More Informative than Ari, Scottie, Tony, and “Pig Missile” Have Ever Been

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I will be departing on Tuesday for a one-week pilgrimage in search of Haggis and Beamish.

Use this thread to predict what major event will happen while I’m dancing with my husband in his kilt.

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  1. Ahgoo says:

    Without much coffee and with a mind somewhere lower than the curb, I would venture a guess that dancing with your husband in his kilt is, of itself, a major event and/or should lead to a major event! ;D

  2. AmIDreaming says:

    Hmm. The population of important bloggers is far richer in hookups with Scotsmen than you’d predict from the general distribution.

    This is either very sinister, or Pythonesque, or both.

    • emptywheel says:

      Oh, mr. emptywheel is Irish, not Scottish (and so am I, thanks to him). He’ll be wearing a kilt because it’s a Scottish wedding and he and his lads like the excuse to wear skirts with no undies.

  3. earlofhuntingdon says:

    Enjoy the facial recognition, retina-scanning, finger printed, electronic passported, CCTV’d, eyeballed and patted down search-free fun of the real Scotland and Ireland, outside the airports and train stations. Especially the single malt among the heathen Celts and the cellar temp, 24 hour-old Guinness. Come back now, ya hear?

  4. mungo says:

    Ahem! While we are delighted there are lots of Irishmen who are Scots Wannabes and wear the kilt, really only Scots should make like 60s girls and wear no underpants. When asked the question: “Nothing is worn under my kilt.: everything is in perfect working condition!” Most of the other responses should probably not appear here.

    A man in an antique/junk shop saw a pair of antlers and asked how much. “They’re two hundred quid.” said the fella. Our man said, “That’s affa deer!”

    • klynn says:

      You were suppose to predict the major event that would happen while EW is gone…although two in a kilt could meet that thread comment expectation…

      Two in a kilt…


  5. drational says:

    Another video documenting how bad our press really is. Those kids are obviously tools of the administration. The question no one in that room had the guts to ask:
    Who is buried in the deep end?

    Hoffa? Brownie?

  6. Petrocelli says:

    Major Event: bmaz will tear off his latex mask to reveal that he is Dobson, and seizes this thread to disseminate “family values” …

    … dammit, this is the best I can do ? … brain still asleep … shuffles off, muttering incoherently …

    … being John MalkoCain really bites …

      • Petrocelli says:

        ROFL “… latent holy roller evangelical characteristics.”

        I’m quoting that from now on …

    • sojourner says:

      I think you had the right idea, but, as you pointed out, your brain is still asleep. bmaz tears off his SHIRT to reveal a bright blue shirt underneath with ‘SP’ in big red letters, whereupon he announces to the world (in a BIG voice) that he is “SuperProsecutor!”

      The authorities stop Bush, Cheney, Addington, Yoo and everyone associated with them as they try to flee the country.

      Oh, how I would love to see what he could do to restore the law in this country

      And, just so there is no misinterpretation, bmaz rocks! I offer this somewhat comical scenario out of great respect!

  7. dipper says:

    I’d like to make a prediction:

    The world will end.

    Cheney will try to move the nukes again, but somewhere along the way, they get dropped by mistake. Then, of course, every nation with nukes has to crank up the loose cannons. Goodbye, everyone, it was nice knowing you!

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