess?

        It’s a setup. Wait, watch, and we’ll all learn, is MY mantra.

        Obama is a master pol.

        I think he’s smarter than any of the established hacks, Sci Fi included.

        Intel Committee Chair?

        She’s gonna in for an earfull or two methinks, behind the scenes, before the first year is out.

        She’ll learn who’s boss.

        She’s shilled for war on behalf of Blum, Inc profits for so long now she thinks she’s untouchable.

        Today was a setup.

        My guess is she’s gonna go out in her career as a fierce patriot and supporter of Obama’s ideals before this is over. *G*

  4. BoxTurtle says:

    So far, he seems to have done his boss’s bidding pretty well. He’s still a p***k, but perhaps that’s what’s needed to deal with congress.

    Boxturtle (And he’s ugly and his mother dresses him funny)

  5. SparklestheIguana says:

    Please don’t remind me about Burris. The hack is my senator now.

    6 days till Blago’s trial….woo.

  6. Howlnaround74 says:


    I remember that cold night outside the Jeff/Jack shouting out to his car as we waited for the train to pass. Gov. Dean was supposed to pass us by but as we all have come to know him, he had the car stopped and jumped out to greet us. Personally I remember being ‘kinda frozen in time’, in awe of the person. It is that little effort that he made that reflects a light on our President. Those moments of kindness that show the true nature of people.

    Gov. Dean provided a wonderful example for all of us. The thought of being involved in the effort instead of being a critic of them. Please keep up all your good work and “enjoy every sandwich!”

    PEACE, Frank in Northern Michigan

  7. lennonist says:

    Seeing Roberts adminster the oath was nice, in a way, for me as the fight over the “nuclear option” is what prompted me to get involved. When I went to the Move One “filibuster” of this proposed option in front of the fed courthouse, I was stunned at the number of others who were similarly upset at the radicalism of a neocon-controlled party and also “out there” and active for the first time.

    While we will be stuck with Roberts and Scalito for decades, it was at least a relief to see one of his picks give the oath to one of ours, who will undoubtedly get the chance to put his own stamp on the Supremes in the nick of time.

  8. randiego says:

    You guys will hate me for this but there’s a beautiful long-period swell in the water right now. The thing about surf is that you have to get it while you can. I was on the beach before it got light and planned to be back home in time to catch the swearing-in and the speech at 9am local.

    The surf was REAL good and I almost forgot to get out in time. I raced home still wearing my wetsuit and ran in the house just as Roberts effed up the lines! I caught the whole speech standing there still wearing my wetsuit.

    BTW: So how the hell did Roberts mess that up so bad?? Freakin’ rookies!

    • nonplussed says:

      You’re right! Fortunately for you, I’m so happy today, I’m already finished hating you. Which beach were you at? I was big lover of the SD was in the late 60’s, the beachs were really nice then.

      • randiego says:

        I was at Blacks Beach. Yes, the former “clothing optional” one, which happens to be the best surf spot in San Diego County. It’s also my local, I live 10 minutes from there.

        • Mauimom says:

          I was at Blacks Beach. Yes, the former “clothing optional” one, which happens to be the best surf spot in San Diego County. It’s also my local, I live 10 minutes from there.

          Ah, Black’s Beach. I love it.

          Here on Maui the actual swearing in occurred @ 7 am local time. I had to take my husband down to the airport for a flight and was racing back up the mountain to catch it. The Righteous Reverend Rick Warren was starting just as I turned into our driveway, and was still droning on as I turned off the car.

          As a tribute, I let my dogs out into their pen where they could take four big, fat craps in his “honor.”

        • phred says:

          Seriously? “Formerly” clothing optional??? That’s the only beach I’ve ever been too in SoCal, pity they’ve changed it’s most alluring feature ; )

            • phred says:

              Somehow I missed that ; ) I did try to go hang gliding off the cliff though, but the winds did not cooperate. So instead, I went for a walk on the beach. Imagine my surprise ; )

          • randiego says:

            well, it’s not like they are patrolling down there with the nudie police… but it’s no longer “legal”

            it’s had an interesting evolution in “clientele” over the years I’ve been surfing there – first hippies of all sorts and topless college girls (UCSD is right at the top of the cliff); then gay dudes and topless college girls, to now pretty much just gay dudes, all north of the surfing area right under the glider port.

            Not really my cup of tea these days.

            • phred says:

              I dunno randiego, some of those gay dudes are pretty hot ; ) Still, it was never really my cup of tea either, I just occasionally ran into such places and was pretty amused. Funniest thing I’ve seen along those lines were a couple of guys in Englischer Park in Munich playing paddle ball… Pretty wild stuff for a small town Midwesterner ; )

    • readerOfTeaLeaves says:

      No hate. A twinge of admiration, perhaps. But it sounds like an eminently sane thing to do: surf, hear the speech, go surf some more.

  9. Rayne says:

    No way. You didn’t have a photo with him until now?

    I remember taking photos for several people who wanted a pic of themselves with Dean in Nov. 2004, never got one myself either. But I always figured you had one.

    Sure hope that he’s going to take up blogging next, whatever he chooses to do.

  10. RevDeb says:

    I have a photo with him from 6 years ago at the NARAL 30th anniversary of Roe dinner. At the time nobody knew who he was (I did) and it was the first time 6 of the candidates showed up on the same stage leading up to the 04 election. I went up to him and asked with my newish 1.4 mpxl camera. I have copies of that photo on my desk in my office and at home.

    It was great. I cheered him on and explained to the others at the table who he was.

  11. katymine says:

    Earlier today I saw a picture of Rahm on Huffpo sitting at the Inauguration thumbing his nose at someone…… didn’t read the article

  12. AstralTechnician says:

    Just a reminder, folks. Many of the original “Deaniacs” will be gathering this July in Burlington, Vermont for DemocracyFest.

    Many folks in the Progressive Community are saddened that Dean was not invited to to join Obama’s “Team of Rivals,” considering all that his extraordinary work made possible in the two previous election cycles.

    So I’m quietly putting the word out to folks who might want to gather with us and say “Thanks” to the one who was right from the beginning, did his job with distinction, and got pushed aside.

    Think “White Christmas” in July for a man who really deserves it.

    Click the link for info and tickets, and please pass the word along.

  13. karenjj2 says:

    Your title says it all for me, too, emptywheel. Howard Dean got me to donate to the Democratic Party for the first time; and all my further donations have been in his name. Thank you Howard Dean, for showing me the way!


    • phred says:

      Koppel was on NPR earlier today and is totally a Cheney apologist. In a nutshell Koppel basically said Obama will follow in the footsteps of BushCo. It was sickening. I was never a fan, but I hadn’t realized how much Ted had been dipping into the Kool-aid punchbowl.

      • Knut says:

        If he thinks so, all the better. Surprised at Koppel, though. Thought he was better than that. But if the thugs think they are getting their way, when they are actually being conned, more power to the big O.

  14. Deborah says:

    Yes!, Dr. Dean led the way to today!

    Thanks for your photo of both of you on this great day for all Deaniacs!

  15. Larue says:

    Mz Wheeler, this story is kewler than an ice storm in Port Arthur, Maine. *G*

    Nice fast slick moves on your part, and what a joy Mr. Dean got his gleam on, too . . . .

    Did he finally learn who you were?

    Ya look fine, BTW . . . . so stop it already . . . . lol *G*

    • DWBartoo says:

      Yes, Marcy, you look fine,

      And happy.

      Good on ya, for getting Howard Dean smilin’ too.

      (As well as for all the OTHER things that you do)


  16. perris says:

    has obama given or offered anything to dean for all he’s done representing democratc voters and politicians?

  17. bobschacht says:

    How many Firepups have a picture with Howard Dean? I’ll come back and post a link to mine later.

    Moderators– please leave thread open for links to pics.

    Bob in HI

  18. skippy says:

    i read a great suggestion on some blog (perhaps even this one) that urged everyone to stop contributing to the dnc and start contributing to dean for america.

    dean was the guy who made obama’s presidency possible, and the fact that he wasn’t offered squat in the new administration is a slap in the face to all us progressives.

  19. bonkers says:

    Many thanks for this post!

    Yes, Dr. Dean has dona as much as anyone to help restore our Constitution. A true American patriot and hero for ages.

    Oh, and Rahm can ram his chief of staff up his ballerina hadassah.

  20. JohnLopresti says:

    One maybe footnote about campaign strategy this past preconvention, I think ew’s half-delegate MI compromise was the kind of technical deft move that opened the field for the Obama campaign.

  21. jo6pac says:

    The wrong people got credit for this. Thanks Howard and all that believed in you and for your hard work. I wonder, will it become what have you done for me today. I hope not.

  22. pdaly says:

    My thanks to Dr. Dean, as well.

    I hope Rahm Emanuel sent a belated thank you to Dr. Dean for Dean’s 50 state strategy that ultimately got a Democrat in the WH. I’ll bet Rahm likes the new digs thanks in large part to Howard Dean.

    Nice photo, EW. Candids are always better than stale poses.

  23. fahrender says:

    Rahm needs to get a LOT of mail:

    1. pictures of Howard Dean, each autographed by the sender(s).

    2. maybe the shoe thing accompanied by the message “Try showing that you realize who got you here” plus photo of Howard.

  24. viejolex1 says:

    Regarding Edwards – me, I kinda like the fact that Jesus had a soft spot in his heart for whores and sinners – and then there was the line that let he who is without sin throw the first stone, or something like that –

  25. oldoilfieldhand says:

    Dr. Howard Dean, patron saint of the Democratic Party. We owe him a lot. AIPAC Rham is out of the House.

  26. Robt says:

    A special thanks to Howard Dean from Nebraska. The fifty state strategy helped. Living in the 2nd district here was so exciting for Obama to campaign here. Then to actually take one of the states 5 electoral votes.

    This is a bright red state and this embarrassed these conservative to have one of 5 electorals go to Obama. That the conservative here are still spitting up blood. So much so that even our Republican Govenor has made a public comment of changing the state law to a winner take all electorals instead of the history established electoral divide and take by district.

    Thank you Howard Dean for coming and speaking in Nebraska. You may not remember shaking hands and speaking with me. But I do as well as other Democtic minded in this very red state. Understand, this is a state that union workers think they have something in common with republicans. Enough to vote for them as blind as a Rush “ditto-head”.

    In Nebraska, Howard Dean opened a avenue of interest and hard work that paved the electoral for Obama.