Emptywheel Fundraiser — Halfway There

We’re halfway done with the Emptywheel Two Millionth Visitor Fundraiser. We’ve had a great response so far, but that number represents just a fraction of regular readers. If you value what we do, please consider a donation.You can donate via PayPal here:

Or send snail mail to:

Emptywheel, LLC
P.O. Box 1673
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501-1673

Thanks to all who have donated generously in the past — and for those who can support us now.

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  1. Saildude says:

    When I hit the donate button I get directed to paypal. When I log in to my account and go to “send money” I am asked for an email address or phone number to send a payment to. Do you have a direct link on your site to donate to or do I need to enter an email address to make a donation? I don’t know the email address to use.

  2. David says:

    FYI, the PayPal link above takes me to my paypal account, but by going to the donate button at the top and using that PayPal link, it takes me to a page to donate to you directly. You may want to fix the link on this page.

    And of course, thanks for your great and informative reporting.

  3. Teddy says:

    The world would be a less safe place were you not blogging in it.

    Happy to help with what little I can. Wish it could be more. Also notified my Facebook list of this effort, and will be posting it at PoliCyBear as well.

  4. Valley Girl says:

    I would like to note that the donation links take you to slightly different places. This link takes you to a rather confusing PayPal page.

    The one in the post immediately below takes you a simpler page, where it is clear that you don’t have to PayPal account to donate, and can choose your method of payment (debit card, credit card) o try the different donate buttons.

  5. Bitter Angry Drunk says:

    Kicked in a small donation. This is the only blog I read on a daily basis. Thanks for your great work…

  6. Richard Hoefer says:


    I cannot improve on what Tom in AZ said!

    “You are a crown jewel. Thanks for all your work. Love you. And, you said blowjob on TV! Rock on, woman.”

    Sent Paypal.

    P.S. please do more TV! Cenk is great… but maybe too outeageous for mainstream. Rachel’s great… but sometimes a little too absorbed in her cleverness.. But you– ever since your Courtside reports for Scooter Libby trial, you are the best!

  7. Nyna says:


    The PayPal button in the post above goes to the PP main site. The one on your support-us page (take the text link in the post below) goes where it’s supposed to.

    Thanks SO much for your clarity of thought and careful analysis.

    Every speck of light helps.

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