emptywheel Takes a Vacation!

This is just a quick post to note that I’ll be on vacation, with limited access to the Toobz, for the next two weeks. If something major hits, I may sneak back on and post, but I hope to instead spend quality time with my mom.

bmaz claims he’s going to pick up some slack and I know Ed has some quality stuff planned. Hopefully, Rayne will continue to track some of the interesting hacking developments. And Jim’s schedule may finally free up enough to resume posting next week.

In the meantime, here’s to my mom, who is having a big birthday on Thursday, is a remarkable woman, and put up with me for many years and surely made me a better person along the way (imagine how awful I’d be without her influence?!?!).

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  1. Rayne says:

    Hope you two have a fabulous time! Take lots of photos, perhaps start a vacation project like beer/booze sampling along the way. Best wishes to your mother for her big birthday.

    Um, we’ll try hard not to trash the place too badly while you’re gone. * fingers crossed * Really should have installed a central vacuum system when these digs were designed. LOL

  2. orionATL says:

    bon voyage!

    as an elderly parent myself, i have to ask – did we really think we could conquer all those genes?

    yes we did. we even considered it our duty.

    now we know better :))

  3. rosalind says:

    happy (big) birthday, mama wheelie!
    (and should any of the celebration be taking part riding the rails, may you be spared those rough-ridin’ bone joltin’ in serious need of upkeepin’ ones owned by Warren Buffett & Co).

  4. scribe says:

    Enjoy your vacay, EW. Sounds like fun.
    In other news, I can’t wait for BMAz to start ranting again. He’s still recovering from taking a bad beating in in-the-background trashtalking over his new-found Brady love.
    Nonetheless, I would like to hear about the “prosecution is declined” he tweeted about.

    • bloopie2 says:

      And bmaz, thanks also for the tweet “Carrier’s dying words: “Dammit, Nothing Stops A Trane”. Now I finally know: It’s Mr. Carrier who uttered those famous words, “If I’m ever in an accident I want to be the one driving the cement mixer; of course with my luck, the other guy will be driving a locomotive.”

  5. Francine Fein says:

    Have a great vacation — glad you’re taking a well-deserved break — it’s way past time to get away! And Happy Birthday to your mom.

  6. bloopie2 says:

    “emptywheel Takes A Vacation”. Great title; is that one of your favorite children’s books? Mine include ‘Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel’, ‘Home for a Bunny’, and ’Early Bird on Sesame Street’. Do we overlap anywhere?

  7. TomVet says:

    I second Rayne. We want lots of pics of all of you having fun. So be sure to have lots of it while you are away.
    Remember what John Prine says:
    “Blow up your TV
    Throw away the papers…”
    See you when you come back.

  8. wallace says:

    Hope you have the best time of your life EW. My mother is 90 and still kicking ass. I only wish I could take a vacation with her before she dies. So enjoy your time with her. Best wishes on her birthday too.

  9. Klynn says:

    Have a great trip and enjoy celebrating a great mom! Tell her klynn says, “Thank you for raising a beautiful – inside and out- daughter, a courageuos daughter, and a global citizen with the gifts of analysis and writing that shed light in the darkness.”

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