Emptywheel’s Famous Trash Talk: Es Caballos de los Muertos Edition

Hey there sports fans, I love ya! Y’all got your swerve on? Because we have week three of the NFL on tap, not to mention the end of the MLB season and, if you are talking the biggest event worldwide, the Singapore Grand Prix. so there is some meat on the table.

If the F1 Driver’s Championship was not already effectively in the capable hands of Sebastian Vettel, and the Constructor’s Championship again to Red Bull, I would surely open with the F1 Circus. But, both of those are true, so we shall begin with NFL fuutball. There are just a slew of great games this week but, really, how could you start anywhere other than with the greatest rivalry in the history of pro football?

That would, of course, be the Packers and Bears. The Cheeseheads return to Soldier Field where they won the NFC Championship last year. Expect the action to pick up where it left off. The Bears can’t protect Jay Cutler for shit, but when he has time, dude can throw the ball. Matt Forte is way underrated, he is an elite back in the league. And Brian Urlacher and the D always comes to play. The loss of Nick Collins, the Pack’s star safety, will really hurt an already porous secondary. It is tempting to take Da Bears for the upset. But I can’t do it.

Another legendary rivalry on tap is the Cowboys and Redskins. Skins are surprisingly solid with Sexy Rexy Grossman at QB and former Cardinal Tim Hightower slamming the run. But if Tony Romo and his ribs can stay on the field, the ‘Boys also have a running game with Felix Jones and that should be enough to win a close one on Monday night. Giants and Eagles is yet another rivalry game, and has many of the same considerations in that the outcome may depend on Mike Vick staying on the field. If he does, it is hard to see how the Gents win.

Okay, mom made me promise to do a couple of things and, really, it will be a pleasure. First the title to this post. It, I think, conveys dead horses. In this case in Indianapolis. Without Peyton Manning, the Colts have become like President Obama, i.e. spineless. This week Indy gets a break. Oh, wait, that break is the Stillers, who may be aging fast, but are still embarrassed about that opening debacle against the Ravens. By the time this game is over, Curtis Painter (who?) may be leading the Colts on their way to slaughter. The other marker left by Miss Marcy is the -gasp!!! – thought that the Circle The Wagons may beat the Patsies. Yeah, I dunno about that, although, to be sure, the Bills are WAY improved and looking solid with Harvard Man Ryan Fitzpatrick and Fred Jackson providing the goods on offense and a tough and fast defense on the other side of the ball. The Pats may give up 400 yards passing. But Brady will just throw for 500 and Belichick wins another one.

The Heidi game looks to be interesting, as it always is when the Jets and Raiders hook up; may be an upset in Oakland. And, of course, my favorite new team for the year, Teh Kitties. I’m telling ya, these cats are for real, and their confidence is going to grow some more this Sunday with a win over the rudderless Vikings. Say what you will about Grandpa, but the swagger and interest factor simply left with Favre. It is hard to believe that Donovan McNabb is really as done as he appears, but it looks time to put a fork in him if he doesn’t come up big this week. But, I don’t think the Boy Named Suh and Matt Stafford are gonna have any of that. Lions roll to a 3-0 start.

In the professional world of college athletics, the game to watch is the Old Hokeys versus the New Hokeys. Yep, the Randiego State Aztecs invade the Big House to meet the Wolverweenies. Don’t laugh, Brady Hoke built a pretty solid team at SDSU and they may just put a licking on the Maize and Blue, although the home field and crowd may be too much. Should be a great game. Hey, Jim White is going to be in Clemson, where the Seminoles will be taking on the Clemson Tigers in an excellent matchup of two good and ranked teams. Unfortunately, Jim is going to be at a horse show instead of the game, but it should be a good one. We will try to get an equine update. I get a little local excitement with the USC Trojans coming to visit Sun Devil Stadium. The Trojans will probably win, but I gotta tell you, night games in Tempe are really something. Big fun. Arkansas at the Crimson Tide is the only other game even worth noting on a slow Saturday. Tide should roll.

Hey, a shout out to the Arizona Diamondbacks, who clinched the NL West last night with a big win over the defending WS Champs, the SF Giants. We’re gonna have playoff baseball in town! The Brew Crew also clinched in the central, their first division title since the Gorman Thomas years. I am so old, I actually remember that far back. Looks like the Sawx are going to back their way into the postseason, but Beckett and Lester do not look strong enough to take them very far.

And that leaves…..The Singapore Grand Prix. The show from Marina Bay is the only night race on the Circus schedule. It is a rather garish track, but the racing under the lights makes for a strangely compelling, if goofy, scene. Would hate to see the concrete corridor in the daytime though. Well, at any rate, Mark webber and Jenson Button were fast in practice, followed by Vettel and Alonso. Qualifying is just about to go off as I post; I will update a little after Q3.

So that’s it, let rip. Music this week is by the CDB. a couple of old but really great songs, Caballo Diablo and Birmingham Blues. It is not the greatest recording of the latter, but man was that a great piece live back in the day.

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  1. quebecois says:

    Good morning bmaz, Even though the championship is out of reach, this year of racing is one of the best that formula One has offered since the late sixties. I’m far from losing interest, and Vettel’s domination has me wondering how many more poles and wins he’ll get this year. The onboard cameras shots have this eery bright quality that is quite compelling for this photographer, I’d love to shoot this race. I’M watching now, i feel like breakfast sushi…

  2. Jim White says:

    Fortunately, my trip to Clemson isn’t until next weekend. Don’t tell the docs, but I may even try to help out with the driving.

    Gators get what I hope is a bit of a breather today, at Kentucky. October will be tought: Alabama, then at LSU and at Auburn. Then a week off before the showdown with Georgia in JAX. I hope to see the wideouts come into the picture more, as they will be needed in the Oct games. Rainey can’t carry the team through that murder’s row by himself–he’s just too small to take that kind of beating.

    Rays took one in the chops last night, losing to Toronto at home. They now are 2.5 behind Boston for the wildcard slot with 5 games left to play. Rays pretty much need to win out and hope the Yankees will sweep the Sox this weekend before the Yanks come to St. Pete to finish the season with 3 games.

  3. bmaz says:


    There has been fantastic racing behind the lead, almost every time out. Say what you will about Schumi’s driving tactics (and some of the grousing is fair), but that duel with Hamilton at the Italian was something else. Just incredible racing.

  4. Peterr says:

    It is tempting to take Da Bears for the upset. But I can’t do it.

    Go ahead, Bmaz. You know you want to.

    Urlacher at home will be very, very hungry, as will Jay Cutler.

    The Bears will be feasting on cheese.

  5. GulfCoastPirate says:

    No interest in LSU – WVa? Not even with Holgerson now at WV? I wouldn’t be surprised if the Tigers get a lot more than they were expecting when they scheduled this game.

    What about A&M – Boone U? One of your potential conference mates.

    I have another question though. For how long do most people go back and read through old threads. EW goes so fast that I can’t keep up since I don’t get to come around every day. I sometimes have questions but figure everyone has since moved on.

  6. quebecois says:


    The guy was warming up the car before free practice. I have no idea what it is, but I thought that the nose was added as an great looking afterthought. I’m going back tomorrow, I’ll try to get some info on the car.

  7. bmaz says:


    Yeah, probably should have hit the WVU/LSU tilt. Tough game, don.t know how to call that one. It’s in Morgantown. Tough place to play; still hard to see the Mountaineers lighting up LSU too much, their defense is just too good.

    As to comments, it sure isn’t like the old days at TNH where threads went on for days. Still, we often see comments two to three days later.

  8. Bay State Librul says:

    Fitzy’s karma?
    If I were a betting man, I’d take Buffalo
    on Sunday.
    EW with an arm.

    Globe editorial 9/24/11

    Ryan Fitzpatrick: Elizabeth Warren of the gridiron?

    Ryan Fitzpatrick is riding a streak of two victories.

    A popular and successful Massachusetts figure with great looks and an everyman appeal, suddenly challenged by an upstart from the Ivy League?

    No, it’s not Senator Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren – it’s Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who is set to face former Harvard star and Bills starter Ryan Fitzpatrick on Sunday. Fitzpatrick, who quarterbacked the Crimson to an Ivy championship in 2004 and then spent years as a third-stringer in the NFL waiting for his big break, is riding a streak of two impressive victories into the match-up in Buffalo.

    In the world of politics, Republicans have been busy trying to paint Warren as a Harvard elitist, as if the mere association with the university where she is a law school professor were disqualifying. So forget steroids; has Fitzpatrick been tested for arugula?

    If it seems a little absurd to judge Fitzpatrick on his alma mater, it’s a reminder that the attacks on Warren’s Ivy ties are no less relevant. As in football, in politics it’s performance that matters. They’ll both rise, or – as Fitzpatrick is likely to discover on Sunday – fall on their merits.

  9. nomolos says:


    Yep looks like Red Bull will win the champeenship this year, Vettel is lucky to be in the best car as we all know f1 is not about the driver it is about the car.

    McLaren and Ferrari got off to a piss poor start and have not improved sufficiently to take on AN…he is without doubt the best designer out there.

    Oh well heres hoping that the championship will be more competitive next year in the meantime, frankly, it is pretty boring.

  10. randiego says:

    Just got done watching SDSU and UM – gah!

    – Ryan Lindley will be one of the top-5 QBs taken in the NFL draft next year, but he had a horrible game. One of his worst. The D-line was in his face a lot, but he was just missing open guys. Really disapointing.
    – Brady Hoke has the Michigan D-line playing really well. They dominated the whole game and were frequently in the SDSU backfield.
    – Ronnie Hillman had a decent game with 109 yards rushing despite a ferocius UM D-line, but the two turnovers are just not like him. I think they said he had something like 300 straight touches without a turnover.
    – The Aztecs D had a couple huge breakdowns, but still played ok I thought.
    – Michigan is a good team that will keep moving up the rankings.

    When you get 4 turnovers and you have an NFL-caliber QB and a top-10 Heisman running back, you had better score more than 7 points. Very disappointing effort.

  11. quebecois says:

    @nomolos: I’ve seen Vettel drive, he isn’t lucky, he is the better driver out there, making nary a mistake, adapting his lines and driving to what the car offers. I think that last year, Vettel was unlucky and still making glaring mistakes. True that the Bull cars are barely touchable. As far as the championship goes, it is won, but as I mentionned, the racing has rarely been better. I’m not bored, go figure.

    Thanks jo6pack.

  12. Mauimom says:

    @Bay State Librul: Saw Moneyball last night. I’m a sports person, as is my husband [although I must admit baseball ranks after football & basketball in my book]. Found the movie R-E-A-L-L-Y slow [just like a baseball game]. It’s just not a story that can support a movie. A documentary, maybe, but not a movie.

    Brad Pitt, however, is great. Actually all the actors are great; the story’s just weak.

  13. JohnT says:

    Dead heads?

    Don’t look now, but Cal’s 3-0 * And up on the Huskies @ UDub 14-7

    * They’ll be fine until they get ranked, and then they’ll be rank

  14. rosalind says:

    @Mauimom: i’ve noticed that the regular movie reviewers are loooving “Moneyball”, while the sports talk guys and gals not so much. be interested to find out for myself.

  15. freepatriot says:

    moneyball might work as a movie, but
    from a fan’s point of view, MONEYBALL SUCKS

    Actually it business as usual for the Athletics

    can anybody say “Charlie Finley”

    happened in Philly too

    in news that matters:

    Hail to the Deadskins

  16. JohnLopresti says:

    The way I translate the post title is something like the Washington Irving short story about a horse riding along in the Hudson River valley, a tale I refused to read; I think I may have made an arrangement to substitute some other literature in its place. Literally, and transposing in typical Spanish syntax, the dead man’s horse, or the dead’s horses. I puzzled a while about Dylan’s song about white horses. But I have not heard Charlie Daniels, honestly, that is, except for a neighbor I had for six months who favored open air stereo music and had a love of Charlie’s band. Charlie had a strange electric fiddle passage in a popular song at the time, something about making a bargain with the devil; but the music was all virtuoso, especially if one enjoyed country music spiffed up a bit to have more flexible rhythms. Besides, I get Charlie Daniels mixed up with Jack Daniels, a shelf of a different token, I suppose.

    The local paper swore a Cowherder hit on Alex Smith qb last sunday near mid field was what put the qb in the concussion list, from which he was removed after arranging some kind of plenary indulgence thru a physician. There was a moment when a tractor sent something whapping at my own skull once, so I understand how Alex might have felt. Just keep the sentences short, Alex, and the folks in Cincinnati will think your instantaneous play calling and no-huddle offense miraculous when SF plays feline carnivores there Sunday. One thing the qb likely will search for first, whether the 1st stringer or backup, is a pocket, though the backup qb had a college background of taking chances with his body because he is a faster runner than most defenders. I don’t know if he’d qualify as a faster driver. Interesting, that the winners often have some sense of judgment that takes the day in either sport, a recognition of the opportunities, good reflexes, and understand their equipment.

  17. scribe says:

    They shoot horses, don’t they?

    Don’t get the idea that the Sawx are going to back their way into the post-season. The Yanks stomped on them today and have them in their house tomorow for a doublheader. If Tampa plays this right and the Sawx continue to play to lose, the D-Rays could be the wild card by this time tomorrow night.

    And, very quietly, the Yankees have the best record in the American League and, if the Phils lose today, are one game back of the Fightin’s for best record in baseball.

    This Yankee fan smiles.

    In football news, I think the Stillers will be spending the entire season atoning for that stinker they dumped on the field in Week One. And when I say “atoning”, I mean “taking out their anger and expiating their shame on opponents’ bodies”. I wouldn’t want to be a Colt this weekend.

    Tony Romo’s ribs will cry.

    It would be nice to see the Bills beat the Patsies, if only to make Bieber cry. I’m not holding my breath, though.

  18. Bay State Librul says:


    April is the cruellest month . . .”
    The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot.

    Yup. April was bad but the Sox are 5-18 in

    Choking, panicking, cracking, throwing a “brick”, laying an egg, losing your meal ticket, entering Death Valley?

    Yet, the Waste Land talks about the Holy Grail.

    Enter Kevin Mallard. Cowboy up.

    Wakefield and Lackey today.

  19. Bay State Librul says:


    The Great Gammons suggested that heads may
    role… Our Hedge Fund owner is muttering.

    Tito may have five more games to redemption or the final chapter?

    High drama in the Bronx

  20. Bob Schacht says:

    “- Brady Hoke has the Michigan D-line playing really well. They dominated the whole game and were frequently in the SDSU backfield.
    – Ronnie Hillman had a decent game with 109 yards rushing despite a ferocius UM D-line, but the two turnovers are just not like him. I think they said he had something like 300 straight touches without a turnover.
    – The Aztecs D had a couple huge breakdowns, but still played ok I thought.
    – Michigan is a good team that will keep moving up the rankings.”

    Thanks for the report! No Michigan on my tubes yesterday.

    Bob in AZ

  21. bmaz says:

    @Bay State Librul:

    Hey, they can still turn it on in the playoffs if they hold on. Although they may yet hold on, by no means assured, still getting hard to see how they do much. Is a bummer, the playoffs would be much more interesting with the Sawx on their game.

    As to Kennedy, yeah, who knew? There is not even that much excitement here yet; I don’t think the city realizes what is going on with the DBacks. There were 8,000 empty seats a couple of nights ago when they clinched and that was 15,000 over their average attendance this year. It is still not the same as during the Colangelo years.

  22. rosalind says:

    well, the upside to being up all night with an upset stomach is i finally got to watch an entire F1 race. clutch problems at the start are quite the killer.

    and does anyone know why L.A. doesn’t get an early game on CBS? if it has something to do with the San Diego home game later today more than my tummy is gonna be upset…

    • bmaz says:

      Damn Rosalind, Singapore is really, relatively speaking, a shit race to watch. Once the interest of seeing F1 under the lights at night is over, it is rather horrid. The two races before this were Spa and the Italian. Those are the creme de la creme. The next up is Suzuka, which has some ups and downs. It is fast, which if there is wet, makes it VERY interesting. And there is often wet.

  23. Jim White says:

    This could be the day the Rays catch the Sawx. On September 2, the Rays were 9 games behind Boston. Since then, the Rays have gone 13-10. They’re catching up because in September, the Sawx are 5-17. Pretty pathetic. Right now, the Yanks are up 4-1 and the Rays are up 2-1. If both those leads hold up and the Yanks win the evening game of the day-night DH, then the Rays and Sawx would be tied with Boston hosting the Orioles for three and the Rays hosting the Yanks for three. Would the Yanks dare tank three games just to keep the Sawx out of the playoffs?

  24. scribe says:

    Overheard – “the Bills offense is able to run up the middle of the Pats’ defense with speed and alacrity. … Fitzpatrick is starting to pick apart defenses the way Brady does. …”

    I think the last two Bills drives are starting to show the weaknesses of Cheatin’ Bill’s defense. There’s a good chance the Patsies will be found today.

    And it looks like Good Eli picked today to show up. Hmmmm.

  25. scribe says:

    @Jim White: Like I said yesterday @27 upthread:

    “If Tampa plays this right and the Sawx continue to play to lose, the D-Rays could be the wild card by this time tomorrow night.”

    In my best C. Montgomery Burns voice: “exxxxxxcellent.”

  26. Jim White says:

    Evan Longoria just hit a monster two run blast for the Rays. The Trop is an indoor stadium. This shot was to straightaway left and hit the catwalk the runs along the back wall of the building, just below the ceiling and way above the back row of the upper deck. This would have rivaled Reggie Jackson’s blast off the light tower in Detroit.

  27. scribe says:

    Bieber’s losing his mojo – he throws to 85 and … another pick. On two consecutive passes.

    Giselle’s going to shut him out tonight – I can see it coming.

    How much you want to bet 85 never sees another ball thrown his way?

  28. quebecois says:


    1100 cc engine, one of the first lotus chassis with rear engine, nose was added later. Very little info on the car. They think it’s 1961. Here is some history:

    Ferret would be the name of the constructor.

    This morning Grand-Prix was more of the usual. Vettel savaged the field with a smile. Hamilton was charging to the front after a dismal start by Webber who blocked his progression, and he threw it all away by using Massa’s tire to brake. Button was once again fast and smooth, intelligent driver that he is. The guy who directed this for tv should be fired, he missed so much.

  29. JohnLopresti says:

    bmaz@42, video of f1 multicamera production; more than the national political party convention.

    peterr@25-26, acknowledged distinction about the 2 Daniels.

    scribe@28, thanx for the reminder from t.s. eliot, who puzzled over the renewal of life in spring, in contrast to Chaucer’s rhapsody blended with cavil at Canterbury; though there some of Ezra Pound* words which are ill-tempered and share eliot’s characterization:

    “Winter is icummen in,
    Lhude sing Goddamm.”
    * Pound cite is from there.

  30. phred says:

    So, just the other day local sports radio claimed Brady is the best QB in the league. With 4 INT against the Bills. Ah yep. ; )

    Jim, I have nothing, nothing at all, to say about the BoSox. Sigh.

    Go Pack! (Thank goodness for football ; )

  31. emptywheel says:

    @Bay State Librul: Man, just got back in, missed the whole game. Which, it sounds like, was a good thing.

    Didn’t the Pats used to have a QB who never threw INTs?

    Congrats to the Billies. AND THE KITTIES!!!

    I tell you, I’m dubbing this season “Revenge of the Rust Belt” already.

  32. bmaz says:


    Say, did ya see I got dead horses – or horses of the dead – or something – in the post just like you asked?!?! It was hard work, hard work I tell ya.

  33. scribe says:

    @Bay State Librul: John Lackey. Heh.

    These are the same Sawx who went, what, 1-7 or 1-10 to open the year. Much to the agony of their fans.

    Learning the lessons the Yankees went through in the 80s and early 90s: buying championships doesn’t work. Next thing you know, John Henry and his ownership group will demand Pedroia shave, like the time Steinbrenner complained about Mattingly’s hair length resulting in head shaving in the clubhouse and the press box.


  34. Mary says:

    The devil came down from Pittsburgh,

    he was looking for a game to Steele,

    so he picked a horse who was way behind

    with a bum neck that wouldn’t heal

    (pssst – remember, the devil’s not the hero of the piece)

    Far easier to pick a song about horses, even ones with immobile riders – than to celebrate Pittsburgh in song.

    @37 – really? You overheard someone use “alacrity?”

    Liquor and a working remote control, plus lots of storms so I may lose sat anyway. Call me ready for the rodeo.

  35. scribe says:

    @Mary: Yes, the radio guy really did use “alacrity”.

    I’ve finally decided on who Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin most reminds me of: Ving Rhames playing Marsellus Wallace in “Pulp Fiction”. Same speech patterns, many of the same mannerisms, just more hair.

  36. Mary says:

    I think that’s a sign of the apocalypse, Scribe.

    I guess you have to live in tornado tunnel to appreciate this, but &$(!@@@@$% just because of a pesky tornado report we lose the freakin game except for now and then thumbnails in the bottom corner.

    I don’t know about grannie’s dog, but something sure bites.

  37. phred says:

    @bmaz: This is baseball dammit, it ain’t over ’til its over!

    Oh, wait a sec, you meant the Sox’ playoff chances ; ) No disagreement there. Sigh.

  38. phred says:

    BTW, I’m too distracted with extra innings to be keeping up with current events in Indy, but what in the Sam Hill is going on… Do they write songs about zombie horses returning from the dead??? ; )

  39. phred says:

    @Bay State Librul: That shouldn’t be too hard, you only got another 33 minutes to wait ; )

    I’m exhausted, I can only imagine how the Sox are holding up after a killer of a double header…

    I never imagined the Steeler game would finish before the nightcap.

  40. phred says:

    WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THREE HOMERUNS for Ellsbury TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boy oh boy, did we need that! : )

  41. Bob Schacht says:

    Well, not within the past 24 hours, anyway. *g*
    If you just look at Kolb’s stats, he didn’t do that badly (although the INT is gonna screw up his QB rating). But he is NOT yet a 4th Quarter QB, no matter what the announcers say about his leadership qualities.

    But Brady’s 4 INTs is the best evidence yet that the Day of Judgment is coming, complete with hellfire and brimstone. Be careful, everyone, this could get ugly.

    But for our women’s volleyball team here at Northern Arizona University, everything is coming up roses. And the men’s FB team at UM (Go Blue!) is, once again, ranked in the top 25! Must be that Brady Hoke is no Joke!

    Bob in AZ

  42. Bob Schacht says:

    Special request: could we get back to where the Previous and Next posts are once again at the bottom (below the Comment box) as well as the top? I don’t like having to scroll all the way to the top to see if there’s a new post, and then down again to the latest comment when I’m done checking.

    Bob in AZ

  43. scribe says:

    So far, so good. We have a Stiller win and the Sawx are limping into OCtober. Even if they should make it to the post-season, if they keep playing this way their October will be only 3 or 4 games long. And, frankly, I’d rather have a limping Sawx team in the post-season over a surging Rays team.

  44. bmaz says:

    I have found the source of the Rojo Sawx bad luck. It is indeed John Lackey:

    Boston Red Sox pitcher John Lackey has filed to divorce his wife, Krista … who is in the middle of battling breast cancer.

    Lackey filed on August 30, according to court docs in Texas, claiming “the marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities.” Krista and John got married in November, 2008.

    Sources close to the family tell TMZ … Krista underwent a double mastectomy back in March and underwent chemo as recently as June.

  45. phred says:

    @bmaz: That’s awful all the way around. My thoughts and prayers go out to Krista.

    Given the date, Lackey does seem to be the leading candidate for instigating the bad karma.

  46. Bay State Librul says:


    The good karma is that Beckett’s wife is about to deliver very soon. (not sure of the gender)
    He’s pitching tonight

  47. phred says:

    @Bay State Librul: Good for Beckett (and his wife!), but lets face it, Lackey’s karma has bestowed upon us a September disaster. We better hope that Beckett’s little cherub arrives in time to turn things around for October ; )

  48. Jim White says:

    In a bit of makeup for last night’s three run homer in the 14th, Ellsbury tonight appeared to make a catch on a deep drive, but then hit the wall and dropped the ball for a three run inside the park home run for the O’s. Both games in the bottom of the 8th now with O’s ahead of Sawx 6-2 and Rays up on Yanquis 5-2. Looking like a tie for wild card with two games to play…

  49. Bay State Librul says:

    We had a LOB problem last night (Left on Base)
    Keep your rally cap on, add a Belichick Hoodie, make yourself an autumn Positively 12th Street Cocktail (1 1/2 ounces of Tanqueray Gin, 1 ounce Dolin Vermouth Gin, 1/2 ounce of Averell Damson Gin Liqueur, and
    1/2 ounce of fresh lemon juice), toast to the
    Yankees Colon (8-10, ERA of 4.02) and pledge allegiance to Remy and Don.

    Myself, I’m dying inside

  50. Bay State Librul says:

    @Jim White:
    Yeah, I was worried that Jacoby might be injured. Sitting on his arse, he flipped the ball to JD Drew, but the throw was late.
    He’ll be sore today.

  51. Jim White says:

    @Bay State Librul: I only saw the replay once, but it looked like it may have been a close call as to whether he made the catch and then dropped it. Was there a discussion with the umpires after the play? (And here’s to Jacoby being healthy; it wouldn’t be right for him to sit out the two most important games of the year.)

  52. Bay State Librul says:

    @Jim White:
    Yes. Always best to root for the home town team.
    I like their manager.
    Playing well.
    Never been to the Trop, but it looks like
    an indoor three ring circus playground (only

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