Fitzgerald to Conyers: “Okay, Now I’m Ready to Talk”

Thanks to BayStateLibrul for pointing out this provocative comment from Patrick Fitzgerald after yesterday’s Rezko verdict:

The White House Rasputin, Karl "The Architect" Rove, also was mentioned in the trial, as was former House Speaker Dennis "Don’t Ask Me About My Land Deal" Hastert, alleged to have been part of an effort by the bipartisan Illinois Combine to get rid of Fitzgerald. To demonstrate their kinship, Cellini and Rezko flew out to Washington on a play date and visited a White House reception with President Bush, where Kjellander joined them.

Later in the Rezko trial, two witnesses said that Rezko told them not to worry about the criminal investigation, because the Republicans—Rove and Kjellander—would get rid of Fitzgerald. Hastert would install a friendly federal puppy who wouldn’t bother the Combine, according to the testimony. "The federal prosecutor will no longer be the same federal prosecutor," testified Elie Maloof, a Rezko associate who is now a cooperating witness.

And a state pension board lawyer who has already pleaded guilty told grand jurors that Cellini told him "Bob Kjellander’s job is to take care of the U.S. attorney."

The Illinois Republican Party holds its own convention this week in Decatur. The party establishment, which has long been cozy with the Daley Democrats at City Hall, has done little or nothing to rid the Illinois GOP of Kjellander and Cellini influence.

"If I owe a response [about the putsch to remove him from his job], I owe it to Congress, first," Fitzgerald said when asked about all this after the verdict. [my emphasis]

Well, now that you mention it, Fitz, I seem to recall that Congress did ask you questions about this issue–questions that you obliquely passed on because of an ongoing criminal trial.

But that’s not the version of the "what if you got fired" question that I find most interesting. Rather, there’s a question that asks specifically if Fitzgerald became aware of efforts to fire him during the course of the CIA Leak investigation. Fizgerald refuses to answer … because of the ongoing Rezko case.


During the CIA leak investigation, were you aware of any conversations that you might be asked to resign? If so please describe all such conversations, including the substance of the conversations, when they occurred, and the names of those who participated.

I do not know if the referenced account of events is correct or not.

As to whether I was aware during the relevant time period of the investigation that I might be asked to resign, I will respectfully decline to discuss matters currently at issue in a trial ongoing in the Northern District of Illinois.

Fitzgerald is referring, of course, to the multiple times during the Rezko trial when a witness has testified that Rezko and Bob Kjellander talked about having Rove fire Fitzgerald to scuttle the investigation into Chicago corruption. But that’s not, of course, what HJC asked him–they asked him about the CIA Leak case, and they made a reference specifically to coverage of the USA Purge.

Let’s see. Fitz "respectfully decline[s] to discuss matters currently at issue in a trial ongoing." The trial is over. And on the day the trial ends, Fitz says, "I owe Congress" a response about Kjellander’s and Rove’s efforts to get him fired???

I’m reading that message loud and clear, Chairman Conyers. Are you?

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  1. GregB says:

    Turdblossom is going to rue the day that he started the idle in your face chit-chat about this matter in the media.


  2. GregB says:

    Quick OT.

    I sure am looking forward to a summer of “Breaking News” bon mots on every latest movement in the Guantanimo kangaroo court.

    MSNBC just broke in with “KSM has asked for the death penalty, updates to follow”.



  3. Adie says:


    Our golden girl! Woo Hoo. We’re all sitting here, tails wagging in anticipation. Who has the ball?

  4. JTMinIA says:

    Is the death penalty for the judge that they fired or a defendant? I can’t be sure from what you posted. Thanks. tee hee

  5. greenharper says:

    So, I just called Chairman Conyers’s office and retailed EW’s (and Pat Fitzgerald’s) messages — w/ FDL reference. Careful staffer said that she took it all down; would pass it on to the Congressman.

    No harm in a few more calls on the subject, I imagine. 202.224.3121.

    • MarieRoget says:

      Absolutely; the more the merrier the more letter/faxes he gets. Trickle becomes a flood.

      I prefer faxing, so just fired up the home fax machine- time to send Conyers a little note.
      John Conyers DC office fax #- (202) 225-0072

  6. moondancer says:

    Maybe he’ll tell the true story of Rove running back to the grand jury and recanting his perjury on the Plame case. What a sweet deal for Rove that was. Perjure oneself five times, obstruct a federal investigation, then get a do over while the indictment is being drawn up.

  7. Knut says:

    Pardons anyone? Looks like Bush is going to have a full pack on his hands come December.

  8. Adie says:

    Looking around the site here – whoosh, EW, you’re busy today. You gonna make us a cat’s cradle with all these threads. Oh My! *wag wag wag*

  9. cbl2 says:

    emptywheel, or anyone else with an answer on this kinda o/t

    from the ‘JAG Dismisses the Unitary Executive’ post –

    Curious that the DOD is making this all more accessible now, just as we’re about to start the Gitmo Show Trials.

    why is this curious ? I believe you just that I am woefully behind on this story

  10. Telebro says:

    Great post. Rove certainly seems to have problems: Multiple fired attorneys (one with a book out), Fitzgerald, Siegleman prosecution, McClellan openning the door to look at the Plame outing, refusing to respond to a subpoena, loyal Bushies beginning to tell all, and the risk that someone like Gonzalez would plea bargain and sell him out.

    I suspect that Rove is not sleeping all that well anymore, especially since January will cancel all the get-out-of-jail-cards.

    • Adie says:

      Add to your nice list a rapidly mending Democratic Party, and I’ll be celebrating indeed.

    • Bluetoe2 says:

      Perhaps he’ll sleep better when his cell mate in federal prison tucks him in at night.

  11. Elliott says:

    emptywheel is BushCo’s worst nightmare and that nightmare is getting very real for them

  12. RevDeb says:

    Good news all around.

    OK I have a question. Delving back into my memory database—when Fitz gave his closing press conference on the Libby trial I believe he was asked if there was anything else to come and he responded something to the effect of “not at this time.” I may be wrong with that. Did he leave a little crack in the door that might reopen any parts of the investigation should there be more information coming out?

    If so, would Scotty’s book and other various tidbits coming out be enough to open things up again?

    Now that Rezko is over might Fitz have an opening in his schedule to get back on this?

    Can I dare to dream it so?

  13. perris says:

    I’m reading that message loud and clear, Chairman Conyers. Are you?

    marcy, do you or jane have the ear of conyers?

    if so, I believe a call might be in order

    • emptywheel says:

      Me and Conyers go all the way to, um, Saturday, when we were shared our hopes that mI’s delegates would be seated. Since that time, the Wings have won the Stanley Cup.

      MI’s hoping for a trifecta this week.

      • martha says:

        Oh, that’s just delicious. You’re making my day!

        Here’s hoping that I’ll be reading a tersely worded letter from Mr. Conyers shortly to Mr. Fitzgerald (instead of the horrible project I’m trying, and failing, to work on…)

        Yes we can…

      • perris says:

        I know when I called conyers office a while back congratulating them on refusing telcom immunity the secretary was all giddy and guaranteed to me conyers would get my message

        I think calls are good and comming from you might even be better


  14. Adie says:

    Hey Rev. You’re sittin’ there with fingers crossed too, aren’t ya.

    You dastardly liberal Rev, you. *G*

  15. JoFish says:

    Rasputin in the dock? I’ll take Colonel Mustard in the Parlor with a pipe if that happens…Cheney will never let Rove get anywhere near Congress.

    Hell, if we can’t impeach the fuckers, can we get President Obama to extradite them to The Hague to stand trial for War Crimes? At the very least?

    • Jerryinexile says:

      thanks Jo, I’ll pay for the bricks, supply the mortar, and if need be, build the wall to stand those fuckers in front of.

    • BargainCountertenor says:

      The extradition dog won’t hunt, Jo. We aren’t participants in the Internation Criminal Court, thankyousoveryf*ckingmuch Preznit Boosh. So no extradition from here to Den Haag. More is the pity.

      What is not at all clear is that Darth Cheney has the power to keep Rover away from Congress. If Conyers chooses (as he damned well ought to) to exercise Congress’s inherent contempt powers, Rover is a dead duck. Hope you like the little cell in the basement of the Capitol, Karl.


      • Adie says:

        isn’t that some sorta equivalent concept to a main character declaring [the monster is NOT under the bed because i say so] during a horror movie?

        oh pshaw! is this another fugue? was that theme #2 or ??? i’m lost, prof.
        *raises hand*

          • Adie says:

            Ohhhh. Yes! Thanks much, in every which a way. Seriously.

            We must work together and patch up this poor old wounded party.

            p.s., u do know the rest of the pups think we’re nuts with our musique shenanigans, don’t ya. heh.

      • valletta says:

        According to Philippe Sands new book (and the article “Green Light” in Salon? Rolling Stone?) IF Bush, Cheney et al, depart the US they can be arrested by a party to the International Criminal Court as long as they have evidence that their home country (U.S.) will not pursue prosecution even with extraordinary evidence of a crime.

        Haven’t read the entire book yet but the article was awesome.

        Also, the new book by Vincent Bugliosi is great…will post bits later…

  16. Leen says:

    Marcy. You are spitting nails this morning.
    Baystate.. Thanks for pointing out that Fitz hit the ball back in Congress’s court. Damn good news

    Got to get back to the fields and also tar a leaking roof.
    Can’t wait to catch up with you fdl patriots later

    • Adie says:

      Be careful on that roof, y’hear! I hate that kinda project.

      We’ll all be on point here, cookies balanced on noses until Marcy says, “NOW”.

  17. siri says:

    Any of these people who makes a public statement regarding “owing Congress” needs to be pulled in and questioned immediately. Very bad thing to “owe Congress”! me thinks.

  18. WilliamOckham says:

    OT: I don’t know if anybody has raised this yet, but the long awaited Phase IIb (or whatever, I can’t keep up) of the SSCI report is out (h/t Laura Rozen).

    Something totally bizarre is dropped in to the report without any comment at all, as far as I can tell. On pg. 25 of the report, it says that the second Ghorbanifar meeting (the one in Paris) was set up by two Middle East experts from the OVP who ran into Harold Rhode in Istanbul, Turkey at a conference in June, 2003. No names, no WTF about how they got involved, no mention that the OVP was involved in a lot of weird things in June 2003.

      • cbl2 says:

        And we finally get Rockefeller IV to put it out. Why now?

        – maybe for the same reason McCaskill was at ease using “McBush” this morning –

        behavioral – they are pack animals after all, and clearly not as smart. maybe it took this tsunami of a primary season (voter interest) and all the disclosures of late(esp McClelland’s, he is afterall, one of ‘them’) to give them enough warm and fuzzy to come out

        or maybe those creatures once identified as cheney/nsa moles are no longer in place or perceived as faltering

        or maybe I just need some more coffee

    • angie says:

      I seemed to have missed your alert– was too busy picking my jaw off the floor.


    • Leen says:

      What a day! How long have we been waiting for this?

      this is hot. Obama getting specific

      DNC bans lobbyist money

      By NEDRA PICKLER and JIM KUHNHENN, Associated Press Writers 2 minutes ago

      NEW YORK – In his first order of business as his party’s presumed presidential nominee, Barack Obama is instructing the Democratic National Committee to adopt his policy against accepting donations from federal lobbyists or political action committees.…..rats_money

      ###Wondered when Obama or Clinton would take on the commitment that Edwards made early early on.

      • jackie says:

        From your link..Isn’t that Howard Deans spot?
        Hmmmm, just where is Barak going to put Howard?

        ‘Obama strategist Paul Tewes, who ran the Illinois senator’s successful Iowa campaign, is taking over the DNC and was at party headquarters Thursday meeting the staff.’

  19. Blue says:

    Technically speaking (and as you’ve pointed out on numerous occasions the care/specificity with which Fitzgerald speaks), he said “If I owe a response” – not I owe a response.

    • Bluetoe2 says:

      Katie Couric on the CBS News? had a piece on the Rezko trial and she was able to mention Obama, no reference to Rezko’s Republican and White House connections. At the end of the piece she said that Obama was not implicated.

  20. Citizen92 says:

    I’m glad someone else picked up on the December 3, 2003 White House holiday party. Kjellander, Rezko and others were there at the invite of Rove. Inside the White House complex. Sure, there are dozens of holiday parties at that time, but they saw Bush only for the photo op. The real value to these guys was access to the others who were there. Like Rove.

    Let me re-run an old comment from an April EW post:

    Did anyone notice that the tidbit about Rezko’s visit to the White House Christmas Party on December 3, 2003? Along with IL GOP power brokers Stuart Levine (now incarcerated) and William Cellini (also now incarcerated)?

    To the videotape (

    In testimony, Levine also said he received an invitation from Kjellander to attend a White House Christmas party on Dec. 3, 2003. Levine said he took Rezko and his wife and Cellini and his wife to the event in a chartered plane.

    Now let’s line that up with what was going on in Springfield, IL about that time – oh yes – the corruption investigation of Governor George Ryan. A corruption investigation being led by Patrick Fitzgerald. A corruption investigation that indicted Ryan on December 17, 2003 — fourteen days after the White House Christmas party.

    What do you suppose was on Cellini, Levin, Rezko and Kjellander’s colective minds on December 3, 2003 at that party? Possibly the coming troubles for the state GOP? Possibly for their livelihoods?

    Now flash forward to what we learned last week, from Paul Kiel:

    I spoke to Luskin just now, and he said that his statement ought to be qualified a bit: his statement on Kgellander stands as is, he said, but during the independent counsel investigation, he said, Rove was “frequently” approached about canning Fitzgerald.

    So let’s do the math. Fizgerald’s work is threatening the IL state GOP. Power players Levine and Cellini are at the White House by invitation of Kjellander. Kjellander is Rove’s friend. Rove is probably at the party.
    And the last tidbit – Valerie Plame investigation. Ashcroft didn’t recuse himself until 12/30/2003. Comey then appointed Fitzgerald. Surely Ashcroft’s need to be recused had been discussed at the White House around the time of the party if not before since the Administration was taking major flack for it.

    So my questions are these:

    Did the visitors from IL encounter or meet with Rove? Did they ask him to remove Fitzgerald? Did he share with them the Plame problem – ie Rove’s “Fitzgerald Problem?”

    Just some possible mighty big timing coiuncedences here.

        • TobyWollin says:

          Have you ever read Breslin’s “How the Good Guys Finally Won” about the Watergate investigation and hearings? He retells the situation where the committee hired these people to do nothing but take the facts, which had all been written with dates on 3×5 cards and line them up in date order..that’s when the investigators started to see the whole picture. Time Lines Rule!!

      • Citizen92 says:

        The Luna case sure is interesting but your date is in 2006. The Rove/Kjellander/Fitzzgerald stuff was in 2003.

        I read that Luna had found former MD Gov Erlich and Jack Abramoff were both DC Madam clients. That might have been interesting.

        • nightlight says:

          Sorry, that was a typo, and I had to dash off elsewhere, so it dangled there incorrect all day.

          Luna was murdered in 2003.

          I’d be interested to know your source on that madame info. There are all kinds of interesting shenanigans around the Luna case.

  21. choochmac says:

    Thanks Marcy for always keeping on top of this. What I wouldn’t give for Fitzgerald to be able to really tell the whole story on Rove (and Cheney too for that matter) but I know how cautious he is (and rightfully so). Still, any hint that he is open to discussing these matters should be jumped on immediately. Let the sun shine in before the November elections.

  22. jackie says:

    OT, but talking about the elections…

    ‘If you’re going to mess up someone’s vote, it’s probably a bad idea to do it to one of the nation’s more vocal critics of election shenanigans. After voting in California’s statewide primary on Tuesday, election integrity journalist Brad Friedman checked his ballot to find that 4 of the 12 races he voted in had been flipped.’…..wrong_guy/

  23. angie says:

    Thank you Marcy and thank you Patrick Fitzgerald.

    (now come on Conyers!)

    btw, from the newsbox:

    WASHINGTON— A long-awaited Senate Select Intelligence Committee report made public Thursday concludes that President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney made public statements to promote an invasion of Iraq that they knew at the time were not supported by available intelligence.

    Long- awaited???

    Phase 2 via Jello Jay.

    Talk about an understatement!

    • perris says:


      it SURELY needs highlighting;

      WASHINGTON— A long-awaited Senate Select Intelligence Committee report made public Thursday concludes that President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney made public statements to promote an invasion of Iraq that they knew at the time were not supported by available intelligence.

      • perris says:

        I want to emphasize;

        that they KNEW AT THE TIME were NOT supported by the evidence



        can’t get more plain that that, not one bit more plain

        • Badwater says:

          That explains why no one from the brave Bush family is willing to serve. Being so righteous, they would not participate in a lie. The Preznit must have told them at the start that it was all a big trick.

        • DWBartoo says:

          As you know, politicians NEVER ‘lie’, they merely ‘mis-speak’ (snark).

          Until the word, ‘LIE’ (as in ‘Die for Lies’) is EXPLICITLY used and the, um, … ‘investigators’ ACT as if lying is WRONG and, quite possibly a CRIME, in certain instances, ‘it’ is NOT sufficiently ‘plain’ …

          Lies, especially LIES of THIS magnitude, MUST HAVE CONSEQUENCE.

          We shall se, perris, we shall see …


          Are we there yet?

        • JohnForde says:

          I actually think you can get more plain than that. Lying is SOP and usually not a crime. However use of a FORGERY is always illegal. I know Bushies will claim that he is the victim of the Niger forgery. But that is a plausible as saying “I thought Bart Simpson was a real human being”. The intellilgence agencies of teh US had them for a yeaar but could not reach a conclusion as to their authenticity. When released to the public amateurs proved them to be forgeries in under an hour.

          Anyway, I always encourage the accusations against Bushie to use the word FORGERY.

    • MrWhy says:

      OT – Someone on that thread nominated Fitzgerald as AG. Anyone think that Obama would be willing to consider that possibility?

      • emptywheel says:

        Obama has said he would be happy to keep Fitz where he is in Chicago, which I suspect Fitz wouldn’t mind.

        Other than that, he might want FBI. Though he’d sure put a different look at DOJ, huh?

  24. Adie says:

    Bluetoe2 #47:

    Katie Couric on the CBS News?…


    choochmac #48:

    What I wouldn’t give for Fitzgerald to be able to really tell the whole story on Rove (and Cheney too for that matter) but I know how cautious he is…

    It’s gettin really hard to hold that cookie without having brain expload.

      • Adie says:

        It was nice to give it a rest for awhile. Now it feels fresh. It’s time.

        Oops! Somehow gobbled cookie just now. Could I have another?

        Say, they did fix the space station’s potty, right? *crossing legs and sitting at attention*

  25. Adie says:

    i will not drag down the level of discourse…

    i will not drag down the level of discourse…

    i will not drag down the level of discourse…

    OMG! Back in a sec!?!

  26. perris says:

    Barack Obama is instructing the Democratic National Committee to adopt his policy against accepting donations from federal lobbyists or political action committees.


    • Adie says:

      HEY! Woo Hoo!

      where’s that fella who trashed me the other day for daring to have faith in Obama’s integrity? fortunately for him/her, my short-term memory is doing what it’s supposed to in old biddies, right on schedule…

    • Twain says:

      You gotta love the idea of Obama “instructing” the DNC – I think there’s a new Big Dog in town and he’s looking good.

      • perris says:

        You gotta love the idea of Obama “instructing” the DNC –


        now as far as mccain “inviting obama to town hall meetings”

        that’s a good move on mccain’s part, he is trying to “take the lead” and seem “more in charge” then obama

        obama has to come up with a counter offer and instead of “invite” mccain he must “call for” mccain to accept the counter offer

        • BargainCountertenor says:

          Already done, perris.

          Obama has apparently proposed meetings around the nation structured after the Lincoln-Douglas debates. I’m lighting St Jude candles hoping McCain will ignore his handlers and accept. It’s a format tailor-made to show John McCainBushSame at his worst.


          • perris says:

            Already done, perris.

            GOT to admire their organization skilz…they are fast indeed

            this is gonna be fun

            • Adie says:

              Yep. The very thot of McSames keystonecops out-maneuvering Obama’s smooth sailing crew is, well, ludicrous? imo, of course. stay tuned

        • RevDeb says:

          Obama and Coburn were about to introduce a “clean government” bill opening up all bidding processes to public scrutiny. McCain called Obama and asked to be one of the original co-sponsors. I think that qualifies.

          • hackworth says:

            Coburn needs to go down with the ship that brung him. I wish Obama would not give these dicks a safety net by sponsoring bipartisan legislation with them. Coburn is one of the worst sanctimonious hyocrites.

            • Adie says:

              view it as a cool way to de-fang the beast smoothly and cleanly, while barely lifting a finger.

              he’s good. very good. patience grasshopper.

            • RevDeb says:

              agreed. But I think we probably had best get used to the new sheriff in town who wants to work across the aisle. It will be interesting to see how quickly the thugs either change their behavior or screw Barak so badly that he sees the light.

              It will be interesting.

          • perris says:

            thanx for the link, I especially like the opening line

            As Barack Obama has said before, the idea of joint town halls is appealing and one that would allow a great conversation to take place about the need to change the direction of this country. We would recommend a format that is less structured and lengthier than the McCain campaign suggests, one that more closely resembles the historic debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas. But, having just secured our party’s nomination, this is one of the many items we will be addressing in the coming days and look forward to discussing it with the McCain campaign

        • PetePierce says:


          Obama has raised 3 times the amount that McCain has raised and as you know well

          GOP Fears Obama’s Fund Raising Machine

          A review of campaign finance data offers not one ounce of good news and barely any hope for the McCain campaign’s ability to compete with Obama’s fundraising prowess.

          To make matters worse, Obama’s campaign, which raised $272 million through April for the primary, now is reaching out to Clinton’s fundraisers, who raised another $200 million through April, in an effort to unite forces and bury the historically deep-pocketed Republicans.

          Many fine downticket candidates have somewhat of an uphill battle in matching their Republican incumbents, but Obama plans to help them. I know one excellent candidate who is taking on Saxby Chambliss seriously for the Dems now, and who is a much more experienced litigating attorney.

          McCain’s Activities During the Democratic Primary Battle

          Obama has been spending most of his time as you know dealing with the “Clintons 3″–Chelsea actually has been calling Super Delegates with not much substance other than “she’s my mom.” and lately as many of us have advised Obama’s vetting attorneys, telling them to forget her as VP or anyplace near his administration.

          There is going to be no Hillary in an Obama administration and they refused to even be vetted. Again, the LBJ stranglehold of the Clinton’s over the Democratic party is through and deteriorating rapidly. Her Campaign Finance chairman made a very significant mistake in telling the NYT yesterday that in order to get her big corporate financing and her hedgefundies to contribute the VP had to be delivered to her. The Clintons no that is not going to happen because her baggage and refusal to release income taxes for 2007, library contributions (like the $31.5 million deal with the former dictator and human rights butcher from Khazakistan and Burkle sources of income) and Bill and Hillary flatly have refused and she has been told in so many terms to take a hike. She is slowly beginning to put on her hiking shoes. The only real drama now is will Brooklyn Representative Winer nail Hillary’s Super Model Body Woman hottie Huma Abedin.

          I mean after all, if you is lookin’ for lovin’ and you’re a Congressman, why the hell shouldn’t you take a ten month vacation from Congressional job and voting? I mean lovin’ is lovin’ right and Congress. Congres may be somewhat important but hell this is “Sex in da City and da City is NYC” and Manolo Blahniks on a Super Model versus Congressional Spending–well well it just ain’t no contest.

          Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin Dating: New York Congressman Romances Hillary’s ‘Body Woman’

          Bill defiantly used a very bad word–that f one that is in clusterfuck when told he would have to release to Caroline Kennedy and Obama’s legal vetting team the 1) 2007 returns 2) All Burkle liasons that generated a penny (and they’ve generated tens fo millions for the Clintons 3) All Fiscal Material relating to the Clinton Library Foundatino to be scrutinized by individuals who are both CPAs and JDs experienced in doing that including people like Bill Clinton’s former Deputy Attorney General in the Criminal Division of DOJ now serving as a principal in vetting VP and other cabinet members for future President Obama. You remember Eric Holder Deputy AG Clinton DOJ?

          These demands made the Clintons furious, and defiant who were used to those of the Clintons believe can barely read but are inputting to the Obama vetting attorneys, who think we equate a Senate summary designed to tell you nothing with an individual’s income tax returns.

          Let me be specific and contrast what McCain who is going to face a fast shifting milieu in which he is about to become erratic and very defensive–the full ability of Obama himself and the Obama attack team to take McCain down. Many of us will be working tirelessly to ensure that happens.

          McCain’s voting record in 2007 97% Bush.
          McCain’s voting record in 2008 100% Bush.

          I’m going to qunantify for you McCain who has recently tongue in cheek and seriously advocated a cry of “Denver Denver Denver” has been doing.

          By the way did you catch Jon Stewart’s serial videos of Fox News principals tearing apart McCain’s speech the other night and his ability to convey a message? They said he was horrible. This is from Fox and Republican operatives.

    • Jerryinexile says:

      if that includes AIPAC and NRA I’m all for it. Not sure the DNC has the stomach for it though.

  27. rwcole says:

    If there were gonna be handcuffs involved- Fitz would be talking to a grand jury- not to congress…

    Fitz has never had the stomach to indict Rove apparently.

  28. BargainCountertenor says:

    Way OT:

    Hillary sent a letter to her supporters last night that says what she should have said Tuesday night. Oh well, better a little late (Saturday is the day) than a lot late (in Denver in August.)

    The healing starts with Obama supporters. There are a lot of upset Clinton supporters — think death-in-the-family grief, folks. So, no more nasty things about Hillary Clinton and her supporters. Here’s for starters: Hillary ran a great race, it’s great that we had two good candidates to choose from, and a shame only one can be the nominee.


  29. rwcole says:

    New Clusterfuck poll out from CBS shows GW Clusterfuck with a 25% job approval rating- a couple of points higher than the 23% rating Zogby pulled for him a week or so ago..Yep boys and girls- he’s still sinking.

    • Adie says:

      Thank you for your steady reminders to pause each day.

      I do hope she’s aware of today’s progress. ;->

  30. rwcole says:

    If Rove was threatening to fire Fitz to get him off the case- it’s pretty clear obstruction- can’t get much clearer—so why doesn’t Fitz indict his sorry ass?

  31. Bluetoe2 says:

    OT, maybe, Raw Story has a developing story on 2 Federal prosecutors being investigated for political prosecutions.

      • Bluetoe2 says:

        That was my thought also but with this bunch it might be another unrelated under the radar political prosecution. Fieger in MI?

        • emptywheel says:

          I think the USA on that is, strictly speaking, clean. I have every expectation that the former USA and MI’s AG were behind that prosecution and that Noel Hillman helped it along as well. But there is nowhere near the smoking gun evidence against the USA here as there is in AL. THe number “two” is the dead giveaway.

          Plus, we know OPR was investigating the Siegelman prosecution. No reason to think they were here.

          The one other possibility (which was included in the OPR prove) is Mary ANn Buchanan, who prosecuted Cyril Wecht.

      • cbl2 says:

        e dub you are probably correct – but my first impulse was to grab the rosary in one hand, and the magic dragic blogging lite in the other – incanting all the while . . .please be Alice Fisher, please be Alice Fisher

        what a room full of roses for a certain foul mouthed femblogger that would be!

  32. rwcole says:

    I still have smoke coming out my ears when I think of Fitz giving Rover what was it- FIVE interviews to change his perjury—-the fucker should be in jail.

  33. rwcole says:

    And now it appears that while Fitzy was lettin Rover get away scott free with lying to a grand jury– he was probably aware that Rove was tryin to fire him…

    Untouchable eh?

  34. LS says:

    Whitehouse just gave a scathing speech on the Senate floor regarding the Senate report….Wow…I hope someone caught it on tape. Just short of calling treason.

    • TobyWollin says:

      Lincoln Chaffee might not think so, but I think Sen. Whitehouse is a more than worthy successor.

    • cbl2 says:

      Public Statements from the Intel Comm.’s site – it’s pdf, so I can’t open it but someone else can check and see if Whitehouse is in here.

      fyi – I wiped out Adobe in a purge a week or so back and haven’t replaced it yet

      • MrWhy says:

        Not directly. Here’s a ToC to the document. Will selise (or anyone) be providing a searchable PDF?

        1 I Scope and Methodology
        4 II Nuclear Weapons
        17 III Biological Weapons
        29 IV Chemical Weapons
        39 V Weapons of Mass Destruction
        51 VI Delivery
        59 VII Links to Terrorism
        73 VIII Intent
        84 IX Post War Iraq
        89 * Additional Views of Chariman John D. Rockefeller IV
        94 * Additional Views of Senator Dianne Feinstein
        95 * Additional Views of Senator Feingold
        97 * Additional Views of Senators Hagel and Snowe
        100 * Minority Views of Vice Chairman Bond and Senators Chambliss, Hatch and Burr
        113 App.A Amendments on Report: Whether Public Statements … Were Substantiated …
        159 * Minority Views of Senator Warner
        161 * Minority Views of Senator Chambliss, V. Chairman Bond, and Senator Hatch
        166 * Additional Views of Sen. Hatch, joined by V. Chair Bond and Sen. Burr

      • MarilynSanAntone says:

        I didn’t find it, but it is 172 pages long. Minority comments are at the end, however.

    • DWBartoo says:


      Why did ‘they’ lie?

      For POWER – ‘Fear, fear, fear!!!’

      For MONEY – Lots, lots, lots!!!

      For the ‘FUTURE’ – ‘Bomb, bomb, bomb!!!’

      Is it not time for Congress to act on MANY fronts?

      Is it not time for CONSEQUENCE?

      Why should Congress have need of further ‘prodding’?

      Is there not a difference between right and wrong?

      ‘It’ is now, without question, on Congress’ plate and table …

      Henceforth, it is no longer about Bu$h Co, it is about Congress.

      As I have suggested for the new motto on our coinage; ‘It Is Up To Us’ …

      But now, given ALL that has been bubbling to the surface in the pestilential swamp sometimes referred to as Washington, D.C., Congress can have NO EXCUSE for not acting. None.

      • perris says:

        but look at the damage ONE presidency has brought to this country

        one STUPID man, manipulated by morons in the sick fraternity of sociopaths calling themselves the “pnac”

        we are quite fragile if the presidency of ONE man would bring us to this place

        • DWBartoo says:

          Oh, he had some ‘help’, perris, don’t ya think?

          Lots of folks done profited greatly …

        • DWBartoo says:

          Besides, ‘this’ has all been orchestrated for years, Georgie just got to be the rough-talking swagger boy with whom the public could imagine havin’ a beer …

          So, ’tweren’t just George or Dick, but a whole bunch of very sick puppies who should never have been allowed in public places without a leash …

          Of course the transfer of wealth is a joke on all of us.

          Class war?

          Absolutely. And if we recognize it for what it has been then we see that ‘this’ is proof positive that ‘they’ have been winning.

          At least no one can pretend that nothing happened. By next week, though, that will have changed and everyone will be wondering why they were so upset.

          Maybe ’something’ will distract us. What do you think it might be?

          • BargainCountertenor says:

            You know, of all the reasons people gave for voting for Bush, “He’s the one I’d like to have a beer with,” is the one I don’t understand at all.

            When was the last time any of you were invited to the White House for a beer? On Never 12, 2012? Yeah, neither have I, nor do I expect to. The president’s security detail is going to keep schmucks like us far, far away from the Preznit. So why in the world does anyone (except the very limited group of exceedingly wealthy folk who do have access to the Preznit) worry about whether they’d want to have a beer with any particular candidate?


          • perris says:

            Maybe ’something’ will distract us. What do you think it might be?

            even condi is beating the Iran war drum

            • BargainCountertenor says:

              My god are we that stupid?

              I guess we are that stupid.

              I’m going to have to go wash my hands for this, but we ought to be like Preznit Bush in this one instace: “fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me—you can’t get fooled again.”

              You lied to us once, Preznit Boosh, and we foolishly believed you. It won’t happen again!


    • angie says:

      Sorry he didn’t say the T- word. “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”, too.

      Glad he spoke and very sorry I missed it.

      (Wishing and hoping Ted Kennedy comes back soon roaring about this!
      Also hoping to hear from Leahy and Feingold………..)

  35. cbl2 says:

    Townhall Meeting proposal –

    anyone half way versed in Maverickanalia will tell you this is a common and rather successful ploy for McStain – he has used this trick again and again and has been lionized by the rib lickers for it – even though he rarely followed through

    I believe this is McBluster and his now filling his Depends in dread with Obama’s response

  36. Jerryinexile says:

    Damn it’s really starting to get messy. The Plame Affair, the US Attorney firings, the Seigleman case, the lies getting us into the attack in Iraq, and soo many other bullshit stories. If Clinton can get impeached over lying about a blowjob, what the hell does it take? When Bush’s polling numbers get in the teens, they are there for a reason. The reason is that Bush/Cheney not only need impeachment, but cry out for it. Somebody wake up Pelosi, she is obviosly asleep at the wheel.

  37. sojourner says:

    Obviously lots and lots of intriguing news this morning and I am late to the party. I just have to say, though, that Mr. Fitzpatrick has probably indicted this entire administration by way of the Rezko trial. Had Rove been indicted in connection with Plame, it could have been put down as a “political” act. However, with Rove being publicly mentioned as a participant, we now have a smoking gun — and it cannot be put down as politics. It is extremely damning to anyone even connected with Rove and friends.

    I suspect that Mr. Fitzpatrick has been busy at work and we did not know it — or respect the process

    Regardless, there are legal i’s and t’s to take care of, but in the court of public opinion, it is all out there for everyone to see…

  38. Petrocelli says:

    Fitzmas in June … which would explain the unseasonably cool weather … bring it on, Conyers !

  39. al75 says:

    A question for you, EW: are you now, or have you ever been, in contact with Congressman Conyers? Do folks in his office read this blog?

    If not, why not?

      • katiejacob says:

        Snap Empty,
        Reminding Conyers that we do know about inherent contempt and suggesting it might work on Karl. Having direct access to Conyers, him answering the questions on the spot, WOW, so much fun to watch.

    • PetePierce says:

      I don’t know the extent of EW’s relationships with Congress and the Senate from Michigan, but I’m willing to bet they are pretty darn healthy and Loo Hoo’s reference to starbucks in her firts post up there was because EW ran into Conyers in a Starbucks. I suspect given the extraordinary efforts she makes to get to a lot of these hearings and conferences and her work with the Democratic party in Michigan they are very good.

        • PetePierce says:

          I sure hope Conyers encourages other members of HJC, Congress in all 15 Michigan districs , and their staffs to read Marcy and I would hope the same for Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow who no doubt know Marcy pretty well.

          I’d just like to make clear to save people a lot of time Andrea Ms. Greenspan Mitchesll and CNN and MSNBC continue to miss the real story because they want eyeballs that was touched on on Karl Rove.

          Hillary Clinton is not and has been told privately she is not a candidate for VP. The attorneys told them that from square one they have refused to be vetted. Aside from the enormous baggage that would turn the 527s into a frenetic group of hamsters on steroids who need a therapeutic lithium level for their manic activity.

          The Clintons refuse to release their financials, specifically 2007 tax returns, Burkle income, and Library foundation income to Obama CPA/JDs who would examine it. They refused to release to the press. And although Andrea Mitchell can’t grasp it, this has been major. Clinton’s campaign demeanor and her demeanor in the last 96 hours insured she will have no place in an Obama administration and she has been told this.

          She is all about trying to preserve her power and dignity and she pissed them away months ago.

          Her efficacy in the Senate will be very limited as it has for seven years. She has foreclosed it further.

  40. PetePierce says:

    Fitz is Behaivng in a Cowardly Faashion Quintissentially Typical of USAs and AUSAs

    Let’s call it what it is Marcy. Fitz can use the considerable resources of your tax money to go after Rezko and his cronies. But what no one seems to ask and I’m asking is why if Fitz not only playing 3 card Monte with Conyers’ HJC and Conyers personally, but why is he too much of a chickenshit to prosecute Rove, Chgeney, Addington and Bush? That’s a very important question that hasn’t had a lot of answers and the conservative Chicago newspapers dares not to ask it. I’m asking.
    I thought the word was putz as in but maybe there are alternate spellings.

    I’d kinda like Mr. Kass and the very conservative Chicago newspapers and Bush supporting Chicago newspapers if in fact, Mr. Bush will declare he won’t pardon someone who has done damage to our country in epic proportions not even remotely approached by Tony Rezko and his cronies, and that’d be Scootsie Libby.

    I’d extend that to my questin as to why Pat Fitz has been a coward when it comes to prosecuting and convicting one Karl Rove, one Dick Cheney, and one Addington. Any two bit AUSA with an IQ of 3 can take down Tony Rezko. It is a congenital character trait of an AUSA or a USA that they can go after the Rezkos or the little guys all they want, but they tred very lightly with big fish. And Fitz is certainly no different.

    Deferred Prosecution Agreements DSAs are the order of the day at DOJ now.

    Fitz continues to piss away taxpayer money keeping the Special Counsel’s office open and does not lift a finger to prosecute Rove, Addington, Cheney, and now it seems Bush is right in the epicenter of targets for Fitz to use the Special Counsel’s office to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to issue “No Comments” and do nothing to move against these four individuals.

    Can the Bush rubber stamping Chicago Sun Times guarantee this kind of integrity from this adminstration? I think not. I expect Scootsie Libby to receive a full pardon soon. And what’s worse is I expect Fitz to continue to be the chickenshit that he is with regard to prosecuting Rove, Addington, Cheney, and Bush.

    • looseheadprop says:

      I’d extend that to my questin as to why Pat Fitz has been a coward when it comes to prosecuting and convicting one Karl Rove, one Dick Cheney, and one Addington. Any two bit AUSA with an IQ of 3 can take down Tony Rezko. It is a congenital character trait of an AUSA or a USA that they can go after the Rezkos or the little guys all they want, but they tred very lightly with big fish. And Fitz is certainly no different.

      Someone with an IQ of 3 can take down Rezko? Pete, how many criminal public corruption cases have you tried and won? How many public corruption cases have you investigated?

      Public corruption investigations are even harder to do than regular criminal investigations b/c simply by talking to a witness–an innocent witness–you can destroy that witness’s career.

      Further, the bigger the fish, th emore slam dunk solid you case has to be or else you, and your officce, get branded as viglanites or out for personal glory or generally out of control.

      Gee, pat actually CONVICTED Libby and was and is still getting slimed with the “Runaway Prosecutor” meme.

      If he took his shot at Rove and DIDN’T get a clean kill, no one would ever be able to take a shot at rove again.

      Now, the case against Rove is potentially stronger. Further, have you ever heard of CONFLICT OF INTEREST?

      I’m not so sure Pat wouldn’t have to recuse himself from a case involving Rove trying to fire him (if indeed Rove tried to do so) b/c that would make Pat the crime victim.

      Pete, think it through. What witnesses would say what in a Rove trial? Things already on the record. What documents would be used as exhibits at Rove’s trial?

      I don’t see a prosecutable case against Rove in the documents in the public domain. I haven’t heard ny witness testimony tat in and of itself would guarentee a conviction.

      There is only one silver bullet. If you shoot prematurely and don’t get a clean kill, neither you nor anyboody else is likely to get a second chance.

      And you want to rush that shot?

      • PetePierce says:


        And you want to rush that shot?

        No I don’t, but I do believe there has been time to take it. And I am very worried that it won’t be taken, and if that happens I won’t fully understand why.

        You could come back and remind me that Pat Fitzgerald has a very full plate managing cases in the Northern District of Illinois, and you would get no argument from me there. It is not lost on me that although the MSM and the public didn’t notice it much, I was very aware that Pat had to fly back and forth between Chicago and D.C. and was really handling two very big jobs.

        You have made these points before and I appreciated them then and I do now.

        I’m not sliming Pat with a runaway prosecutor meme. But it is a big mystery to me (and to people I know who are very experienced vets of DOJ who were thought to be among the most outstanding litigators trial litigators there for years who ran sections/units as to why Pat keeps that office open, and did not and does not indict Karl Rove.

        You are very aware of what Rove has done. Marcy has explicated it and butressed it with supporting detail, as well as anyone writing today in print or on a blog. Christy has and you may have two. I try to read all your blogs but may miss them from time to time.

        Pete, how many criminal public corruption cases have you tried and won? How many public corruption cases have you investigated?

        First, I’d like to underscore I’m in good company asking why Fitz didn’t indict Rove before and hasn’t yet. I appreciate all your points. I understand the difference between going to a grand jury with a sloopy case–I got to watch Siegelman’s clusterfuck and the one that the 30 year old from Pin fucked up against Geoffery Fleiger that I don’t think was merited–I think it was purely political–I think Marcy indicated she thought it might have been merited but sloppily handled. I agree with her as to the handling. There are also the activities of Christopher Christie in your neighboring New Jersey not to mention his making a very rich man out of people like Ashcroft–your former AJ in your old job or was it Jan Reno? There is additionally the ridiculous prosecution of distinguished forensic/surgical pathologist Cyril Wecht that just ended in a mistrial.

        About as many as full cardiac and respiratory arrests, 16 year olds with critical bleeds into their heads (whose chests needs opening in the ER and you have to literally knock the OR down with a borrowed sledge hammer to get a rib spreader to get to the heart so you can stabilize the kid so the nuerosurgeon can open his head and try to save him from the epidural hematoma with a 16% recovery rate in series from the best NYC or rest of the country tertiary medical centers, or complicated kiddy facial lacerations, drug overdoses, 7 year-old little girls electrocuted and drowned in a bathtub that you saved who graduated at the top of the high school classes, telephone workers/power workers or cable engineers electrocuted on a pole and classes for EMTs so we could get the drugs we needed on the trucks for first responders and advanced EMTs) as you have handled I would guess.

        You talked about trying to save kids in Harlem from becoming fatal drug ODs when you were with Public Corruption SDNY and I appreciate that. I was one of the guys who had to save them when they came in. It does not take much of a Tyleonol OD to get someone onto a Done’s Nomogram scale so that they are going to need a Mucomist antidote in a critical amount of time either.

        IQ of 3 might not have been the best choice of phrase and you know that I was not casting aspersions your way or to your former colleagues and current friends specifically. And your latest blogs on issues with respect to DOJ have been illuminating and very well written. I have read the blogging although not probably every bit of it that you have done and Christy has done and it reflects a lot of research, insight and hard work. So whatever it would mean to you or if you were indifferent, if you didn’t think I have considerable respect for your past career and current talent, there should be no mistake in your mind now that I do.

        What I’m saying is that DOJ has always been extremely eager to go after relative little guys and very reluctant and hesitant and careful about going after big fish when the big fish aren’t involved in purported drug cases with purported drug kingpins. I’m not for a moment saying that doing these prosecutions can’t be very laborous, require considerable skill and savvy both in getting them done and ealing with not only the defense bar but people at Main Justice or in your unit. The Kingpin law btw is being rewriteen and tightened in the House and Senate as we speak.

        I offer not only DFAs in this current Mukasey and formerly Gonzales DOJ that have become pandemic, but the fact that Rezko is very small potatoes with small impact on the public relative to the very precise code sections that Bush, Cheney, Addington and Rove have broken and flaunted. Rove has as much pitched a “Fuck You in Spades” to this DOJ, and I’m going to bet that not too many of your targets when you were there represented themselves that defiantly to you and your collegues. And if they did, I suspect you were pretty competent in showing them why that was not a good idea.

        I didn’t say that everyone who tries public corruption cases as you have has an IQ of 3 and I have been quick to praise a number of your blogs. I didn’t say that there weren’t extremely bright headsup people with great educations, at some of the country’s best law schools even when they might not be as well known as Yale, as I’m sure you were when you were there in SDNY who did important work and were possibly outstanding doing it.

        I was making a comparison betwen the relative damage that Tony Rezko and people like him who were profiled during the trail that finished yesterday did and specifically the damage that Rove, Addington, Cheney and Bush have done who have all been heavily implicated in illegal leaking and I believe now obstsruction of justice and perjury in the Plame affair. Of course except for Rezko’s appeals to the 7th Circuit and the Supreme Court–Amy St. Eve’s won’t give him an appeal bond and Posner and his homeboys and homegirls in the 7th Circuit will back her. Rezko immediately turned himself in to the marshals yesterday. I don’t know if he’s getting credit for pre-sentencing time (in fact defendandts do not but I believe that it was worked out that Tony will get credit beginning this morning for his time served now)

        But I can point out a greatest hits of stupid blunders by AUSAs that would dwarf Hugh’s list and

        so can you.

        Further, the bigger the fish, th emore slam dunk solid you case has to be or else you, and your officce, get branded as viglanites or out for personal glory or generally out of control.

        Yes mam. No doubt there. People with resources can hire the same type of dream team that Geoffrey Feiger did with one of Bmaz’s faves
        Spense. Siegelman has three excellent attorneys working his appeal who did his trial.

        But what you don’t hear a lot of people from DOJ tell you until like some I know they go from heading a unit for years into private defense so they can send their kids to college is that FRE, FRCrP and the ranks of AUSAs and USAs that migrate to the federal bench and the budget that they have to operate with in terms of the FBI and their subspecialists as investigators result in the 93.5% conviction rate that AUSAs currently enjoy as well as people who travel from Main Justice units like PIN in DC to prosecute.

        I would offer for you to take a quick drill into the Siegelman case or the PIN 30 something that screwed up badly in Geoffrey Feiger’s case who lost Monday and I bet you would agree that things were badly out of control there. As Siegelman’s appeal develops I wouldn’t be surprised to see some excellent blogs from you, Christy, and EW and of course there already have been. Why do you think that last week in the Eleventh Circuit Siegelman’s prosecuting team filed motions to drop their appeal of his sentence and had nothing to say about it as I noticed when people at the Eleventh told me aboaut it and EW blogged here the other day? The prosecution in that case has been beyond the pale with every bit of respect due to anyone and it’s just one reason I am beyond the pale frustrated that Fitz cannot will not prosecute Karl Rove. Let’s face it. Conyers or SJC may get Robe to testify LHP, but do you really expect Rove to give useful answers to questions there (he’s not going to show and Obama is very cognizent of the contempts in both the House and the Senate by Bush officials. I don’t see any scintilla of Rove to claim Executive Privilege in the Siegelman matter and neither did 22 US Attorneys who filed one of the five amicus briefs in the D.C. trial court the other day (the others were two liberal groups and two conservative groups and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse was one of the former US Attorneys

        And I read your insightful critiques of the recent situation in Spitzer.

        If he took his shot at Rove and DIDN’T get a clean kill, no one would ever be able to take a shot at rove again.

        Politically you might think so, but we both know legally that’s not the case. Siegelman is enjoying his ***third** proseuction as a target of DOJ. He was acquitted in one and one was dismissed. Would you like to have the chance to cross examine Leura Canary and her husband Bill? I’d jump at it.

        Pete, think it through. What witnesses would say what in a Rove trial? Things already on the record. What documents would be used as exhibits at Rove’s trial?

        I can come up with a witness list that I think would do considerable damage to Rove. Documents including graymail and the email situation that Marcy has covered well and Maddog and others have analyzed well from an IT perspective here are absolutely a problem. But many of us think that Pat has in his possession emails that would be very crucial in convicting Rove, and one thing that does not seem to be very well clarified and maybe you can that has been discussed here and at FDL is that Pat as Special Counsel should have control of all his work product, his evidence, his interviews and witness statements gathered in the extensive investigation for the Libby trial. It is unclear to me and a lot of others why in the world Mukasey seems to have anything to say about Pat’s use or release of that material. You know quite well because we all hawked them, that there was much in the trial transcript in considerable arguing Pat’s standing as Special Counsel to prosecute Libby, and it was the subject of the briefs for the appellee and the appellant in the D.C. Circuit an appeal which of course Pat and his appellate team won and Bush dissolved in the commutation.


        I do hope you are aware btw that I maintained for months that Hillary wasn’t vetted and something I said to you about that that I believe was appropriately questioning your vetting Clinton Jane must have thought was too flip, she never would explain it, has kept me from posting at FDL and I thought I contributed fairly well at times. I meant to ask you with respect why you have not mentioned these reasons that are in fact keeping Hillary Clinton out of the Obama administration. If you did I missed it. Remember LHP you said you wanted to vet Obama. He has been vetted and he will continue to be.

        I think having experienced law school at one of the best schools in the country, and a nice career, you can appreciate what it would take reflecting on your classmates’ paths from college through law school what it means when someone gets out of college and takes the following path: Obama goes to work on Chicago’s South Side after graduating Columbia with High Honors, completes Harvard Law school, gets an offer to be Avner Mikvah (who went on to be White House Counsel for the Clintons) to be his D.C. Circuit law clerk out of Harvard, and turns it down to once again go to work for a relatively small law firm in Chicago and instead of getting a job at a D.C. NYC powerhouse firm with a 6 figure entry level income, took until just recently to pay back his college and law school loans and Michelle’s.

        I got to vet her where it counted though by submitting my questions to the Obmama legal vetting team. I got what I wanted there. She is not going to be Veep candidate nor on the S. Ct. (boy was that a stretch–Hillary on constitutional law is like me picking up someone in the back of a McDonald’s and asking them to go open a chest of a trauma case in an ER). She flunked the D.C. bar by the way and althought that would have had little bearing on her career had Hillary had real experience (she has not) doing any significant litigation at Rose or anywhere else except for the cases where she or her husband were defendants.

        I want to make sure you know that a number of us have input into Holder and Caroine Kennedy’s team of attorneys who attempted to vet the Clintons and are now vetting VP candidates. She is not, let me repeat the word not, under consideration by Obmaa’s team and has not been. She was told months ago to cough up in several areas and she and Bill Clinton defiantly and imperiously refused.

        1) 2007 Income Taxes
        2) Library Foundation Fiscal documents, money transfers, and complete list of donors and their organizations (like the donor who profited from the uraniam deal)
        3) Any and all sources of income by the Clintons including transfer of monies to her campaign from one Ron Burkle and Yucaipa. None of us particularly cares about alledged liasons with Gina Gerson, or the 20 somethings regularly recruited for the jaunts Bill Clinton takes with Burkle one what his security staff calls “Air Fuck One” aka the Burklejet. But the 527s would have rolled this sexually referenced material out in spades the way they are making films of Rezko walking around, and tying them to pictures of Obama

        That’d be this one LHP:

        Financier Frank Gustra donates $31.5 to Clinton after Clinton swings deal from former Kazakhstan Dictator Butcher

        I welcome you to look at questions I proposed and the ones above were actually proferred to the Clinton’s and they were indignant and imperious and refusing to answer them.

        I simply asked you why you wouldn’t want to use them to vet her, and it cost me posting at FDL. I think it’s their loss and I proposed them to you as I’ve just answered you now with all respect due.

        20 Vetting Questions for Clinton–and a few and her baggage cost her any participation in an Obama administration

        • ACitizen says:

          The Clintons are too smart to tie themselves to Barkey & Co. The only reason he has received a pass from the corporatist media on his deep involvement with the IL Machine is that they are waiting until the GE to give him the chop.

          His campaign will be over 30 days after McCaine flashes the MSM the Go sign.

          Funny how it all works out ain’t it.

          Bush I, big time Carlyle crook….

          The Clintons….Whitewater crooks….

          Bush II….not enough space here to list all the crooked things he’s gotten up to…

          Barkey….also a crook as is evident from his transactions with Rezko let alone Auchi and the rest…


          Seems like, smells like…in order to be a leading politician you gotta be a crook…

          What a great statement that makes about not only the pols but the low-info voters who keep electing these…..


        • Leen says:

          I know I’ve asked before and Bmaz has said “no”, but could Rove have made a deal and ready rolled over to Fitz?

        • Leen says:

          Asking that question cost you the ability to post at fdl? If that is true that is pathetic.

      • PetePierce says:


        2 points I’d like you to comment on.

        I am too tired to try to nail caselaw/code section on whether Fitz is a victim of attempted firing or threats since Fitz, if my memory serves wasn’t aware of alleged efforts by Rove to replace him. I don’t doubt Rove probably expressed intent, if evidence can be substantiated, but is Fitz a victim in this possible intended crime. I know if I’m found with all kinds of notes on Chase Manhatten bank outside, explosives and plans to break into the vault I have a legal problem.

        What I’m more interested in that has been a topic in these parts and was the subject of as you know at trial before Judge Reggie Walton and of the appellate briefs before the D.C. Circuit is the nexus between Fitz’s status as Special Counsel, code section and case law on it, rules in the US Attorney’s Manual that to me clearly say Fitz has control of all investigations by the FBI, and essentially all interviews and the workproduct that comprise the entire Libby case file.

        But I keep reading about McKasey having the discretion to allow Fitz to release them which does not make a lot of sense.

        I’d like to wish Hillary and Barack a rollicking good time getting down on their play date tonight, but I will guarantee you he is reiterrating at her home in DC tonight that she is going to play no role in his administration period. They have known this from the start.

        She is refusing to be vetted of her baggage that could raise criminal implications for the Clintons, and she will not be part of an Obama ticket or the administration.

        There are no rings to give back, and I don’t know if Hillary or Il Presidente is going to do a Puerto Rican folk dance for him in a dress instead of a pant suit, but I do know that covering this election is way above Andrea Mitchell’s intelligence level.

        Al Greenspan should whisper into her ear tonight:

        Income Tax Returns 2007
        Burkle income all paperwork
        Library financials and donations all paperwork

  41. wavpeac says:

    I feel very proud to be an american when I think about the case that Fitz has been ever so patiently mounting. Fitz puts my faith back into our system. I know it’s been slow but I have never felt there was a single fact to support a loss of faith in Fitz. His actions speak louder than words. I so agree with LHP that this case has been one of the most complicated in history. Truly. I think it is all falling into place and we will finally know what many of us have only opined about. I also think that there will be some information that we may never know or won’t know for many years. I am so grateful for the people on these sites who have kept the truth alive.

    Patience is a virtue…

  42. carrierobertsonassoc says:

    FWIW, I believe Jason Leopold was right when he reported an indictment against Rove two years ago. Doesn’t anyone here find it remotely strange that neither gold bars or Fitz have released the letter sent to Rove supposedly clearing him?

    And after reading McClellan’s book I went back through some archives and found Jason Leopold was the first reporter to write in Oct 2005 that Cheney was under investigation and that Bush leaked the NIE.

    Leopold clearly had good sources and if you read some of those older stories you can see how far out he was from everyone.

    But now I am interested in the letter and wondering if there is something that Rove gave fitz to avoid him filing the indictment. Has anyone tried to get a copy of that?

    • BooRadley says:

      The only sources Jason had on all his Plamegate stories were ew, at tnh and Jane and Christy at FDL. He’d read their meticulous research and then just steal the fruits of their painstaking labor. He continually repackaged their conclusions for FakeOut TruthOut behind anonymous sources that didn’t exist. EW, Jane, and Christy NEVER used anonymous sources in any of their reporting.

      Jason enjoyed bringing huge pressure on ew, Jane, and Christy to follow him and publish that Fitz had indicted Rove. Everyone at FDL and tnh was complaining, because Jason had info they didn’t. To their eternal credit, ew, Jane and Christy never took the bait. They stood by their research and humbly said that they could not confirm Jason’s alleged scoop. A lot of the legacy media now wish they had ew’s, Jane’s and Christy’s discipline. As the weeks dragged on and there was no indictment, pressure on Jason grew. He went on the radio and said if his “scoop” turned out to be false, he would “out” all his anonymous sources. We’re still waiting.

      Before Plamegate, Jason ran the same scam on the death of the pope. Everyone knew he was going to die, Jason claimed to have anonymous sources that he was already dead. Here’s a good link into a review of Jason’s issues Jason Leopold Sockpuppet Extraordinaire.

  43. carrierobertsonassoc says:

    How do you explain the fact that Leopold reported Cheney being investigated, Bush’s involvement well before EW or anyone at FDL ever wrote a word about that.

    And we know DHinMI, aka Dana Houle, chief of staff to Paul Hodes is the real sockpuppet.

    So I call BS on you.

    You’re working off a template instead of facts

  44. carrierobertsonassoc says:

    And I just listened to the ed schultz tape. Leopold never said he would reveal his sources if his story wasn’t right.

    The propaganda you peddle is worse than that of the White House

    You should be ashamed.

  45. carrierobertsonassoc says:

    You just proved my point. You speak authoritatively yet work off zero facts.

    I spent an entire day reading all of the background on the Plame story and Leopold reported things in October 2005 way before anyone here ever uttered a word about Cheney’s involvement.

    And this wasn’t about attacking leopold personally which you do so well.

    I simply inquired about the letter to Rove and you failed to answer that question.

  46. carrierobertsonassoc says:

    I have no idea and don’t really care.

    But you do so why don’t you ask him.

    You really need to step outside of your bubble

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