Trash Talk – Sooners & (Free)Patriots Edition

It must be extremely chilly in hell, because I am going to write about the Okielahoma Sooners. Seems they have a game today. Against some chaps with horns. Long ones. It is the Red River Shootout and John Wayne is nowhere in sight, but Mack Brown and Bob Stoops are. I have never thought that much of either one of these guys as game coaches, but they sure keep winning, so I must have it wrong. Boomer Sooner is a six and a half point favorite. Gonna be more than that; Oklahoma wins big. Freepatriot has a big day; but he likes it rough, give him some trash.

Then there are the Patriots. Roidney and gang are strapping the longboards to the Woody and going to visit Randiego. Hope they haven’t turned the Trestles into a parking lot yet. After catching some rollers (you just know that boys from Beantown can’t hit real waves), they are going to tilt with the Fightning Bolts. Bolts are favored by 5. I rate it a tossup; Bolts are starting to play better and Cassell is getting more comfortable. Also seems to have discovered that there is a dude named Moss on his team. No idea who will win, but I’ll take the Pats and the points.

The good news is that Brett is back. The Bengals have apparently received permission from their parole officers to travel out of state and they will be breaking and entering the Meadowlands. Jets are solid favorites and Carson Palmer is very iffy with a bum right elbow. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the backup; don’t know who he is, probably used to coach the Raiders or something. Jets should win.

The ‘Boys at Cardinals might actually be a good game. Big might on that though. I have some inside scoop on the Cardinals for ya. They are freaking losers. Always have been. Just when things start to look up, they tank. Always have. Things are looking up after their blowout of the previously undefeated Bills; probably means they will stink up the joint. But the game is here, and they do play well at home. Except that the Cowboys pretty much consider this home too. There literally used to be as many Dallas fans as Cards fans at games here, but is getting better. I think Dallas beats em down.

Other good games are Bears at Falcons and Jags at Broncs.

The F1 Circus is at Mt. Fuji for the Japanese Grand Prix. Often is wet for this race; once so wet that Nikki Lauda refused to even run. That is considered a mark of shame in F1. These aren’t some hillbillies in a Pontiac, they run no matter what the weather is. They don’t stop for rain. Weather looks good this weekend though, currently 60 degrees and sunny. Race goes off at 11:30 pm EST tonight; if you go looking for it tomorrow morning, you will have missed it. By the way, my condolences to my friends up north; the Canadian GP has been dumped from the schedule next year, replaced by the Abu Dhabi GP. Brutal. Let’s hope Ecclestone comes to his senses and reinstates Circuit Giles Villaneuve for 2010.

Oh, wait, there are a few boys of summer still playing in the fall. Manny is one of them, and he is kicking ass and taking names. Unfortunately, the rest of the boys from LA are blue. Those big flies that the Phillies hit at home are outfield put outs at Chavez Ravine though. We shall see, but not looking good for the Dodgers. Sawx continue to rock.

There you go. Trash it up!

  1. JimWhite says:

    Yep, bmaz, the Sooners win today, but they go down next week in a big upset to my Jayhawks. A quirk of fate has me in Oklahoma next week and I already have my ticket for the game. Gonna tailgate with my sister (season ticket holder for Sooners) and then sit in the KU section.

    [I know, I’m dreaming here, but it’s fun.]

    • JimWhite says:

      What happened to the Dawgs?

      ‘Bama had a hell of a first half and they just couldn’t catch up. Helps my Gators a lot. Tough game tonight, I’m worried. I’m making red beans and rice in honor of LSU to hope they’ll accept that offering and leave here with a loss.

      Looks likethe Sooners are probably going to blow it. I can’t believe Stoops didn’t go for it on 4th and 3 at his own 45 with about 5 and half to go and down three.

  2. foothillsmike says:

    Go Sooners, but this is one of those dog fights. When it comes to the shootout rankings and records don’t matter

  3. readerOfTeaLeaves says:

    Oh.Gawd (putting bag over head).
    My teams are so humiliating this year that I can’t even watch, let alone Trash Talk.

    Freep should gloat now; there’s always Next Year! And how sad is it that I’m saying that the second week of October…?
    Might even more leaves raked this year… *sigh*.

  4. bigbrother says:

    Great vid…. the teams can all go shit in their hats with their fans…Mat I have soom hisses and boos from the lard asses that watch this BS? Time is short used to spend 10 hours aweek watching…mistake need to participate.
    Excellent vid getting back to the basics. Man do we love the coast.

  5. randiego says:

    Well, you’re off to a flying start. ‘Horns won and my (future) in-laws must be ecstatic.

    Currently the fiance is off hosting her Texas Tech alumni game-watching party at a local watering hole – at halftime her #7 ranked Red Raiders are leading Nebraska 17-7.

    Chargers v Patriots. I have no idea what to say since my woefully underachieving Bolts have once again stumbled badly out of the gate. They once again need a win badly.

    Like Bmaz said – Chargers favored at home – take the points.

    Go Manny.

    • bmaz says:

      Whole gig there is going to hell quickly. Get this. The liquor store down the street from Marcy now stocks and sells “Bo Schembechler Merlot”. I mean Bo was the king of whiners, but this is a little much, no? Heh heh. Big Blue is now merlot. Sad.

      Who’s on Toledo anyway, Klinger?

      • freepatriot says:

        you michiganders are a hoot

        Bo Schembechler as king of the whiners ???

        not while lou holtz is still wasting oxygen ….

  6. Muzzy says:

    WOO HOO ! Huge win for my Horns !!!

    I’ll have to enjoy it while it lasts since the next three weeks are games against 3 ranked teams, 2 of whom are top 10. brutal.


  7. Evolute says:

    Side note to randiego. I caught a glimpse of my Trojans kicking bmaz some ariz losers ass and I saw a trivia blurb that bolsters your left-coast claim. Philip Rivers holds the NCAA record for most consecutive starts by a quarterbacks at 51. …a little west coast optimism. Shame the rest of the team doesn’t take the same vitamins.

      • Evolute says:

        Just the Devils? Not long ago you described, albeit with a hangover, all of AZ to be the land of losers. What, you on the wagon today?

        • bmaz says:

          UofA Mildkittens and Cardinals suck too. But I make no claim on either of them particularly as a general rule in football. Win, lose or draw, I been an ASU fan since I can remember a a child. Frank Kush and the Sun Devils; it was the only game in town back then – even before the Suns. And it was big time football and they kicked ass and took names every year. Devils have had a couple of different stretches since Kush where they have had success, but never with the consistency they had with Kush.

    • randiego says:

      Side note to randiego. I caught a glimpse of my Trojans kicking bmaz some ariz losers ass and I saw a trivia blurb that bolsters your left-coast claim. Philip Rivers holds the NCAA record for most consecutive starts by a quarterbacks at 51. …a little west coast optimism. Shame the rest of the team doesn’t take the same vitamins.

      Did you catch my rant on Rivers last year during the playoffs? People were talking serious smack and I was fired up!

      Hmm… have to see if we can dig that out of mothballs…

      • Evolute says:

        Did you catch my rant..

        No need to go digging, that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

        Funny about; when the chips down mrs. evolute claims my memory is shot. It ain’t that, I just remember shit that don’t matter.

        and yes, go bolts

  8. randiego says:

    #7 Texas Tech Red Raiders escaped at home in overtime against unranked Nebraska, 37-31.

    If they expect to stay in the top 10, they better get a defense that has a blitz package!

  9. ANOther says:

    bmaz, I’m being picky, but it’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Now to be fair to Ecclestone, the driving surface left a lot to be desired (one of the commenters at the Globe & Mail said that Montrealers were used to potholes, but not F1 drivers). But Ecclestone seems to be abandoning (a) North America and (b) good circuits (e.g. Silverstone).

    • bmaz says:

      Yeah, it could use a rehab. Or they could do a street course somewhere. But scrubbing Canada? I don’t like that. And especially, as you note, with no US GP. You just cannot abandon all of North America.

  10. 4jkb4ia says:


    a) Beckett has nothing.
    b) Halftime at Mizzou-Oklahoma State, and all of 17 points scored.
    c) LSU getting hammered.

  11. freepatriot says:

    why you wanna go an jinx my SOONERS like that ???

    You tryin to become the sports illustrated cover of the innertubes or something


    fookin texas …

  12. 4jkb4ia says:

    OKSt wins. From which we learn not to get cocky when Illinois is the closest you have played to anybody.

    You may notice that Beckett was given three leads and coughed them all up. Maybe the Red Sox can wrap this up at Fenway before he has to pitch again.

  13. freepatriot says:

    rays win in 11

    next up

    Philly Versus LA (LA better find a way to Dis sarah palin quick, or I might have to start rootin for the Phillies)

  14. JimWhite says:

    Who were those Gators? Dang, they hadn’t shown any line play on offense or defense all year. Then they came out last night and pushed LSU around on both sides of the ball like they were Western Southern Central Pennsyltucky. If they had played even half that well against Ole Miss two weeks ago they’d be number one today. Oh well, there’s still time.

    After yesterday, I’m beginning to think it’s not that much of a stretch for the Jayhawks to take the Sooners. By the way, Mizzou got robbed: looks like the replay official didn’t catch a late bad call that went as an interception for Okie State.

    Don’t follow F1, but can they really take those things to biodiesel?

  15. radiofreewill says:

    Looks like Tebow found his manhood last night. After a week of heavy self-criticism for the Ole Miss debacle, he came out with the Team – and the Gators dismantled LSU with an over-powering, everybody-in, whole-team step-up.

    Good leadership, on and off the field, makes all the difference. That Heisman was no fluke!

    Go Gators!

  16. emptywheel says:

    Oh, hi.

    Was there football yesterday? Nice thing about losing to Toledo–as opposed to losing to the Illini–is that all the out-of-town traffic was on the south side of town so I could stick my head in the sand and pretend we weren’t losing to a MAC team.

    Actually, it was gorgeous here yesterday, beautiful fall day, so I didn’t hear about the lost till mr. emptywheel called from Wisconsin to tell me.

  17. radiofreewill says:

    You really missed something at half-time, those Toledo kids must have gone through 60, maybe 70, juice boxes!

  18. Neil says:

    I missed all the college football games, save one, which had no video broadcast just FM radio, WAMH. The hometown team won. Oh, Lord Jeffrey Amherst was the soldier of the King… The game of the day in NESCAC was Williams Middlebury. Williams beat the last year’s NESCAC champ 50-45.

    Who’s watching Jet’s Bengals?

  19. Muzzy says:

    Texas Longhorns #1 per AP and Coaches Polls today. Hook’em!!

    This is the first time the Longhorns have been ranked #1 during the regular season since 1984.

    Also, note this stat: 4 of the top 10 in today’s new polls are teams from the South Division of the Big 12.

    1. Texas (39) 6-0 1,599
    2. Alabama (26) 6-0 1,582
    3. Penn State 7-0 1,492
    4. Oklahoma 5-1 1,306
    5. Florida 5-1 1,284
    6. USC 4-1 1,247
    7. Texas Tech 6-0 1,210
    8. Oklahoma State 6-0 1,184
    9. Brigham Young 6-0 1,131
    10. Georgia 5-1 1,081

      • Muzzy says:

        yeah. Too bad they couldn’t close their end of the deal for next week’s matchup. And yes, Mizzou is capable of winning next week, though Okie St. actually looks more balanced and dangerous right now and Texas plays them in two weeks.

        The Horns are poised to play a top 10 team for three consecutive weeks, if not 4 weeks in a row (OU,Mizzou,Okie St., TTech). I can hope and wish, but beating all of them would be an epic stretch. Then toss in the Jayhawks at #16 a couple weeks after TTech. Gah!

  20. bmaz says:

    The Bretts move to 3-2!

    Come on randiego and the Bolts – whup the Pats so that the Bretts and Pats are tied for the division lead.

  21. Neil says:

    I was going to congratulate you on the big start by Harrington but umh well no cheering against the Pats

  22. masaccio says:

    Is this Ariz really leading the Boyz? Not to worry, the refs will make sure the cows don’t fumble.

  23. MadDog says:

    EW, you have my sympathy on your hapless kitties!

    Apparently my Vikings have discovered their only hope in winning (2 weeks in a row now) is to deliberately call a “long-pass-sure-to-be-interfered-with” play in the 4th quarter, preferably in the final 2 minutes and when one is down by 1 or 2 points.

    Future opponents, be advised!

  24. Neil says:

    BOLTS: bmaz, randiego, evolute, Jim White
    PATS: neil

    Let’s hear it for the Cardinals head coach who snatched OT from victory.

  25. ANOther says:

    Looks like, after the fact, the stewards “Massa”ged the results in the Japanese Grand Prix. These people are destroying their brand.

  26. bmaz says:

    Man, those powder blue/white togs with the old Charger/lightning bolt helmets may well be the best looking uniforms in the league. Just killer.

  27. randiego says:

    We had an employee party for my S.O., which sucked. (You’d think The Zoo would do a little better). She made the decision to leave – they had the game on but no audio – man, is she a keeper or what?

    First rule of event planning in SD – don’t compete with the Chargers!

    Nice to see a solid defensive effort.

    • emptywheel says:

      That and turning O’Neill into swiss cheese. I seem to remember the Pats doing the same to him before he came to NE–funny. BillBel normally doesn’t accept duds as free agents.

      • randiego says:

        Yeah, that defense was a little slow last year – it really showed in the stretch run. Now they are a year older and they did not look very good.

        I’m glad they had Quentin Jammer on Moss most of the night. Cromartie is brilliant, but still needs some work.