EW’s Trash Talk – The Big Games Start

Week 2 is upon us, football is really back, and the big games are really starting to be played now. The first weekend you are just glad to have the pigskin back in the air, you don’t care that the games are usually not that good. Last weekend’s game between Tennessee and the Bruins of UCLA was a definite exception. Holy cow, it was a great game, especially the second half (masaccio, being a Vols fan, may not agree). Rick Neuheisel may be starting something special in Westwood, and that would be a fantastic thing for Pac-10 football, and college football generally.

Wobbly yawner games, where the cobwebs are still being shaken off, are not the case for Week 2 though, there are huge games on tap. Let’s belly up to the bar then.

NCAA – The Rose Bowl. The Grandaddy of Them All. Right here in the second week of September no less. All kidding aside, it is hard to envision a more compelling early September matchup than Number 5 ranked The Ohio State University invading the Coliseum and the Mighty Men of Troy, the Number 1 ranked USC Trojans. What can you say, the game speaks for itself. National Championship hopes are already on the line big time; even if they were not, college football games just don’t get more compelling than this. Don’t be a McCain hiding behind a skirt wimp, be open and notorious, pick a side and state yer case. Then let me give you a hint. There is a track record on these kind of matchups, and it ain’t a real pretty one for the three yards and a cloud of dust conference. That record will continue I’m afraid. Other games to pay attention to include #10 Wisconsin at #21 Fresno State, UCLA at #18 BYU, and the Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech. Oh, and and yet another scintillating meeting between Michigan and Notre Dame. Hard to imagine that it could live up to last year’s matchup of the un-victorious and un-tieds. But they will try.

THE BIG BOYS OF SUNDAY – Pats at Brett and the Jets tops the list. Ground control sans Major Tom looks to be in the offing for the Pats. I think they will still run the same basic offense with Matt Cassel in place of Tom Brady, now done for the year, but look for a bigger commitment to the run. And look for Cassel to find Randy Moss a lot. If you were a young quarterback making your first start since high school wouldn’t you look for Randy Moss? Of course you would. Thing is, Mangini may be a prick, but he ain’t stupid, he knows about Moss too. I don’t know who is going to win this game; but, man, is this gonna be must see TeeVee.

In the other games, there may not be quite the compelling drama of the Jets/Pats, but there are some good hookups. One is the Frightning Bolts visiting the Donkos at Invesco Field. The last time we saw Invesco, there was quite a show put on; this may be a worthy sequel. Jay Cutler is really starting to come into his own this year. I literally saw some shades of Elway’s arm last week, and I think the Broncs are going to send the Powder Blue to 0 and 2. Pittsburgh at Cleveland and the ‘Boys hosting the Iggles are also pretty interesting. I dunno on the latter, both look real tough this year, Iggles may be a surprise here though.

THE BOYS OF SUMMER – Well, the Sawx are still rockin, the Yanks are a fadin, The LA teams are killin, and the fuckin Diamondbacks suck. In light of the total suckiness of the young D’backs, I am full on rooting for a 405 series. Thats right, Mrs. O’Leary’s Bovine Creature still holds forth, the Cubs go bye bye and we get the Angelic Ones versus Lasorda’s Beloved Boys in Dodger Blue for the World Series. Vlad the Impaler versus Manny being Manny. And a line of Bentleys and Mercs stuck on the 405 freeway going between the ballyards. Yep, that’s the ticket.

F1 Circus In Monza – What could be better than a great duel down the stretch between Ferrari and McLaren for the driver’s championship and a trip to the fabled Monza Circuit? Not much really. This is simply the highest form of auto racing as it is supposed to be. But as I write this, we have breaking news. There is a bit o the wet at Monza this morning for qualifying, and Lewis Hamilton, perhaps the best tiger in the wet on the circuit now that Michael Schumacher is no longer prowling the field, has just failed to make it past the knockout round. That means he is not going to start in the top ten positions when the race goes off Sunday. Curiously, Kimi Raikkonen didn’t make it past the knockout either, and Felipe Massa barely made it, squeaking into the pole fight at P 10.

For those of you unfamiliar with Monza, wow, where to start. This is the place of legends. You’ve heard of the banked turns at Indianapolis? Nothing compared to what they used to face at Monza. Here is an old video that kind of shows what banking really is. This ten minute clip from the movie Grand Prix is even better. Phil Hill drove the camera car for Frankenheimer in the filming of Grand Prix, and the footage is utterly spectacular. The clip is very much worth the time to watch. Monza is the fastest circuit on the Grand Prix tour; always has been. Some of the best drivers in history have lost their life at Monza, including Count Louis Zborowski (driver of the real "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"), Alberto Ascari, Wolfgang von Tripps (whose death in the 1961 Italian Grand Priz at Monza gave his teammate Phil Hill, the winner of that tragic race, the championship in 1961), Jochen Rindt, and Ronnie Peterson. If you have ever had a hankering to watch a F1 race, this would be a great one. Coverage on Speed TV.

  1. JimWhite says:

    My guess is that the “Collision at the Coliseum” is going to be a blow-out very similar to when the acorns played Florida or LSU for the national title. In fact, our local sports columnist here in Gainesville suggested yesterday that the SEC might want to consider inviting USC to join…

    As a UCLA alum, I also am excited about Neuheisel coming back, provided he has learned his lesson and runs a clean program…

    My Jayhawks had a great come-back last night only to collapse at the very end. Oh well, as Mangino said about Kansas football, “Anyone can have a bad century.”

    • bmaz says:

      Heh, indeed, anyone can have a bad century. Take the football Cardinals for instance. Please. You know Neuheisel isn’t that bad of a character, one of his deals, Washington I believe, was ludicrous. they tanked him for filling out basketball final four brackets in the athletic department pool or something like that. H e actually sued and won after he was canned on this one. He is a smart guy and a very good coach; will be really good for the Bruins I think. And seeing a real rivalry restored to the end of season USC-UCLA game will be a very good thing. I don’t think any Pac-10 teams will be signing up for that newfangled SEC thing. We’ll be just fine out here thank you very much! By the way, the one I am looking forward to, and may go to if it is not too hot that night, is next Saturday’s ASU-Georgia game. I am afraid the bulldogs have a little bit too much for my Sun Devils, but there have been a lot of other teams came rambling in here like that who left not liking the hospitality at all. (See: Cornhuskers, Nebraska), so we shall see.

      • JimWhite says:

        Oooh. I hadn’t realized that ASU-Georgia was coming up. Watch out for that Moreno guy–he kicks butt. I’m not that impressed with the rest of Georgia’s team, but Moreno is the real deal. I’m focused on the Florida-Tennessee game the same day; the Gators are off today to get ready for that and the Vols are probably going to be especially up while they try to save their season. UCLA was a serious wake-up for them.

        I agree that Neuheisel got a raw deal in Washington and I guess it is also fair to say that Colorado continued its disdain for the rules long after he was gone. Neuheisel’s time at UCLA directly overlapped with mine while I was there for grad school, so I’ve always pulled for him.

        Another sport that needs love from this thread: NCAA women’s volleyball. Go Gators!

  2. foothillsmike says:

    My alma mater has a pretty decent test today. #3 Okla v Washington. Hope they can stay awake for 4 quarters. Looking for a good season they just don’t do bowl games

  3. BooRadley says:

    Thanks bmaz.

    I just emailed this link to Jane and emptywheel

    Sure, the real issue dogging Republican vice presidential candidate was that she supported the Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska until it became politically expedient not to do so. But I don’t give a cantilevered fuck about a bridge. I’m pissed off that she, like ticket mate John McCain, has tried to curry favor with Pennsylvania voters by fudging some small useless facts about the Steelers. Hey, Yinzers aren’t always the brightest bunch but they’re not automatically going to cast their vote for you because you pay some minor lip service to their favorite football team. Just ask this guy.

    Last week, I mentioned how she told a columnist at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that she adopted the Steelers as her team in the ’70s, y’know, right in the height of their dynasty. Now Sports Northwest reports she joined a Seahawks fan club “two or three years ago”. No doubt right in the midst of their journey to NFL runnerupdom!

    I don’t know how they do things in Alaska, but here in lower 48, we don’t truck no dual citizenship in our sports, lady. You pick a fucking team and you stick with it. Hate on Obama all you want – and I’m sure many of you do – but at least he’s not using sports as a means of cozying up to voters in battleground states.

    Tip of the referee’s cap – That no-account sad sack Seahawks fan, Ufford.


    I think it’s worth a post, because I’d love to see the MSM pick it up.

    • phred says:

      Great find Boo! NFL turncoats should be automatically barred from public office — especially if they are stupid enough to dump the Stillers when Rothlisberger was looking hot and the Seahawks were still circling dumps and fishing boats.

      • bmaz says:

        Oh, I am still a Pack fan first and foremost. I am still pissed though. And I am rooting for Brett and the Jets.

        Also keep in mind that it is not just Palin screwing with Pennsylvania and the Steelers fans, McCain is even worse. He fibbed his big football/POW story like the whore that he is. He now uses the Steelers instead of the Packers in another one of his shameless POW exploitation tales.

        • phred says:

          Ok that just tears it! What a weasel… everyone knows that it would have been the Packers back then, jeebus what a putz…

          Oh and by the way bmaz after a slip of the tongue recently I have taken to calling that team in NY the Bretts ; )

          Go Pack! Go Bretts! Have I mentioned I’m really really glad he went to the AFC? No conflict of interest in cheering for them both : )

          • bmaz says:

            Can you imagine the Vikings with Favre instead of that Tavarius Jackson dude? Oh my, I still think the Pack owed Brett the ability to be released and go with whoever he wanted if they were not going to have the common sense to play him; but i can sure see why they desperately did not want him in Minnesota. Brett Favre with Anthony Peterson as running back would have been a flat out killing machine.

  4. emptywheel says:

    I agree–the Bolts are gonna go home 0-2. Not a good way to start a purportedly Super Bowl season. But then with Brady out and Peyton looking downright human, the AFC as a whole doesn’t look like it’s old self (getting beat in the Super Bowl does that, I guess).

    Where’s randiego when you want to bust him about a last minute heartbreak, anyway?

    Which brings us to the NFC East. I agree: that ‘Boys-Iggles is gonna be a cracker. I hate the ‘Boys. But boy do they look tough this year.

    • bmaz says:

      I have emailed your callout to randiego. Let’s see if he will show up to feebly protect his turf. As to the latter, two words: Jessica Simpson. She’s gaining weight, cant’s sing and jinxes the “Boys. Elvis left some tickets for her at will call….

  5. foothillsmike says:

    Not sure about the pac-10 games. To often the outcome of games can be determined by inept referees as opposed to the quality of the teams

  6. phred says:

    Hey bmaz — still miffed at the Packer front office I see… How ’bout a little love for my green and gold, eh? Maybe if I send you a cheesehead and a number 12 jersey you’ll cheer up ; )

    And EW, damn good thing you’re not a Lions fan — yikes! Only one week down and the kitty cats got a lock on last place in the NFC North — and that’s sayin’ something this year…

  7. nomolos says:

    In the other games, there may not be quite the compelling drama of the Jets/Pats

    The Pats will not miss a beat against the New Jersey Jets. Flip flop favre will be flopped onto his backside by the best defense in the league, bar none. Vrable and Thomas will be ordering sandwich #4 until it is removed from the menu. Moss and Wes will run rings around the Mangini miniatures masquerading as corner backs. Sammy Morris and Lamont will rack up the yards while the New Jersey linebackers try to chase Matt. It will be a walkover for Bill and the boys. Oh, and Maroney might learn how to run straight ahead.

        • bmaz says:

          Hey, whatever happened to that big DNA test that creepy moron McNamee promised??? I notice things have been a little quieter on that front now that they are in a real court. Don’t know what the result will be, but McNamee’s lawyers are no match for Rusty; if they are going to win, they better brings facts as opposed to their early bluster, else Hardin will hand their ass to them.

      • phred says:

        LOL — now who’s the greatest quaterback evah??? ; )

        And yes, I can imagine Brett at the Vikes — which is why Thompson et al. would never ever have let him go there. Had they done so it would have gone down in NFL history as the worst trade ever. Even worse than that unfortunate occasion where I traded LaDainian Tomlinson at the start of his rookie year to a “friend” in my fantasy league — that’s what I get for not following college ball ; )

        • nomolos says:

          LOL — now who’s the greatest quaterback evah??? ; )

          For Green Bay Bart Starr for the Pats Tom Brady for the Jets Joe Namath

          • phred says:

            I agree completely, still as a Packer fan in the heart of Pats-land, I can’t help yanking the chain of Brady’s adoring public ; )

            FWIW, the “best ever” stuff drives me nuts. After all, how many of us have even the slightest clue about players (pick your sport) from the turn of the last century? It’s a goofy claim to make. I’ve got no problem in comparing players of the same era, but best ever? Not so much…

          • bmaz says:

            If Favre had been on the Patriots, Brady would still be riding the bench. You win SuperBowls with teams. Brady has had, even though nowhere near as many years in the league than Favre, many more far better teams. Brady is truly a great quarterback, no question, but just because he has had the luxury of playing on the Pats and has had some good years, by no means makes him the best evah yet, nor does it even place him in the pantheon of all time greats like Montana, Graham, Unitas and, yes, Favre yet. He will get there I think, but not yet. the Patriots are a fine little team for this little run they have been on, but they are not the Green Bay Packers for chrissakes. That is like comparing the Houston Rockets to the Boston Celtics. Or the Red Sox to the Yankees. Or something.

          • freepatriot says:

            LOL — now who’s the greatest quaterback evah???

            Otto Ghraham

            played in a championship game just about every year he played

                • BayStateLibrul says:


                  Vito “Babe” Parilli of the University of Kentucky was an All-American starting quarterback for the Wildcats under Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, and is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame. He was an example of the NFL’s lack of player evaluation skills. Branded as an “NFL reject”, Parilli was picked up by the Oakland Raiders in 1960, and later, as a Boston Patriot, went on to become one of the American Football League’s most productive and colorful players. He played for the Patriots from 1961 through 1966, and was a three-time AFL All-Star.
                  In 1964, throwing to fellow Hall of Famer Gino Cappelletti, he amassed nearly 3,500 yards passing, with 31 touchdowns. That season, on October 16th, he threw for 422 yards against the Oakland Raiders, with four touchdown passes, in a 43-43 tie! Parilli completed his career with the New York Jets, where after the 1968 season in the Third World Championship Game, he earned a ring as Joe Namath’s backup in the destruction of the Colts. He is one of only twenty players who were in the American Football League for its entire ten-year existence. He is also in the University of Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame.

  8. BayStateLibrul says:

    My neighbor on the street is an Angels scout so I needle him about LA’s/Anaheim/California’s “choking” in the first round. He says it’s different this year.
    I say bullshit.
    It’ll be a Cubbie and Red Sox delight, just before Obama is inducted.
    As a climax, the final game will be at the Fens.
    No 405 match-up, all Pedroia, all-Jacoby-E, with a touch of Murphy’s Law.

    Arizona State coach Pat Murphy offered some more insight on Pedroia’s college days. Pedroia, despite his stature, was a monster college recruit — Miami, LSU, Stanford, all the powerhouses wanted him. And yet.

    “He looked like the bat boy,” Murphy said. “You’d only have to talk to him for five minutes to find out he wasn’t the bat boy. He thinks he’s the MVP.”

    When Arizona State made the 2005 College World Series, the year after Pedroia departed, Murphy wrote Pedroia’s name on his cap because, “he deserved to be there,” Murphy said. He felt so indebted because during Pedroia’s junior (and final collegiate) season, Pedroia gave up his scholarship so Murphy could recruit other players, Murphy said.

    “This kid is such a throwback,” Murphy said. “He doesn’t care who’s on the mound, doesn’t care who’s pitching. He doesn’t want to offend anybody. He just plays the game with an urgency. He’ll never admit this to you, but he’s playing the game like, ‘I’m going to get in the Hall of Fame. I’m going to win championships for my team.’ He’s a special kid. You know it from first day you met. One season, we put together a highlight tape. You’d say we were putting out reruns. We had to cut the highlight tape short. Had too choose between too many of his tremendous plays.”

  9. MadDog says:

    Totally OT – From the Wired blog – Justice Department Moving to Immunize Snooping Telcos:

    Two months ago, President Bush won congressional approval to immunize the nation’s telecommunications companies from lawsuits accusing them of helping Bush funnel Americans’ electronic communications to the National Security Agency without warrants — all in the name of national security following the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

    But the telecoms, facing 36 lawsuits commingled as one in a San Francisco federal court, still haven’t been granted immunity in the lawsuits alleging they breached their customers’ Fourth Amendment right to privacy. On Friday, however, Justice Department special counsel Anthony Coppolino said the government would comply with the immunity bill’s procedural hurdles by Sept. 19 to seek blanket immunity on behalf of the companies.

    Whether U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker would abide by the government’s wishes is an open question. Last year, Walker refused to dismiss the cases on other grounds.

    “It’s a brand-new statute, hot off the government printing press,” Walker said in a hearing Friday.

    In response to Coppolino’s remarks, Walker set a Dec. 2 hearing, in which he would allow the Electronic Frontier Foundation to challenge the immunity legislation Congress passed July 9 in a bid to keep the lawsuits alive…

    The latest court document. Hopefully, some resident Legal Eagle will give us their considered opinion on the chances for success in the document’s arguments.

    • nomolos says:

      success in the document’s arguments.

      Better off looking to see who is paying off whom and who is blowing whom. The law has spank all to do with it.

  10. CasualObserver says:

    Let’s see here…trying to get into the NFL fray once again. Who the heck won the superbowl last year?

        • bmaz says:

          The Gents are the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL; they ain’t gettin no respect. Last year they won the SuperBowl; this year most are picking them to finish third in their division. I have a hard time doing that, but have to admit that the Cowboys and Iggles both look tough.

        • CasualObserver says:

          No doubt, now that you have jogged your memory, you will proceed to remind us in even greater detail…

          phred, I apologize. won’t happen again, I promise. I hate these types who continually gloat about their world championships (in this case, the World Champion New York Football Giants).

          • phred says:

            I was just teasing CO ; ) Your team earned you the right to gloat all you want — have at it! Be my guest, really, just because the Gents beat my Pack in overtime in the NFC Championship, don’t think I hold a grudge… nosiree bob, I can take it, I can… waaaahhhhh, sob sob, waaaahhhhh… Ok, maybe I can’t take it ; )

  11. Neil says:

    First, it’s off to Xaverian vs. Malden Catholic. As the famous Tip O’Neill once said, all football is local.

    At 3:30 ET I’ll watch the maize and blue and the fighting Irish. It doesn’t have to be #1 vs #5 to be a good game, although that certainly looks like a good game too.

    I’ve decided to cheer for Bowdoin in seven out of eight games this year. Let’s face it, Polar bears have never had a better friend than Sarah Palin. NESCAC scrimmages this week and plays the season opener next Saturday. The Jeffs open with Hamilton at Home. The Bowdoin polar bears play the Ephs in WIlliamstown.

    I usually follow football closely but this year I’ve been in campaign mode and my football has been neglected. It’s time to remedy that.

    • bmaz says:

      It doesn’t have to be #1 vs #5 to be a good game

      No, but you have to do better than the Big Boo versus the Feinting Irish lately if you are going to have a good game of football.

      • Neil says:

        you have to do better than the Big Boo versus the Feinting Irish

        You may be right, we’ll see. That’s what the remote control is for. If the game is a flop, I’ll do something else and regain three hours of my life.

    • CasualObserver says:

      but this year I’ve been in campaign mode and my football has been neglected.

      Same here. The best offensive unit I’ve seen so far is the St. Paul Police Dept. If this “preemptive offense” thing ever catches on in the NFL, it’s going to be hell to referee these games.

      • phred says:

        Hmmm, now that you mention the St. Paul Pre-crime Police, maybe it’s time to inject a little soccer into this thread… RED CARD them ALL. If various members of the police department (including their political bosses) can’t play fair, it’s time to take ‘em out of the game. Perhaps they can take up knitting in their new found free time and do something constructive. It gets cold up that way. They could make afghans and sweaters for the homeless…

  12. Neil says:

    On swimming and foreign relations

    I have to admit the only time I’ve felt antipathy towards the French during the Bush years, is when their Olympic 4×100 relay team was trash-talking our boys. And you know how that ended.

    The French men’s relay swim team had been talking smack this weekend about how they were going to “smash” the American team. The US team was not favored to win the 4×100-meter freestyle relay final … but they did, edging out the French last night by a fingertip and setting a new world record in classic fashion. link

  13. readerOfTeaLeaves says:

    Oh, gawd….
    My teams are so pathetic this year that I may simply take a ‘bye’ till 2009.
    Sniffle, sniffle.

    (And if freep reads this, I request compassion. Otherwise, I’ll harrangue him to eat ‘twigs and nuts’.)

  14. masaccio says:

    I want it crystal clear: this time of year my blood runs Kelly Green! I’ve been rooting for the Irish since the mid-50s, I saw Paul Hornung play in ‘56, suffered through Joe Kuharich, was there for Ara’s first game, and continue to root for the Irish to this day.

    As for UTenn. In 1979mI went to see the Irish against UT in Knoxville with a bunch of UT fans. We had beaten them the previous year in South Bend with Joe Montana at the controls, and I had high hopes. I dressed in typical casual style, chinos, blue shirt and blue blazer, and only a small green shamrock to mark my loyalty. We fumbled the kickoff, UT recovered and scored. We fumbled the next kickoff, recovered at the 3, drove out to the 10, punted to their 40, and they scored again. Five minutes in we were down 14 and it never got better. At the half, I went down for a cup of coffee, and I was stunned at the vicious language I caught: it was like some kind of profanity contest from their fans. I’ve watched the Irish all over the country, and I never met a worse group of ans. I swore I would never go back.

    I’m trying to find room to root for them. It’s not working.

  15. Neil says:

    Bmaz,(@ 53) nothing like kicking a guy when he’s down.

    Re: Monday Night Hurricane Ball

    Ike has disrupted plans for the Texans v. Ravens football game Monday night in Reliant Stadium. It will be postponed or played elsewhere… announced Wendi Nix of ESPN.

    Hey she’s a good talker and and a sports fan. Is it too late to ask Obama to pick her for veep?

  16. bmaz says:

    Okay, okay, I see Notre Dame is whuppin Big Blue. But really, they are padding their record by scheduling teams from cream puff conferences don’t ya think?

  17. Neil says:

    ND Mich game not a wuppin. 45 points scored in the first half so far, and just 11 points divide the two teams. Big Ten cream puffs? I’ll need a few more weeks of results before I’m ready to agree with that. Corn fed? Yep. Weak? No. Fast enough for the ACC or Pac-10 etc? We’ll see.

  18. masaccio says:

    My Irish having a bit of trouble with McGuffie, who is really quick. On the other hand, we seem to be putting points on the board.

  19. masaccio says:

    Charlie Weiss has a torn ACL and MCL. He calls it his Tom Brady injury. “Hey Tom, you haven’t got anything on me.”

  20. Neil says:

    Fair enough. Big and fast always beats big. I haven’t seen either team this year. Have you?

    If Ohio State is running the same offense as previous years, they start the game at a disadvantage. USC has speed, speed, speed. Both sides of the ball.

  21. Neil says:

    I wish Bill Belichick not Tom Brady had gone down last Sunday with a knee injury. I bet he does too. Oh well. Big game tomorrow: Brett Favre and Matt Cassel. It’s hard to pick a team to favre.

  22. Neil says:

    Bmaz, are you going live blog the annihilation of the Big[Bigger[Biggest]] 10 Ohio State in the game tonight against the Trojans?

    Q2 Will an abstinence-only advocate cheer for USC?

  23. bmaz says:

    DEVELOPING: We have a live update from the specially assigned Emptywheel reporter on scene at the LaLa Coliseum. Our intrepid newsman, Captain Renault says he is shocked, shocked at the carnage today in the Coliseum. This type of torture should not be allowed in gentlemanly football.

    • Neil says:

      You called it, BMAZ.

      Does it make you wonder whether the folks at ABC who hyped the contest had a clue that it’d be over early?

  24. randiego says:

    I agree–the Bolts are gonna go home 0-2. Not a good way to start a purportedly Super Bowl season. But then with Brady out and Peyton looking downright human, the AFC as a whole doesn’t look like it’s old self (getting beat in the Super Bowl does that, I guess).

    Where’s randiego when you want to bust him about a last minute heartbreak, anyway?


    However, a week and a half ago – in the Favre thread – before the season started, I wrote right here in this blog “to look for the Chargers to stumble out of the gate”. Which they have, and which I’m not that upset about. I’m hoping that loss last week will give them a little focus.

    Keep in mind that the Chargers have beaten Denver FOUR straight times, which has never happened before and is an excellent reason why it probably won’t go to FIVE.

    0-2 is a possibility. We’ll see. Denver is a very tough place to win for anyone. The defense is pretty soft in the front seven, especially without you-know-who. Philip Rivers is a second-half QB and he showed it again last week. I like my guy.

  25. randiego says:

    Bmaz, today we were in Ventura (surf contest), and afterward drove up to Ojai and putted around the galleries – Jenny hadn’t been before.

    I’d forgotten how gorgeous it is up there, and how nice the drive is from Ojai to Moorpark and then over to the 101. What a fun day.

    Moorpark is where that commuter train was headed last night.

  26. Drumman says:

    Great clip from the Grand Prix movie. I remember seeing that when it first came out.Looks like Massa is in the driver’s seat (sort of speak) it should be interesting this morning at Monza.

  27. phred says:

    I’m probably the only one here watching GB-Det (for good reason, I’ll add) — but in case anyone is wondering, Rodgers is lighting ‘em up. Deep passes, TD passes, scrambling to buy time… he looks great! (yeah yeah the Lions make everyone look great) GB 21 Det 0, 2nd quarter.

  28. Neil says:

    I saw the highlights and wondered if EW had carved out a few minutes out to watch her Lions do battle with Favres former team.

    The Colts Vikes game is a good take. Peterson is running like a madman and the colts aerial game is exciting to watch.

  29. phred says:

    Thanks Neil — I’ll check out the Colts Vikes during commercials : ) I was surprised how weak the Colts were against Chicago last week — just a slow start or is someone hurt?

  30. Neil says:

    phred, I’m behind the curve on football. This is my first week watching this year and I’m watching the game while writing a post about a state house rep. election in my district… so I can’t say I’m focused on football.

    Payton threw a pick, has been pressured and sacked too.

  31. bmaz says:

    Arrrrggghhhh! Good golly I have the most low down, bottom scraping, pissant poor, horrible news to report. Even worse than the Sun Devils losing to UNLV last night. In sun Devil Stadium. On Frank Kush Field. In Tempe. To UNLV (who is coaching UNLV anyway? Jerry Tarkanian?). Now that is downright pathetic.

    But today brings far worse news. For the second TeeVee game on local broadcast, well there is no pro football on at all. It is the fucking Dolphins at the Cardinals. Why can I not watch pro football, say for instance the Pats at Jets, like normal people. This just sucks.

  32. Neil says:

    bmaz, i have a video card in my computer that’s connected to my cable tv service, plus high speed internet access. I wonder if there’s a way to route the video and sound to a web page. the software a little old ‘Sony Giga Pocket’. It’d be pretty cool to find an embed code that’d pick up the feed and display it. I’d call the page ‘what neil’s watching’

  33. phred says:

    bmaz — that is tragic! No one should be forced to watch Miami and Arizona — is there no end to the cruelty in the world??? ; )

    Drumman — I am one happy camper, yessiree bob!

    Neil, good luck with your post — do you have a link? I’m not in your district (I don’t think), but it would be nice to read it. Thanks for the follow up on the Colts, that certainly explains why the Vikes are ahead — still I don’t expect that to last…

  34. 4jkb4ia says:

    OK, Ms. EW, we know what the Rams are going to be this year. Dreadful. There is yet the possibility that they will go two whole games without a touchdown.

  35. Neil says:

    phred, the colts make a long completion and then took three plays to punch it in from the 1 (foot line), QB sneeks all. The TD was challenged (and should have been reversed in my opinion.) on the next series, the colts forced a fumble and recovered on a drop back pass play – Feeney. Are you clairvoyant?

    • phred says:

      Nope, not clairvoyant, just familiar with the Vikes ; )

      Also, as expected not in your district, however like yours whoever wins the dem primary wins the seat here. Gotta love Massa-blue-setts ; )

  36. masaccio says:

    bmaz, feeling bad for you. Thank heavens the Titans have the first game (up on the Bengals 24-7 10 minutes left in the game); we get Jets at New England, and Atlanta/Tampa Bay.

    Wind is terrible in Cincinnati; power out to 400,000, and the announcer points out they are the lucky ones, they don’t have to watch this.

  37. phred says:

    Can someone please explain to me why there are two halves in football — I would have been much happier, if they only played one… grrr… GB 24 Det 25 4th quarter.

  38. phred says:

    Huh, I guess 2nd halves are just fine after all. Two interceptions and two TDs on turnovers later, GB 41 Det 25, 3 minutes left in the game : )

  39. phred says:

    How cool is this GB has TWO QBs today Rodgers AND Kitna… another interception, another touchdown GB 48 Det 25 2 minutes to go…

  40. rosalind says:

    raiders 23, k.c. 8 – final.

    go silver & black! (what can i say, as a wee lass i was weaned on kenny stabler tossing bombs to dave casper, still have affection for the reprobates).

  41. Neil says:

    Seymour’s having a game. He got the tackle on 3 and goal to stop the touchdown and a sack at the end of the 2nd quarter.

    • freepatriot says:

      chargers get unbelievably screwed

      once again demonstrating their entire purpose for existing

      cept this time we tried something new

      there was still some time on the clock when the reffs boned the chargers

      and ain’t it supposed to be the raiders who cheat victory outta the jaws of defeat ???

      Jay Cutler and Ken “the Snake” Stabler, two of the luckiest fumblers ever

      why does the primordial ooze hate the chargers so much ???

    • phred says:

      Sorry randiego. Only caught the end, after the Bretts fell to NE — looks like you might have had the game of the day out your way. Too bad the Bolts got screwed by the officials.

  42. Professor Foland says:

    Just thought I’d report that Boston-area sports talk radio hosts are insisting on the correct “French pronunciation” of the Jet’s quarterback name as “Fav-ray”.

    Kind of peurile but I have to admit actually I think it’s pretty funny.

  43. randiego says:

    why does the primordial ooze hate the chargers so much ???

    heh heh. something I’ve wondered since I was little kid…