Ari Fleischer to Pimp BCS

There’s much that can be said about this

The college football Bowl Championship Series has hired Ari Fleischer, the former press secretary to President George W. Bush, to help improve its image.


“Playoff advocates have had an easy ride where they have never been called on to explain exactly how they would create an alternative. There is tremendous division among playoff advocates,” said Fleischer. “While the BCS has its share of critics, once people see both sides of the issue, they will see why the system has its great support.”

And because a lot of folks are sliding into the Turkey holiday, I hereby give you an entire thread to say those things.

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  1. emptywheel says:

    Starting with–I really want Arlen “I forget whether he’s Haggis or Scrapple today” Specter to keep pushing his tournie now so Ari can turn it in to a big political football.

  2. rosalind says:

    OMG. I highly recommend clicking through ew’s link, it’s a BCS-DC rumble!

    In one corner Ari Fleischer Communications, in the other Playoff PAC headed up by a former campaign finance counsel for John McCain.

    Maybe they can fight it out during Super Bowl Half-time in Puppy Bowl Ver. 2.0.

  3. bmaz says:

    Oh yeah, Ari is freaking perfect, because he did such a bang up job helping the Green Bay Packers with that whole Brett Favre thing. Hey, how’s that working out for you Ted Thompson???

    Oh, well, let us see now. Hmmmm, Bret Favre is 18-8 since that, and Thompson/Fleischer are 12-14. And Favre was saddled with the hapless Jets to boot.

    Screw Ari Fleischer and the god damned BCS. They both have about equal worth in this world. I spit in their general direction!

    • phred says:

      Dang, I didn’t see you had already pointed out Ari’s Packer connection before I posted my comment… My typing is getting slow in my old age I guess ; )

        • phred says:

          LOL, can it be we agree on a bit of football related news? Aw, what fun is that?!? ; )

          The BCS has got to go and I hope they have the courtesy to take Ari with them.

    • MikeD says:

      I don’t know why, but I’m ticked to find one of the few sane voices on the subject of Brett Favre anywhere around these parts of all places! And such a distinguished one at that!

  4. phred says:

    You would think that the BCS, being a football related organization, would have learned from the Packers’ front office mistakes. Just look at our friend and colleague bmaz and you will see Exhibit A for how much success Ari had in winning hearts and minds for Ted Thompson.

    By the way, I did not know the BCS was an independent entity with its own budget. Why isn’t this run by the NCAA?

  5. skdadl says:

    This not bode well for the Canucks here assembled through the coming week. We’re all going to be sitting here sober and starving (we had turkey day a month ago) and waiting to get our teeth into a new investigation. Meanwhile, you’re going to be having fun. (How long does this ritual last?)

    • Petrocelli says:

      I’ve got tons of Murkan relatives and it’s still above freezing temp, so I’m making myself an honorary Yank and hauling out the BBQ & Araq …

      • PJEvans says:

        Petro, there are Canadians all over my family tree (not missing my sister in law and her grandbaby’s branches). May I come up for the healthcare?

  6. 4jkb4ia says:

    Working for the Bush adminstration, Ari Fleischer had great practice defending a system based on measures which were gamed to have as much objectivity as the human polls they replaced.

  7. scribe says:

    Lest we forget, one of the issues Obama said he wanted addressed and resolved was the lack of a true national BCS playoff arrangement.

    You can be sure the Rethugs haven’t forgotten it.

    • cinnamonape says:

      I recall Perino was the one that called the Downing Street Memos “fraudulent”…something that even Blair and and others in his cabinet have never denied. Even Scotty McClellan merely suggested that “this wasn’t the recollection of others in those meetings…”. Now the new leaked reports show that MS. Perino-tinitis was full of whatever passes through the lower bowel.

      Of course to run Radio Marti you’re supposed to be a “professional liar”, right?

  8. MikeD says:

    Ari was the author of Green Bay’s campaign to demonize Favre after they went to Mississippi and told him they didn’t want him back.

  9. Jim White says:

    Are you sure today isn’t April 1?

    Ari Fookin’ Fleishcer is supposed to improve the image of anything? Now that is some eleventeen dimensional chess if I’ve ever seen it. This should give us a playoff system in five years or less…

    • Peterr says:

      Ari is highly qualified to front for an organization that is devoted to raking in large sums of money for itself and its cronies at the expense of the poor and the less politically well-connected, all while holding itself out as a selfless servant of equality in sports and support for student athletes.

  10. plunger says:

    Hey Ari:

    Did you enjoy the show on the closed circuit monitor in the limo outside the elementary school with GW?

    We know, Ari. We know.

  11. randiego says:

    The college football Bowl Championship Series has hired Ari Fleischer, the former press secretary to President George W. Bush, to help improve its image.


  12. QuickSilver says:

    They’re calling it a “hire”, but Ari’s been behind BCS all along… Why, someone told John Dickerson just last week on a roadside in Uganda. And Tim Russert knew, too.

    • bmaz says:

      He also dismissed the writer of the memo entitled “BCS Determined To Ruin College Football In United States” by saying he had covered his ass now.

  13. earlofhuntingdon says:

    I guess Ari would have been available to take that public broadcasting board directorship that Obama absolutely, positively concluded had to go to Miss Dana Pig Missile. Who knew?

  14. ANOther says:

    I hereby nominate you to co-host a Grey Cup Trash Talk with Petrocelli. We Prairie folk are looking forward to humiliating the Alouettes in Calgary on Sunday (OK, I’m a Winnipegger, but the Blue Bombers are an embarrassment). I am prepared to contribute with respect to F1, with the news that Mercedes want Michael Schumacher to unretire – seems to have worked for the Old Guy in Minnesota.

    • bmaz says:

      Well, Schumi doesn’t particularly care for Fernando Alonso (I’m not sure who does; certainly not me), so he may have a little motivation.

    • skdadl says:

      Hey, ANOther, I’m on your side. I may live right now in Ontari-ari-ari-o, but I’m secretly a Calgarian. I counternominate you and Petro to host the Grey Cup trash talk, though — I know even less about teh fussball than I do about lacrosse (and that’s only because I once had this thing with a lacrosse player). I can chime in with colour commentary about Calgary if you like.

    • Petrocelli says:

      wOOt !!! Former Albertan here, although an Eskie fan at that and yes, the Riders are gonna stomp the Larks of Montreal but good !

      I still remember the good ole days of Eskimo-Bombers rivalry … Warren Moon/Waddell Smith/Brian Kelly Vs. Dieter Brock/Joe Poplawski/Eugene Goodlow in sub-sub-zero temps.

  15. ANOther says:

    Reply doesn’t seem to be working this is to Skdadl at 58.

    An NDPer from Calgary – no wonder you moved.

    • skdadl says:

      Well, you would think that on the surface, ANOther, but the thing is, Alberta Conservatives, nutty though many of them truly are (many former SoCreds), have this grudging respect for Dippers that they definitely do not have for Liberals. I guess they think we’re earthy or something, but they often like us.

      I don’t know whether you’re old enough to remember Grant Notley, the provincial NDP leader who died in a plane crash 25 yrs ago. Beautiful man, and people loved him — the whole province genuinely mourned when he died, and the speaker of the legislature just made a commemorative statement about him, which is exceptional in Alberta for anyone. His daughter, also beautiful, is now an Edmonton MLA, and everybody likes her too. So it’s not impossible to be a lefty out there — hard, but not impossible.

  16. emptywheel says:

    Okay, here’s an unrelated football note (I’d go find trash, but wtf, I’m lazy).

    Big Ben.

    Working on his 4th concussion.

    I know the guy is tough and likes to drive his cycle into the asphalt.

    But the league is making a big deal out of being careful on concussions. If they were, wouldn’t they sit Big Ben?

  17. x174 says:

    Holiday Cheer

    Blackwater’s Secret War in Pakistan

    If there is one quality that has defined Blackwater over the past decade, it is the ability to survive against the odds while simultaneously reinventing and rebranding itself. That is most evident in Afghanistan, where the company continues to work for the US military, the CIA and the State Department despite intense criticism and almost weekly scandals. Blackwater’s alleged Pakistan operations, said the military intelligence source, are indicative of its new frontier.

    • Jim White says:

      Thanks, I hadn’t seen that yet. There are so many stories that absolutely conflict that we may never know the truth. It is significant, though, that two of her children are still unaccounted for and that the mental evaluations on her seem to differ depending on who is carrying them out.

  18. cregan says:

    There is no PR that can rescue BCS. I really think you have to move to a playoff amoung the top 4. I you can be certain that the team truly deserving the #1 ranking and #2 ranking will be in the top 4 the way they do it. But, now, there is a lot to argue about as to who gets to play in the ONE championship game.

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