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Trash Talk: Watch This Space

I think I’m the only one left in town today. Everyone else I know has bailed out to make the last of the rapidly dwindling summer.

Here in Michigan it’s been autumn-like all week. I half-expect to see a school bus trundling down the street each morning with dawn temp’s below 60F degrees.

It’s a blessing for the high school football players, though, who are now practicing every weekday afternoon before their season begins. It’s perfect football weather.

And since everyone else has hightailed it to the woods or beach, I’m slapping up a Trash Talk post to catch whatever you folks have to say about sports.

NFL on tap today:

New York Jets v. Tennessee Titans at 4:30 p.m.

Los Angeles Rams v. Dallas Cowboys at 6:00 p.m.

Arizona Cardinals v. Oakland Raiders at 7:00 p.m.

Sorry, I’m not watching any NFL games. Still royally pissed off about Colin Kaepernick’s continuing unemployment for no damned good reason. Don’t even give me “But his last season…” baloney. Nearly all of us have been lucky at some point in our lives that prospective employers didn’t tell us that after an interview and looked instead at the entire body of our work and other mitigating circumstances affecting performance.


Sadly, today saw Usain Bolt’s last heats for Jamaica at the World Athletics Championships in London. Really going to miss watching his superhuman speed; he was an inspiration to my son during his running career. Not many tall men can run like that — my son, being tall, pressed on with running because he knew from Bolt being competitive was a possibility. Now we’ll have to watch for the next world record runner to emerge.

The PGA Championship continues today at Quail Hollow in Charlotte, North Carolina. Golf industry is all worked up about an uptick in interest among millennials, probably because of 24-year-old Jordan Spieth. Meh. As long as this sport is too expensive for the average millennial to play on a regular basis, recent interest will fade. There’s a reason there hasn’t been a remake of the movie Caddyshack.

I forgot to ask my prospective son-in-law and uber-NASCAR fan why he isn’t at the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Pure Michigan 400 this weekend. The weather would be great — breezy and cool — though we’re getting spotty rain showers which will make for iffy track conditions.

What else is going on? Tell me about it.

p.s. jo6pac, this post is for you, buddy. ~wink~

p.p.s. I need to edit this photo, damn it. I love it but the gallery cuts off her head and the football. Don’t really want to do it, though, because it’ll mess with the aspect ratio. Photo is by Jose Chavez at Unsplash.
[Photo: Jose Chavez via Unsplash]

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  1. Rayne says:

    Disgusting but sadly not unexpected. Some of the summer roadtrippers are really in Charlottesville VA, including white trash nationalists from Michigan.


    As if Hillary campaigning more heavily in Michigan the last week of the election season would have changed this wretched, festering racism Trump summoned with his dog whistle throughout the campaign.

    EDIT — 2:20 p.m. EDT —
    The Detroit Red Wings come out against the rally in Charlottesville. Looks like somebody misused a Red Wings’ logo during their hatefest:


    Good for them. That’s far more direct and meaningful than the weak sauce platitudes Bluebeard Trump and his latest victim Melania have tweeted.

  2. lefty665 says:

    Worst case, Kaepernick is better than most of the #2s around the league. There is no excuse that he is not employed, even if not starting. @#$%^& NFL owners have their spitting image in Goodell.

    ‘Skins dashed their annual everything is wunnerful this year hopes against Bal’more Thursday.  First team went 3 and out twice for a net of 5 yards on 6 plays.  Not an auspicious start.  D did look marginally better than last year, but that’s not a lot considering they were 28th best then. If they can just get back to average this year it will be a huge improvement, and there were a couple of semi-bright spots. However, they lost linebacker Trent Murphy for the year with an ACL injury. Just exactly what you don’t want in an exhibition game.

    Bal’more O didn’t look a lot better than the ‘Skins although their 3rd string QB, Dustin Vaughan, was pretty good in the second half. He may move up the depth chart until Flacco gets back.

    The Bal’more D clearly had things together better than the D.C. O.  Expect it was a long bus ride back to Richmond Thursday night. Gruden had lots to talk about on film yesterday and today.


    • Ed Walker says:

      The Fish wouldn’t take Kaep because they are stupid. To prove how stupid, they hired Jay Cutler.  I cannot tell you how glad every Bears fan here in Chicago was to see the backside of that weak stick, and to take him over Kaep? Really? It shows how little the pig rich owners care about the game.

  3. Pete says:

    The Marlins may have sold for 1.2 billion – thats a B! Those fish would love to get half the fans Guns-n-Roses put in there last – wait for it – Tuesday night. Sure hope Jeter (and Jordan?) can bring some sanity to the clown house ownership that is the Marlins.

    Fins also passed on Kaep though the Cutler-Gase “relationship” makes some sense, but still…Kaep was in the SB a lot less time ago than the Fins.


    • Rayne says:

      That’s an entirely different kind of coast, dude. Have you been up to Rancho Cucamonga? I remember visiting wineries in Cucamonga when I was very little; think the Galleano winery made the biggest impression.

      Share what you’re finding — what’s the best so far?

  4. Peterr says:

    Bmaz, you trumpet your allegiance to the *PACIFIC*-10, and have the audacity to say you’re not on the coast?

  5. jo6pac says:

    Sorry I’m late.

    Colin K last season ended with a quarter back rating 112.? for the last 2 games. That’s not bad for playing with only 1 good receiver, no Oline, no RB. I’m a Big fan of the young man but the white billionaires would rather lose games and collect tttbbb and season ticket money than win.

    9ers, if they win 4 games I’ll be shocked

    Raiders, still haven’t solved their run D problem.

    Thanks rayne and maybe when bmz get down drinking whine he’ll take on trash talk:-)

    • bmaz says:

      Eh, I’ll be back to the Trash soon. Just had a busy couple of weeks,and I have a (usually) well known aversion to preseason. Usually I would have done some kind of interstitial F1 post along the way, but just never got particularly motivated this season. The Niners best hope may be to keep cultivating and building, then get a free agent QB. They have too long of a way to go to throw long term plan to the wind this year to try to win now. And if they follow that plan, would look smart to me. Another good draft, and some health and a good FA QB, and they could actually be decent next year.

      As to Kap, Marshawn Lynch did him a solid last night. Somebody will come around. But it is instructive as to just how much the whims of mostly right wing oligarch owners control actual “football decisions” in the NFL. Sad!

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