Live-Blogging Scrapple for Breakfast


(Hot photo credit to Spencer Ackerman)

Ari Melber starts by asking Scrapple who is he and why he is here.

Scrapple starts by raising choice.

Apparently now if you vote for saving the American economy it makes you a "de facto Democrat."

Specter is filibustering. Ari just broke in: "We’re not in the Senate, we’re not going to filibuster."

You should trust me because I have a record of being a boy scout. Okay. He didn’t say that.

Shorter Scrapple: You should trust me because the elite of your party asked me to flip-flop.

Susie rocks the house: You whine and then vote for things.

Scrapple now trying to justify his military commisison vote. Time for Ari to break in to prevent the filibuster again.

Last question, Scrapple tried to argue he didn’t quaver on bills. Now, he’s not answering the question but he’s demonstrating the certified quaver perfectly.

Scrapple doesn’t know from Nate Silver.

Scrapple’s one campaign slogan: I voted for stimulus.

Scrapple pitches stimulus again.

Scrapple says he’s comfortable looking over his right shoulder. Um, Scrapple? That’s your left shoulder.

Scrapple: Data = generalization.

Scrapple: No one in the Democratic caucus has done four town halls.

Um, Scrapple? You’re in the Democratic caucus, remember.

Come on Susie, now’s the time for the Clarence Thomas smack-down.

Scrapple: I think Grassley’s wrong on his granny comments. I’ll call him and tell him.

Call him now, we say.

Specter tried Grassley, but did not get him on the phone. Says he’ll call back in half and hour.

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    • brendanx says:

      We’ve then seen the shitheel run as an independent and win with the support of the Democratic estabishment. Except this time Toomey wins against the flip-flop-flipper, carried to victory on a tide of outrage from the good, gullible paranoiacs of Pennsylvania’s Alabama.

      • freepatriot says:

        Toomey wins against the flip-flop-flipper,

        you must not unnerstan how this works

        toomey don’t get to run against scrapple

        scrapple don’t get to do the joezoe torturman “sore loser” route

        after Sestak takes scrapple out during the primary, there ain’t any reason to consider toomey at all

        unless you’re batshit insane

        and this country is SICK AND FUCKING TIRED of the BATSHIT INSANITY

        for every fucking wingnut you see, there are 99 HONEST AMERICANS who are thouroughly fucking disgusted with the fucking wingnutz

        I don’t know anybody who is supporting the wingnutz right now

        even the hard core bush supporters are dazed by the amount of unbelievable BULLSHIT nthe repuglitarded party is spreading

        gonna be mighty hard to convince people you support America after you accuse the President of planning to murder Americans

        let me put it this way: if sarah palin is the repuglitarded nominee in 2012, she’ll get 30 million votes

        and Barack Obama will receive 90 million votes

        that might not seem that bad to most people

        but study bthe history of presidential elections

        the last landslide that big occurred in 1820

        we’ll watch “teh stupid”. but we ain’t voting for it

    • Petrocelli says:

      Haggis Scrapple is wily … he’ll vote with Obama just enough to get preference over Sestak as the Dem nominee.

      We The People have to support Sestak and defeat Scrapple. This must continue with all other campaigns, until power is taken back from Corporate interests.

    • bmaz says:

      Heh, ask Arlen if he might mention to Sheldon Whitehouse that you, and we, are still waiting for the answer he promised months ago.

    • Mauimom says:

      BTW, Spencer took that hot photo of me watching Scrapple call his buddy Hammer Grassley.

      Marcy, while I recognize you in the picture, I’m surprised to see you appearing so “demure.” Nary a “death to Scrapple” or “Arlen, you asshole” sign in sight.

      Clearly whoever’s running this shindig should be hired as security for the Town Meetings!

      • der1 says:

        I don’t know Mauimom, the caption I’d put to the photo would be: “I heard an Italian accent, that MF’ers called Guido’s Pizza, must resist asking: Hey Arlen what’s the sound of one hand slapping?”

  1. fatster says:

    O/T, but not by much. Greenwald’s week vacation began with guest columns by digby and ends with one from EW. Cool.

    John Brennan’s dangerous national security advice
    FRIDAY AUG. 14, 2009 09:01 EDT

    Editor’s note: Glenn Greenwald is on vacation this week. Marcy Wheeler, who blogs at Firedoglake, is guest-blogging today.

    “Last year, Glenn posted some statements from now-Deputy National Security Advisor John Brennan on counterterrorism. The post contributed to pressure that led Brennan to withdraw his candidacy to be CIA Director (which is how he ended up as Deputy NSA, which doesn’t require congressional approval).”


  2. BoxTurtle says:

    I’m guessing that Scrapple didn’t change anyone’s mind.

    Boxturtle (Except maybe his. Again. )

    • RevDeb says:

      you guess correctly.

      Sestak didn’t exactly do a barn burner—we’re still sore over FISA—but he’s got us and will at least be somewhat responsive.

      I spoke at length with one of his campaign guys and continue to work at getting him to take the pledge.

      As for Scrapple? It’s not what’s for breakfast anymore.

  3. PJBurke says:

    What did Specter do for Western Pennsylvania when all of those steel industry jobs — 100,000+ union jobs — were being systematically extinguished on his watch?


    I don’t recall that he had very much to say at the time… or that Western Pennsylvania was ever of much concern to him at all.

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