1. freepatriot says:

    my name is freepatriot, and I’m an emptywheel addict …

    waves to the group

    be sure to tell Maggie how wonderful her daughter is

    thanks a lot ew, looks like I picked the wrong week to stop cruisin the innertubes and get a life …


  2. Mauimom says:

    Perhaps Maggie could make her plane reservation for IAD or DCA? It continues to be relatively lovely here. [A little hot, but the museums & hearing rooms are cool.]

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nah, mr. emptywheel wants to see her too. He likes to call her â€crazy old coot†to her face–they’ve got a wonderful relationship, actually.

  4. albert fall says:

    Looks like the articles of impeachment to me…..

    shhh….let’s not tell the Reps….

  5. freepatriot says:

    hey bmaz, if Mr Wheel isn’t available, I’ll do it for half the price …

    I ain’t afraid of anything anymore …

    just a suggestion


  6. Waccamaw says:

    ew –

    Please educate me on the quality value we can expect from Nadler’s abilities wrt these hearings?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh, yes!!! Yes!!! This is what I’ve been wanting to happen since the new Congress opened its doors in January!!!

    I fear that I will become addicted, too, although I’m kinda looking forward to it. I have been SO wanting this! I am hoping that Nadler– or someone else– will become the â€Sam Ervin†of the Watergate hearings, and that these hearings will be publicly televised and go on for weeks and weeks!

    And I SO look forward to emptywheel commentaries on the proceedings! Can you imagine? I endured the Watergate hearings without the benefit of any such guidance! Oh, giveittome, giveittome giveittome!!! Let us have Justice! and Sunshine! and Awareness!

    Bob in HI

  8. Anonymous says:

    albert fall

    It’d be a nice place to hide them, ready to go right into the complete committee at any time.

    So don’t tell, okay?

  9. Anonymous says:


    He’s not Sheldon Whitehouse, but he’s pretty good. Here’s a list of the Dems on the subcommitte:

    Hon. Nadler
    (D) New York, 8th

    Hon. Davis
    (D) Alabama , 7th

    Hon. Wasserman Schultz
    (D) Florida, 20th

    Hon. Ellison
    (D) Minnesota, 5th

    Hon. Conyers Jr.
    (D) Michigan, 14th

    Hon. Scott
    (D) Virginia, 3rd

    Hon. Watt
    (D) North Carolina, 12th

    Hon. Cohen
    (D) Tennessee, 9th

    So it includes some of HJC’s best.

  10. pontificator says:

    Hey — wasn’t Team Libby supposed to file their sentencing brief by 5:00pm today? Has anyone checked Pacer?

  11. Jane S. says:

    Love the title of this one! I fell behind in my blog reading but I just skimmed through some of the last entries and I’m just wanting a little EW analysis on Sara Taylor’s departure. I saw that you mentioned it in your touching farewell to Tim Griffin. And you made the connection there that Taylor was behind Griffin’s appointment.

    I know it was a holiday weekend but the WaPo reported her departure without any sentence along the lines of â€Taylor appears to have played a large role in the US Attorney firings last December based on the emails that have been released by the DOJ.†The WH gave them that story on a holiday Monday and they just reported it without an iota of scrutiny. Or am I just being cynical and Ms. Taylor does need to spend more time with her family or wait, the new and improved version, get paid more in the private sector.

  12. marksb says:

    Now I know you’ve heard this before, EW, and I know what your answer has been, but then Mr. Gore says the same thing, so….
    If you won a congressional seat we could have you on the Oversight Committee digging deeply into the mess on a daily basis. Sure we’d lose your ’outsider’ viewpoint, but damn I’d love to hear you question a few witnesses. And Maggie could come visit you in DC. With the rest of us. We could wave to you from behind the witness (like the mysterious guy behind Victoria Toensing’s right shoulder in the picture on FDL Wednesday: hi mom!)

  13. solai says:

    â€My Name Is emptywheel and I Am an Oversight Hearings Addictâ€
    Welcome Emptywheel. Have a seat next to me.

  14. phred says:

    My name is phred and I knew I had to join Oversight Hearings Anonymous when I became listless and withdrawn whenever Congress went on recess. I only recently lost control though, last year I never noticed whether we had a Congress or not, or maybe they just didn’t show up to work much…

  15. Waccamaw says:

    ew –

    Thankee much. Looking at that line-up, all I can say is, â€Hot Spit!†This could turn into some real fun. *g*

    Oh, yeh…..what are the dues to join OHA and where do I send the check?

  16. stagemom says:

    empty wheel addict! (winks back)
    me, too. i loaves me some mar-C!
    nancy drew, she. the best.

  17. J. McCreery says:

    Please invite Maggie onto the blog so we can tell her how much we appreciate her brilliant daughter. And, EW, whatever you do, don’t seek treatment — but feel free to shave your head.

  18. freepatriot says:

    yo, stagemom, I don’t think us parasitical addicts are gonna be invited to the meetings

    on the bright side, it looks like we don’t have to shave our heads either …

    guess I’m just have to be satisfied with joining Procrastinators Annonomous

    if I ever get around to joining, that is …

    I’m here ’till thursday, try the veal

    what ??? it’s thursday already … Hey … get that hook away from me …

  19. hauksdottir says:


    Do you and your mother knit? If so, you can sit behind the witnesses one on each side like Madame DeFarge.

    If we ever get our country back, it will be a revolution, and I’d rather it happen within the Constitution… a gentle reminder that We The People are upset might nudge the congress-critters into impeachment proceedings.