Has bmaz Really Not Started Work on Trash Talk Yet? Oh No I Didn’t Want To Have To Do This…

It seems bmaz is a bit rusty on Trash Talk, given that the SEASON starts in a less than 6 hours and there’s still no sign of a Trash Talk thread.


So I’m going to leave this here, in hopes it will give bmaz the proper urgency, especially now that he is an avowed Pats fan.

Update: bmaz has caught up to the rest of us, so we’ll move the trash-talking here.

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  1. emptywheel says:

    Incidentally, don’t know if anyone saw the Do Your Job show last night — basically a big tribute to BillBel. I found it interesting because it unexpectedly showed how much work the Pats put in — and how successfully BillBel anticipated things that would show up over the season. Effectively it counteracted any claim that BillBel cheats, because it shows how much it’s about work.


    More interesting, I had thought that the show might suggest BillBel knew what the Squawks were going to do when Malcolm Butler was able to get the game-winning INT. Instead, it showed Carroll recognizing what they were doing: unlike the Colts and Ravens, Pats didn’t use any gimmicks there.


    It made me think that the cheating blockbuster stories were an attempt to pre-empt this.

  2. Bitter Angry Drunk says:

    I still sorta admire Belichick. Or maybe it’s just that I appreciate excellence. And no matter how you view him — genius, cheater or asshole — he’s great at all of these things.

  3. bloopie2 says:

    “Instead, it showed Carroll recognizing what they were doing: unlike the Colts and Ravens, Pats didn’t use any gimmicks there”. Sorry, I don’t follow that sentence. What specifically did Carroll recognize, and when? What was the effect of that recognition?

    • emptywheel says:

      Previews of the piece had shown BillBel looking across the field before the Butler pick, seeing the Squawks in chaos, and against suggestions from Matt Patricia, not taking a TO and instead calling goal line.

      I had thought it might be suggested he was gaming the play again.

      Instead, it showed the exact opposite: that it was about the Squawks, that Carroll recognized precisely what the Pats were doing, and called the pass anyway. The piece also showed practice clips from months earlier of all the DBs practicing defending the play, with a focus on Butler blowing it, then being coached on it.

      In other words, it showed the exact opposite of what I thought–given the big push to suggest the Pats cheat in spite of recent evidence–it would show.

      Basically Carroll fucked up fair and square, largely bc of a lot of work the Pats had done months earlier, which was shown in their own practice film.

      • bloopie2 says:

        Thanks for the explainer. So basically it’s what the TV announcers said at that time: Seattle should never have called that play in the first place because it is a play that, when properly defended, usually will not work. (and in this case it was well defended.) Well, we already knew that Belichick was sharp, this helps to confirm it.

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