Memorial Day Foodie Talk

Hey there Emptywheel lugnuts, how is your holiday weekend going? I see there is no post since Jim White’s on Friday and thought maybe we should have a little fun. For the record, I almost did a Fast Trash post for the Monaco Grand Prix and Indy 500, but just got distracted by some family duties and the tragic news out of Isla Vista/Goleta area of Santa Barbara.

I haven’t been there anytime recent, but have been there a lot in the past during summers I spent in Santa Monica. One of my high school friends had moved to the Eucalyptus Hill area of Sana Barbara with his family and it was a great drive up the PCH for weekend fun. And, man, was IV a happening place for young folk looking to hoop it up. I’ve been there on both Memorial Day and July 4th holidays, and shoo boy, it was some fun. It is also a beachside, completely college place where there are literally people out in the streets all day and all night. It is a party place, and, sadly, must have been a shooting gallery for Rodger. I am almost surprised there was not more carnage. Unbelievably sad. There are likely a LOT of lessons and psychoses involved in Rodger’s actions, and I will leave that discussion for another day, but feel free to weigh in in the comments with thoughts on the IV deal, or anything else you have on your mind.

But the title of this post was food, and so food shall be discussed! I started off with this:

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 10.43.29 AM

Well, here is the thing. I got busted. Seriously busted. My wife walks in from yoga and says “I smell tacos; did you have tacos? For breakfast??” Uh, yeah, I did. And I was stupid enough to think I could hide it from her finely tuned Italian culinary nose. Ooops.

But, if that were not sufficient comeuppance, Ms. Wheel tagged in with this:

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 10.48.35 AM

Yeah, well, that sounds pretty awesome actually!

Here we plan on steaks and burgers for the next two days. And probably some good beer for good measure. Did I note that we now have Founder’s Beer here? Ms. Wheel can no longer hold that over my head.

Well, Monaco is over. Rosberg wins from pole and Hamilton second from P2 on the grid. I am sure Hamilton is sulking and brooding as usual. As I whip this out, the Indy 500 is on. Nearing lap 130. dixon, Montoya, Hunter-Reay, Hildebrand and Power are the top five. All have the chops and car to win. So too does Castroneves. We shall see. Kurt Busch, the NASCAR driver trying to be (I think) only the second driver to drive both Indy and the NASCAR World 600 in one day, has never really been a factor, although he is currently at 15th in the running order. The race has been ridiculously clean and yellow flag free so far, which is refreshing.

Open thread, what you all eating and thinking about?

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  1. [email protected] says:

    “Open thread, what you all eating and thinking about?”

    Sloppin’ the hog. Tractor pull this evenin’ at the corn-dome.

    We ain’t to intersted in ca-ca tacohs or eggs from florentine, not real fond of devilt eggs, neither. You from the coast?

  2. Rayne says:

    Been trying not to leave you folks high and dry, but teen sucks up more time now than he did as a toddler. Go figure.

    There will be something-something with sriracha today. No idea what yet, but probably BBQ pork with a sweet sauce bolstered with spicy fire power.

    And something-something with tequila. No additional ideas needed, maybe just tequila straight up, tried and true.

  3. Peterr says:

    In my line of work, the three day weekend doesn’t begin until noon on Sunday. That said . . .

    Breakfast will be served in bed tomorrow morning, with smoked salmon and cream cheese as the main attraction. This will be followed at lunchtime with mahi mahi fish tacos, and dinner will feature a smoked pork loin, cooked nice and slowly on the grill out back. If I get really pumped and predicted thunderstorms don’t show up, there will also be homemade peach ice cream.

    (Running the grill in the rain is no big deal, but making ice cream in the rain is a real drag.)

  4. wallace says:

    Standard steak bbq, with corn on the cob, coleslaw, potato salad, french bread, and beer, while nausous with side thoughts of Surveillance State, , rule of law not, and Federal Judicial coup d’etats declaring the police state stazi can now legally kick your door in without warrants or charges.. and CONFISCATE WEAPONS…just like I said was coming. Meanwhile, conspiracy tin foil hats notwithstanding, the nay sayers have my permission to eat their words…..

    But do try to have a happy Memorial Day.

  5. Rosalind says:

    wondering when you were gonna get around to a H’day post. let’s see, spent morning washing off the congealed apricot goo from my outdoor furniture after the ritual stripping of the tree by the birds & squirrels. need to get more dirt then will plant new plant starts to replace the ones that expired in the hella hot of the last two weeks. will try zucchini one more time, though it keeps dying (no, i’m not over-watering. really).

    gonna see the new film “Chef”, then out for a good meal.

      • Rosalind says:

        aye. then i haul the bags’o’dirt up my stairs around back then up another set of stairs to my back garden.

        i will throw my back out one of these days.

  6. emptywheel says:

    The eggs were amazing.


    Normally, of course, we have sourdough pancakes on weekends. But you can only do that twice, bc that’s how much sausage fits in the package.


    And I had ramps and spinach that needed used. So, num. The ramps really cut the richness of the sauce.

    • Rayne says:

      Mmm…ramps. I love ’em sauteed in a little bacon fat. Great chopped, sauteed and mixed with steamed broccolini and pasta.

      Missed a trip to Cadillac to pick them this month, no idea if they’ll be any good (probably too tough) next month.

      • emptywheel says:

        Last week I did bread pudding w/bacon and cheese and ramps. Shoulda had mushrooms, but I gotta find a good local mushroom producer. Or learn how to grow my own.

        • Rayne says:

          A few years ago I fixed ramps sauteed in butter with wild morels harvested north of Cadillac. Holy crap, so good served along with a rare steak. But what a bugger to find those morels.

          I say try growing your own. I’m going to try it myself this year, kits look too easy and I’ve got a dark, cool basement.

  7. JohnT says:

    It’s a grand* day up on the Sierras. No snow for about ten days, bright blue sky, and fresh powder on the peaks. And the bears are out. Our neighborhood bear is about a 300 pound brown one, that I’ve wound up running in to the last few times I’ve walked back from the grocery store in the evening. I think it’s a she, and I think she’s more afraid of me than I am of her … but, I still give her a wide berth
    The Giants are in their rightful place … 1st. Too bad it’s at the expense of my Twins, but cest la vie. Go Giants!

    • JohnT says:

      Forgot about the asterisk; been watching a few Irish movies, where grand is used a lot, plus it’s a great word

      • emptywheel says:

        Yes. The spouse uses it a lot. “Grand grand.” When he’s on the phone w/the family or has been drinking w/the lads while I’m out of town over the weekend.

    • emptywheel says:

      They also get called wild leeks, but they’re mostly leaf, not onion stalk. They have a really earthy garlicky flavor.

  8. GeorgeC says:

    Founders, sweet! Be sure to put away a stash of Breakfast Stout, or KBS if you can ever find it, for the next time you make tacos for breakfast. Then again, I have found Breakfast Stout a perfectly adequate breakfast on its own. Sipped slowly and responsibly, of course.

  9. Anonsters says:

    I’ve been thinking about how terribly correct the Federalists were when they argued against the necessity for a Bill of Rights to be added to the Philadelphia Convention draft; for instance, James Wilson (taken from Elliot’s Debates, PA’s ratification convention on Wed. Nov. 28, 1787):

    But in a government consisting of enumerated powers, such as is proposed for the United States, a bill of rights would not only be unnecessary, but, in my humble judgment, highly imprudent. In all societies, there are many powers and rights which cannot be particularly enumerated. A bill of rights annexed to a constitution is an enumeration of the powers reserved. If we attempt an enumeration, every thing that is not enumerated is presumed to be given. The consequence is, that an imperfect enumeration would throw all implied power into the scale of the government, and the rights of the people would be rendered incomplete.

    Yet, I don’t think it would’ve been any better (likely much worse, in fact) without the BoR. Also, two quotes from James Wilson (same source, diff. days though) that depress me when I consider them in light of today’s political realities. First (emphasis in bold for the stuff that can depress, italics are per the original):

    Oft have I marked, with silent pleasure and admiration, the force and prevalence, through the United States, of the principle that the supreme power resides in the people, and that they never part with it. It may be called the panacea in politics. There can be no disorder in the community but may here receive a radical cure. If the error be in the legislature, it may be corrected by the constitution; if in the constitution, it may be corrected by the people. There is a remedy, therefore, for every distemper in government, if the people are not wanting to themselves; if they are wanting to themselves, there is no remedy. From their power, as we have seen, there is no appeal; of their error there is no superior principle of correction.

    Second (the whole thing is depressing when one considers today’s politics, so no bold emphasis necessary):

    I have supposed one of my constituents to ask me why I gave such a vote on a particular question. I have always thought it would be a satisfactory answer to say, Because I judged, upon the best consideration I could give, that such a vote was right, I have thought that it would be a very poor compliment to my constituents to say, that, in my opinion, such a vote would have been proper, but that I supposed a contrary one would be more agreeable to those who sent me to the Convention. I could not, even in idea, expose myself to such a retort, as, upon the last answer, might have been justly made to me — Pray, sir, what reasons have you for supposing that a right vote would displease your constituents? Is this the proper return for the high confidence they have placed in you? If they have given cause for such a surmise, it was by choosing a representative who could entertain such an opinion of them. I was under no apprehension that the good people of this state would behold with displeasure the brightness of the rays of delegated power, when it only proved the superior splendor of the luminary of which those rays were only the reflection.

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