Bmaz Made Me Ruin Trash Talk


I tried to avoid this, really I did.

But here it is Beer Thirty … in Denver’s (and bmaz’s) time zone! And there’s still no sign of Trash Talk on Divisional Playoff weekend.

So I had to whip out my old standby Tom Brady soft porn. Profuse apologies. I didn’t want to do this, really I didn’t.

Pats, Packers, Ravens, NOLA. That’s who I’m taking.

In the bracket I did before the playoffs, I said the Stillers would eliminate the Pats in this round. And while I do think the lack of snow in Foxboro is actually proof that god invented climate change so as to help Tim Tebow avoid snow at Gillette stadium–with real weather, there’d be little chance he’d look like the QB he played on TV last week, without it, he can certainly do some damage against the worst D in football! But I do think the Pats can beat Baby Jesus. Or maybe I’m just hoping that the rule–which thus far has held up–that True Evil always beats Baby Jesus still holds.

I think the Gents–who will face real weather at Lambeau (the goddess has finally blessed us Midwesterners with snow)–stand a really good shot at the Packers. They certainly have the best D in the playoffs–and perhaps the best D in the NFL–to shut down the Packers, particularly if it gets sloppy at all. Still, tough to beat against the Packers here. But I’ve been trash talking about how well that other UM standout player, Charles Woodson, has held up over the years, so I’m gonna suggest that he brings out the Bad Eli.

The Texans looked pretty great last week, and QB position aside, they’re finally beginning to get healthy. But TJ Yates has yet to make the intimate acquaintance of the Ravens D, and playoff games are not the time to do so. So I take the Ravens.

I think the toughest game of the weekend, though, is the NOLA-9ers game. A few weeks ago, I said we’d have a repeat HarBowl for the Super Bowl. I’d still be happy to watch that one. But I’m feeling really good about the Saints this weekend, slow grass and scary outdoors and all. Besides the fact, this is one game where I’d be happy no matter who wins.

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  1. bmaz says:

    I am traumatized. And hypnotized. And some other tized.

    Am starting to think that SOPA and PIPA stuff might be needed right here at home base!

  2. jo6pac says:

    Going with the 9ers, I think I might even wear Red. I’m happy for Brees to be away from SD, alway liked his style.

    Who’s that bmz person you all are talken about?;)

  3. Jim White says:

    Wow. A guy goes away for a couple hours and all kinds of hell breaks out. It’s gonna take a lot of likker to wash that Brady video out of bmaz’s brain.

    But the Tebowie thing is absolutely priceless.

    I’m going with Saints and Saint Tebow, Texans (I guess, don’t like either team here very much) and Packers.

    Oh, and the Gators replaced Tub O’Weiss with the OC from bmaz’s Boise Boys, maybe things will improve. I do pity my Jayhawks, though. They are in for a lot of misery until they dump Weiss. I don’t understand why they never listen to me and hire Nolan Cromwell…

  4. foulis says:

    Shit, can you imagine watching ESPN if the “divine one” were to beat the Pats? It’ll be Tebow 24/7 for another week.

  5. CTuttle says:

    @foulis: It’ll be Tebow 24/7 for another week. F*ck ya…! It’ll suck for ya’ll, but, Rawk on Donkies…! ;-)

    I’m sure Von and Elvis will have a couple of Brady face plants amongst themselves…! I don’t care how fugly Tebow’s passes will be, just as long as they get there…! ;-)

  6. emptywheel says:

    @CTuttle: I admit I was just trying to prepare Mr. EW for some Elvis faceplants. Their last game came before people started torching the Pats O Line (at least for the first quarter, until they decided to start playing).

  7. scribe says:

    Dear God. My eyes are melting from that video.

    In other news, there’s a new game in town: take a sip of beer every time Skip Bayless says “Tebow”. Game’s called “die of alcohol poisoning in less than an hour”.

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