Zenyatta! An LA Woman Runs For The Roses & History

There is great football this weekend, both by student and professional athletes. Obviously, that should be discussed in comments. It’s what we do here. Bizarrely as it may be, this blog exists in its current form because of some weird joining of legal thought and passion for football, with a smattering of divine intervention by Phred and perhaps a few too many pitchers of Beamish. Go figure; that is the randomness of entropy and the blogosphere. Nevertheless, here we are.

And so, here we are and I serve up a prime weekend Trash Talk of horse. Sue me if you object; my attorney, Mary, she of midwestern common horse sense, will answer and defend. Aggressively.

The story of Zenyatta was first adopted and incorporated by the Emptywheel blog just over a month ago when she ran to defend her crown in the Lady Secret Stakes at Hollywood Park in the City of Angels, California. Well, we are all in now. So much so that we had an official liveblog reporter at Hollywood Park for the Lady Secret, Rosalind. Rosalind not only went to Hollywood for the Lady Secret, she took pictures and came to feel the force that is Zenyatta. Although a bit bottled up and not quite as focused as normal, Zenyatta brought the heart of the champion she is and closed out a win, and defense of her crown, in the Lady Secret.

The Lady Secret win at Hollywood park made Zenyatta an unprecedented 19-0 in her racing career. She won the Breeders Cup Classic last year; other than the Triple Crown races of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes, the biggest, and arguably more annually competitive, horse race in the world every year. No woman had ever won this bring all comers race before, but Zenyatta closed out all the best boys in the world, in the biggest race in the world. In style.

Last years’ Breeder’s Cup Classic win made Zenyatta a star, and fixture among the greatest horses of all time, and almost certainly surpassing the truly remarkable and astounding Rachel Alexandra to take her place as the greatest filly of all time. But now comes the 2010 Breeders Cup Classic. Rachel Alexandra, other fillies, and indeed almost all other horses regardless of sex are either in the backseat, or paying damn close attention as Zenyatta makes a move on unquestionable immortality.

A second Breeders Cup Classic win against the best male horses the world has to offer would put Zenyatta in the untouchable category. Babe Ruth and Secretariat land. Where, arguably, no horse, male or female, has gone before. This is truly stunning stuff.

Now, I have no idea whether this horse can close the deal or not. But, at a remarkable and unprecedented 19-0, Zenyatta has earned the reputation, and buildup, that puts her in this position. Seriously. In spades. The last horse that came into a race like this with the weight of history and expectation of otherworldliness on it’s shoulders was Secretariat in the 1973 Belmont Stakes. We know what happened in that race.

So, we shall see. There is stiff competition from the boys (so to speak). She will have to beat some studs including Paddy O’Prado, Blame and, perhaps most significantly, Bob Baffert’s Lookin at Lucky. Despite her eternal greatness, the odds and history are stacked against Zenyatta. While there is almost no chance Zenyatta will pull away from a talented field like Secretariat did in the 1973 Belmont, may the modern day Pegasus fly to a win of any nature and history!

There is also, of course, college and pro football; not to mention the penultimate race in the F1 Circus this year, the Brazilian Grand Prix. Somewhat incredibly, Fernando Alonso of the real red animal, the prancing horse of Ferrari, leads Mark Webber of Red Bull by eleven points going into Sao Paulo. Red Bull is fast in practice, but it is Sebastian Vettel leading the way. With only this race and Abu Dhabi left in the season, the race is indeed on!

It has been a long hard slog this week folks, let’s rip this joint and trash it up!

  1. cinnamonape says:

    Wish the fantastic filly with the sort of Swahili name the best of luck! She’s proved she really flies in the close of the races…so it should be a spell-binder even if she is behind.

  2. bobschacht says:

    Rachel Maddow had a segment on Zenyatta tonight, and BREAKING– discovered that Zenyatta likes to quaff some Guinness Stout in the morning! How can you not love this horse???

    She also disclosed that the name Zenyatta comes from a Pink Floyd song?

    Bob in AZ

      • emptywheel says:

        Ah yes, Mary was slanderously suggesting the other day that horses who drink beer are not all that choosy about their beer.

        We adoptive Irish citizens believe that Mary’s mistake is in considering Guinness mere beer.

    • bmaz says:

      Zenyatta’s owner is Jerry Moss of A&M Records and he named her after the Police album Zenyatta Mondatta. And yep she like to down the dark, Marcy, Mary and I were laughing at this a couple of days ago. Mary now claims she is Irish too…..

  3. bobschacht says:

    BTW, the Breeder’s Cup comes on early here on the Left Coast, so don’t sleep in! 10:30 AZ time on ABC.

    But the Michigan-Illinois game begins an hour and a half earlier on ESPN, so, Wolvereenies Arise early in the AM to get it all in! Of course, I’ll sneak over to ABC when it’s time.

    And that’s all before lunch! I haven’t even checked the afternoon schedule yet.

    Bob in AZ

    • emptywheel says:

      Ah, is that what all the traffic is doing outside (I’m in the A2 home this weekend–my only game day of the year, thus far, and I gotta say I don’t miss it).

  4. rosalind says:

    i knew only of Zenyatta’s winning streak when i ran down to H’wood Park to catch the race, and nothing of the horse herself. it was only when i got home and read up that i found out everything that captivated me that day is why Z is the hottest thing in racing.

    her dancing, prancing strut-a-thon in the paddock before the race. her lolllygagging in back of the pack until the final moment and still you think her slow and steady stride can’t possibly catch up. from the latimes article on the race:

    “She just runs as fast as she has to,” Smith [her jockey] explained. “If they run faster, she runs faster. If they run slower, she runs slower. They could have set the world record today and she probably would have won by a neck.”

    Smith led her slowly back to the winner’s circle, raising his helmet to the sky in a moment of silent prayer, posing Zenyatta in front of the fans, pointing at the mare and bringing the volume of cheers and applause to a new level.

    Saturday’s crowd was the biggest at Hollywood Park in nine years and Zenyatta loved it. “She was a ham out there today,” Smith said. “She handles it better than I do. She just dances a little more if it gets loud.”

    and another great appreciation from Ellen Alperstein “We The Smitten”.

    (and thank god one of my photos turned out well…)

  5. bobschacht says:

    You may want to look at the Rachel Maddow show online, because the segment about Zenyatta shows the filly slurping a bowl of Guinness. Probably worth downloading that video.

    Bob in AZ

  6. bobschacht says:

    Oops. Cancel mine @7. Yours @6 beat me to it, and you’re right about The Police– I misremembered the rock group’s name.
    What are you drinking tonight?

    Bob in AZ

  7. Peterr says:

    That 2009 Breeders Cup race was incredible.

    The other horses break from the starter’s gate fast and try to get their pace going quickly. OTOH, Zenyatta comes out of the gate, more relaxed, almost saying “OK, boys, I’ll give you all a nice 10 lengths head start, but remember this: the last furlong belongs to me.”

    Watching her close is a thing of beauty.

  8. oldgold says:

    Paddy O’Prado is owned by a consortium of Iowans headed-up by Iowa’s Mr. Democrat – Jerry Crawford. If Zenyatta has any trouble, watch for Paddy!

  9. Mary says:

    Rosalind, your picture of big Z is one of my favorites!

    I notice bmaz and ew aren’t mentioning that Z drinks Aloe Juice too. I think they picked Guinness for her bc of its herbal qualities. *g*

    (Looks like Calvin Borel was channeling bmaz yesterday. I kinda wish they hadn’t held him back.)

  10. bmaz says:

    Well, apparently Marcy’s return to the Double A has energized the Big House, cause Denard Robinson has it rockin from the first play.

    • bobschacht says:

      It has been a wild game. Robinson has already thrown 2 interceptions and a fumble, as well as 3 long passes, 2 for TDs, to RoundTree. Game tied, 21-21.

      Bob in AZ

  11. JohnLopresti says:

    If she owner is senator, it website likely taut import of respect and support War Admiral, horseflesh simulacrum unto Secretariat, also Security Council and General Assembly UN, yes? Dilettante mention go to *Guess Who* ancient Canada group play song entitle *American Woman*. In a footnote, I happened upon the modal structure of the Light My Fire keyboard solo, which Alec Guiness himself might have thought revealing. There is something Irish about its tonality, even though an early creation in the rock music genre.

  12. Quebecois says:

    F1 is qualifying at the moment, wet track, very little rain. Latest gossip is that Renault will only be an engine supplier, no more car in 2011. Wewbber is fastest after Q1.

  13. Quebecois says:

    Hulkenberg, a rookie, has flown over the field, about a second faster than all the leaders in the championship. Quite amazing.

  14. bobschacht says:

    It’s halftime in Michigan, tied 31-31, and puffery time on ABC. Is horse racing the only sport where the time of the actual event is less than the puffery time by the networks, trying to whip up and sustain viewer interest before and after the event?

    Bob in AZ

    • Mary says:

      Depends on the horse, but if they’ve raised for long, most of them have a general idea – maybe not the specific point of the line, but the general area of the grandstand stretch. Some of them get thrown off by big infields crowds like you get at the derby, though.

      I’ve got a friend with a scarey sick horse, so I’m probably off for the rest of today. Will check back later.

      • emptywheel says:

        So, Mary, can you tell us about YOUR horses? That is, how did you get into horses (aside from living in KY), and what kind of horses do you have? Do they race?

  15. bobschacht says:

    Dang, that was post time for another preliminary race. Michigan game ends in a tie. Overtime ahead. Denard Robinson was benched for a good bit of the second half, Forcier at QB.

    Bob in AZ

  16. bobschacht says:

    Michigan-Ill in double overtime, and Breeder’s Cup now on same station– possible 3rd overtime coming up. Who will win? Horses or football?

    Bob in AZ

    • bmaz says:

      Marcy can’t you go over to the Big House and tell them to end this stupid game? Or just go tackle somebody since neither of the defenses seems capable of doing that?

      Nice day for an open house!

    • dakine01 says:

      The Breeder’s Cup races is a whole series of races. Next to the Triple Crown (especially if there is a potential Triple Crown winner), ALL the races are important, not just the Breeder’s Cup Classic (the race Zenyatta is running)

      Just enjoy the various races.

      • bmaz says:

        Ha! Zenyatta is out of the barn and just cruisin around checking shit out. Cause thats what she likes to do. Don’t know if she can pull off the win today or not, but you just have to love this horse; there is something different and special about her.

          • bmaz says:

            I think Marcy went over and tackled one of them, thus ending the game. Finally.

            TCU Horned Frogs are killing Utah 14-0 so far in a big battle of undefeated teams.

            • bobschacht says:

              I think Marcy went over and tackled one of them, thus ending the game. Finally.

              I thought I recognized her in the blitz there at the end. *g*

              Bob in AZ

          • bobschacht says:

            Yes. Ironically, what won the game for Michigan was a defensive play at the end, disrupting Oregon’s 2-point attempt.

            Question: When is scoring more than 60 points in a football game not enough to win?

            Answer: When you’re playing Michigan.

            Bob in AZ

      • bobschacht says:

        OK, the 3 hour ABC gig in the morning was all preliminary races and hype. ISTM a bit like spending 3 hours in foreplay, and then saying, “OK, that’s it for me. You can start over with Timmy here if you want to. Bye now.” How about a little truth in advertising?

        Meanwhile, I’ll be watching Oregon-Washington.

        Bob in AZ

  17. emptywheel says:

    Yeah, I would have done it sooner, but I haven’t been to the Big House since they added the rich people’s seats, and I got all confused how to get to the field.

  18. cbl says:

    TCU at Utah

    Jeremy Kerley the Horned Frog back who threw the TD, is the pride of our little town – always a hoot to hear folks of all ages, all stripes, talk about him ’round town. it’s as if Varsity Blues was a documentary :D

    thank you bmaz –

    oldnslow and I are both jacked for the Classic – Go Zenyatta !

  19. bmaz says:

    I gotta bad feeling about Lookin For Lucky. Bob Baffert has not been in the chips lately, and it would be just like him to bring the upset, and Lookin For Lucky is a heck of a horse. Not sure why, but I have this feeling that Zenyatta doesn’t quite get it done today; man I hope I am wrong.

    • bobschacht says:

      Your bad feeling was right, but you picked the wrong horse.
      I can’t believe they held Zenyatta back, bringing up the rear, for half the race! She started her stretch run from too far back, too late. But what a sprint she made at the end!

      Bob in AZ

  20. bmaz says:

    Damn! Zenyatta was there but just mistimed the closing. That happens sooner or later if you play it too close. Secretariat didn’t mess around in the biggest races and when it came time for the stretch run, he just blew past the rest of the field and opened space so there was no question who was king. 19-1 with the one being a second place only by a short nose ain’t a bad career for a horse though. Bummer.

    • cregan says:

      Zenyatta is a great horse, but Secretariat holds two world records for those distances (I think it is two). Faster than any horse on any track for 1 1/2 mile and another distance I can’t remember–for over 35 years.

      And, the mile and a half record was established when no horse was even near him to push him–totally on his own will to run.

      That is what separates him more than anything else from talk of Zenyatta being the greatest horse ever.

      • bmaz says:

        Who said anything about Zenyatta being the greatest horse ever? I certainly did not. If she had won, I do think she would have had to have been ranked among the very best; she probably still should considered somewhere on the list of greatest horses. But keep in mind that many people do not consider Secretariat to be the greatest horse ever, but instead believe Man O’ War is. Personally I would vote Secretariat because of the still standing records in the Derby and Belmont. I would maybe put Zenyatta somewhere in the top ten or 10-15 though, and she may well be the best female horse.

        • cregan says:

          I should have clarified. You are not saying it, I’ve seen a number of sports writers saying it or asking the question in that way they have of implying the answer is yes.

          Z is a great horse, one of the all time greats. But, I think Man O’War and Secretariat are in a whole different category with the edge to Sec. I don’t think any horse that has ever existed would have beat him in the Belmont.

          Sooner or later, a better one will come up, but it might be a while.

          • bmaz says:

            Yep, pretty much agree with that. Even if she had won yesterday, I would not have put Zenyatta on an equal plane or above Secretariat and Man o” War. But pretty darn far up the list and not far behind those two. And I am still inclined to, but maybe a couple of spots lower than if she had closed out the win. Still, 19-1 with that half a nose yesterday being the only loss, is just downright impressive. Latest I heard is that Moss is contemplating not retiring her, so who knows, there may be more to come.

                • phred says:

                  Positively beaming, in fact ; )

                  bmaz, I’m traveling this week with intermittent access to the toobz. Sorry to miss trashing up the place during the Packer game, but the Boyz managed to do a fine job of that on their own.

                  Not sure what I enjoyed more, watching the Pack demolish the Cowboys, or spending 3 hours listening to the announcers’ woeful lamentations over the state of the formerly-Super-Bowl bound unstoppable team from Texas…

                  Heh heh. I kinda like the shots of a moping Jerry Jones up in his box, too ; )

                  Packers 45
                  Cowboys 7

                  Go Pack! : )

  21. radiofreewill says:

    Freep…It’s time to start rooting through the teebee, buddy!

    The Aggies are up 26-17 with 9 min to go…

  22. rosalind says:

    two went in, but only one could emerge 8-1. and the winner is: Stanford!

    and that was the most screen time the Stanford Band has gotten on network teevee in years. very refreshing.

    (also, too: ew, the abc announcers are of the opinion my team’s coach is gonna be your team’s coach next year. treat him nice.)

  23. Mary says:

    @54 – Bad day for the fillies yesterday. My friend is going to have to make a tough call today for her mare, so I may be off a lot.

    They boxed Z when she was ready to start to roll. That put her just enough off stride :( If she’d had a little more stretch, she could have done it. It’s hard to pick one “greatest” scribe, but I saw the all (just a kid with Secretariat, but I saw him run and saw him in person in his retirement. I’ve also always been an Alydar fan – Affirmed had the better jockey in their races, it wasn’t that he was the better horse. Z is definitely on a par with an Affirmed or an Alydar. Big Brown was another really fine horse. Secretariat when he was on was awfully awfully special. He didnt always come out of his stall on his game, though. But when he did, he was something. Not as successful in the shed as Alydar, though, so there are a lot of different measures of greatness.

    @54 – I got started @16 with an off the track thoroughbred doing a little jumping and something called combined training or eventing. I worked during High School and college to support my horse habit, including working on the backside during the summer at Kentucky’s cheap track, Ellis, in Henderson. I’ve had to take breaks from riding on and off over the years, but always kept my horse(s) and I had my event horse from when I was a kid until age took him (31). Buying my own land was a bad idea, bc I ended up with several rescues. At some point I shifted from jumping to something called dressage and even had my judges license for awhile. For dressage, most people use “warmblood” (an assortment of registries more than a breed)horses, so I have some of those. But I’ve always loved tbs the most. But they are fragile. Tough and fragile, both. And the track is a lot like the Democratic Party. It’s facade and it’s backside are two very different things.

    • klynn says:


      Your history is wonderful. I must share that for a long time, I had a deep fear of horses. My best friend started riding in competitions at a young age (5) and at age 8 died in a horseback riding accident. I was nine at the time and her death sent me into shock.

      As part of helping me heal from the loss, over the years, my parents made trips down to Lexington. A dear family friend and former Olympic rider “opened” some doors for visits to some of the top horse farms in Lexington (specifically, Paris, KY).

      I had a chance to meet Secretariat, but evidently he was know for biting so they would not allow me to get near him. I stood about 15 ft from him. What a sight. I then got a chance to see him run. I also met Lawrence Robinson, Secretariat’s groom and stud man. He was very nice to me and understood why I was making the trip to Claiborne. (I also visited Stone Farm.)

      On another trip, I arrived on the day Canadian Bound was fouled and saw the little one.

      On my final trip, I happened to arrive while he was doing the business he was paid to do in retirement.

      If I remember correctly, that trip took me to Stone Farm. I think that day resulted in his offspring, Risen Star, but I could be rusty in my memory.

      The trips helped so much. Today, when I think of Alicia, I understand the beauty of the horses she was drawn to and her desire to compete and I can now smile in memory of her.

      • bmaz says:

        I think Marcy is some kind of big powerful world poohbah in Second Life, so I think she should order Secretariat and Zenyatta to hook up in the other parallel universe. She can do that right?

        • bobschacht says:

          Oh, say its not true! we need Marcy in this world, and her analytical powers trained on the scalawags who run our country! We’re depending on her! I think I have an avatar on Second Life somewhere, but that avatar has been in a coma for several years.

          Bob in AZ

    • JohnLopresti says:

      I saw an internationally famous lady demonstrate dressage. Her horse liked rock and roll music. I think that was one of the last times I went to a **dance**. Quite a bond between rider and animal, like olympic figure skating; or like a dancehall.

      It took me a long time to learn to punch a pushy horse(*s tender nose), leading several betweeen pastures; I thought it inappropriate, until one trainer expert explained its discrete application. I think they realized, though, that, after negotiating the rough tumble of cows and bull, I knew enough to be appropriately serious about the requisite amount of leadership. For me, the love, and riding the dangerous stock, however, were out of the question; admittedly. All of which avoids mentioning the country neighbor*s dog new to the hillside. Bucolic and all, but it*s nice to survive,too.

  24. bobschacht says:


    COMING TUESDAY [on Frontline]: The Confessions
    Airs Nov. 9th at 9PM ET (check local listings)

    Most people think it couldn’t happen to them–they simply wouldn’t allow it.

    But this week’s FRONTLINE makes clear, in astonishing step-by-step detail, how an innocent man ends up confessing to a brutal crime he didn’t commit. Actually, in this one incredible case, it’s four men who falsely confess….

    They should have added some commentary on “24” and EW’s & Jeff Kaye’s work on this.

    Bob in AZ

  25. bobschacht says:

    Re: Zenyatta
    I appreciate Mary’s observation about Z being boxed in early. I don’t know how Z compares with Secretariat or the other greats, but Z did one heckuva sprint at the end, from last to within a nose of first. I think her owners are going to collect buckets full of $$ in stud service money until she gets too old to be a momma any more.

    Bob in AZ

  26. rosalind says:

    meanwhile, over at the Grand Prix: F1 Champ Jenson Button in Machine-Gun Ambush:

    Formula 1 world champion Jenson Button was confronted by a gang of six machine-gun-wielding robbers today after qualifying for tomorrow’s Brazilian Brazilian Grand Prix in Brazil. The F1 champ said six men trained their weapons on his car after he left the Interlagos track in Sao Paulo, where he had earlier qualified for today’s Brazilian Grand Prix.

    Button, 30, was on his way back to his luxury hotel when his bulletproof Mercedes was intercepted in a shanty town at 7pm local time.

    His driver -– an armed Brazilian policeman hired by the McLaren team –- sped away from the scene, striking other cars as he fled.

    • bmaz says:

      Awesome. Apparently it did not bother Jenson too much as he is currently running in fourth at Sao Paulo. Ooops, make that 5th now….

  27. klynn says:

    Finally, I must add, nothing is more calming than to arrive at a beautiful horse farm in Paris, KY in May, at 5 AM and find a place to sit and then watch the sun rise over the rolling hills and track as a horse is led out onto the track to run. The sun pierces your eyes and floods your face with warmth while watching the motion of a horse silhouette break the streams of sunlight. It is breathtaking.

  28. Mary says:

    One thing that made Secretariat so great was his length of stride during acceleration (and the large large heart) Z, iirc, has the longest stride measured so far at top acceleration (she’s quite a bit taller than Secretariate was, though).

    klynn, I’m with you, only the evenings are sometimes even more healing for me. Probably bc the mornings can be so hectic. Secretariat had a game of chicken he played when I was there. As his admirers stood outside his paddock, he’d look over and charge. Most horse people get used to having a stallion or even a grouchy mare run at the fence and as long as you are far enough back that the neck can’t snake over and get you, you learn to ignore it and stand your ground. But even though they were all horsepeople, my group all jumped back. You could literally feel his acceleration when he came at the fence. Every bit of your being told you that nothing that accelerated like that was going to be able to stop at the fence and he was either coming through or over – so you better MOVE! As soon as everyone flinched and jumped, though, he sat down his butt and stopped just as cocky as anything. The man who was with us (they had stopped giving tours with him but a guy I was in law school with was dating someone who got us in) said no one ever stood their ground when Secretariat made his run.

    klynn, when I was young I never even thought of bad things happening around the horses. In some ways I think you’re safer around them when you are in blissful ignorance. They are such herd/prey animals, that if they feel your nervousness and fear, they are more unreliable. I was a lot older when I first was around horses and riders and visitors who died or were hurt badly. Once you become more aware of those kinds of things and how fast they happen, you always have them with you somewhere.

    BTW – I meant to comment a couple of days ago on the brrrr surveillance stuff – have you guys hit that somewhere? Norway, Denmark and Sweden are all investigating US surveillance of their citizens. The Norway story links make it seem pretty clear that telephone surveillance was likely involved in what they are unhappy about.

    The really funny part is that they are now saying they actually expect the US to follow their laws when operating in their countries. Apparently Con Law scholar Obama hasn’t sold them on his, “If the President does it, it’s legal” theory yet.

    • prostratedragon says:

      The Secretariat story (I was a huge fan) makes my day. All that talent, plus a wicked sense of humor!

      Btw, I think the Vikes have ust manuvered into overtime.

            • bmaz says:

              Childress should be fired right now. Before the game is over. Seriously. He made another one of the shittiest 4th and less than one on the goal calls in the history of football. Again. This crap on the goal line cannot be placed on Favre; it is on Childress, and it has been pathetic all year.

              • scribe says:

                Surprising that Childress wasn’t canned by Ziggy Wilf; ownership was not a little displeased over the way he handled the Moss situation.

                • bmaz says:

                  Yeah, that stacked on top of all the other stuff that has been present for a while (going back to last year supposedly) should have done the deal.

                  • john in sacramento says:

                    You wanna see trash talk? Just ask what I really think about Brad Childress

                    I could probably write 5,000 words like nothing

                    He’s horrible strategy-wise (game plans and in-game adjustments, that is until he takes the reins off of Favre), tactically (4th down calls and clock management) and poor personnel decisions (the Moss issue is a symptom)

                    • bmaz says:

                      Agreed completely. You know, Favre has not been Captain America this year like he was last year, and that has hurt; but I swear to god, I think Childress has been far more the problem than Favre. Favre was just so out of orbit with his play last year and most of the breaks fell their way, and all that masked the Childress lameness effect. But with a more normal Favre and not all the breaks going their way, the Childress factor shows through bad. Wilf really should can him and let Leslie Frazier coach the team for the second half of the season. Turn Darrell Bevel loose with the offense without Childress shackling him. The locker room would improve immeasurably and the play calling and game management would improve too.

                • bmaz says:

                  Faked and ran a bootleg with Grandpa. But that play only works if you got a QB you will let run and sure looked like that was not part of the play as designed.

                  But cheer up. After that Geezer pulled the old magic out of his ass and led two full field drives for TDs in about three minutes, tied the game and then led the drive in overtime, with AP doing most of the work with his legs, for a game winning FG in overtime. Geezer may not be done after all; here is his line for the day:

                  Name CP/AT YDS TD INT

                  B. Favre 36/47 446 2 2

                  Hope Childress lets him start the next game, but with Chilly you never know, he may release him.

  29. scribe says:

    Talk about an ass-kicking. And, to think, only this morning Patsie-oriented sports-talkers (not the callers – the hosts) were talking and predicting a 20 point Pastsies win.

    Just further proof that cheaters never prosper.

    And, it would appear, that the empty Potemkin-village nature of the Patsies running up Ws on inferior teams has been shown to the world. I mean, the Browns. The frickin’ Browns.

    • emptywheel says:

      Damn, I had a pretty good feeling this AM that the Brownies would prove what I’ve been saying all year–the Patsies are nowhere near as good as they look. AND I had a feeling the Kitties might beat the J-E-T-S Jets. If only I had been watching rather than driving, I tell you, the Kitties would have pulled it off.

      • scribe says:

        Well, from watching the tail end of Kitties-Jets the fault lay not in your driving but rather in Detroit taking a bad, dumb penalty at just the wrong instant inside the last 2 minutes. Failing that, Sanchez could have gone back to paying fines for bad body language and Bubbles would have gone home happy.

  30. bobschacht says:

    Interesting contrast between the Cards QB & Favre: Whisenant showed little confidence in his QB, and instead of attacking to get a first down, runs twice for no gain, and then makes a short pass that doesn’t make a first down, forcing a punt. They were more worried about a turn-over than getting a first down. The Vikings turn Favre loose, and he drives his team down the field with passes and scores a touchdown in a minute and a half.

    Sometimes “playing conservative” means playing to lose.

    But this kind of pressure is not something Anderson does well in.

    Bob in AZ

  31. randiego says:

    Happy household over here – the Chargers beat another team (Texans this time) which appeared to be in control in the first half. The Chargers played again without 3 of the 4 roster receivers, and this time without Gates too. Rivers threw 4 TDs, 2 to practice squadder Seyi Ajirotutu.

    Texas Tech and San Diego State won their games, while the Pats got exposed and the Jets almost got exposed. Good times.

    A shame about Zenyatta. She got boxed by traffic at the start and was too far back. What an exciting stretch though!

    Now we are cheering on the RAIDUHs against the Chiefs.

  32. bobschacht says:

    Colts-Iggles game is interesting. Vick is looking good, but his ribs still seem tender. That may cause problems later in the game. Manning seems to do best when he gets rid of the ball fast.

    Bob in AZ

  33. bmaz says:

    The Iggles close out the Peytons by, what else, an Asante Samuel interception of Manning.

    And hey, this Rayduhs and Chefs game just got sent into overtime by a last second Janikowski field goal.

    • bobschacht says:

      The first quarter belonged to Vick; the second quarter belonged to Manning. In the second half, I have the impression that Vick scored on almost every possession. Of course, that final interception sealed the deal. Vick is an amazing talent.

      Bob in AZ