A Stub for Trash Talk

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This is actually just a stub for trash talk that I expect (hope?) bmaz (and if not bmaz, then Rosalind) will fill, as soon as they see I loaded up the Brady Pron.

But scribe says he needs to trash.

And I’m going to admit ahead of time that BillBel is playing games with injury reports heading into Atlanta.

Also, Da Bears-Kitties game will come down to whether Stafford can find someone besides Megatron to throw to, with Nate Burleson out.

Also, I think Stillers will beat Matt Cassell (!)’s Vikings under Big Ben.

Anyway, won’t be long now before bmaz rushes in to stop the playing of this video.

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  1. scribe says:

    Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark, and this sweet prince is takin’ out the trash.

    I hope you’re right, EW, but the Stillers winning is something I’ll have to see to believe.

    In the meantime, I see there have been new indictments relative to the Aaron Hernandez case: his fiancee for perjury and two buddies/relatives for accessory type charges. It looks like the one accessory is after-the-fact and the other is to commit murder. I’ll bet Cheatin’ Bill still would take Hernandez back if the charges were to disappear. Even without training camp and with jail food weight, he’d be a large improvement over the current WR corps Biebs has available to him.

    And, no, I don’t think Gronk will play this week.

    I’m gonna go hit the likker cabinet. Tonight, rye. Reflects my mood on the Stillers. No sweet bourbon or smoky scotch. Just straight jet fuel.

    And, yes, I cried when I watched Mariano leave the field. I was at the last regular season game Paul O’Neill and Tino Martinez played for the Yankees (before Tino came back in 2005). It was rescheduled from 9/11/01 to the last night of the season. And it was equally emotional. Paulie and Tino were beloved – for their grit, their clutch, and their leadership. And it was a wall of sound – applause and admiration.

    I recall a game I saw in the late 90s, when El Duque shut out the Rangers through 7 or 8 and Mo came in to close out a 2-0 game. The thing about watching Mo was the fluid naturalness and ease of his delivery. I think I’ll see it in my mind’s eye forever. And he did it all with one pitch, a pitch everyone knew was coming and no one could hit.

    Just amazing.

  2. bmaz says:

    @JTMinIA: You know she does this to fuck with me, right?

    Yes, I agree, it is fairly effective.

    Proper Trash will be taking over this spot before the night is out. Silly me, I thought I MIGHT get happy hour in peace!!

  3. emptywheel says:

    @scribe: Just a gut feel on the Stillers. They’re horrible this year. But the Vikes aren’t so good either–the word is out how to stop AP (did you see the Kitties game) and without that Ponder is … nevermind. We’ll see how Cassell does.

    Plus, Big Ben under Big Ben!

  4. Brindle says:

    Buckeyes will likely thrash Badgers. Badgers have no idea how fast OSU actually is. Badger caveman style offense will be exposed.

  5. bmaz says:

    @tjallen: I have a lot of stuff going on this weekend, so probably will not see Rush until early next week; maybe Tues or Weds.

    That said, I am VERY excited. I had the pleasure of meeting both men a few times, including at the US Grands Prix in 1976, the year the film is about. They were certainly rivals, but trust me, not enemies in any regard. Hunt and Lauda were actually quite fond of each other in an unique way. My take is that each strangely envied the other for reasons of their own. I may read more of that in after all these years than I should, but it was always kind of my take.

  6. tjallen says:

    @bmaz: Lucky you! I was too young and too poor to attend F-1 races, and for many years after Watkins Glen, there were no US races, you had to go to Montreal. I followed my heroes on Wide World of Sports and Road & Track magazine.

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