Maybe This Is Why Mitt Didn’t Exercise His “Jimmy Carter Opportunity” on Libya on Monday?

Even while Liz BabyDick Cheney joins in the dance on Ambassador Chris Stevens’ grave, Mitt Romney said nothing about it in Monday’s debate.

Maybe this is why:

Ali Ani al-Harzi, who was arrested in Turkey with one other person, kept there for a week, then sent to his native Tunisia, may now be headed to Gitmo (though I expect the Salafists in Tunisia would not respond well to such fate).

U.S. intelligence officials, along with members of the FBI, are in negotiations with the Tunisian government to gain access to al-Harzi or have the suspect transferred to the American detention facility in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

And in Egypt, another Benghazi suspect known only as Hazem was killed in what sounds like a fairly extensive fight with “security services.”

A man suspected of involvement in an attack on the US consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi last month has been killed in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, officials say.


According to the Egyptian officials the suspect was cornered in a flat in Madinet Nasr early on Wednesday morning. He threw a bomb at the security forces, but it bounced back into the flat.

An exchange of fire with the security services then began and went on for several hours, local media reports say.

The suspect’s burnt body was found in the property, along with weapons and explosive materials, officials say.

All of this, thus far, without the US appearing to bigfoot the investigation (though obviously tracking at least some of the alleged culprits closely enough to track al-Harzi fleeing to Syria).

While I’m sure BabyDick has been getting all sorts of leaks about Obama’s sleeping patterns (really! after the Dick Family mouthpiece accused Obama of not reading PDBs, BabyDick says Obama shouldn’t sleep if there’s been a claimed terrorist attack not in intelligence briefing, but on FaceBook), she presumably hasn’t been getting the briefings that Mitt has been getting. Mitt’s a tone deaf man. But he seems to have decided it best to leave the accusations that Benghazi has demonstrated Obama’s weakness to the PACmen.

I’m not saying I approve of the possibility that al-Harzi be sent to Gitmo; I don’t. I do hope they had positive ID on the guy in Cairo (though he certainly sounded prepared to resist capture). And in any case, catching the culprits doesn’t change the security failures nor the sense that the Benghazi attack has surfaced evidence of al Qaeda metastases stretching around North Africa and the Middle East.

But thus the culprits in the Benghazi attack have started to be rounded up–and Mitt knows more about that than we do. So it’s possible Mitt decided any further scandal mongering on this issue himself might blow up even worse than his accusation that Obama waited two weeks to call this a terrorist attack.

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  1. lefty665 says:

    (though he certainly sounded prepared to resist capture)

    Uh, care to give that a second glance? Gets a little too close for comfort to Ed Meese’s “Innocent people don’t get arrested”. But then we know that only the guilty need fear being seized, tortured and sent to Gitmo or Baghram for the rest of their lives without charges or redress. That makes it all ok, nevermind.

  2. bmaz says:

    Mitt has less than we do; he also has less than Obama does, or at least gets it in slower relative time. If I were Mittens, after the craven advantage I had tried to early take, I might just shut the fuck up before a game is run on me, with the endgame being I look like a jackass no matter what I do, right before the election. Mitt may, just maybe, be smart enough to grok that.

  3. joanneleon says:

    Yes, I feel confident that they got the right people this time and would never consider torturing a confession out of them or anything like that. They will be hunted down and brought to justice!

  4. Tom in AZ says:

    @joanneleon: My wife can’t hit the hall way opening in our house from the couch with my dog’s ball. Just sayin’ And, the pressure of throwing it before it blows. Not to make light, but it very well could be the way it went down.

  5. Palli says:

    Now I have to worry about something else: nominee Mitt has started receiving briefings, National Security briefings? That is unsettling. An accepted ot mandated practice? I supose we should be grateful he didn’t declare an Issa discretion during the Debate.

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