The Secret Service Eliminates Violent Racism!!!

Using the same techniques the Bush Administration used to eliminate torture and at Gitmo and vulnerabilities that might make easy targets for terrorists: by refusing to let journalists see them (h/t TP).

In cooperation with the Palin campaign, [the Secret Service have] started preventing reporters from leaving the press section to interview people in the crowd. This is a serious violation of their duty — protecting the protectee — and gets into assisting with the political aspirations of the candidate. It also often makes it impossible for reporters to get into the crowd to question the people who say vulgar things. So they prevent reporters from getting near the people doing the shouting, then claim it’s unfounded because the reporters can’t get close enough to identify the person. [my emphasis]

Who do you think came up with this solution first? The Secret Service, which I guess prefers just pretending that these rabid racists aren’t being incited? Or Sarah Palin, who realized the exposure of her ugly side was hurting her chances for 2012?

  1. ThingsComeUndone says:

    If anything happens to Obama the fact that the Secret Service chose to hide Sarah’s racists from the press rather than arrest them for THREATENING THE LIFE OF A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE which a crime the SS was created to stop.
    That would look bad for several careers.

  2. Citizen92 says:

    This one seems a little far fetched and probably a bit misinterpreted.

    Which doesn’t say that one should not be suspicious of the USSS. That organization has not had its best days under George W. You’ll remember the Secret Service were bullied by the Bushies into keeping out perceived dissenters (the Denver Three). You’ll recall they then protected the staffers who asked them to keep out those dissenters. You’ll recall they did the Admin’s bidding by burying the visitor records of Jack Abramoff, Jeff Gannon and other desirables. And they handwrote down Cheney’s visitors names in a log, destroyed their copy and gave the VP the only one.

    Not their finest hours.

    But Millbank’s claims seem to stretch it. Having worked with the USSS, what it comes down to is are these journalists who are prevented from jumping into the crowd considered “clean” or part of the “traveling pool?” Those journos who are “in the bubble” can get closer to the candidate. They can travel in the motorcade, and on the candidate’s plane becuase they have been security screened and checked for explosives, weapons, etc. As soon as a “clean” press individual goes into an uncontrolled crowd (I doubt most of Palin’s crowds are 100% clean – simply because the USSS does not have the resources to do that) then he/she would have to be rescreened in order to join the bubble.

    In short, just not practical. Now I doubt that Millbank is occupying the same perch as other local stringers – he’s got to be part of the bubble. And because of being in the bubble, movements are limited. That’s just the reality of it all.

    It’s to keep the candidates (all of them) safe. And it is ugly out there right now.

  3. bmaz says:

    Protocol developed by the Man With A Man Sized Safe. He wrote the book on modern protection procedures; however, it is treated as “topsecret/might have been classified” and can’t be seen. And it has been printed over. And it has been erased. And it belongs to another branch of government. That cannot be disclosed. Only a terrorist would still be reading this comment.

  4. Leen says:

    Can’t believe the Secret Service are willing to go along with this. So the press can not expose how Sarah is creating an environment for bigotry to percolate to the surface.

    Maybe the press should just stay out in the crowd from the beginning of these events.

  5. mamayaga says:

    There have been numerous reports of the press not being allowed to mingle at campaign rallies, including those that feature Obama (see: http://narcosphere.narconews.c…..h-carolina). This may be, as Citizen92 says, less a matter of putting up information barriers than of keeping attendees sorted according to their credentials.

  6. JohnLopresti says:

    I have had a good deal of respect for the secret service. Then, by contrast, there was the Waxman grid of missing emails showing OPO was late to begin archiving its emails, and ceased doing so six months before OVP altogether quit saving OVP emails. There were about 25 days spread over three months in early 2004 in which OPO lost a few weeks of emails. I would expect Crew to have an interesting file on how OPO conducts business under the current administration, but somehow I expect the secret service to be as amazingly effective as their tradition has shown they have been during the current transition around eletion and lameduck times. Crew seemed to meet uncompromisingly protective judges in the visitor logs suit, though a measure of my own esteem voiced appreciation that the absence of exposure might help secret service continue to do their complicated work. Looking up at the podium where the campaigner stands, however, I think there is some character of her very brief record in the top office in her state which shows how toxic the environment there is, both for clean politics of governance and in the literal sense of its being a state with much environmental cleanup to pursue if government is to continue to oversee public health conscientiously. P’s record in the latter respect is one of evasion, according to an article recently posted online.

  7. Dismayed says:

    Sarah Palin doesn’t have any chances in 2012. Nor 2018, nor ever after that. She the floater in John’s swirling commode of a campaign.

    I doubt we’ll ever hear anything of her again, save for the brief blurb when she fails to win reelection in Alaska. The fact that Neocons are “grooming her” just shows how desperately false hope needs a dumb friend.

  8. rosalind says:


    Tribune Company has given a two-year notice to the Associated Press that its daily newspapers plan to drop the news service, becoming the first major newspaper chain to do so since the recent controversy over new rates began.


  9. masaccio says:

    The secret service doesn’t think those threats against Obama at those Palin rallies are real. They claim not to have heard them.

  10. dustbunny44 says:

    Hearing the chorus of threats at Palin rallies makes me reflexively think “who sent you?” at the yellers.
    After reading this story, I wonder if someone is trying to keep us from finding out.

  11. JohnJ says:

    How about a simple explanation….

    they are plants to incite violence and the goppers don’t want anyone to make the connection.

    ‘Moves toward that need to declare Marshal Law before the inauguration.

    Ooops; I’m really going off the deep end………..

    Must replace that tin foil with mumetal; the waves are leaking in. (Little engineering snark there).