Nun on the Bus Tells Paul Ryan to Turn Off the Camera


As I noted the other day, Paul Ryan’s fake soup kitchen photo op was important not just because it shows him to be a big-footing asshole, but because he may have endangered the funding of a charity serving the Catholic social justice mission–a mission Ryan’s entire political career has harmed.

Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks Ryan should be a better Catholic. Actual, still-practicing Catholics think so too!

Catholics United just sent out a press release calling Ryan out for such big-footing. Among others, it quotes Sister Simone Campbell (the Nun on the Bus who spoke at the DNC) preaching the Gospel to Paul Ryan.

“Representative Ryan tried to use the poor, and those who serve them, as a political prop,” said James Salt, executive director of Catholics United. “From a man who has done so much to undermine the work of public-private partnerships and faith-based groups, this is an incredibly cynical move.”

Sr. Simone Campbell, the executive director of NETWORK Lobby and “Nuns on the Bus” leader, has repeatedly invited Rep. Ryan to meet and experience first-hand how his budget proposals will affect charities similar to the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Youngstown.

“If Paul Ryan is serious about serving the Gospel mission of Jesus Christ, I’d encourage him to read Matthew 6, which instructs us to serve when no one is looking,” said Salt. “You can learn a lot about a man by what he does and says when the cameras aren’t rolling. I suggest Rep. Ryan take a day off from campaigning to meet and get to know those who would be affected by the budget cuts he’s proposed.”

I guess if Ryan showed up before the cooking pots were cleaned up, he might have to talk to such people. And given his response to Campbell, he’s apparently afraid to do so.

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  1. bell says:

    …”serve when no one is looking,” said Salt. “You can learn a lot about a man by what he does and says when the cameras aren’t rolling…”

    indeed, but the idea is typically foreign to a politician..

  2. Kathleen says:

    Sister Campbell is one powerful lady. She rocked the house at the DNC. Ew did you hear the statement that President OBama made about Romney investing in Chinese companies that make equipment that the Chinese government will use to spy on Obama “their own folks” I thought this was very risky. As you have so often pointed out the Obama administration has continued the spying on Americans that the Bush administration started. Did you hear Obama say this? I thought of you when I heard it

  3. Bella Kraus says:

    He’s not doing anything different than Obummer has done on many occasions. It’s their job to get elected. I don’t like that none of them can tell the truth, yet call each other liars, but don’t tell me the POTUS is innocent of any of the stunts other politicians pull!

  4. Shirlie Eaton says:

    i THINnk that everything started to sour quite a long time ago beginining with closing down the places for treatment for our mentally disabled, and persons with head injuries, went right out with the rise of health premiums. Besides, how were they going to know anyway? Their were simpler things to worry about…food, human contact. They couldn’t advocate for themselves. Just like the poor, can’t fight a lawsuit, against big business, or big corporations like bayer, monsanto,. These types of things happen because the world is changing….not for the better. The circle of life goes round and round and the weak and defenseless get taken down immediatlely like the wolves being killed in all the states. We brought them back and ‘someone” made a decision that they be hunted… Take the health care from people and they can’t help themselves, take the food away, it creates medical problems , hence feeding the health care industry. Whatever, a human needs has a price on it now. It shouldn’t cost anything to be born or die….it is just not man’s right to gouge an natural God-given right.
    When Now, we have so many homeless, and foreclosed homes which will create even more stress on families that it all seems to be connected, even to the point that I have read somewhere that “China” is also evicting their peoples’s …..GOD WOULD BE SO ASHAMED OF HIS WORLD. iT IS so sad, so very sad that he wanted so much better…but MONEY GOT IN THE WAY…

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