Mid-Term Election 2022: Control of Congress and Reproductive Rights [UPDATE-7]

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Polls closed across most of Eastern Time Zone about an hour ago and will close soon in Central.


This post will be updated sporadically through the evening and into tomorrow with news about election outcomes across the U.S.

Please also stay on topic in this thread, mid-term election-related discussion only.

Please also share how turnout was in your area if you voted today. Thanks!

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UPDATE-1 — 9:10 PM ET —

Daniel Nichanian (a.k.a. @[email protected], @[email protected]) has pulled together a tremendous cheat sheet to all the elections and issues on ballots today.

Thanks, Daniel! Note that he and the journal he manages, Bolts, have a presence on Mastodon on the journa.host server.

Here’s how things were going in Ann Arbor MI at 6:40 p.m. this evening:

Hope this is a really good sign for the top of the ticket — those women in Michigan — and Proposal 3 to enshrine reproductive rights in Michigan’s state constitution.

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UPDATE-2 — 9:30 PM ET —

Washington Post is doing this right though the news is grim:

It’s disgusting to know that candidates who don’t believe in democracy were elected to office today by way of the democracy they’re undermining.

TEXAS: Ken Paxton, who’s on the ballot, is trying to screw with the vote in progress.

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UPDATE-3 — 10:30 PM ET —

TEXAS: And the corrupt dirtbag pulled it off, managed to cut off voting.

As you can see, Marc Elias is watching this closely. Harris County, home to the city of Houston, is the most populous county in Texas; it’s also less than 28% non-Hispanic white. Can’t have those people voting, can we, Paxton?

GEORGIA: A nauseating dead heat in the Senate race.


MARYLAND: Democrat Wes Moore is the state’s first Black governor-elect. Marijuana was also legalized. And GenZ takes its first seat in a state legislature this election:

VERMONT: Pete Welch is the projected winner of U.S. Senate seat as successor to Senator Leahy. Democrat Becca Balint wins VT-01 House seat, and the state is the first to approve reproductive rights as part of its state constitution.

* Should have noted earlier that Balint’s win is for the ONLY House seat representing Vermont; VT-01 is an at-large district.


VERMONT: Republican Phil Scott won re-election as governor.

FLORIDA: DeathSantis has won re-election in spite of trying to kill off his base. Marco Rubio appears to have held onto his seat.

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UPDATE-4 — 11:30 PM ET —


FLORIDA: Democrat Maxwell Alejandro Frost is the first GenZ candidate to win a House seat this election, taking FL-10 which includes Orlando. He was a March for Our Lives organizer.

ILLINOIS: J.D. Pritzker (D) won re-election as governor.

PENNSYLVANIA: Josh Shapiro (D) appears to have won the governor’s race. Thank goodness. (Fetterman looks good but still not a closed deal.)

OHIO: Democrats Marcy Kaptur (OH-09), Shontel Brown (OH-11) and Joyce Beatty (OH-03) win reelection. Emilia Sykes (D) won the redistricted OH-13; the old OH-13 had been Tim Ryan’s district.


OHIO: J.D. Vance to the Senate and Mike DeWine returns as governor. Republicans Brad Wenstrup wins re-election to OH-02, Bob Latta returns in OH-05, and that asshat Jim Jordan wins re-election to OH-04.

Goddamn it, Ohioans, really? Just stay the hell on your side of the border.

This is just ridiculous:

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UPDATE-5 — 12:15 AM ET 09-NOV-2022 —
This was good:

The ballot count is still going Fetterman’s direction.


CALIFORNIA: Alex Padilla (D) appears to have won the U.S. Senate race.

MAINE: Janet Mills (D) has been re-elected as governor.

MICHIGAN: Gretchen “that woman in Michigan” Whitmer has won re-election as governor. Go Big Gretch! The triumvirate of estrogen, including Jocelyn Benson (D) as secretary of state and Dana Nessel (D) as state attorney general appear to have won re-election with huge margins. HUGE. Congrats to Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist (D) as well.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Maggie Hassan (D) returns to the Senate.

NEW YORK: Kathy Horchul (D) is elected as governor.

OHIO: Greg Landsman (D) appears to have flipped OH-01.

RHODE ISLAND: Seth Magaziner (D) retains RI-02 for Democrats after Jim Langevin’s retirement.

VIRGINIA: Abigail Spansberger (D) keeps her VA-07 House seat.


GEORGIA: Not unexpected but that Trumpy wretch Marjorie Taylor Green won re-election in GA-14. That district is effed up.

MISSOURI: Eric Schmitt, one of RAGA’s members, won the U.S. Senate race. Just revolting.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Ted Budd (R) narrowly wins the U.S. Senate seat.

Which means the Senate remains far too pasty and not representative of our nation:

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UPDATE-6 — 1:45 AM ET 09-NOV-2022 —

Huh. Is this what a red wave looks like?


MICHIGAN: Proposal 2 which established a right to vote, and Proposal 3 which established reproductive rights, passed and will become part of the state’s constitution.

MASSACHUSETTS: Big night with governor’s office flipped by MA Attorney General Maura Healey (D), first openly gay governor. Andrea Campbell (D) won the AG’s race, now the first Black AG in that state. See community member pdaly’s comments in thread below about Massachusetts.

MINNESOTA: Tim Walz (D) won re-election. Dean Phillips retained his MN-03 House seat as did Ilhan Omar (MN-05) and Angie Craig (MN-02).

MISSOURI: Amendment 3 which would legalize marijuana possession and use by adults age 21 and older appears to have passed.

NEW JERSEY: Andy Kim (D) will be back as representative for House district NJ-03.

NEW MEXICO: Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham won re-election to the governor’s office.

TENNESSEE: Amendment 3 passed, abolishing slavery. Holy mother of gods I had NO idea this was an issue.

WISCONSIN: Tony Evers (D) re-elected as governor. Take a bow, Ben Wikler, for organizing Wisconsin Dems. Democrat Mandela Barnes’ race for Ron Johnson’s Senate seat is neck-and-neck, doubt this will be settled by dawn.


ALABAMA: Wes Allen (R), election denier, won the Secretary of State race.

ARKANSAS: Issue 4 which would have legalized marijuana failed. Snoop Dogg must be heartbroken. Equally heartbreaking: Sarah Huckabee won the governor’s race.

INDIANA: Election denier Diego Morales (R) won the Secretary of State race. This one is particularly bad because he’s worked in SOS at lower level receiving poor performance reviews.

IOWA: Dear gods, you fools re-elected Chuck Grassley who’ll be 95 if he should finish his term as Senator. Election denier Kim Reynolds (R) won the governor’s race. I can’t with you.

NORTH DAKOTA: Voters rejected marijuana legalization.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Election denier Monae Johnson (R) won the Secretary of State race; voters also rejected marijuana legalization (though it had passed in 2020).

VIRGINIA: Elaine Luria (D) who has been a House January 6 Committee member, lost her re-election bid for VA-02 to Jennifer Kiggans (R).

WYOMING: Election denier Chuck Gray (R) won the Secretary of State race, but ran unopposed. He’s said he’s going to purge the SOS department of those who don’t agree with him.

~ ~ ~

There have been some big firsts tonight:

I hope I wake up to more like this.

~ ~ ~

UPDATE-7 — 2:15 AM ET 09-NOV-2022 —

Okay, I lied, I’m still awake and wound up because SENATOR FETTERMAN!!!

And there’s strong possibility my state Michigan may go completely blue.

But seriously, I do need some sleep. See you in the morning!

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  1. Rayne says:

    Resharing in this thread my voting experience tonight:

    “…I was the last voter – they couldn’t tell me anything but what number I was and that the turnout was very good, better than usual mid-terms. IIRC, it’s a little more than 2018 at my precinct, but the difference now is that a number of votes would have been recorded which were mail-in/dropbox/absentee/early which weren’t permitted in the same way for the last mid-term.

    I’m going to hazard a guess turnout here was close to a presidential election year and not a mid-term.

    And a hearty FUCK YOU to the anti-abortion freaks electioneering in the parking lot. Talk to the hand, old white dudes.”

    Thank the gods no more hysterical robocalls ranting about the need to preserve forced birth.

    • Spencer Dawkins says:

      In related news, I, myself, am an old white dude, and anti-abortionists in polling place parking lots can talk to MY hand, too!

      • Rayne says:

        LOL I was grateful for the mask I wore along with the earlier darkness so they wouldn’t see my lips moving. I just gave them the beauty queen wave as they shouted they had information about their forced birth candidates if I wanted it.

  2. P J Evans says:

    It’s cold and wet in L.A. today, so I’m glad we can vote early and by mail. (I dropped mine in the box two weeks ago. It was processed the next day.)

  3. Ironic Chef says:

    I was at our polling place for much of the day, part of my expected duties as a member of the D. Committee. Turnout was quite good considering this was a mid-term election and many people opted to vote by mail. I also saw a fair number of people bringing in their mail in ballots so they could vote in person. 14-25 had 374 paper ballots cast. 14-31 (my district) had 512 paper ballots cast. Lt. Gov Fetterman got 644 votes to Dr. Oz’s 228 votes from both districts. These are heavily Democratic districts in the 14th Ward of the city of Pittsburgh, and are preliminary results. I’m looking forward to getting the complete breakdown of the vote in our post election ward meeting.

  4. PhoneInducedPinkEye says:

    There were some new faces at my polling site giving me the stinkeye; hopefully some of the election deniers who signed up to work elections actually see how boring and thankless it is and calm down a bit.

    Are there any mastadon servers getting near the same breadth of commentators as Twitter?

    Specifically nycsouthpaw, ken klippenstein, all the former doj folks, Elie NYC, idabwells, whstancil, etc..

  5. ExRacerX says:

    Got my COVID booster after lunch and then headed to the polls. LONG line at my chosen location, which I hope spells good news.

    I tried to play a game of “Who’s D/R?” while waiting, but apart from a few obvious MAGA types, I wasn’t confident in my skills and gave up on that.

    Thanks to everyone who voted, and thanks to all at EW for keeping us informed!

    • LadyHawke says:

      Me too – lunch, booster, vote, but only moderate line. Happy to hear it called for Abigail Spanberger in Virginia and Shapiro in PA. I think Fetterman will make it, too, but not tonight.

  6. Raven Eye says:

    I was happy to vote by mail, which is universal in Oregon. I mailed my ballot at the local Post Office last week, but did get a little concerned the next day when the USPS daily expected delivery email showed a picture of my ballot envelope showing clearly the instruction to deliver it to the address on the other side of the envelop. Oops. However, it didn’t show up in my mail box, so my guess is the letter carrier fixed what the scanning machine messed up. An email to the elections official got a response that my ballot was received and accepted.

    I get a kick out of the Heritage Foundation and their campaign against vote-by-mail. They looked at Oregon elections between 2000 and 2019 (about 15.5 million ballots cast) and found 15 cases of fraud.

    It took a few tries to get VBM, first vetoed by the governor, and the second attempt killed in the state senate. Finally, it was on the ballot in 1998 and the people spoke. Not surprisingly, voter turn-out increased with VBM. And what is probably not a surprise for anyone who keeps an eye on Emptywheel, the increase is spread across all demographics.

    • P J Evans says:

      It’s a lot less pressure-filled than voting in person. You have plenty of time ti learn about the stuff on the ballot, and there’s no rush filling it out.

      • Raven Eye says:

        Agree. This election we got a saddle-stitched 92 page state voters’ pamphlet with the county’s additional 48 pages in the middle. For me at least, it becomes a kitchen table project. I can dog-ear, post-it note, scribble, and underline to my heart’s content. Then, at a time of my choosing, in my own house, I take my time, double-check if I need to, make sure I have perfect little ovals, prepare the envelope, and drop it at the post office. No rush, no standing in line, no scheduling, and no pressure.

        In 2020 this county lost around 2,300 housing units to fire in one afternoon. Elections officials made a very serious effort to contact registered voters, some who were internally displaced (even this makes a difference when you consider how many unique ballot types are produced to support all the overlapping jurisdictions that exist within the county), and others who were temporarily scattered outside the county. The critical point is that all the counties in Oregon already have a tool set that is capable of dealing with disasters and unforeseen events of any magnitude.

    • klynn says:

      How did I miss you were in Oregon Raven Eye?

      My son lives in Oregon. Next time I’m heading that way, I’ll give a shout out!

      Love the voting efforts in Oregon. Access is everything.

  7. Yet Another Cynic Philosopher says:

    I’m feeling . . cautiously optimistic.

    Of course, the better we do, the more local 1.6 events we’re going to see. But wtf, let’s get it on. We have the numbers on our side, and we need to use them before they lock us in a cage.

  8. dakine01 says:

    As of 10:26 PM in Kentucky, Amendment 2 No is leading 54% – 46% with 80% precincts reporting per WLEX18

    No is the preferred result here. A Yes vote would remove any state constitution rights to abortion and leave things totally to the old white men in the state lege where Republicans have a super majority in both the House & Senate.

    While Kentucky had a trigger law, if No prevails the current law suits against can continue.
    It also looks like the rabid anti-abortion judge candidates are losing so there’s still a little hope.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      But you have let the despicable Rand Paul return to the Senate, unfortunately.

      I can never write or say the word despicable without hearing Daffy Duck say it in my head.

      • dakine01 says:

        Booker was always a long shot I’m afraid. Unfortunately, outside of Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky is a deep deep red. The only reason there’s a Dem governor is his predecessor was corrupt, incompetent, and pissed off everybody.

        In good news, both state constitutional amendments were defeated. Amendment one was a power grab with the lege wanting to be able to call themselves into special session instead of the governor. Both were still too close at 54/53 – 46/47

        • Just Some Guy says:

          Would have helped for Booker to get more national support. Jamie Harrison showed up once, but obviously that wasn’t really gonna help.

          It also didn’t help that Randy was too scared to debate Booker. I really don’t get how Randy weaseled out of that, but that’s who he is. Not sure it makes a lot of sense for Kentuckians to vote for Randy (who wants a national abortion ban) but vote against Amendment 2, but I’m certainly glad Amendment 2 lost bigly, along with Amendment 1.

  9. pdaly says:

    MA Governor will be Democrat Maura Healey who beat Republican Geoff Diehl (62.9% vs. 35.5% per NPR) after the current Republican Governor Charlie Baker decided not to run for a 3rd term.

    Healey is the “first elected female governor in Massachusetts and the nation’s first openly lesbian governor”

    She is also a former professional basketball player; she played for two years in Austria after graduating from Harvard College. Someone should invite her to our weekend Sports Trash Talk

  10. tinao says:

    Welp Rayne, after running my precinct today, I was very glad to see Josh give his winning speech! Now that my ornery day is over, I sure hope I won’t be written off here. I plan on writing Josh a letter about doing a study about pediphiles where my nephew works to get brain scans done. At my job, I am their nurse, and there are enough patients to do a clinically relevant study.

  11. Peterr says:

    Was at a local watch party for several candidates for the Missouri state house of representatives. It got very very happy when the announcement was made that Dems held every seat they were defending in suburban KC *and* flipped every GOP district, including mine. One was very close — 35 votes! — and will have an automatic runoff, but I expect the result will hold.

    Enjoying a celebratory glass of Irish whiskey!

    (Yes, there were various other MO races that did not go my way, but I will take these wins as a downpayment on the future.)

    • I was mm201 says:

      Down in the SW part of the state, my rep, Crystal Quade, will remain in her position as minority leader of the Democratic Party.

      From what I can see, she works hard for her constituents and the Democratic party and I’m pretty happy with her reelection.

      • Peterr says:

        I’ve met Crystal when she was stumping here for some of the candidates at that watch party — she is a force of nature. Glad she won!

  12. P J Evans says:

    In California, Prop 1 (abortion rights) is passing, 2-1. Vermont and Michigan also show abortion rights as winning.

  13. Alan Charbonneau says:

    I’m in Austin and I didn’t think Beto had much of a chance at winning, through the analyst on the Meidas Touch channel said that the polls were swinging in Beto’s direction as he got their recent polls close. But the actual result wasn’t close, Beto lost by more than 12 percentage points.

    Ken Paxton, the corrupt Attny Gen, won re-election and it also wasn’t close, a margin over Garza of over 11.5 percentage points.

    So, two people I loathe are re-elected.

    Meanwhile, as of 11:15 pm central, Herschel Walker leads Ralph Warnock by just under 1,000 votes with 89% reporting.

    AZ has only 48% reporting, but at least at this point, Hobbs and Kelley are well ahead of their opposition.

    It’ll be interesting to see what the world looks like when I awaken tomorrow.

  14. Peterr says:

    Good news out of KS: Sharice Davids (KS-03) kicked butt to win reelection, using her opponent’s anti-abortion stance to paint her as out of touch (among other things). At the same time, KS voters retained all six Kansas Supremes up for retention, meaning that combined with last August’s vote on retaining a right to abortion in the state constitution, KS voters are pushing back on the extremes of the extremists.

    Close-to-good news: Dem Gov Laura Kelly is leading in her reelection race, but it is not yet a done deal.

    Not-so-good news: Kris Kobach has a slight lead in his yet-to-be-call race for Attorney General.

  15. tinao says:

    Ya know, if more PEOPLE continue to vote we will get OUR country back! Money is not speech, john roberts.

  16. Rayne says:

    HOLY CRAP. The nonpartisan redistricting didn’t look that favorable to me but it may yet reflect this state if it flips the state senate.

      • Rayne says:

        I’m afraid to get too excited yet, I need to see the seats and the numbers! I know my own district flipped and it was pretty red!

        This state had been so badly gerrymandered — every state should take a page from the nonpartisan effort which eliminated partisan gerrymandering. It made flipping the state senate here possible with good candidates.

    • Nick Caraway says:

      According to Rachel Maddow tonight, Democrat Becca Balint is first woman to win Vermont US House at large seat. Congrats to her.

      Over here in Chicago suburbs, US House races comfortably in Dem column. Was not always thus. For most of our time here, we were represented by execrable Republican Judy Biggert (IL-6). Finally Democrat Sean Casten broke through in a squeaker in 2018, he won his third term by double digits tonight. This year we were re-districted into IL-11, where Democrat Bill Foster won by double digits too. Formerly red DuPage County (populous western Chicago suburb) now BLUE for congressional races… although some of our local races are tougher and Democrats don’t always field a candidate (ugh!).

    • chocolateislove says:

      First off, my apologies for picking a completely different name. I know I’ve commented at least once before. I can’t remember what I used for a name but I’m sure it did not meet the 8 character requirement. I’ve written this down and will use it going forward.

      Anyway, I feel like I can breathe again. I am very happy to see the Michigan executive branch races and the MI proposals winning by good margins. And Hillary Scholten! I’m surprised it wasn’t closer. Ecstatic that it wasn’t. Hillary’s district gets redder the closer to the lakeshore one gets. I need to take a look at the down ballot races for county commissioners and school board seats to see if the horrible Ottawa Impact group got all their people elected.

      And I’m waiting anxiously to see if the Democrats manage to flip the MI Senate. That would be f-ing amazing.

  17. hollywood says:

    It appears the Dems will control the Senate, either 50-50 or 51-49 (will you lose power, Joe Manchin? will you resign, Mitch?). But the GOP will have the House and engage in 2 years of stupid and dangerous stuff. Since they prevailed in the House, it’s silly that they might claim a rigged election. Thank the gods, Lake (Lady Macbeth in waiting) lost. MTG has the cracker vote cornered. Will Jeffries get a handoff of the minority speakership from Pelosi?

  18. harpie says:

    Bye-Bye Cape Cod Sherriff [“Arpaio of the East”] Thomas Hodgson!

    12:59 AM · Nov 9, 2022

    Big result: Democrats have flipped the sheriff’s race in Cape Cod (Barnstable County).
    Why is this big?
    This was one of the chief elections I was watching for immigration. The closest county to ICE in New England, and the winner promised to ‘rip it up.’

    See also:
    1:41 AM · Nov 9, 2022

  19. hollywood says:

    Meanwhile, in the great state of Texas, it is anticipated that all abortions will be illegal and all infants over one year will be required to have a firearm holstered to their diapers without need of permits.

    • JonathanW says:

      Thank you for this hilarious comment, hollywood. It so aptly captures the insanity of being “pro-life” and blindly pro-gun. Maybe one day people will wonder why cars are more regulated than guns.

  20. bg says:

    Well, it looks like NM flipped a US House seat in the 2nd district from a TFG-loving R to a grassroots D, Gabe Vasquez, by a thin margin. I’ve been knocking doors in his turf for a few weeks (and writing postcards for longer than that), and he had plenty of naysayers. Ds won all the statewide races, and we lost one state house race by 12 votes, which will lead to a recount. After hitting doors for Gabe in the morning, I worked a polling site for Voter Protection the rest of the day, and the big news statewide is that Same Day Registration (first time for that in a big election) computers broke down because of so much SDR (young voters and a lot of them women), which meant a lot of voters had to register and vote provisionally. Because we have the best SOS in the country, those voters will be registered and their ballots will be counted. I gotta hand it to all the voter protection workers who had a chain of texts which helped to calm the stress when the SDR computer process broke down and we helped get those voters registered on paper since this was new and all the presiding judges did not know how to overcome the hurdle. Before the breakdown, the registrations were taking a long time to get through the system, and I followed one voter to the parking lot who was leaving without voting as he had to be somewhere else in the next county and could not wait longer. I told him his registration would process and he did not have to come back to our location to vote, because he can get his ballot and vote at any other location in the county. He was so relieved and said there were a couple of other voting locations he knew about and would vote there. It was a great day overall, and Michael Moore was the only one who consistently said it was going to be a good day for Ds. So glad to see AZ Gov and AG results, I’m guessing that nutball SOS guy lost. We are still at the edge of democracy, but it seems to be holding on.

    • ExRacerX says:

      Whew! I am SO thankful MAGA weatherman Mark Ronchetti is not NM’s new Governor. Another term of Michelle is what we needed, and we got it.

      Thanks for your work at the polls, BG!

      • ExRacerX says:

        Dang, missed the edit. Definitely hoping Gabe squeaks this one out and beats Yvette Herrell, NM’s MTG clone.

        • bg says:

          SOS office this am says the margin (1000) is not small enough to trigger auto recount, so this result will stand. Candidate TFG-lady can order and pay for one herself. WE DID IT!
          [Welcome back to emptywheel. Please choose and use a unique username with a minimum of 8 letters. We are moving to a new minimum standard to support community security. Thanks. /~Rayne]

    • Rayne says:

      Moore was not “the only one who consistently said it was going to be a good day for Ds” and he’s also not risking his professional reputation on his opinion — unlike Simon Rosenberg.

      • bg says:

        Yes, I did post this myself after watching it days ago, so you are right. I should have said, almost the only one. But he did double down again and again, and in the end as you say, he did kind of punt.

  21. Alan Charbonneau says:

    FYI—Rayne mentioned that Harris county is the most populous county in Texas. In fact, if it were a state, it would be exactly at the median of states ranked by population. Louisiana is ranked 25th with 4.682 million and Kentucky is 26th with 4.539 million. Harris is in between with 4.681 million.

    Its population is literally greater than half of the states in the country, yet every Texas county gets only one drop box, regardless of size. Election integrity, don’t you know.

  22. bg says:

    NMSOS says the SDR yesterday was 10,000, equal to all the SDR for early voting, which lasts 2 weeks here. NM encourages all voters!

  23. klynn says:

    While Ohio has had an interesting night, if I were the Ohio GOP, I would be scared. An honest gerrymander map and another election cycle and I think the Gen Z’s will trounce the old white men. Exit data is quite hopeful for the future.

  24. smf88011 says:

    What would you like to see as the ultimate outcome of this election? I would like to see Democrats keep the majority in the Senate and the GQP have a VERY small majority in the House – enough that they will have to back off their batshit crazy ideas because the moderates in the party won’t put up with it. All of the major offices in my state went to Democrats – which is what I wanted. I am an Independent voter but have found my voting has been primarily Democrat for quite some time; I have voted for a few GOP candidates but none of the new “GQP” Republicans. MAGA – have the Trumpeters jump off a cliff.

    • Rayne says:

      I want a Democratic majority in both houses so that we can effect real change wrt voting rights and climate change. Same expectation as in 2020, 2018, 2016, 2014, so on. If voting rights are ensured and protected, everything else follows, like moving to single-payer public health care and permanent protection of social safety nets like Social Security and Medicare.

      “But what about national security?” If every American can exercise their vote, this nation will be more secure.

  25. SunZoomSpark says:

    Confirmed clean sweep in Wolverine state.
    Gov, SoS, AG, Supreme Court held.

    Flipped! MI House, MI Senate

    All 3 ballot initiatives passed including abortion rights and election reform.

    And UM #3 in CFP.

    We will look to punish the Buckeye state for voting for Juvenile Delinquent Vance in a few weeks in Columbus

    • Rayne says:

      U-M vs. OSU is going to be extremely intense after this mid-term, let alone the teams are well matched. I’m staying well away from this one.

      • Ginevra diBenci says:

        I hate to say this as someone who’s spent too much time in Ann Arbor drinking under the porch, but go Wolverines. I will henceforth think of OSU as The Vances.

    • harpie says:

      Rep Joanna McClinton:

      […] [2:18] But here we are, being silenced yet again! And understand, when you’re silencing us, we are actually elected officials, like you all. So, you’re silencing silencing millions of voters from every corner of the Commonwealth when you silence us, and don’t allow us to amend bills that won’t let people vote, that won’t allow women to make their own decisions.

  26. bg says:

    Apparently the NM SOS does not actually have final totals as there are outstanding AB and provisional ballots. So the NM CD2 race is not decided. I wanted to post in case there is confusion. I learned this info late this morning.

  27. ajcharnc says:

    NC disappointed again No Dem Senator. But won 7 of the House districts. Next election they will probably win just 2-3 when the Supreme Court redoes the district.

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