Trash Talk – Post Throwdown Action

Okay, we shot our wad a little early this week with the special Thursday Throw Down. But man, what a game. J – E – T – S Jets, Jets, Jets! Okay, enough of that; the Pats will be back, and the Jets have to deal with masaccio’s Titans next week, so it is a temporary euphoria. Let’s get down to bizness; down the rabbit hole we go!

NCAA: randiego swears the Texas Tech Red Raiders are da bomb. But not this week, they have a bye and won’t face battle until November 22 when they travel to Norman to beat meet Freep’s Boomer Sooners. That leaves the big game of the day as the Ole Ball Coach and his South Carolina Gamecocks invading the Gators down in the Swamp.

Florida already has wrapped up the SEC East, but needs a win to keep its BCS title hopes alive. It will be the second trip back to Florida Field for South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, the former Gator coach and Heisman Trophy winner who guided the Gators to their first football national title in 1996. The Gamecocks head to Gainesville with a lot of confidence after winning six of their last seven. Both teams are ranked for the first time since Spurrier took over in Columbia. It’s a classic matchup of the SEC’s top defense (South Carolina) against the SEC’s highest-scoring offense (Florida). Florida has averaged 46.5 points per game during its current five-game winning streak. Quarterback Tim Tebow has been running the ball better of late since suffering a hyper-extended knee against Arkansas. Tebow has rushed for five touchdowns in his last two games. Wide receiver Percy Harvin is third in Southeastern Conference in touchdowns with 12 (five rushing, seven receiving). The Gamecocks lead the SEC in total defense (256.5 yards per game) and rank third in points allowed (15.6 per game). LB Eric Norwood is coming off a three-sack performance, and South Carolina picked off a season-high three passes a week ago. Tebow exploded on South Carolina last season. The defense needs to find a better way to corral him or South Carolina will suffer a similar result.

Other games of note include: Oklahoma State at Colorado; Ralphie and the Buffs are tough at Folsom Field, but they don’t have enough for OSU this time. Boston College at Bobby Bowden just got a lot harder for FSU since they just suspended their entire receiving corps. Southern Cal is going to piss on the Stanford Tree; Harbaugh used up his magic last year, not gonna happen again this year. Keep your eye on Boise State and Utah too; they are both still undefeated; should still be so after this weekend, they are each clearly better than their respective foes, but their games are always a lot of fun.

NFL: There are maybe more glossy games, but I think the most interesting may be a good old fashioned Black and Blue Division matchup of Da Bears at Le Cheeseheads. Just doesn’t seem right to be talking about this game in the middle of November, in Green Bay, and not have Brett Favre in the mix. But Brett’s a Jet now, so it’s Aaron Rodgers against a gimpy Kyle Orton. Better than Rex Grossman though. Da Bears are 5-4 and the Pack are 4-5; if the Bears win, they have the upper hand and the momentum for the division and the Pack is slack. But if the Cheesers put on a good show and nail down a solid win, all bets are off and the division is up for grabs with the Vikes in the mix too. Pack sack Da Bears.

The next curious game is teh Bolts at the Stillers. San Diego is an enigma; no clue what their bag is. The Stillers looked for the first six or seven weeks like one of the three or four best teams in the league; then injuries set in and they went a little wobbly. I guess there is a chance that the Chargers pop out of their doldrums and crank out a win; but I’ll leave my chips with Big Ben, wounded wing and all.

Titans go big game hunting for Jaguars in Jacksonville. Normally I would pick the Jags for the upset because they always give the Titans fits. But I am tired of predicting the Oilers, er Titans, to lose every week and having masaccio chime in with the latest win total. Titans win this one. Also, the ‘Boys go after Skins in DC. The return of Romo. If he leaves Jessica back at Southfork, his return will be enough juice to gin the ‘Boys up for a much needed win. Also Ray Lewis and the Ravens visit the Gents. I think Ray Ray is going to go wild and it will be a lot closer than most think; not enough though, and there will be enough Good Eli to pull out a close win.

Well, that’s the roundup for this weekend. Hoop it up, and trash the joint; and, find somebody to love, will ya?

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  1. BlueStateRedHead says:

    Jets/Pats definitely the new Yanks/Sox. The largest of all the Wholefoods in my piece of the BlueState was empty on Thursday night. Empty of staff too.

    Cashier who has been there for years attributed it to game.

    • BayStateLibrul says:

      Never, heresy, life begins on opening day (135 days and counting)

      at the produce stand
      a kid with a baseball
      places catch with the awning,

      or for Bmaz

      law office picnic
      the ump consults
      his blackberry

      From Baseball Haiku

  2. BayStateLibrul says:


    “The question to ask, Ryan sayeth, “Is how was Dustin Keller left completely, totally, and utterly alone on third and 15 from the Jets’ 15 when a stop would have put the Patriots in a great position to win the game?

    Sour grapes, but why does a fucking coin flip determine the game?

    Change is required, no?

    Boston College will lose by 55 points. I hate, loathe and despise
    the Golden Eaglets…

  3. radiofreewill says:

    The key to beating the Ol’ Ball Coach is Scoring First. For whatever reason, that instantly puts him in ’catch-up’ mode, and he becomes turnover-prone, which then tends to give Wings to the Visor.

    Unflappable Gators 49 Chickendicks 3

  4. JimWhite says:

    I don’t think the Gators will have much trouble with South Carolina this afternoon. They are really playing well and shouldn’t have to rely on something like this to win this time, like they did two years ago. Here’s the story of that block. It turns out Charlie Strong wanted to pull Moss and put in Harvey for the play, but Moss argued to stay in and promised to block the kick.

    radiofreewill: I agree somewhat in that I never felt Spurrier was all that good at in-game tactics if his original gameplan is shown to have some flaws. Bowden beat his butt many times by making much better adjustments at halftime. Meyer, on the other hand, just seems to get the very best out of his players by sheer force of will. He also puts every one of them in the position where they can best help the team. I don’t know if the score will be that lopsided, but it very well could be.

    My Jayhawks are probably going to be embarrassed again today by Texas.

  5. emptywheel says:

    I’m gonna vote for Ray Lewis in an upset. Mostly because that’s what I do–root against the Manning boys (though, as I’ve long said, I’ll be happy to start rooting for good Eli as soon as Coughlin hands the team over to Spagnuolo).

    • bmaz says:

      Crikey Marcy, even the people from the University of Buffalo, who’s greatest bowl game was the one they didn’t go to, are ripping hard on the Wolverweenies. Ouch.

  6. CTMET says:

    Thats not true. I’m still wondering what exactly I’m going to do on New Years day.

    Of course Michigan does have some payback coming to them.

    From the New York Times October 27, 1901

    MICHIGAN MADE HUGE SCORE.; Buffalo Football Team, Conquerors of Columbia, Shut Out by Score of 128 to 0.

    October 27, 1901, Wednesday

    Page 16, 310 words
    ANN ARBOR, Oct. 26. — The most remarkable football score of the present season was made here to-day, when the University of Michigan eleven rolled up a total of 128 to 0 against the University of Buffalo, the team that at the beginning of the season defeated Columbia University at the Pan-American Exposition by 5 to 0. [ END OF FIRST PARAGRAPH ]

    • bmaz says:

      Yes, it is so hard to watch the Big-whatever (10, 11, how many teams without offenses they got anyway?) fall on such hard times. I am, of course equally troubled by the struggles of Notre Dame.

      • bmaz says:

        And, just to be completely fair, y’all have noticed how little i have mentioned the Sun Devils this year haven’t you?? That is because they suck too. Bleeccch!

  7. rosalind says:

    good thing the usc game is at stanford. we have fire #3 going, this one in corona. air quality is getting ugly, and they’re warning of rolling blackouts due to power transformers getting burnt up in the sylmar fire.

    ah, l.a. in november.

    • randiego says:

      Did I mention it’s 92 in SD today? Man, I love living here.

      Of course, LA is experiencing the downside of living here… more than 600 homes burned is the current total.

      The High Pressure creating the Santa Ana is perched over Idaho, so it’s the LA Basin and coastal mountains north of there that are getting the brunt of it. When the Highs move east and south over 4-corners area is when the SD region gets it bad.

      • rosalind says:

        i have to give credit to our celebrity police chief bill bratton for one thing: he took the media to task for the tone of its reporting on the loss of 500 homes at Oakridge Mobile Home Park in Sylmar. we use the phrase “trailer park” so lazily sometimes to confer a status of ‘less than’. bratton made clear these 500 families’ pain & loss was as real and devastating as any other’s.

        almost makes up for the amount of time he spends jet-setting around the globe…

        • bmaz says:

          That has always been the curious Bill Bratton; but his good seems to usually far outweigh the shaky. We have the diametric opposite here, with a publicity hound, Joe Arpaio, whose bad is infinitely ahead of the microscopic amount of good he does. and, yeah, have you seen some “mobile homes” lately? Some of them are actually spectacular.

  8. randiego says:

    Wow, what a great bunch of games this week!

    First we have the Bolts and Stillers – low 30’s and a chance of snow at game time ~ Football weather!

    If we follow Charger Rules, we know they don’t travel to the East well. However, the game is at 1pm PST, so I’m predicting the gametime won’t be a factor this week. Another Charger Rule is that they play down (or up) to opponents – they play well in games they aren’t expected to. In this game the Stillers are favored by 5. I’m not predicting a win, but it will be a close game. Take the points.

    Sorry Massacio, but I think THIS will be the week for the Titans to lose vs Jax. A division game on the road against a resilient team.

    Denver goes into Atlanta where Michael The Burner Turner will turn their D into swiss cheese.

    I like Green Bay against the Bears. Another division winner at home.

    Another interesting game will be Arizona’s 6-3 Cards in Seattle, a very tough place to play. A division game on the road – we’ll see if the Cardinals with resurrected Kurt ‘Praise Jesus’ Warner are for real.

    In another division game (anyone see a trend?) we have Dallas + Tony Romo vs. The Skins in DC. Go Skins!!

    That’s it for me…

    • CTuttle says:


      Denver goes into Atlanta where Michael The Burner Turner will turn their D into swiss cheese.

      What happened to Turner’s afterburners? Btw, the Stillers over Da Bolts certainly improves my Broncs’ standings…!

  9. john in sacramento says:

    Special teams are killing me. I’d be three for three (SC v Cal; 49ers v Cards; Pats v Jets) since last week if not for special teams touchdowns. 49ers played over their heads and got a KO return for a touchdown. I was all set to pick the Jets (who also had a KO return TD) over the Pats until I googled the weather and it said rain and 49, which made me think too much. And I totally screwed up and violated one of the NFL’s Commandments

    Whosoever shall useth logic to doubteth Brett Favre in thy big game shall loseth their shirt 8 out of 10 times

    Didn’t have time yesterday or this morning to say take the Horns to cover over Kansas but …

    And I have no crystal ball and I’m not a psychic and without being able to predict special teams TD’s. Here goes

    Miss. State v Tide

    Line is -21 or -22 Tide

    The line looks a little scary but Tide Rolls and covers


    Cal v Oregon State

    Lat I saw the line was -3 OSU

    This is the chess game of the week. This is the game other coaches will watch. Tedford and Riley are two of the best at game planning against their opponents weaknesses. This’ll come down to talent, which slightly favors the Beavers.

    OSU covers


    Stanford v USC

    USC is -24

    This is another scary line. The Trojans have far superior talent and need to avenge last year, but this is the game of the year for the poor little rich boys in the South Bay.

    Just a guess (not psychic), Trojans will win (probably 3 TDs) but the Cardinal keeps it within the spread (barely). Take Stanford and the points


    Oakland Raiders v Miami Dolphins

    Dolphins are -10

    This one’s a joke. Bill Parcells and Tony Sparano v ??? and ancient Al Davis. If the Pats have the best coaching staff in the NFL, the Dolphins are tied for # 2 with the Giants and Titans. Chad Pennington might not have the arm but he’s football smart. The Raidahs always lead the league with stupid penalties and Bill Calahan called the Raiders the dumbest team in football … nuff said.

    Plus it’s on the East Coast

    Dolphins cover by double digits

  10. JimWhite says:

    Worst loss of Spurrier’s career. Total domination by the Gators; over 500 yards total offense against the number 3 defense in the country. Now I have to root for Alabama and the Gators not letting down as they look ahead to the SEC Championship game.

  11. radiofreewill says:

    Hot Wings! Peanuts! Popcorn!…Get your Hot Wings!

    ”Dad, could you book me a flight to Seattle tomorrow? I want to get in early and do some jersey shopping. Tony says we’re playing Washington.”

  12. bmaz says:

    Hey! where did everyone go? Cheesers treat Da Bears like French Brie. Chewed up and spit out. Enough of the Good Eli to quoth the Ravens. Donks kick Dirty Birds.

    • randiego says:

      man, what an ugly game. That’s pretty much the nail in the coffin for Los Cargadores.

      On a positive note, the refs pulled that late TD off the board and the Chargers covered! Bookies rejoice!

  13. masaccio says:

    bmaz, this wasn’t the week for Titan opponents. I’m home after traveling to find that the Nashvilles are now Ten and Zero. Apparently Collins can throw the long ball, who knew? It would be nice to get Chris Johnson some more yards, though. He and Lendale White have been pretty much penned up the last couple of games.

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