Beer and Turkey Thirty


I just turned in the paper I’ve been working on. Luckily I’ve got a couple of these stashed away in the basement.

So I’m off to clean the house–I’ve got house guests coming in five hours. And then, tomorrow is Turkey Day for me–an odd little custom some friends and I have adopted that makes the whole process less stressful. We got the full Heritage Turkey thing this year; I’ll let you know if it’s worth its considerable price tag.

All of which means there’ll be light posting until Sunday (rumor has it the football has already started for the weekend, but you wouldn’t know it by what’s on the TV).

But keep track of the site anyway. I’ve got an announcement or two in the next couple of days that may be of some interest. And Monday, I get to start my blog and bill paying frenzy I’ve been warning you all about.