1. Anonymous says:

    If he can look into the destruction of evidence, then I wonder if the head start Abu Gonzales gave Andy Card would probably come up too.

    Sad, that…

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s part of what I’m thinking. Which woud make it harder for Bush to appoint Gonzo in Miers’ stead.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Two theories about why the notes (apparently) weren’t destroyed — and, hopefully only one posting of it tonight:

    1) Libby’s a writer. So is Judy. And writers are loathe to destroy their notes. It’s just part of the personality traits that compel you to write in the first place. He probably had little memory of exactly what was actually in the notes — they’re there for reference, so you often forget what you wrote. Plus, he might be an overly zealous notetaker.

    which feeds into theory 2:

    2) they had a lot of stuff to destroy. Even with 24 hours notice, there was only so much time. They got all of (or most of) the â€official†stuff cleansed but they missed enough little pieces between them that Fitz could piece a likely scenario together.

    And, when you’re busy cleansing a bunch of other stuff, and you’re a writer and diligent, probably overly zealous, notetaker, one of the last things you think about destroying are your notes. You are so used to taking notes, to having notebooks around, that you think of them more like a natural extension of you. You certainly don’t have much knowledge/memory of what is in them.