Trash Talk: 0-3 Week

I might as well have posted this later Sunday afternoon. After all, the big games of the week are on Sunday night (the scary looking ‘Boys against the new-look Packers) and Monday night (one of the best two-minute drill quarterbacks ever, Favre, playing a team that has lost two in a row in the last seconds of the game, the Bolts). It’s like someone actually wants us to do yard work on Sunday or something. Or maybe canvass.

Speaking of the Bolts. I haven’t seen randiego around these parts lately, ‘specially not during trash talk. I wonder why that is? I mean, I know it must suck to have the very best ref in football lose the game for you. But still, you gotta talk trash!

See, I can say that. I know my local team gave up a bunch of touchdowns at the end of the game last week–but that’s what we know to expect from the Lions.

Speaking of local teams, John McCain has officially lost MI. True to form for McCain, he’s trying to win by pandering to the home crowd–and he has chosen OH over MI. You can tell it’s pandering, too, because he bought Cindy a necklace–a Buckeye necklace!?!?!–that cost less than $1000.

McCain shopped for bargains and purchased two black Ohio State T-shirts priced at two for $20. He also grabbed a porcelain statue of Brutus Buckeye.

On his way out of the store, McCain also decided to buy a Buckeye necklace for his wife, Connelly reported.

Palin’s pandering too, like McCain claiming to be a Steelers fan, while secretly favoring the Seahawks. Seahawks!?!?! 

Biden, however, is so far above pandering that he claims Delaware can beat the Buckeyes. I mean, I hear what bmaz says about how crappy the Big 10 is and all, but … really, Joe?

Which leaves Obama, the narrow winner of the much-coveted "want to watch football with" vote. 

People would rather watch a football game with Barack Obama than with John McCain – but by barely the length of a football.

Obama was the pick over McCain by a narrow 50 percent to 47 percent, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll released Friday that generally mirrored each presidential candidate’s strengths and weaknesses with voters. Women, minorities, younger and unmarried people were likelier to prefer catching a game with Obama while men, whites, older and married people would rather watch with McCain.


McCain backers were a bit more intrigued by watching with Obama than the Democrat’s supporters were with making McCain their football buddy. While fewer than one in 10 Obama backers wanted to watch with McCain, nearly one in five McCain supporters wanted to kick back with Obama.

"He seems intensely focused in a way I’m not sure he does sit down and relax," McCain supporter Lanita Linch, 41, of Harrison, Ark., said of the Republican. She said she’d rather watch with Obama because he seemed like "someone you could be comfortable and at ease with," but cautioned, "If he’s not a Cowboys fan, we’d have a problem."

Lanita must never have seen the pictures of McCain kicking back with Charles Keating, huh?

So here are my predictions for the week: Carolina will beat a beat up Vikings team. The fifth-round college backup coached by BillBel will notch another win.

And about that  0-3 of the title? On paper, by all reasoning, the Chargers should beat the Jets. But that last second thing is really killing them this year, so you gotta go with Favre. 

Finally, the Jaguars keep trying for that elusive break-out game against Peyton Manning. The Jags aren’t the team they were last year. But then, neither are the Colts. Two teams with swiss cheese for an O-line, the Jags still looking for their first win, in Indy?

Unfortunately, I think there are going to be at least two playoff teams from last year that’ll be 0-3 after this weekend.

    • klynn says:

      I’m sorry EW…Lots of chuckles on this end in O-H-I-O…But McCain pandering Ohio, not-so-funny. I wish he had picked MI over Ohio.

      I do not have football trash talk but, McCain is rallying ground troops in Ohio, neighborhood by neighborhood with a push on smothering with signage. I wrote a few days back about a car from Texas coming through our neighborhood with a guy wearing a Texas AM ball cap and a Longhorns white polo shirt. He looked like a Karl Rove protege. Our neighborhood, torn up by the storm, and this guy comes trolling to count political signs. He discovered more Obama than McCain signs in our neighborhood. I mentioned to a Republican neighbor, “What on earth is this person doing trolling our neighborhood with Texas plates. He must be with the McCain campaign and is counting signs.”

      Neighbor responded in a nervous tone, “You’re paranoid, he’s probably someone’s grandfather just driving around to see the storm damage.”

      “I’d be willing to put money on the fact that I am right.” I responded

      My neighbor suddenly got very nervous and did not know what to say. The car had finished slowly circling our subdivision and was heading out.

      “He looks like a grandfather all right! He’s pulling out of the neighborhood!” I joked with her.

      She still seemed to act as though she was “found out” or caught in a lie.

      The next morning, our neighborhood had LOTS of new McCain signs. Prior to this Texas drive-by there had only been two McCain signs to 10 Obama signs.

      So, PLEASE take McCain back to MI for an election fight. He’s ruining our neighborhoods.

  1. Ishmael says:

    The Lions are hopeless, EW, but at least you can take solace in the fact that Michigan State prevented a triumphant Fighting Irish sweep of the Michigan football teams. Maybe Rodriguez will be thinking that West Virginia wasn’t so bad after all. The Wolverines made the Irish look like USC last week, and I can’t remember a weaker ND offence.

  2. bobschacht says:

    Well, I’m a Michigan graduate, and I’m wondering if Michigan will be able to win more games than it loses this year. Too many changes.

    And by the way, BillBel has had pretty good success with college backup QB. After all, Tom Brady was backup to a guy named Brian Griese, IIRC.

    Bob in HI

    • emptywheel says:

      Yup. I’ve been pointing that out a lot in the last two weeks.

      Heck, right now, that fifth rounder has a better record this year than either of the two guys he backed up in college.

  3. Mauimom says:

    Spartans looked pretty good today.

    I’m impressed with Aaron Rogers. Hope he does good things tomorrow. Hate the Cowboys, although somehow feel sympathy for Tony Romo because of all the shit he’s taken over Jessica Simpson.

    I mean, how stupid is Ohio? Husband went to OSU, and I attempt to root for them, but really, the state is full of imbeciles, particularly down in Jean Schmidt territory. Rather satisfactory last week when when son’s team — USC — pounded the Buckeyes. But Jim Tressel is a good guy. [Husband was there during the Woody Hayes days. Led student protests against their “speakers’ rule — i.e., administration could ban speakers from campus.]

    A question on the ads: do we get you extra money if we click on the ads? Even if we have no intent of purchasing? Are you paid by the “click”? If so, please let us know. It’s something we can do while watching football.

  4. LabDancer says:

    Ms E Wheel: “McCain has officially lost MI”.

    I rather think he’s left his fate among the wolverines to l’agent de son cher ami, le courier de repression des votes par scrutin, M. Hans Van Spakovsky.

    Oh but go ahead and trash “my” Vikes all you want. Since St Paul debuted its new Beat the Living Crap Out of A DFH for the RNC state holiday, that’s pretty much blown all the credits the state ever earned for Tarkenton, Bud Grant, Alan Page, the Purple People Eaters, Randy [even Dylan Prince and Keillor]. Most of the time a sports franchise has to be ripped from my throbbing bosom before I start the mourning process and can move on [especially one like the Vikes that got me in school daze], but the St Paul disgrace has effected a dramatic acceleration of the usual process, so its: Roses are red, Violets are blue, all things Minnesota: F**k you.

    So I’m in the hunt for another team to break my heart. Suggestions?

    It doesn’t necessarily have to be a winner. Some of those long term loser types have a more character, like a self-deprecating sense of humor, and that can make up for a lot of shortcomings in other areas- like talent. I normally insistt on it being capable of making a decent visual impression, and if possible have a tradition of actually trying to win [I realize that cuts out the Cardinals, but McCain’s kind of ruined that area for me, for a while anyway]. But I have to admit, if the music and food at the tailgate parties are sufficiently awesome then even an erratic track record is not necessarily a deal breaker.

    No owners known to be financial backers of the NRA, “pro lifers”, gay bashing, Armageddonheads, nativism, Nazism, or their umbrella organization please. If I absolutely have to, the Seahawks, but I’m telling you, as much as I like visiting the city, those uniforms can be a real turnoff.

    Signed- Dumped for Zombies

  5. Neil says:

    I got to watch the Jeffs win their season opener at Pratt Field. It was a good start and a “W” (sorry everybody, that’s was a mean trick.) Last year’s third string quarterback is this year’s starter. He had a good game. Hamilton has lost a lot of football games in the last three years. Still, a win is a win. I missed the rest of the Saturday football lineup opting instead for a visit with mom, brother and his family.

    Delaware played (and lost) in the 1-AA NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision (formerly …I-AA) last year against Appalachian State. So you see, if only Delaware had won, then they could argue that would have beaten Michigan. Biden should leave these incredible statements to his opponent. Three years ago Delaware did win the national championship. Delaware’s head coach K.C. Keeler, played linebacker at Delaware and started his coaching career at …

  6. plunger says:

    Yeah, that Broncos game last week was amazing. Hell of a game, hell of a bad call, hell of a two-point conversion to win, and amazing candor from the ref.

    Too bad we can’t find any men or women with this much character to run the country.

    Former FED Chairman Greenspan drove the entire global economy right off a cliff – yet no admission of his direct role in it.

  7. Boston1775 says:

    I saved this for Trash Talk.


    Contest in primary is nothing to fear
    COMPASS: Points of view from the community
    Published: April 16, 2004
    Last Modified: April 17, 2004 at 01:57 AM
    Granted, my unapologetic passion for sports may play an exceptionable role in shaping my worldview, but I’m convinced the formula for success in the sports arena is essentially the same in the political arena. In fact, I believe all I ever really needed to know I learned on the basketball court. Thus, my zeal for competition in Alaska’s primary races.


    Alaska craves leaders who grow stronger when up against the ropes. That’s what happens in competition. Champions expose themselves to pressure, ignore fears of defeat and actually relish contests they’ll face in the ring where there’s no room to shirk from confrontation.
    UCLA coach John Wooden reminded his players always to place team welfare above personal desires. He stressed straightforwardness and humility and wasn’t impressed with self-claims of competency and qualifications because self-aggrandizement isn’t only unimpressive, it’s downright annoying. Campaigns: Spare us the same annoyance by welcoming opponents, so results from a trusted selection process can honorably speak for themselves! Then doubts are erased. Victories are earned and legitimized.

    I trust that most in the party of Abraham Lincoln have the right agenda for Alaska, but we won’t realize GOP-won benefits if Alaskans continue to struggle with questions concerning fairness in the candidate selection process. All the campaign funds in the world won’t buy positive results if voters question the integrity of actions that give unearned, unfair advantage to anyone. So instead of fearing contests as dreaded, dangerous affairs, realize the most important thing incumbents and challengers can do to establish themselves and explain their positions is to run inspiring, open campaigns from here on out.


    You’ll find this gem here:…..ticles.htm

    • bobschacht says:

      I had to go back and look at the date on that article. 2004!
      Maybe someone oughta read that back to her, and ask her if she still stands by what she wrote then?

      Bob in HI

  8. nomolos says:

    It is days like this that I long for the days when BU had a football program. I could root or them and never have the need to go to a victory celebration. I understand that other universities still play the game of almost rugby but not, I fear BU. BU does have a real rugby team however. There, got that off my chest.

    Interesting to see bmaz among the missing this morning….maybe it is because his ancient #4 under the tutelage of magnini (or whatever) had his helmet handed to him last Sunday by the almighty Pats. This Sunday the Miami sardines come to town for their usual bashing and we will send the tuna back to miami to be made into a fishwich.

    Morning EW…. take four hundred deep breaths and a few pints of Guinness you will need them next week what with Palin, Paulson, Pelosi and the rest of the peepees.

  9. JimWhite says:

    I’m afraid the real trash today will be what comes out of Paulson’s mouth on all the talking heads shows. I just don’t have the fortitude to watch; I’ll wait for reports.

    It will be interesting to hear bmaz’s take on the ASU-Georgia game last night. Wonder if he went.

    The Gators got it together yesterday, and if Moody continues to step up more, they are going to be very tough this year.

  10. phred says:

    After all, the big games of the week are on Sunday night

    Aw shucks that was for me wasn’t it? ; )

    Just for the record, it’s not yard work, it’s painting the porch day… So I’ll miss the warm up games and pop back in for the main event(s). Go Pack! Go Bretts!

    And Lions… go home and let Woolverines see how they stack up against the NFL : )

    • emptywheel says:

      Nah, I’m looking forward to taht game. Rogers looks pretty hot, and I’m definitely hoping the ‘Boys get beaten. But damn they look good this year, it’s scary.

  11. CasualObserver says:

    I know my local team gave up a bunch of touchdowns at the end of the game last week–but that’s what we know to expect from the Lions Democratic Congress.

  12. Boston1775 says:

    Here’s Nick Carny’s take on Sarah and sports:

    Nick Carney, who is now retired in Utah, has a lot of time to ponder Sarah Palin’s rise these days. When he and his wife picked Palin to run for City Council in 1992, because they felt the council needed an average-mom type like her, Carney had no idea how far their protégé would soar. “It was a very casual process, she wasn’t even our first choice. We had known her since she was a girl, she went to school with our daughter. It wasn’t that she was the brightest thing on the horizon, a rising star or anything like that.”

    But, in hindsight, Carney can see the qualities that have rocket-propelled Palin to where she is today.

    “‘Sarah Barracuda’ — she’s proud of that name now, she uses it in her campaigns,” said her former mentor. “But she got that name from the way she conducted herself with her own teammates. She was vicious to the other girls, always playing up to the coach and pointing out when the other girls made mistakes. She was the coach’s favorite and he gave her more playing time than her skills warranted. My niece was on her team; she was a very good player. I used to sit there in the stands, and I would wonder, Why on earth is Sarah getting so much playing time?”…..source=rss

  13. 4jkb4ia says:

    This is an incredibly busy day. There is the Ryder Cup, and the Red Sox need serious help. Currently the probability of getting Cincinnati and the Giants is low because Chicago is playing at the same time and our Fox outlet often does not take the early game if the Lambs are not involved. Tonight the full plan is to find a cable TV for the last game at Yankee Stadium. I am going to miss the old place, obnoxious fans and all.

    • emptywheel says:


      I started calling Cassel a fifth-rounder out of hubris and I don’t want to be called out on it.

      Though he’s still doing better than Palmer and that guy backing up Warner.

      • dakine01 says:

        There may be some validity to standing around with a clipboard for three years watching Brady do things and having him available to talk to as kind of a pro-football post-graduate program.

        And folks do tend to forget that Brady had to share time at QB with Drew Henson. (Who? Exactly!)

        • emptywheel says:

          Not folks in these parts.

          Frankly, I think (as Romo proves) that being a good QB in the NFL is a lot different than college–in ways taht are less tangible than just needing a bigger arm. Obviously, the O line is key, but so is a more sophisticated kind of intelligence and a chill that isn’t necessarily waht works for 20-year olds.

      • FormerFed says:

        Those former USC QBs had better personnel around them at USC. I don’t think Matt is ever going to make it big, Carson might if he was on another team.

        My lowly ‘Skins are so abysmal since Danny Boy bought them that it is hard to turn on the TV anymore on Sundays.

  14. Loo Hoo. says:

    I haven’t seen randiego around these parts lately, ’specially not during trash talk. I wonder why that is?

    He’s a surfer type. Maybe he’s somewhere without tubes.

  15. LabDancer says:

    Is it OT to bring up this days entrails in rounders? Surely not on Bringin’ Out The Trash Day.

    “Cubs Win!” But as there’s still a slim chance they get relegated to wildcard: “Cubs In!” OTOH this is two years in a row so: “Cubs In! Cubs In!”

    In contrast, the Arizona entry, in the lamest division, by far [despite being graced, in a welcome instance of SF values blowback, by the resurrection of Koufax, now coming at you from starboard], so lame the serpentine set will have be forced to expose the bent & twisted natures of their staff of hurlers to pull their slim chance at overtaking the equanimious Stodgers out of the fire.

    Around the time Major League Baseball pulled its own All Time Most Nakedly Fraudulent Disgrace [The Lock-Out of 1994], the Bosox’ Designated Guru Bill James had a little pre-Web mail-out blog-like thing going, in which he [was the first to have] pointed out that the answer to the burning question, How often does the best team in MLB win the Whirled Serious? is: For all practical purposes it pretty much entirely depends on how many teams make the playoffs. Thus, in days before intraleague playoffs: 50%; in the early playoffs years: 25%; in today’s ‘enlightened’ era of games ending in during the 2:00 a.m. snow flurries, 12.5%.

    So Cubs In! Cubs In! could be seen to mean that Chicago has twice the chance of taking home the Big Toothpick Holder Trophy.

    [I know; its spin – but its a helluva lot closer to true than the McConartist campaign, and probably no less accurate than Camp Obama].

    And this year, the very next Big Sporting Event after the Whirled Serious is the Showdown At the Electoral College: McGetOffMyLawn versus Irish Barry O’Bama- Obi BoombyeYa!

    It’s a sign.

    Cubs Win!

  16. MadDog says:

    OT, but since this is a trash talking post, not really OT at all – From Wired:

    Attorney General Pulls Immunity Trigger, Denies ‘Dragnet’ Surveillance — Update

    U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey on Saturday denied that the Bush administration — in conjunction with the nation’s telecommunication companies — devised a “dragnet” electronic surveillance program that funneled Americans’ communications to the National Security Agency without court warrants…

    Wired got it almost correct, but close gets no seegar. The correct version can be seen in the following passage from Mumbles Mukasey’s declaration:

    …While confirming the existence of the TSP, the Government has denied the existence of the alleged dragnet collection on the content of the plantiff’s communications…

    …As set forth below and in my classified certification, specific information demonstrating that the alleged contect dragnet has not occurred cannot be disclosed on the public record without causing exceptional harm to national security. However, because there was no such alleged content-dragnet, no provider participated in that alleged activity. Each of the provider-defendants is therefore entitled to statutory protection with respect to claims based on this allegation pursuant to Section 802(a)(5) of FISA, see 50 U.S.C. § 1885A(A)(5)…

    (My Bold)

    A couple of points:

    1. Try this analogy on for size: The Post Office grabs all mail to and from the US. This is not a dragnet on content, but instead is a dragnet on origination/destination. The Governement then opens, reads and sets aside all “suspicious” mail. In this analogy, Mumbles Mukasey’s declaration would be sorta…kinda…truthiness.

    2. A dragnet is a means to capture fish in a specific area. If instead, one captures all the fish in the entire ocean, one might again state with some truthiness like Mumbles Mukasey has, that it is not a dragnet.

    • MadDog says:

      And one bit of addenda – Mumbles Mukasey made absolutely no, nada, zilch mention of the fact that Fredo, then White House Counsel and not Attorney General, made a wee bit of “slight of hand” unlawful certification that the TSP was determined to be lawful.

      Wonder how the Government plans to square that circle.

      Perhaps this is the petard that the Government gets hung by.

    • emptywheel says:

      Then again, throwing a pick doesn’t help the D much.

      Meanwhile, Carson Palmer has, thus far, proven me wrong about being worse than his former back-up, currently beating the Super Bowl Champs in their own home.

      • MadDog says:

        EW, let me know when you start that pool for the cellar-dwellers of the NFC North; your Lions or my Vikes. I’m confident we’ll take the plunge hands down.

        • MadDog says:

          WTF? Carolina 10 – Vikes 17?

          When did my Vikes score those 17 points? Sheesh, they were down 10-0 at the half and it’s only 2 minutes into the 2nd half.

          They can’t do this to me. I’m betting on them as cellar-dwellers.

  17. bmaz says:

    Hello there from the land of losers. The Diamondbacks suck. The Cardinals always suck. Now the Sun Devils suck too. Crikey, not sure they could beat Michigan even. A great late afternoon of drinking on Mill Avenue completely wasted by a lame effort at Sun Devil Stadium. Devils rushed for a grand total of – wait for it – 4 yards. Hangovers are much worse when you lose and suck…..

    • JimWhite says:


      ps: Just go back to drinking. If the Dems cave tomorrow and rush through the coronation of Paulson our only choices are to drink ourselves unconscious or take to the streets where we will promptly be beaten unconscious.

    • Evolute says:

      Land of losers?

      Your other Arizona team held the Bruins to 10 points. Not a difficult task this year. I thought between Norm Chow’s reputed genius and Neuheisel’s mandate the west side boys might just pull a rabbit out of the hat this year. I guess you might need a little talent on the field after all. They could use a little credit card magic.

      Note to flatlanders: A (rich) tradition when cross town rivals UCLA plays USC the Bruin fans (jealously) wave and click credit cards to mock the rich bastards that rob, steal and cheat to get (all) the best young talent. See Reggie Bush et al.

      And hello from el ay, the land of the team-less (NFL)

      • MadDog says:

        And hello from el ay, the land of the team-less (NFL)

        The shenanigans that the NFL owners have played in LA over the years still rankle me to no end.

      • emptywheel says:

        Well, uh, so far that 0-3 in the title seems to refer to my calls: Vikes win (told you the Lions were the perma-basement), Pats lose (though Cassel is STILL the USC QB with the best record, even though I was rooting for the Bengals to pull that out).

        I guess you Favre fans better prepare me to be wrong…

  18. 4jkb4ia says:

    Like, in sympathy with bmaz I may need a drink. The shul next door is having a party for their new Torah so I may be able to get one. (24-3 Seattle)

  19. Evolute says:

    Introductory self trash talk note:

    Not that I am prolific commenter here, but with password hell the hoops I hurdled at log in, I am now an official honor student of McCain Computer Tech.

  20. GulfCoastPirate says:

    Hi All,

    Well, I survived Hurricane Ike. I’ve now got power, some decent food and most important, toilet paper. All the family is OK, as is the house for the most part. I’ve from Galveston and still have friends/family there. Some didn’t do so well but there’s been between 10 – 20 a night staying at my house and everyone is alive. We can rebuild.

    Don’t want to hijack a thread but when I checked in there sure was a lot to go through. I’m glad to see that others are as concerned with this bailout as muself. This is absurd. I don’t have time to go through all the comments but what are we going to try to do? If the Democrats let this go through how are they not as complicit as the Republicans? When is it pitchfork and musket time?

    • bmaz says:

      Yeah, ditto that GCP. I have been wondering how you fared; glad to hear you are in good shape there. With all the fun you been having down there, you probably didn’t realize that Friday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day! So, here’s to ya matey, Arrrr!

  21. Loo Hoo. says:

    OT, but here you have it:

    Palin was joined onstage by her husband, Todd; her daughters Willow and Piper; and her infant son, Trig. Palin told the audience at the beginning of her remarks that Todd had taken Willow and Piper to Disney World the day before. She then handed the microphone to 7-year-old Piper, who told the crowd, “Thank you for letting us be here.”


    • GulfCoastPirate says:

      Thanks everyone for the good vibes. For those who are familiar with the Springsteen song ‘Galveston Bay’, off The Ghost of Tom Joad CD, I’m in that area and some of the small fishing/toursist areas discussed in the song are decimated. As is Galveston and some of the coastal areas towards Louisiana. It’s just part of living in the tropics though and we’ll rebuild.


      I don’t have your writing skills or intellect but Bush may have done us a favor by being the whack job that he is. We’ve been getting supplies down on the island for those who stayed since the very first day and there were quite a few local businesses who used their own resources to get the cleanup started while waiting on the feds. We got computer systems set up on the mainland quickly so they could pay their people to keep them from dispersing. The city announced yesterday that folks would be let back on the island beginning Wednesday to inspect their property after initially announcing it could be a month or more. The heavy equipment that the feds can provide is necessary but folks were acutely aware of how they want to control everything once they come into an area and from the very first day resisted a lot of thier ’suggestions’. Everyone was aware of what happened to New Orleans and how the recovery was hampered by the population/workforce being dispersed and did as much as they could to prevent that from happening.

      There may be a story in all this for you one day so keep your eye on the recovery. People don’t have to let the feds control them if they don’t want to be controlled.

      Now, about that bailout …………….

  22. randiego says:


    I have a tendency to be out and about on the weekends, plus my toobz have been really spotty the past few days (bad cable which needs a tech to fix).

    Hey, I can handle a little trash talk – I’m always realistic about my team and it’s chances. A lifetime of being a Charger fan does that to you…

    I had to re-read that sentence about “the best two-minute drill QB’s ever”. I thought you meant it was “two of the best” meaning you were putting Philip in that category. Go ahead and laugh, but Mr. Rivers has brought the team back from 15 and 18 points that last two weeks, and had a lot of 4th quarter wins last season. He doesn’t get the credit he deserves as far as I can see…. I think it will eventually come.

    The Chargers D can’t be much worse than they’ve played, so look for an improvement tomorrow night. Our linebackers haven’t made a tackle in either game that I’ve seen.

    How about Nick Saban Cam Cameron Don Shula Tony Soprano showing up and spanking the Belichick today??

    Ouch, that’s gonna leave a mark.

    • emptywheel says:

      Much better…

      Actually, best as I can tell, I guessed everything wrong this week (Pats lost, Vikes won, Colts lost (yeah!). Which leaves my call in the Bolts’ game–assuming I go 0-fer, you should be just fine.

  23. randiego says:

    I mean, repeatedly using that kind of devious trickeration was pretty in-your-face to Belichick.

    The man is known to hold a grudge – can’t wait to see the rematch.

  24. randiego says:

    The Broncos won again, which keeps up the pressure on the Bolts. Winning in Denver in September is one thing but with that defense they’ll come back to earth eventually.

    It was nice that Indy and Pitt lost – you don’t want the AFC pack getting too far out in front of you.

  25. bmaz says:

    Well, now that Romo an the Boys handed the Pack their butt on a platter, Brett and the Jets is my last hope for any football joy of any kind this weekend. Which probably means I am screwed and randiego is jawing at me incessantly for a week. Ugh.