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Welp, moving from KIller Trash Talk to the things that are this weekend takes a lot. Insanity abounds, and is all around. Your healthcare? Yes, that is getting screwed hard. JCPOA (the Iran anti-nuke deal) yes, that too. If it affects the world in at least semi-positive way, the current President is blowing it all up. The fact that a black man might have even touched on any subject seems to infuriate the dementia ridden sundowning asshole in the West Wing even more.

It is who and what we life forms are now. And it is sickness in every regard, domestically and internationally. Trash Talk was designed to be a refuge from such things. I just cannot anymore. So, if that is a problem, I am sorry. Hopefully we will not stand by, and will not back down, while assclowns like Donald Trump cravenly politicize even common sports entertainment to soothe the 30% base they so cherish.


Puerto Rico is dying in their own streets. Northern California is burning. People are trying to ride out the fire in swimming pools as their houses burn around them. While the Trump Administration and GOP sit on their hands, when they are not actively trying to make the entire situation worse. The fuckers are flying on jets, flying flags and making coins in their own image.

But, hey, the NCAA is moving on. Not sure anybody thought anything different would happen in Chapel Hill. Begging the question as to what happens to Louisville, another legacy NCAA basketball program. The NCAA under the terminally lame leadership of Mark Emmert will never change.

In the pros, it is getting hard to figure who is the bigger asshole. Is it Goodell and the NFL, or is it the, at this point, ignorant scorched earth strategy of Jeff Kessler and the NFLPA? The NFLPA is making an ass of itself in trying the everything and the kitchen sink theory as to Zeke Elliot. The NFLPA had a sympathetic plaintiff, Brady, and a supremely tenuous case by the NFL based on simple physics and chemistry. But then the NFL won in the 2nd Circuit. Zeke Elliot is not an all American kid with multiple championships. He is an abusive punk from Ohio State that is lucky the NFL did not find an aggravating act from when he pulled down a woman’s blouse in public during a parade. If you think Elliot has the better case here, you don’t try cases in real courts.

The thing is, whether under federal or state law, and in this case collectively bargained law, the arbitration rules….and the rules ARE “relaxed”….and control. It is about the process, not the facts. I, and a lot of others, tried to argue in the face of this in both Brady and Peterson. Same in Bountygate prior to those two cases. Those arguments were all made in cases with far more appealing clients than a repetitive malefactor like Zeke Elliot. He will serve the suspension, it is only a question of whether he and Jeff Kessler are smart enough to do so soon, or make it later, when it will really hurt a likely playoff team. We shall see whether the NFLPA scorched earth insanity prevails over the inters of Homer Simpson, er Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.

The games go on. The Natinals really ought to still be around, but the Cubs put them to rest. The Yankees somehow overcame Cleveland. Hard to not think the Tribe was the better team, but they didn’t close the deal, and the Yankees did. That said, the conference championships look truly awesome. I think the Astros are not only a better team, but have some juice right now as opposed to the Yanks. Not betting a lot of real money on that, but I think so. The Dodgers are what the Yankees used to be. The best team that all the money in the world can buy. But Chris Hayes made a Trump for Cubs deal with the devil last year, and I hope it still holds, and the Cubs win. If we “have” to have Trump, let the Cubbies win again.

Syracuse obliterated Number 2 Clemson already. Man, that was ugly. So was the job an average Cal did on Pirate Mike Leach and Washington State. Utah at USC should be interesting. Washington at ASU here might be as well, but Chris Peterson is a light years better coach than ASU’s Todd Graham, so ASU likely to get blown out, even at home.

Back to the pros: Philly already topped the Panthers, thanks to a good game by Wentz and a horrible one by Newton. Won’t always be that way, Panthers are dangerous if they get in the playoffs. Skins host the Niners. Will Kirk Cousins be playing on the other team next year? The Pack at Vikings looked really interesting when it looked like Sam Bradford was returning. Less so now, but Case Keenum can produce and they are in Minneapolise with that damn horn they blow. I’ll take Rodgers and the Cheese, but may be a great game.

My game of the week is the Buccos at Cardinals right here in the Big Toaster. Debut of Anthony Peterson at RB for Phoenix. Carson Palmer has quietly played superb QB so far this year for the Cards….when he is not getting murdered from bad, nee atrocious, O-Line play. If Arizona’s constantly remade O-Line can gel and protect the old man, it will be a hell of a game. Not going to bet on that, but just saying. Rams at Jags might actually be interesting. Glad that matchup is, for once, not in London. Other game of the week is unquestionably Scribe’s Steelers at Arrowhead to see the Chefs. I don’t for one second think Big Ben has lost a step, even if he may finally be maturing. But I am not sure that other forces in that locker room are unified the way past Steeler teams are. This will be a HUGE game for Pittsburgh, and less so for KC. I’ll take the upset on this one.

Okay, that is that. Another week. Another dime. Another dollar. Thank you for being here, and send some love to Puerto Rico and Napa.

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  1. Peterr says:

    The US has no ambassador in Berlin, so it’s up to the Chargé d’Affaires to break the bad news to Trump:

    Hertha Berlin players and officials kneeled in solidarity with the recent NFL protests ahead of their Bundesliga match against Schalke on Saturday.

    A number of NFL players have “taken a knee” in recent months and German club Hertha showed solidarity for the ongoing protests in the United States before their game on Saturday.

    “Berlin is colourful,” the Hertha stadium announcer told the fans in attendance. “Hertha BSC stands for diversity and against violence.

    “For this reason, we are joining forces with the protest of our fellow American athletes to take a stand against discrimination.

    “For a tolerant Berlin, both now and forevermore.”

    The eleven starting players for Hertha came from ten different nations. Said Ivorian forward Salomon Kalou,

    “As Hertha we always fight against racism. For us, kneeling down is a way of fighting against this kind of behaviour. It should not exist in any kind of sport. Not in NFL, and not in football or soccer, like they call it in the U.S. — it shouldn’t exist in any sport, period. For us, it’s a good example to show.”

    I fully expect Trump to retaliate by demanding Berlin pay for the Berlin airlift — plus interest.

    • bmaz says:

      Almost painful. I have been lobbying for a new coach at ASU for a while. Todd Graham sucks. But this win may buy him a couple of more years. That said, it was a pretty good win, and an excellent game. The USC one point win over Utah was an excellent game too.

  2. Bay State Librul says:

    In the beginning, God created the blockbuster trade.
    God saw that the Astros were one arm away from domination.
    He thus commanded the Tigers to go forth and be fruitful, and fill your team with Perez, Cameron, and Rogers.
    And so the Tigers obeyed, and sent their only begotten starter to Houston.
    God was pleased.
    Night came, the first day of August.

    • bmaz says:

      Verlander. And that was some classic Verlander. But this gig is headed to NYC. Verlander will be needed again, and it will be even more key the next time. That was why the Stros bought him though. Will it pay off?

      October baseball is the best baseball.

  3. orionATL says:

    2017 the year of “the curse of donald trump” .

    slowly the curse of trump spread until it covered all of the land and all the islands and all its people and all of its air and all of its water.

    darkness fell. and a fell darkness it was, covering light where ere it dare shine. darkness and time travelled together everywhere.

  4. Hieronymus Howard says:

    Futile the talk that is bandied about, when many
    Join in, each listening only to his own words or hearing
    Only himself speaking in the words of his neighbour.
    It is the same with books; for everyone will
    Read out of the book only himself or will forcibly
    Read himself into it, making the strangest amalgam.
    Utterly futile, therefore, to endeavour by writing
    To change a man’s fixed inclination, the bent of his mind.
    You will only succeed in confirming him in his opinions
    Or, if he has none, drenching him with your own.

    –Goethe, “First Epistle”

  5. scribe says:

    Dear Gawd, I have to put up with Tony Romo as the caller on my Stillers game.

    Chefs fans have taken up the Florida State Seminoles’/Atlanta Braves’ tomahawk chop chant.  Having been to the new Braves stadium, where they were working on wearing out their recording of the chop music, I can say it is both loud and annoying in the extreme after a while.

    And Andy Reid has been pulled – dragged by a squad of strong men, no doubt – from the barbeque joint where he spends too much time.

    In the meantime, Mr. Discount Doublechecking will have indefinite time to make more, and dumber, commercials.

    Got the new set of downs.  Ahhh.

    For those who need to gain understanding of the Yinzer mindset, I cannot recommend too highly (i.e., it’s gut-bustingly funny) the YouTube series you can find under the name “Pittsburgh Dad”.    It’s addictive.

    Villanueva got beat on that sack.

  6. jo6pac says:

    So does the socialist team in GB hire Colin K?

    9ers change Q and the results are the same. I will admit they played all around better a game. They still have problem with getting the call into the Q.

    Raiders, just hanging in there. They will sign x9er Bowman next week someone they really need bad.

  7. scribe says:

    And the critical play of the game, a sack of Alex Smith to force a 4th and 18 from the Pittsburgh 48 in the last minute, came from the ageless, invincible James Silverback Harrison.  Who can still play football.

    This Steelers fan smiles.

  8. Bay State Librul says:

    Dateline… East Rutherford New Jersey

    Scribe identified another Tuck….

    “We’ve got a scar where the boys in New York stuck a knife in our backs” …. the Jersey Jets, October 16, 2017.

    Seferian-Jenkins was initially ruled to have scored a touchdown with 8:24 to go, as the Jets tight end muscled his way to the left pylon. However, upon replay review it was determined that Seferian-Jenkins committed a Phantom Fumble. He temporarily lost control of the ball as he fell toward the pylon. Touchback, no touchdown.

  9. prostratedragon says:

    Mention of the tomahawk chop reminds me of the first FL State-Michigan game at the stadium in Ann Arbor, back in what became Desmond Howard’s Heisman year.

    Picture if you will 100,000 people doing the chop motion with their arms, but something rather other with their hands.

    Or to be more precise, their fingers.

    I don’t think tv featured too many crowd shots that day. (Don’t know for sure, as I was there and not somewhere watching the tube.)

    • bmaz says:

      That’s funny!

      That tomahawk chop at FSU and Braves games is truly annoying though. That shit should banned. Also that damn white horse, Traveler, and his mounted Trojan, at USC.

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