Trash Talk – All You Kneed To Know About Tom

In all the hubbub over the election, debates, McCain inciting racial strife and, of course, our economy continuing to fall off the face of the earth, the usually astute American public consciousness has lost track of a critically important story they usually would be all over. Tom Brady has undergone yet another knee operation. That is not good. Not to mention that Giselle must be getting cranky from the loss of consortium in their love shack. Peyton Manning demonstrated that knee surgeries now come in pairs though, so maybe it is nothing to worry about. You folks up there in Beantown better not let Randy Moss here about this though, because he was just starting to come out of his funk with Cassell.

National Favre League – Jeebus, it really is not a great week for captivating matchups. Check out the schedule, fairly bleak. Brett and the Jets visit Freep country up in Oakland. Maybe Al Davis will suit up, he may still be the toughest goat on the Raiders. Bolts at Bills, Saints at Panthers and Vikes at Da Bears are the only even halfway interesting regular schedule games. The real class, such that it is this week, are the Sunday night and Monday night games, Colts at Cheeseheads and Doncos at Pats, respectively.

Bowl Division, Smole Division (NCAA) – Okay, I want to come clean; I think the BCS is a bunch of shit. There; now I feel better. Big game of interest to Wheelheads seems to be the Wolvereenies at Joe Pa. Already the carping. Already the rationalizing from the Schembechler Whinery Region.

Kansas at Oklahoma appears to be a good game to watch. By far, the most interesting game would look to be Missouri at Texas. Chase Daniel is a pretty special kid, but so apparently is Colt McCoy. The battle between those two will probably be continuing on Sundays for many years into the future. For this year though, Texas looks to have too much for Missouri, and that and home field should carry the day. The other interesting game is LSU at South Carolina. Spurrier has a knack for these situations; Gamecocks in an upset.

MLB – The Sawx are dead. Long live the Sawx! I said when the season started that the Red Sawx may not be all that without their big prick, Curt Shilling. I am sticking with that prediction. Much to the chagrin of Ishmael, Bay State Librul, Neil, Phred and many other fine folks up Beantown way, I just don’t think they can pull it out this year. Say what you will about the Shill, but he has "it" when it comes to that last ounce of playoff toughness. It is not just with the Sawx either, the Diamondbacks couldn’t do it without the jerk either. MLB is going to commit hari kari, but the series is going to be Tampa Bay and Philly. Hari kari may be justified.

F1 Circus – This weekend is the penultimate race of the season, the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai. From FoxSports:

Championship leader Lewis Hamilton put himself in prime position to claim the Formula One title this weekend by taking the pole position Saturday for the Chinese Grand Prix.

Hamilton set a top time of 1 minute, 36.303 seconds, and will start Sunday’s race ahead of Ferrari pair Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa, who were second- and third-fastest.

Hamilton leads Massa by five points in the drivers’ championship with two races left in the season. To clinch the title here, he would need to finish on the podium and gain six more points than the Brazilian.

The front row for China is the same as the previous race in Japan, where Hamilton braked too late, forced Raikkonen off at the first corner and consequently received a pit drive-through penalty and finished outside the points.

Renault’s Fernando Alonso, who has won the past two grands prix and had vowed to try his best to help Massa win the title, will start from fourth on the grid.

BMW’s Robert Kubica, who still has slim hopes of snatching the title, put in his worst qualifying performance of the season and finished in the 12th spot, complaining of understeer.

Hamilton enters the Chinese GP five points ahead of Ferrari’s Felipe Massa and twelve up on Kubica. But with both Ferraris right next to and behind him on the grid, Hamilton is going to have to earn his first title; and it was not until the last race of the season last year that Hamilton lost grip, so it is not over till it is over. It ain’t over. Again, the race is tonight, not Sunday morning, on Speed TV.

Trash it up!

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  1. scribe says:

    Giselle don’t stay cranky long – she moves on…. Tommy had better get well soon, or get used to the idea of being a former boyfriend.

    As to JoePa – God love him. And help PSU win. IF only b/c it will give Central Pa. something to pay attention to and talk about besides the Obama-n****r robocalls a 527 is pumping in there.

  2. freepatriot says:

    Chinese grand Prix ???

    you lost me there, pal

    what’s next, badminton ???

    Mexican wrestling ???

    why do you hate real Amurikans like that

    hey, I wasted a lot of good material just gettin here, let me warm up a bit …

  3. Mauimom says:

    Not to mention that Giselle must be getting cranky from the loss of consortium in their love shack.

    bmaz, are you speaking from experience or gossip, ’cause I’m thinking that

    ** Giselle can sneak into his hospital room, if he’s confined to the hospital; and

    ** Giselle can figure out some “innovative” positions that don’t involve pressure on that hurt knee.

  4. randiego says:

    There’s a few decent games tomorrow.

    Bolts at Buffalo is certainly a big game for both teams, and remember that The Chargers don’t travel well to the east coast. Right now the game is listed as even, so take the points.

    Baltimore at Miami is a good one – we’ll see how for real the Fish are.

    Peyton at the Ex-Bretts is good one too. Indy -2.

    New Orleans at Carolina. Another division game, always smart to take the home team in these. Drew Brees is the early clubhouse leader for MVP.

    The Bretts against the Raiduh’s. Raiduhs play pretty tough D, Brett among the top passers in the AFC.

  5. randiego says:

    I’ll be a big Pats fan on Monday night. 3 TDs and a passer rating of 110.0 for Cassel would be fine by me.

    • freepatriot says:

      I’ll be a big Pats fan on Monday night. 3 TDs and a passer rating of 110.0 for Cassel would be fine by me.

      poor guy

      look at him, rooting against Denver like that

      still thinks his team has a chance, an stuff

      it’s kinda cute, in a sad sorta way, when a fan doesn’t realize that the primordial ooze has decided against his team …

      what ??? you’re tryin to tell me the gods don’t hate San Diego ???

      • randiego says:

        Wait just a second, Raiduh fan.

        Wasn’t Tom Brady’s multiple surgeries the “Primordial Oooze” stuff?

        Your Raider hex won’t work here pal

        • freepatriot says:

          I just live close to Oakland, I don’t root for oakland

          least not in football

          when it comes to riots, and intra-city violence, you’re a fool to bet against oakland …

  6. masaccio says:

    Don’t bother to mention the only 5-0 team playing tomorrow: the Tennessee Titans of Nashville.

    And speaking of trash talk, get a load of this headline from the trash network, CNN: “McCain, Palin hint Obama policies are socialist.”

    And from the candidate his own self: “Raising taxes on some in order to give checks to others is not a tax cut; it’s just another government giveaway.”

    It doesn’t get much better than that.

    • bmaz says:

      That was a favor to you. The last time I talked about an undefeated team going into KC, they got their butt handed to them in the Chiefs’ only victory of the season. didn’t want the Titans to suffer the same fate as the Broncos.

      Especially after Vandy falling again….

      • freepatriot says:

        The last time I talked about an undefeated team …

        let’s hope you can work some of that desert magic on texas tonight

        and what’s this ???

        A link to FAUX Sports GNUS ???

        jebus, what’s wrong with with this picture ???

        the internal power struggle must be worst than I thought (keep fightin, ew)

        here’s the non propaganda link

  7. masaccio says:

    Thanks, I figure you can’t jinx teams from the comments.

    Vanderbilt still gets lousy calls in big games. And we could use some help on run defense. The Dawgs were making huge yards on the off-tackle play, specially in the second half.

    • CTMET says:

      Too bad…I was looking forward to seeing Michigan play against Buffalo in the Motor City Bowl…. might not happen seeing as Michigan doesn’t look like they will be bowl eligible.

      • freepatriot says:

        I was looking forward to seeing Michigan play against Buffalo in the Motor City Bowl…

        with Brady out, the Bills might make the NFL playoffs this year

        • CTMET says:

          Hey I spend every New Years Day rooting for Mrs. CTMETs team the Wolverines. If they’re going to have a lousy year it might as well coincide with the good year the Bulls are having.

          Some useless information UB has only been invited to a bowl once in 1958.

          After finishing the season as the Lambert Cup champions, Buffalo was invited to play in the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, FL. However, after accepting the invitation, University Chancellor Clifford Furnas, along with the entire team, made the decision to not play in the game; they learned that their two black players, Willie Evans and Mike Wilson, would not be allowed to play as per the request of the hosting school district.

          UB also is the only D1 program with a Black Head football coach (Turner Gill of Nebraska fame), and Warde Manuel – (who played for Bo).

          How bout some love for a progressive program???

          • bmaz says:

            Hey, awesome story; had not heard that before. That is cool. I have heard that Turner Gill has a lot of promise as a head coach, hope you guys can hold on to him.

            Gots to say though, if you have to root for Michigan on New Year’s Day in bowl games, you got a lot of fortitude. Their record, especially in the Rose Bowl, is not real good. You must love your wife….

    • Ishmael says:

      Just for the record, I am trying to watch the Red Sox-Rays game up here in Canada, but the sports network carrying it tells us that TBS has shut down completely and is not broadcasting the game – in the meantime, waiting for the game coverage to resume, they are showing the Miss Hooters 2008 contest. I will keep everyone posted…..

  8. lesserdevil says:

    Being an LSU alumni (alumni is spelled f-a-n-a-t-i-c), I am afraid you might be right. If not the Spurrier’s Gamecocks, then there will be some other upset. The Tigers have been riding high for too long. I’ve been amazed at Les Miles success so far. It can’t last forever.

    That’s why I have to ride in the back of the bus to LSU home games. Nobody wants to hear my pessimism.

  9. kspena says:

    OT- this is for last thread, but nobody’s there. I saw ‘W’ this afternoon; Powell comes off very strong… It passed through my brain that powell’s appearance on MTP tomorrow and the release of the Stone film might be coordinated…The film gives Powell good cover for whatever he might say; he’s not alone anymore…

  10. randiego says:

    wow, Texas over Missouri 21-0. Gotta disagree bout Chase Daniel playing on Sundays. No arm downfield.

  11. randiego says:

    You guys? Hey mister, I wanted to keep Drew Brees. I loved the guy, and I don’t think arm strength was ever a problem with him…

    Can you imagine? Brees, with Rivers coming off the bench!

    Oops, 28-0 now.

    • rosalind says:

      the home plate ump got beaned by the ball and had to leave the game. guess this triggers decisions about how to move the other umps around. took quite a while to get up and running again.

  12. Loo Hoo. says:

    Sara has another wonderful history lesson at newtonusr’s Oxdown diary. She knows Minnesota like no other, and makes a case for why Michelle Bachman may well lose to Tinklenberg. Go to comment #29.

  13. JimWhite says:

    Well, my Jayhawks came up short, but they kept it really close until the fourth quarter. Had a great time at the game and visiting with family, too. Very tired now and early start tomorrow….

  14. janesbrain says:

    I’ve been lurking for quite some time, but since you are talking college football, I had to register! I watched part of the Texas/Missouri game & what a total blowout! I’m a USC fan, so I was kinda hoping Missouri would win, but whatever.

    • MadDog says:

      Welcome from out of the Lurkosphere!

      Trash talking is just too hard to resist, so don’t let those pesky Longhorns stop ya. They’re all cattle and no hat.

          • phred says:

            Ode to MadDog, “I will not wear that Cheesehead Hat”

            Would you wear it on a plane?
            Would you wear it in the rain?

            I would not could not on a plane.
            I would not could not in the rain.

            I will not wear your Cheesehead Hat.
            I will not wear it, now that is THAT!

            Try it try it you will see it will protect you, yessirree!
            Both in a crash and in the damp, a Cheesehead Hat is handy Champ.

            I will not crash nor be out in mist
            Please go away, I must insist!

            I will not wear your Cheesehead Hat.
            I will not wear it, now that is THAT!

            Alas poor MadDog will not see
            a Cheesehead Hat is a must to be
            properly prepared in all events:
            untimely failures and weather inclement.
            Fear not dear Reader for you will see
            bmaz and I will not let him be…
            One day Dear MadDog will attest
            his very own Cheesehead Hat is best!

    • freepatriot says:

      I’ve been lurking for quite some time, but since you are talking college football,

      some days you just gotta set aside the mundane and trivial things like the future of Democracy and the fate of the world and all that, and discuss what’s really important


      feel free to chime in on the lesser issues we discuss here too (like when a repuglitard mouth breathing congresscritter inserts a size 16 eeeee clodhopper into her mouth, or the vice presnit decides to burn a NOC agent in a personal vendetta)

  15. Muzzy says:

    you know, I attended the Longhorns’ first ever Rose Bowl appearance -against Michigan. Wolverines had quite a triad in the RB, QB, and WR that year.

    SC should win out and definitely has a chance for the Championship game. SEC and Big XII will beat each other up.

  16. JThomason says:

    New Mexico scored 70, UCLA won, Northern Illinois won (beating Toledo), UAB won, the Vols hammered the mighty Bulldogs. What else is relevant? So we live in a post-reactionary, neo-feudal state where our owner elites owe no moral accountability. We do have some tremendous stadiums.

  17. JThomason says:

    I take it you mean this Romulus:

    The historical record contains few details of Romulus’ life. He was installed as emperor by his father Orestes, the Magister militum (master of soldiers) of the Roman army. Orestes had deposed the previous emperor Julius Nepos. Romulus, little more than a child, acted as a figurehead for his father’s rule. Reigning only ten months, Romulus was then deposed by the Germanic chieftain Odoacer and sent to live in the Castellum Lucullanum in Campania; afterwards he disappears from the historical record.

    Have you stumbled upon the lost transcript holding the heuristic key to the secret rhetorical foibles of Odoacer’s political trick bag (much like the quatrains of Nostradamus but having the great prophetic “robocall” code). I had thought Rick Davis had the only copy. This makes thing much more interesting. San Diego State let the Lobos have 70…70…I mean really. Rocky Long may be a descendant of Odoacer.

  18. JThomason says:

    Nostrodamus on the Red Sox v. Rays:

    “The battle moves to the east, to determine the beast. It might go as far as France, but again you’re effing wrong. It starts in the southeast and perseverance serves the goal. In the end, a devil remains the mole.”

    Nostradamus refers to the world’s stupid fascination with Evan Longoria’s name being similar to Eva Longoria. Devil Rays, or not, they come out victoriously in this series, perhaps after a Troy Percival save??? Rays in six.

    1555 was a long time ago. Its understandable that he would miss this one.

    • JThomason says:

      “Expansive unreality” is right in line with the trend toward compulsive facetiousness and the Munchausen factor. Soon McCain will storm Vaudeville.

        • bmaz says:

          The only way to confirm whether or not you really learned this postulate would be to kill yet another cat. Here kitty kitty…..

          • freepatriot says:

            as long as we don’t open the box, the kitty is ALIVE


            we think

            we can’t PROVE the cat is dead unless we open the box

            I never suspected how much relevance the parrot sketch has to quantum physics

            the kitty could be in the box “pinin for the fjords” …

            we don’t know

            we can’t know …

            and all this is somehow relevant to subatomic particles n stuff

            I don’t know about Ambinder, but you should definitely keep me away from quantum physics

  19. Neil says:

    A good night for Boston. Can they do it twice, win the pennant from down 3-1?

    I was channeling freepatriot watching three things at once; SoxTB, AZvCAL, SNL.

    Marky Mark stole the show doing an imitation of himself doing an imitation of Samberg doing an imitation of himself. Wiig was good as usual. Pohler’s always on. They did a good bit with Fey, Palin and Alec Baldwin to open the show. But the best SNL thing I saw all week was Sarah Silverman on Lettermen telling the story of when she stabbed Al Franken in the head with her pencil.

  20. freepatriot says:

    modified string theory SUX

    Super Sting Theory RULZ

    all your suspect dimensions are belong to US*

    *Parallel dimensions not included, prices may vary due to availibility in your area

  21. WilliamOckham says:

    I left a comment on the newspaper endorsement thread. My hometown paper, the Houston Chronice, endorsed Barack Obama today. The last Democratic nominee for president they endorsed was LBJ in 1964. It was obviously the Palin pick that they couldn’t stomach:

    Perhaps the worst mistake McCain made in his campaign for the White House was the choice of the inexperienced and inflammatory Palin as his vice-presidential running mate. Had he selected a moderate, experienced Republican lawmaker such as Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison with a strong appeal to independents, the Chronicle’s choice for an endorsement would have been far more difficult.

    The part that amazes me is that they got past this:

    One weakness Obama has shown is a tendency to demonize the energy industry, which will be an indispensable ally in developing alternative fuel sources in the future.

    [By “demonize” they mean “describe honestly”]

  22. phred says:

    bmaz — quick drive by… Colts at Cheeseheads 4:15 ET not Sunday night… Don’t want anyone to miss it by accident ; )

  23. Minnesotachuck says:

    Good Op Ed this morning by Frank Rich at the Gray Lady about McCain having painted himself into the political corner with George W. Bush, and thus having torn up his Maverick credentials in deed, if not in word. What Rich misses, however, and what almost all commentary on the campaign is missing, is that this is just as revealing about the state of the twenty-first century Republican Party as it is about McCain’s personal character. He would never have obtained his party’s nomination if he hadn’t embraced most of Bush’s policies and political practices, even though a large majority of the American people have begun to realize how disastrous those policies and practices have been. Today’s GOP is a party that has been taken over by elements whose agenda is having the effect of destroying the American Expirment, and they have taken their party swirling so far down that bowl that if American democracy recovers, their party will probably never again be regarded as a respectable democratic (small “d”) political entity. The election of 2008, more so than any since at least 1860 and perhaps ever, is utterly crucial to the future of American democracy.

  24. phred says:

    By the way bmaz, still think the Sawx are done? ; ) 4-2 RED SOX!!! Game 7 awaits… Packer/Sox doubleheader today — WooHoo!

  25. Muzzy says:

    Coaches Poll out this morning:

    1. Texas (58) 7-0 1,522 1
    2. Alabama (1) 7-0 1,436 2
    3. Penn State (2) 8-0 1,413 3
    4. Southern California 5-1 1,264 4
    5. Oklahoma 6-1 1,218 6
    6. Texas Tech 7-0 1,210 5
    7. Florida 5-1 1,184 7
    8. Oklahoma State 7-0 1,083 10
    9. Georgia 6-1 1,067 9
    10. Ohio State

    Someone please explain how USC now leapfrogs Oklahoma. USC is one of four teams to score over 60 points on Washington St. this season. And WSU has been kept under ten points many times.

    ‘Bye’ could beat WSU by 60 points.

  26. Neil says:

    Pick Bolts in Buffalo.
    Pick Gints in NY against 49ers
    Pick Vikes 3-3 in Chicago – this should be a good game. I wish I could watch.
    Pick Balto in MIA
    Remember the Titans 5-0 in KC 1-4
    Upset Bengals 0-5 over Steelers 4-1 in Cincy.
    Upset Rams 1-4 over Boyz 4-3

    4:15 games coming later.

  27. 4jkb4ia says:

    OK, the world is not coming to an end: Neil could predict this outcome. I mean, the first quarter has been all Rams.

    Re: the big rally, a map of the St. Louis eruv may be online, but suffice it to say that it does not make it to the city, never mind the Arch. Also suffice it to say that the people in our synagogue would certainly have caught on where we were if we failed to show up.

  28. randiego says:

    The power is out in Buffalo. They are playing the game without instant replay. The play-by-play guys are using a land line to call the game, without the use of a game clock.

    It’s 1957 in Buffalo. 7-3 Chargers, early 2nd Q

    • bmaz says:

      Yes the lightning bolts have knocked all the power out. Local electrician said Noval Turner was crying that his electric blankie wouldn’t work.

  29. randiego says:

    The Chargers have allowed Trent Edwards to go 19-21 passing playing a weak zone. You can’t win like that.

    13-7 Buffalo, halftime – A crazy score for a game that Buffalo seems to be dominating.

    Power was back on, then went out again.

    • freepatriot says:

      Cant the NFL afford backup power generators?

      they probably could, but the NFL spends a considerable amount of money researching ways to screw over a certain team located at the extreme southwestern corner of the continental united states

      it’s getting kinda expensive to make the primordial ooze’s vendetta against the chargers look plausible

      no, wait, I probably shouldn’t have told you that …


  30. bmaz says:

    I know that the Wolvereenies have fallen on hard times. I know that the Big 3 in Detroit are in a world of hurt. I know that there are some wacked out politicians and right wing nuts up there. But, seriously, what the hell is going on in Michigan???

    THOMAS TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Police say a Michigan man has been arrested after “receiving sexual favors from a vacuum” at a car wash.

    The Saginaw News reports the 29-year-old Swan Creek Township man was arrested Thursday in Saginaw County’s Thomas Township, about 90 miles northwest of Detroit.

    Police Sgt. Gary Breidinger says a resident called to report suspicious activity at the car wash about 6:45 a.m. An officer approached on foot and caught the man in the act.

    The suspect, whose name wasn’t immediately released, is being held in the Saginaw County Jail.

  31. freepatriot says:

    wow, I just saw a phantom safety

    the jets fumbled into the end zone and the raiders recovered for a touchback

    but the NFL dot com page showed the jets scoring a safety, and showed the score as 5-3 NY, instead of the 3-3 tie I been watching (we only get a raiders game this afternoon out here)

    what does it all mean ???

    that the computer geeks workin for the nfl don’t really watch the games

    fookin geeks …

  32. BayStateLibrul says:

    I’m so freaking nervous….
    Will the Sox win?
    I just voted, wimped out, and said that I can’t answer the question…
    I don’t wanna jinx them…
    I’ve got a lot of baggage.

    • freepatriot says:

      it’s personality, not baggage

      take me fer instance

      I’m not superstitious, but why take the chance …

    • Neil says:

      The Curse was broken. It’s just one game, winner take all. Enjoy.

      Did you know the Girls Latin building is now Fenway High School? Did you go before Girls and Boys merged: Boston Latin?

      • BayStateLibrul says:

        I took four years of Latin but not at the Latin School, I went to Boston English.
        No, I went to a Catholic HS on the North Shore, and it wasn’t
        St. John’s Prep, my bro went there…

  33. randiego says:

    Raiders leading the Bretts…

    Cheeseheads leading the Peytons…

    And anyone who thinks that Tampa has a chance tonight against the Sox hasn’t been paying attention. Didn’t the Yankees lead the NLCS in ‘04, and the Indians lead the NLCS in ‘07?

    The Sox got ‘em right where they want ‘em.

  34. freepatriot says:

    in consecutive weeks, the rams beat the defending superbowl champs and last year’s number 1 seed in the NFC playoffs

    is St Louis havin a good week or what ???

  35. Neil says:

    N – Pick Bolts in Buffalo
    Y – Pick Gints in NY against 49ers
    N – Pick Vikes 3-3 in Chicago – this should be a good game. I wish I could watch.
    Y – Pick Balto in MIA
    Y – Remember the Titans 5-0 in KC 1-4
    N – Upset Bengals 0-5 over Steelers 4-1 in Cincy.
    Y – Upset Rams 1-4 over Boyz 4-3

    Winner in Bold. Result: 4-3, 1 game over .500 (Still, it was good day b/c Powell dominated the news cycle.)

    • freepatriot says:

      you don’t know the half of it


      the World Series (game 5 or 6 is usually on my birthday)

      the fruits of Humboldt (wink wink)

      my birthday (did I already mention that ???)

      and top it of with Halloween (yeah, I’m a chocolate junkie too)

      and did I mention the weather ???

      you east coasters (includes everybody east of Nevada) apparently need visual aids to know when fall arrives. around here, the nights get crisp while the days stay warm (the leaves DO turn colors and drop out here, but that happens between thanksgiving and christmas, where it belongs …)

      and then there is the crop from Humboldt (did I mention that)

      now that the redsox, the whitessox, the brewers and the cubs been eliminated, I can enjoy some baseball, and the fruits of Humboldt


  36. Neil says:

    f*ck I spoke too soon. a fastball off the plate away poked into deep right field on the foul line, double, RBI Pena scores.


  37. hayduke says:

    jees ew, you would think that the red wings or pistons would take up some depression matter while mr brady rehabs and the ole maize and blue try and battle that urge to turn into west virgina in michigan…. sorta like the maize and blue basketball team…. do you think there might be a conspiracy theory there? all we need is the west virgina hockey coach.

    ahhh all this gloating, yet I remain a long sufferin lions fan. fearing of course, they will f**k up draft day (our version of the super bowl) and leave us in a perpetual state of limbo gives me pause for any confidence that the roy williams dump made any sense….


  38. bmaz says:

    My condolences for the Red Sawx fans. I joke around, but I was rooting for the Sawx.

    That said, my hat is off to Tampa Bay and their fans. Enjoy to the fullest what you have going on there, it is special. Get thee to one of the Series games, no matter what the cost. It is worth it, you will keep that forever, and it is not the same watching it on TV. I know. Seven years ago it was me. The importance of this to the community, the oneness and togetherness, the pride, the emotion – it is all incredibly special. I cannot tell you what it felt like when it happened with the Diamondbacks the first time in 2001. It is just a wonderful thing. Soak it all in Tampa; hoop it up!

    • freepatriot says:

      can we go halvsies on those condolences ???

      I just can’t bring myself to have sympathy for boston

      I save my sympathy for teams I really hate

      in my world, sympathy is the ulrimate form of disrespect for a sports franchise

      look at those poor little red sox, boo hoo

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