Thursday: Only You

Sometimes when I go exploring for music I find something I like but it’s a complete mystery how it came to be. I can’t tell you much of anything about this artist — only that he’s German, he’s repped by a company in the Netherlands, and his genre is house/electronica. And that’s it, apart from the fact he’s got more tracks you can listen to on SoundCloud. My favorites so far are this faintly retro piece embedded here (on SoundCloud at Only You) and Fade — both make fairly mellow listening. His more popular works are a little more aggressive, like Gunshots and HWAH.

Caught a late summer bug, not firing on all cylinders. Here’s some assorted odds and ends that caught my eye between much-needed naps.

  • Infosec firm approached investment firm to play short on buggy medical devices (Bloomberg) — Jeebus. Bloomberg calls this “highly unorthodox,” but it’s just grossly unethical. Why didn’t this bunch of hackers at MedSec go to the FDA and the SEC? This is a shakedown where they get the market to pay them first instead of ensuring patients are protected and shareholders of St. Jude medical device manufacturer’s stock are appropriately informed. I call bullshit here — they’re trying to game the system for profit and don’t give a shit about the patients at risk. You know when the maximum payout would be? When patient deaths occurred and were reported to the media.
  • Apple iPhone users, update your devices to iOS 9.3.5 stat: serious malware designed to spy and gain control of iPhone found (Motherboard) — Hey look, a backdoor applied after the fact by a “ghost” government spyware company. The malware has been around since iPhone 5/iOS 7; it could take control of an iPhone and allow a remote jailbreak of the device. Interesting this Israeli spyware firm received a big chunk of cash from U.S. investor(s).
  • Apple filed for patent on unauthorized user biometric data collection system (AppleInsider) — If an “unauthorized user” (read: thief) uses an iPhone equipped with this technology, the device could capture a photo and fingerprint of the user for use by law enforcement. Not exactly rocket science to understand how this might be used by law enforcement remotely to assure a particular contact (read: target) is in possession of an iPhone, either. Keep an eye on this stuff.
  • India-France submarine construction program hacked (NDTV) — The Indian Navy contracted construction of (6) Scorpene-class submarines from French shipbuilder DCNS. Tens of thousands of pages of information from this classified project were leaked; the source of the documents appears to be DCNS, not India. The French government as well as India is investigating the hack, which is believed to be a casualty in “economic war.”
  • Hacking of Ghostbusters’ star Leslie Jones under investigation (Guardian) — Jones’ website and iCloud accounts were breached; initial reports indicated the FBI was investigating the matter, but this report says Homeland Security is handlng the case. Does this mean an overseas attacker has already been identified?
  • Taiwanese White hat hacker and open government activist named to digital policy role (HKFP) — Audrey Tang, programmer and consultant for Apple, will shift gears from private to public sector now that she’s been appointed an executive councillor for digital policy by Taiwan. Tang has been part of the Sunflower Student Movement which has demanded greater transparency and accountability on Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement with China while resisting Chinese reunification.
  • Oops! Recent Google Apps outage caused by…Google? (Google Cloud) — Change management boo-boo borked an update; apparently engineers working on an App Engine update didn’t know software updates on routers was in progress while they performed some maintenance. Not good.
  • Gyroscope made of tiny atomic chamber could replace GPS navigation ( — A miniature cloud of atoms held in suspension between two states of energy could be used as a highly accurate mini-gyroscope. National Institute of Standards and Technology has been working a mini-gyro for years to provide alternate navigation in case GPS is hacked or jammed.
  • Tim Berners-Lee wants to decentralize the internet (Digital Trends) — The internet has centralized into corporate-owned silos of storage and activities like Facebook, Google and eBay. Berners-Lee, who is responsible for the development of browsing hyperlinked documents over a network, wants the internet to be spread out again and your data in your own control.

That’s enough to chew on for now. Hope to check in Friday if I shake off this bug.

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  1. rugger9 says:

    I had posted this link yesterday, and see in the news today that Assange is telling Megyn Kelly of Faux News that he has thousands of pages of new documents timed to be released shortly before the election, in full tease mode (…don’t want to give anything away).
    IIRC it wasn’t that long ago that Faux was calling for Julian’s head, but since Assange has gone over to the dark side (perhaps Ecuador is charging rent?) it is clearer now that someone is pushing him to fix the election with an October Surprise that will be fabricated. The choice of Faux News for his interview is telling, and in a way indicates how little he understands the media here. If he really wanted the very slim veneer of respectability he would have gone on Lemon’s show on CNN (which just hired another former Faux personality and still allows Corey L to double dip with Trump’s campaign, something not allowed to anyone else that appears on CNN). Assange’s tease will get as far as Trump/Arpaio’s birther posse, but the RWNJs will slurp it up.

    • bevin says:

      I’m not sure exactly what you are getting at. I’m not sure that it matters, you are obviously obsessed with the necessity of electing Hillary Clinton and will say anything to assist.
      On the other hand, if the nature of the October Surprise is what intrigues you, there is no need to involve Moscow and-Hitler of the Month- Vladimir Putin. The obvious leak, which would make the Presidential Debates most interesting, would consist of verbatim quotations from the Candidate’s assurances to her Wall St audiences.
      Does anyone really believe that the texts of those speeches will remain a mystery.

      Finally, with regard to the DNC leaks themselves do you deny that they indicate a corrupt plot to subvert the democratic process in the Primary elections, having been implemented?

      As to the Soros revelations, their import is equally clear: if you want to play you have to pay.

      • Procopius says:

        I’m always puzzled by people who think Hillary said something scandalous in one of her speeches to the Wall Street bigs. Why on earth anyone would thing she would say anything more truthful to them than to us is never explained. Look, the purpose of paying her $675,000 for three speeches was not to induce her to make quid pro quo promises. It was to have an excuse to legally give her money. I would bet the speeches were painful to be forced to sit through. Hillary is not a rousing speaker. Even if something she said can be interpreted in a scandalous way it would just be like her approving the sale of arms after some government had made a contribution to the Clint Foundation. Of course the Secretary of State approved the sale of arms. That’s what the State Department is for. If she made a promise to the bankers it was likely just promising to do what politicians/Presidents do.

        • jerryy says:


          Scroll down to the section labeled ‘controvery’.
          Some of the concern is from folks that do not like Ms. Clinton and are using the issue as a means to keep controversies stirred up. Others remember her tour of the country when she was first lady trying to drum up support for NAFTA, (which caused her some serious squirming later when she said she was not a supporter of the idea). And some folks are really wanting to make sure she is not going to use Cheney’s playbook to push even more right-wing corporatist policies onto the country.

  2. rugger9 says:

    Assange also said the recently murdered DNC staffer was a Wikileaks source. I find that extremely hard to believe, but I’m pretty sure the connection would be made either by insinuation or whole-cloth fabrication. Note that Julian isn’t releasing anything about Trump.
    It’s a shame bevin cannot shake his obsession about HRC and somehow thinking that I’m a died-in-the-wool HRC supporter. Bevin clearly is so dense that he failed to observe my voting for Bernie in the CA primary. Bernie for his part is trying to stop the TPP which is a wolf in sheep’s clothing principally because of the ISDS provision. After all TransCanada is suing the USA for denying Keystone XL under NAFTA’s ISDS provision.
    How about the 5 million emails missing from Shrub’s administration or Rove’s Blackberry or the voting records in OH in 2004? Bevin, you seem to be very selective about your outrages, and all of these items point to events that had severe damaging effects on the USA. Please be consistent for a change, bevin instead of a Trump-bot hack. As it is I would like to see the Trump communications (campaign and business) with Vladimir, to explain why Trump (and NOT HRC) is so willing to leave Europe to the tender mercies of the Russian wolf. I know Assange has these, but chooses not to release them because he hates HRC more than Trump.
    For Soros, I raise you Adelson and the Koch Brothers, as well as Rove, Rupert, and many, many more. Again, please be consistent in your outrages.
    Trump is unfit to be POTUS, and bevin, you have made no case whatsoever to support Trump except to bleat over and over that he’s not Hillary. Tell us why we should vote FOR Trump and not AGAINST HRC.

  3. earlofhuntingdon says:

    Re Infosec, today’s business “leaders” seem to measure themselves by whether they are “sufficiently predatory”, a standard that never stops moving up the ruthlessness curve. (See, for example, epipen price gouging and concurrent exorbitant ceo pay.) The standard is enforced by peer pressure, hiring and promotion practices, business models, and bank and private equity demands. Not meeting that criterion demonstrates one’s inability to lead and seems tantamount to self-gelding. Just as global military and surveillance practices come home to roost in domestic policing, third-world colonial practices, too, are coming back to the homeland.

  4. Hieronymus Howard says:

    Put yer face
    on my pillowcase
    & your derriere
    in the air

    (Was that too naughty?  Wouldn’t want to violate the “terms of service.”)

  5. bell says:

    regarding the music…. it makes me wonder when someone will be able to simulate an actual conversation whereby the conversation doesn’t involve more then 1 person – kinda how i hear this type of music.. all done by one person – simulated sounds… some folks like this!! i wonder if they would like a simulated conversation made to sound as though more then 1 person was involved in the conversation?

  6. Les says:

    He’s converting to Muslim for his girlfriend. So “the persons of color” he referred to in his explanation for sitting during the anthem may have referred to the public treatment of Arabs.

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