Championship Sunday Trash

There are two faces to Championship Sunday, the four best teams battling for the two slots in the SuperBowl, back to back games making for one great day of football. But it also means that football is nearly done for the year, and that is depressing. It was already a tough Saturday here with no football save for an uninteresting East West Shrine game. But today is huge, so lets get to it:

On tap first is the J E T S Jets Jets Jets visiting the lay down artists formerly known as the Colts. In my opinion, Indianapolis should have been disqualified from the playoffs for conduct detrimental to the integrity of the league. Instead, after defrauding paying fans for the last two games of the regular season, they will likely earn their way to the Super Bowl.

Peyton Manning is going to score points; as good as the Chargers were supposed to be, Manning simply cannot be shut down like the Jets did to San Diego. The question then becomes can the Jets score enough to keep up and pull out another win over the Colts now that the real Colts will be on the field? It is hard to see how, although with Bob Sanders out for the season, the Colts can be run on and the Jets do that well. The Jets are game, but the Colts win. Renaming Manhattan “Revis Island” may have been a bit premature.

The late game is the much awaited Vikings at the home of the N’awlins Saints. Grizzly Old Man River and Drew Fookin Brees. Reggie Bush and Adrian Peterson. Darren Sharper and Jared Allen. The edge has to go to the Saints because of the home dome noise factor and their more solid across the board defense. But if the Vikes play with the same intensity and composure they exhibited last week against the Cowboys, all bets are off. Percy Harvin is a game time decision due to debilitating migraines. Sharper and Shockey for the Saints have minor issues, but should both be good to go.

If The Vikes defense plays to their potential, like last week, and Favre and the offense can overcome the crowd noise and play in synch, the Vikes win the game; if either factor comes up short in any degree, they lose. That is a lot to ask against a Saints team that just seems a little more solid and consistent on both sides of the ball. This pains me greatly, but the Saints make their first Super Bowl.

Hope y’all enjoy the nice little video attached hereto; it was Marcy’s idea!

  1. Sara says:

    I have an intense largely philosophical dislike for Football. So as a discipline, I limit myself to one game per season. I used up too much of my limit early in this season, and have one quarter plus about two minutes left in the assigned length of time I am permitted to mess up my mind with watching people fall down. Violently.

    So the problem is which part of today’s game should I pick to watch? Five minutes of the first quarter, and then check in for a minute or two in the other quarters?

    No matter who wins, I do not watch Superbowls. Animal Planet has provided the best possible alternative to watching people trip up each other, and I am looking forward to the Puppy Bowl, with the Kitty Circus for halftime.

    By the way, the Hall of Fame former member of the Viking’s Front Four, otherwise known as the Purple People Eaters, Justice Alan Page, is also a fan of the Puppy Bowl. Secretly says it makes much more sense than the other Bowl.

  2. emptywheel says:

    I’m just glad the AFC game is first.

    Because I would love to see the Jets win that (on account of the Colts throwing an earlier game and all). Then I’d be rooting for the Aints to win. BUt if the Colts win, I gotta root for Old Man River, because he and Peyton playing in a Super Bowl will be one for the ages (plus, I’d love to see Jared Allen work his magic with Peyton).

    • scribe says:

      I agree that Peytons v. Geezers would be one for the ages.

      I also think that the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS making it to the Super Bowl would lead to the natural fulminating of JETS fandom rising to a level intolerable to even the most even-tempered among us. Don’t even think about how bad it would get should they win.

    • lawordisorder says:

      How are u all doing sportsfans…just cheking in on my rebel friends…BTW MARCY remember a serten Stanford lecture u handed to me?

      I give u in respons:

      And if im not mistaken….we unfolded it bigtime on Haiti and got some nasty teletron going…so Marcy put your feet up and go MF GAMEVINNING TOUTHDOWN…a whel in the meantime here at the coffemaker were up shitcreek without a parashoot but what else is new right, but this time on luv and money…easyer handing out bloody nobels in this shop than understanding those bleeding woman folks no? BTW read the Huffington on moving money…TD FANS

      Anyway my moneys on the saints whith that kind of recievers BMAZ ,-)

      Just my five cent worth

  3. PJEvans says:

    The Aints fan at work says it’s going to be so noisy in that dome that you won’t be able to hear the person in the seat next to you. And you might not be able to hear yourself, either.

  4. scribe says:

    Renaming Manhattan Island into “Revis Island” strikes me as being the rough, trash-talking karmic equivalent of having a lit-matches fight during your junior high school class trip to the fireworks factory. You know you shouldn’t do it, you know the consequences will be both spectacular and grave, you’ve been warned repeatedly, you deliberately hid the matches to evade the “Turn-em-all-in” search at the entry and now you’re gonna do it anyway. And what you were warned against comes to pass, in spades.

    The J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS should have looked on the example of David Cone of the 1988 Mets for an example of how badly this kind of trashtalking can wind up . You’ll remember: he went 20-3 as a rookie and helped lead the Mets to an 10-1 dominance over the Dodgers in the regular season . Then, seeing as how he’d been hired by the Times to write one of those player-written columns that crop up during the playoffs , he went to town on the Dodgers and their ace, Orel Hersheiser. It went on the bulletin board and the Dodgers and their bats beat him silly that night. And the Mets wound up going home.

    Did the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS listen? Nope. They’ll be going home, too.

    As to Saints-Vikes, I’m going with the Saints on the power of excessive noise. IF the Geezer somehow can silence (or even turn down) the crowd, the Purple might win. But I’m not counting on it.

    Come Super Bowl, I’m going toward The Football Gods bestowing the big W on the NFC team. Since it’s likely the Colts will be representing the AFC, this would effect Justice for laying down. In the unlikely event the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS go to the Supe, there will have to be a debt repaid for another two weeks of Revis Island propaganda. And, either the Saints or the Vikes will have ample Football Gods’ reasons to win.

    So, there it is.

      • BoxTurtle says:

        The Old Man is going to be ready for the noise. He’s been in much louder places and faced much more threatening defenses.

        But the aint’s are going to be slamming him into the turf a LOT. I dunno how many of those slams will translate to actual sacks, but he’s going to need every bit of the following two weeks to recover.

        Boxturtle (Is it true that the Vikes trainer has a minor in Geriatrics?)

      • LabDancer says:

        But is noise per se anywhere near as big a homefield advantage factor as ambient weather?

        Consider the Buffalo Hawk turning the ball as slick and deadly as a frozen hockey puck, and players’ extremities into breakables; the NFC North’s post-November Frozen Tundra Effect turning tackling into an exercise in sadomasochism; snowstorms covering up all the field lines, obscuring the sight-lines, early-burying the downed.

        Does the Home Dome Effect come as anywhere near a shock to the individual operating systems of the visitors when the latter spend over half their playing experiences watching it at work in their own home?

        Consider also what happens when the Detroit Kitties Come Home; or when the Rams are set out on the home clovers. The HDE is so awesomely powerful in those places, it’s actually prevented the NFL from feeling entirely comfortable they could remove any and all signs of pro football still being carried out within the city limits and that absolutely no one would notice.

        And if the Who Dats HDE is so crawdaddyawesome, how come Dey lost at home to each of: the Dallas Bovinepersons this regular season just past, and last regular season to a Norske squad poking along on a de-listed John Deere single-prop push mower run on untreated Tarvaris-brand diesel fuel, rather than the refurbished high-tech, multi-speed, multi-generational, fuel-injection model now run on Favre-brand air-rocket blend?

        • PJEvans says:

          But is noise per se anywhere near as big a homefield advantage factor as ambient weather?

          My friendly local Aints fan has been in that dome for games, and says it’s going to be worse than the first game there after Katrina. As in, you won’t be able to hear yourself yell, never mind that guy in the next seat.

          Solid wall of sound?

          • LabDancer says:

            All of which further strengthens my point: that le gagnant dew jooer is MORE likely to be la mayor ékeep, as opposed to being a mere function of whomsoever dat got dee best sound system — Nestlés paw bonhomie?

    • Mauimom says:

      the rough, trash-talking karmic equivalent of having a lit-matches fight during your junior high school class trip to the fireworks factory. You know you shouldn’t do it, you know the consequences will be both spectacular and grave

      This description seems like it could/should be attached to many current political situations, starting with the Dems who stayed home in MA on Tuesday.

      • scribe says:

        You seem to imply that sitting home rather than going out to vote for another DINO is a bad thing. The fact of the matter is that living and acting pursuant to “My country right or wrong” and “my party right or wrong” enables the wrong-doers and hurts the right-doers because blind obedience gives no penalty to those who do wrong and no benefit to those who do right. I see no reason to ratify bad or wrongheaded conduct, least of all by voting for it. In other words, don’t ask me to sacrifice my integrity to cast a vote I do not believe in, merely to return to office some piece of shit who will neither give me the time of day nor give even the slightest thought to listening to the positions I support, but instead will support and encourage the opposite (or worse) of those positions.

        Thus your snark, trying to flip my criticism of the J-E-T-S over-the-top trashtalking (and the karmic penalty I felt it would and did bring) into something else, not only is inapposite but really you make little or no sense. Coakley and Obama lost in Massachusetts for two reasons – they gave the Democratic voter no reason to vote for her other than blind party loyalty and they spent the last year not only doing everything possible to disspirit their voters but also actively fucking them over. The average voter asked themselves “What have you done for me lately, such that I should vote for you?” and the answer came back “not a goddamned thing. Obama broke a bunch of his campaign promises and ignored the rest, except those he made to the banksters.”

        I suppose in Maui they don’t get the Boston Herald (though with he intertoobz,it’s everywhere). They have a nice set of articles on their front page today, which I talked about at 108 on this thread, viz.:

        In other news, check out the front page on today’s Boston Herald. In that “war declared” size tabloid headline type it says: “How Obama Blew Year 1″.

        Nice subheads, too: “Another Dem who wouldn’t listen”, “Working Stiffs wanted a warrior”, “Messy message, Wonkish policies”.

        And the lead article on the main part of the site: “It’s the jobs stupid.”

        I’ll hand it to the tabloids. Day in and day out, the folks who write them know how to get their message across in a few, well-chosen words.

        Obama’s performance has been about as spectacular as that Adrian

        Peterson fumble that bounced a good ten yards, and about as frustrating. And now, he (and Rahm) are centralizing the coming fall’s campaign in the WH and we’re going to get more centrism instead of the left-ward movement we need. A surer means of turning off your base could hardly be devised on purpose, though I think and have so thought for many months that reducing the Democratic majority’s size was, in fact, Rahm’s plan all along. A smaller majority gives more power to the individual Blue Dogs and, by extension, their patron and leader, Rahm.

        Now, this football game is getting very interesting and I’m spending my time responding to your bullshit, so why don’t you park the trolling until the game is over and then I can devote my full attention to eviscerating your supposed arguments.

        That, or just STFU and let me watch and comment on football in peace.

        • bmaz says:

          I dunno; I think I’m with Mauimom here. If you have feelings that strong, go vote for the opponent/Republican and make a statement. You double your effectiveness from simply staying at home – you not only take a vote away from the cheesy Democrat, you give one to the opponent. You don’t send a message by allowing re-election; you do it by taking their job away.

        • 4jkb4ia says:

          If bmaz disturbed the sacrosanctness of trash talk,
          a) Even if you had huge Democratic turnout the large advantage for Brown among independents was difficult to overcome.
          b) Absolutely Coakley gave nobody any reason to vote for her.
          c) As I read Plouffe’s op-ed the important thing was “no bedwetting”. Do not collapse in fear so that you do not use the liberal framing for Congressional accomplishments that is out there.
          d) This comment would make more sense if the WH was picking the candidates. If you have someone like Richard Blumenthal who is doing fine and may have liberal views, you would need outright deceit in your poll to convince that person to run as a centrist.

  5. bobschacht says:

    In my mind, the real superbowl will be the Vikes vs. Saints. I can’t lose in that one, because either team deserves to be in the Superbowl.

    But I gotta say, the Jets are playing at a very high level, and they might knock Peyton off his perch.

    Bob in AZ

  6. BoxTurtle says:

    The only way the jets win is if that Indy coach who I refuse to name rests his starters for the Superbowl.

    I think the Vikes are going to win a CLOSE game. Last team to have the ball wins!

    Boxturtle (Sara, you can go to Starbucks with my wife and the rest of the football haters. :-) )

  7. joanneleon says:


    I still don’t accept the *Indianapolis* Colts. They belong in Baltimore. ;)
    I want to see Favre continue, though it’s a shame it has to be the “Aints” (love that name) that get knocked out. I’m torn on that one.

    • BoxTurtle says:

      I agree. The Baltimore Colts fans were the victims of a crime.

      Boxturtle (When it worked for Indy, Baltimore turned around and used it on Cleveland)

  8. freepatriot says:

    fuck all that “One for the Aged” bullcrap







    one for the FUTURE

    fuck the ages

    now where did I put that mug of caffine …

    • BoxTurtle says:

      Reading your response, I’m guessing you already drank it. :-)

      Boxturtle (Doing sugar rather than caffine this morning. Bear Claws…)

  9. Mary says:

    What – you couldn’t get a hundred five year olds singing We Are The World for your clip?

    I’m still reluctantly rooting for the Colts, but I keep having visions of a gatorade incident gone horribly wrong. Caldwell survives, but let’s just say it’s ugly. ;)

    In lieu of anything much to be actually excited about over the Colts, I’m reduced to, “How ’bout dem Cats!”

    What’s that?

    Is Kentucky Basketball hated by America?

    Oh great – just to heck with anything involving a ball today.

    • emptywheel says:

      Well I guess there would be a little ironic justice to that story line too.

      I think the Who Dats really lose out this year on possible story lines.

      So they must be destined to win it all (you’re welcome freep).

    • freepatriot says:

      Both stadims are covered, no?

      Would the noise be just as much a factor in Indianapolis?

      you’d think all things were equal

      but when is the last time you was arrested as drunk an disorderly at Mardi Gras in Indianapolis


    • scribe says:

      How lame is Indy in terms of fandom?

      Well, that traditional mayoral food bet was that Indy would send a friggin’ shrimp cocktail to Bloomberg if Indy lost. (NY would send pizza if it lost.) Shrimp cocktail. What is it, 800 miles from any ocean to Indy? You’d think they would have sent a fried pork brains ‘n’ mayo on Wonder bread sammich (an infamous local food specialty) or something.

      • joanneleon says:

        Jeebus. Shrimp? Do they even have any bodies of water in Indiana? (That little piece in the corner doesn’t count.)

        And I’m pretty disappointed in Bloomberg also. I would have bet bagels.

        Shrimp? Christ on a crouton. Now they wouldn’t be so nasty as to make that a symbolic slur at NYC’s mayor, would they? Cause that wouldn’t be nice.

      • emptywheel says:

        They should have sent whitefish. That one little corner has a good fish joint, as I recall. If you don’t mind eating within smelling distance of Gary, I mean.

  10. MsAnnaNOLA says:

    Come on guys…gotta at least give the saints a shot. This beat down town has never had a championship, ever. We have never had a championship in football or any other major professional sport.

    • bmaz says:

      Well, I picked the Saints to win, that is a lot more than a shot.

      And who says bead distribution and collecting in the Quarter isn’t a sport?

    • scribe says:

      An’ if you’d’ve looked upthread, cher, you’d have seen I picked the Saints to win, too.

      On the noise.

      As to BMAz on that competitive bead-garnering, he’s leaving out the whole cheering and encouragement that the ladies get, to play their part in that great street party…. Shirts v. Skins and all that….

    • freepatriot says:

      Come on guys…gotta at least give the saints a shot.

      I gave em a shot

      picked em to win it all I did

      I also picked the san diego Norvals as my loser of choice

      so my prognosticator might be on the fritz

      but don’t worry ladies, everything else works fine …

      /captian jack sparrow

  11. freepatriot says:

    All of which further strengthens my point: that le gagnant dew jooer is MORE likely to be la mayor ékeep, as opposed to being a mere function of whomsoever dat got dee best sound system — Nestlés paw bonhomie?

    what the hell did that guy say ???

    spell check jes fried a circuit

    an who let all these canadians in anyway

    I fifure he’s rootin for da Saints

    but the norske geezers are almost hosers, so who knows what side those maple suckers are on

  12. 4jkb4ia says:

    Insert rousing comment on going forth to seek the honor that would have been kept from us by Jim Caldwell and Curtis Painter with blatant stealing from St. Crispin’s Day speech.

  13. jm51 says:

    You state above,”But it also means that football is nearly done for the year, and that is depressing.”

    Conversely, it also means that it is only three weeks until pitchers and catchers report to spring training and that is exciting. The cycle continues. Have fun today!

  14. randiego says:

    Normally, I’d just go with the Colts like everyone else, but let’s face it – Peyton’s playoff record ain’t that great. 7-8, QB Rating 84.6. He did win a ring, but he got eliminated the last two years by the Chargers, not exactly a team with playoff distinction.

    Having said that, the Jets are shit-talkingest team that ever backed into the playoffs, and I REALLY want to see them eliminated. Sure, the Jets earned their way with two playoffs wins, but they eliminated my team (some would say my team eliminated themselves), and I’d like to see them fail. Seriously, Peter King is a disgrace with his Jets coverage this week, and ESPN (piss on their name) ain’t much better. Can you imagine another week of this?

    In the second game, DREW FOOKIN’ BREES!!

    This will be a really great game. Minnesota’s D is very tough, and are playing well, but their O-line is suspect.

    The key is the Saints D. If they play halfway decent, the hometown crowd will push them the rest of way. GEAUX SAINTS!

  15. Neil says:

    Colts – Sanchez in no Namath

    Saints – I love the National Favre League but the saints have too many weapons and too good a defense … at home in the dome.

  16. Sara says:

    You guys have obviously never taken in the Puppy Bowl.

    The rules are a little different — so many versions of illegal proceedure, such as pooping in the water dish, taking a snooze under the goal post, and too much biting. I also like the ref’s decision when a pup once took a nice hunk out of the ball. Replace the ball, and restart play. Look forward all year to the Puppy Bowl.

  17. Neil says:

    Who thinks the second game will likley be the more interesting for game? Saints balanced attack. Favre. Peterson. Viking defensive line.

    • emptywheel says:

      Well, thus far, I disagree.

      I’m a bit worried that one of the teams in teh NFC game will break away. Thus far, at least, it’s not happening here.

      • scribe says:

        You still thinkin’ that, after that flea-flicker?

        This trading FG for TDs stuff will not end well for Indy.

      • Neil says:

        So far the Jets are exceeding my expectations on BOTH sides of the ball!

        I hope they continue to play this aggressively. I can’t help but cheer for a team that’s playing so aggressively and effectively (even if I didn’t pick ’em.)

        Both teams are mixing in successful running attacks (balanced attacks) so maybe so it can continue for 4 quarters.

  18. Neil says:

    Adie didn’t block either the corner or the LB on the 3rd and 8 blitz. Still, Colts need to make an adjustment. One back can’t block two pass rushers.

  19. scribe says:

    Ahhh. The return of Shankasaurus…..
    I came in just a tad late – there was an excellent hockey game on NBC: Pittsburgh at Philly. Pgh won on a massive slap shot from the blue line that went five hole on 2 Philly defenders and, after being tipped by a Pgh forward, also went five hole on the Philly goalie all about 1:47 to go. Then Pitts got a hooking penalty with 0:47 to go and Philly pulled its goalie so the game wound up 6 on 4 and some brilliant D keeping The Bullies out of the net.


  20. bobschacht says:

    So, who scores the first touchdown pass? The experienced, highly rated, superbowl-seasoned quarterback, right?

    Nope. The rookie. This Sanchez is some cool customer.

    Bob in AZ

    • Neil says:

      Yes he is. 1-80 from his own 20. TD!

      It was an immediate and decisive counter-attack [after the Colts FG] a classic German warfare tactic.

  21. sluggahjells says:

    BMAZ, the man concern for the Colts defense isn’t the run….they have actually been okay stopping the run thanks to Brackett, Sessions and Bethea.

    The problem for the Colts is that without Marlon Jackson at cornerback, plays like we just saw where Edwards beat Lacey down the field badly.

  22. posaune says:

    OT for Emptywheel:

    Marcy, did you see the at the car show, the Cadillac with the sink, toaster oven, fridge & hotplate?
    Wow! must be for all the union & gubmint workers to live in after their healthcare gets taxed, huh?

    • Neil says:

      D-fense D-fense. How about that goal line stand on 3rd and .5?

      Inside the 1 but not in the endzone is henceforth, Peyton Place.

  23. sluggahjells says:

    Our chances to take the Colts out of this game, and conservative playing calling leads to lost yards. Stay aggressive Brian……….

    • sluggahjells says:

      He has become a sensation indeed, and good for him. His song has good message, because my generation’s desire for having sagging pants has been pretty annoying.

  24. bobschacht says:

    Half time can’t come too soon for the Jet’s secondary (injuries?). They need to get their act together, or Peyton’s going to slice them to pieces in the second half.

    Bob in AZ

    • sluggahjells says:

      Lowery has gone down, but I don’t think he would have that much of a difference there. That was just blown coverage on the touchdown, and a great throw by Manning on the pass to set up the touchdown throw.

  25. john in sacramento says:

    Not saying I’d be disappointed if the Saints win, but the Norske have scored 30+ points in each of their last three games. And Favre’s passer rating is around 140

    The defense has been pretty good too

    Skol Vikes

  26. sluggahjells says:

    Skip Bayless to finally give Peyton Manning his due tomorrow morning (or at his Twitter page in an hour )

  27. sluggahjells says:

    Gracon and Collie have been the difference today, as they have won their key matchups against Lowery and Sheppard today.

  28. 4jkb4ia says:

    Even with a miracle victory, no honor regained today. Peyton had too good a day and too many big plays. In a perverse way the Colts may have been motivated by all the contempt for resting their starters, too.

  29. scribe says:

    Revis Island? Revis? Who Dat?

    I have barely heard his name mentioned all day.

    Seems like the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS need to go out and, well, get a karma transplant. Getting into the playoffs over my Stillers through the inestimable aid of the Peyton Laydowns is coming back to bite them.

    I gotta listen to WFAN tonight. This will be just too delicious, particularly given this front page on today’s NYP. (Yeah, that’s Ashley DuPre in a Sanchez jersey and a smile.)

      • scribe says:

        I think so.

        Yup. Go to and click on the big “Listen Live” banner at the top of the page. Their proprietary player will open up and start yakking.

    • sluggahjells says:

      Well, Revis did his thing today….They only threw to Wayne a few times today, as they planned. The game plan was to establish Gracon and Collie, and they did.

  30. randiego says:

    I almost forgot. This week Rex Ryan made a big deal out of giving a game ball to Marty Schottenheimer after beating the Chargers, supposedly since the Chargers treated Marty badly by firing him after a 14-2 season.

    The part that he forgot to mention was that he interviewed for Marty’s job after he got fired. Douchebag.

  31. sluggahjells says:

    Jets fans should not be complaining at all. 1999 hurt a heck of a lot of more. Hopefully those on “The Fan” aren’t dumb enough to complain, but I know they will.

    • scribe says:

      It’s still sinking in. Right now, the Fan is going from live talk to the NFC championship game. Before they switched over, there were a couple of “great game, great promise for the future, nothing to be ashamed of” calls, all of which included some version of “but they were up by 6” and/or “who’d ‘ve believed they would only be down by 3 to the Colts in the 4th quarter of the AFC championship game”. Those two lines of argument will, in the space of a couple hours, start to sour into the moaning we are all too familiar with coming from J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS fans. There was even one guy asking how long until pitchers and catchers report….

  32. JohnLopresti says:

    Sara, the Sheltie puppies here have grown up now, graciously appreciative of the careful training and attentive care, though one strayed at an early age. I think I may be wide receiver coach soon, if they continue to show promise. They are a working breed. It is a refreshing change from sporting dogs, with pardon requested of a certain lab.

    OT, blackbox and bradblog seem to have some surreal reporting on the tabulating of MA vote last week. Today Brad links to an article he cowrote Before the special election there. BBv*s thread 1:00 a.m. after polls closed but handcount districts reports were faster to arrive than urban electronically tabulated results. One company owns all the voting machines, one other company has all of New England hot swap technicians in their employ there.

    If anyone knows someone looking for a house to purchase out weste, a former Colt put his family 500 ac + mansion for sale in November 2009, asking $49 MM.

  33. freepatriot says:

    Da Kid had a good game, an a good season

    rex may be a mutt, but he has a solid foundation

    some of y’all better get used to seein him in the playoffs

    an Sara, you’re gonna have to get used to seein Da Kid in cosmopolitan



  34. freepatriot says:

    how can the saints be America’s team

    their symbol is the fleur-de-lis

    that’s FRENCH

    Canada’s team maybe

    certainly not a favorite of teh Konservative States of Amurika

    they gotta be rootin for the team with the cow horns on their heads

    and YES, everything IS political for me …

    • sluggahjells says:

      Kleinsasser……and he’s a very talented fullback that has played his whole career as a Viking if I can remember.

  35. sluggahjells says:

    The offensive line play and turnovers are the key in this game…..whoever protects their QB well, and don’t have giveaways (and get takeaways) will be the difference.

  36. bobschacht says:

    Favre got another TD pass, but NO is really beating him up. They beat up Kurt Warner last week, and IIRC Warner wasn’t effective in the second half.

    Favre’s last few passes have been crisp and accurate, but before that, after his first TD pass, not so much. Can he keep it up? For how long?

    Bob in AZ

      • scribe says:

        Well, you know how it is with older folks – bumps that younger people wouldn’t notice wind up putting the fogies in the hospital.

        That said, Favre’s taking some head and chin shots that are of dubious legality. NO’s headhunting….

        • freepatriot says:

          when dude hands the ball off on a reverse, he’s a blocker

          which means OPEN SEASON on the geezer

          • Phoenix Woman says:

            Be glad this is the era of suck-ass officiating. If NO tried this back in the ’70s, they’d have lost more yards to personal fouls than they gained on the field.

        • emptywheel says:

          I just don’t get why they talk about it like this. This is no different from any game Favray played his last season in GB. No Offsensive line, a quick release, you miss no games.

          I mean, if it was Peyton getting hammered like this, I’d understand (and he’s almost as tough as Favray). But Favray? He’s 40, not infirm.

          Ut oh. Oops.

          • scribe says:

            When the guy is walking around the sidelines flexing his jaw and shaking the bees in his head, post a sideline medical exam, then it’s more than just a porous O-Line.

  37. freepatriot says:

    Hey, this guy Kleinsaucer(sp?), who caught the first(?) pass for the Vikings, gives new meaning to the term, “wide receiver.”

    that’s cuz he’s a tight end/fullback

    • Peterr says:

      Whenever he’s not ahead by a couple of TDs, Favre doesn’t look like he’s having fun.

      I’m not saying the hits don’t hurt, but not being up by 14-plus hurts him as well — maybe more.

  38. freepatriot says:

    a personal foul for making a tackle ???

    put a fucking dress on everybody

    it’s fuckin FOOTBALL

    they’re supposed to hit each other

    • Peterr says:

      Yes, they’re supposed to hit each other, but not after the whistle. That’s the foul, dude.

      Accountability, the rule of law, and all that, you know.

  39. bmaz says:

    Free?? WTF??? There has been a LOT expended covering for your troll killing lapses recently. You ain’t exactly the Brett Favre of bridge minders lately. A tad spotty old chap!

    • Phoenix Woman says:

      Adrian Peterson must want to be traded. Ever since he was on the SI cover he’s been dogging it. (Though of course it could be the famous cover jinx kicking in.)

      Oh, well — at least now Zygi Wolf won’t have a Super Bowl ring to use as bait for a new stadium. Though he won’t be able to shop the Vikings to any other municipality, as not even LA is desperate enough to let Zygi hold them up for ransom.

      • PJEvans says:

        We’re not stupid enough to hand over money for a stadium (and skyboxes, and parking) without getting paid back. In full. And a share of the revenue.

        Also, no local NFL team means we don’t get blacked out nearly as often. (The NFL may hate it, but it’s their own rules.)

  40. joanneleon says:

    Can’t ask for a better game than this.

    One thing though: in *any* football game, trying to win by injuring the QB is not cool.

    • bmaz says:

      Well, the Vikes offensive line needs to man up some. It is not like Favre is some statue back there that is holding on to the ball way to long; he is getting killed instantly.

      This is just brutal.

    • joanneleon says:

      With you on that. If they win, the win will be cheapened by the dirty work. And I will also be hoping they get their asses kicked (and I don’t like Indy at all).

  41. Mary says:

    I’m still sorting out whether I’m queasy in empathy with Favre or as a carry over from that Babs and HW shot that caught me unawares.

        • scribe says:

          Favre was laying on the stretcher while they looked at his ankle and retaped it.

          It was almost like one of those Euro soccer games where the player takes a dive and the stretcher crew comes out to get him even though at most he had a little bit of the wind knocked out of him.

  42. Mary says:

    Or it could have been premonition quease, just waiting for that turnover.

    It’s like Vikes think if the touch the ball too long they’ll get swine flu.

    • scribe says:

      The pylon is the end zone. The ball crossed the goal line on the in-bounds side of the pylon. Therefore, TD.

    • bobschacht says:

      It was a TD because Bush pushed the ball inside the pylon before his knees hit the ground.

      If the Vikings lose, its because they lost the ball too many times. And you can’t blame Favre for that.

      Bob in AZ

      • joanneleon says:

        Won’t find me blaming Favre. Love the guy now. Despite my sons’ incessant nagging about how old he is.

        They’ll regret that, btw. He’s a few years younger than me. ;)

  43. joanneleon says:

    Weird how the ref was right there, called it not a TD, yet it was. Watched replay and still don’t see how it was a TD. But even Vikes knew it was before the challenge was complete.

  44. Mary says:

    There’s a crappy call.
    (Ok, normally I’m doing stuff like laundry if I’m watching a game, but I’m stuck on the couch with a sick kitty snuggled, that’s why I’m so chatty.)

  45. joanneleon says:

    Ah. So that’s what they meant. Stupid me – didn’t know it was called a pylon.

    I’m still not seeing the ball going in on the inside of the pylon, after numerous replays, but clearly I’m missing something.

    • bmaz says:

      Well, the Vikes are going to lose this game, but it sure has not been the fault of the old geezer. The geriatric is manning up, but no one on his side can hold onto the fucking ball. Jeebus.

  46. Fenestrate says:

    OT after the game, you might want to check out Glenn Greenwald’s interview with ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero. Among subjects covered is Obama’s civil liberties record and the recent SCOTUS First Amendment decision.

  47. Mary says:

    Is there enough time left for Favre to get some Xe employees not currently under indictment in to replace his line?

  48. PJEvans says:

    Amusement over at the mothership in the comments to Eli’s post: two trolls going after each other. We know both of them, they’re not new.

  49. LabDancer says:

    All this giving up with the Vikes having the ball and good field position and half a quarter left is a bit surprising.

  50. Mary says:

    I don’t want to come off as having the wrong take on this game, but in my neighborhood, here’s the deal. If the Vikes don’t put someone in a world of hurt between now and the end of the game – the score makes no difference, they’re losers. You don’t let your QB get beat up on like that and not leave someone hurting.

    • bmaz says:

      Aw, Cregan is okay. He is a bit more conservative than most here, but is intellectually consistent and honest. And likes football and is fairly informed on the Pac-10, which is a sign of higher cognitive function!

      • PJEvans says:

        And is actually kind of on the right side in this one. Not quite, but the other guy is just not making much sense.

    • joanneleon says:

      thx for link

      Ah, the old I’m reality-based / you need a civics lesson / you’re a conspiracy theorist defense.

      I found it interesting that in response to the MAssacre, Obama chose to muscle up his political team (w/ Plouffe) instead of his policy team (kicking some butts out on to the street).

      Yes, we just need better marketing. And the media just has to report more of the *good* things. Where have I heard that before?

      • PJEvans says:

        We’re on the same page.
        I liked Devil’s Tower this morning at the Great Orange Satan, comparing O to McClellan.

  51. joanneleon says:

    That Peterson guy runs with a vengeance.

    One of my favorite things about football, watching a guy run and do that thing, whatever they call it – back and forth and avoiding tackle.

    Yes! pass interference. See, I toldya– karma.

  52. LabDancer says:

    Now that it’s tied again, the formula is simple: AP needs to make one more TD than he makes fumbles.

  53. bobschacht says:

    Jeebus. After this Vikings drive, I’m beginning to feel beat up myself!
    So, this is really what Favre signed up to play another year for? Getting beaten to a pulp? What a thrill.

    Bob in AZ

  54. emptywheel says:

    Okay, I’m here with Gunner and mr. ew. They said Favray was out for the game when he had his ankle booboo. I said, fuck that, this is Favray, the most resilient guy in the history of the world.

    Look at that, TD.

    Now we need a big defensive stop.

    • bmaz says:

      Damn foreigners (and friends)…..

      There was NO WAY he was not finishing the game, even if they had to carry him to the play like Marshall did with Byron Leftwich in college.

  55. freepatriot says:


    now we got Mary callin fer blood

    an the Ain’t are a dirty team ???

    since when ???

    Ain’t our fault yer quarterback keeps lookin around for his walker in the pocket

    that the “pocket” is smaller than a shoe box ???

    yeah, that one’s our fault …

    (wink an a smile)

  56. Mary says:

    Awww, did the t’ainter stub his toe?
    (disclosure, my fave nephew is a Minnesotan)

    Freep, do you need me to see if I can get any signatures for that poster in your PO? *g*

    Any team that’s playing to win is going to go after Favre. It’s not so much that that’s dirty play, it’s that if the Vikes don’t make it really painful to go that route, they’re playing harps and tiddlywinks, not football.

  57. joanneleon says:

    How’d it get to be 2 min warning so quickly? Seems like there were 11 mins on the clock just a minute ago.

  58. bmaz says:

    Crap. Favre had a senior flashback moment to the Giants game. Should have limped forward, called time out and kicked.

    Saints get ball in OT and will win. Fuck.

  59. freepatriot says:


    Damn it, we ran outta chips in the third quarter

    than goddess we still gots beer

    Saints win da toss …

  60. ecthompson says:

    This is a GREAT day of football. 5 Viking turnovers. New Orleans offense hasn’t done anything and we are in Overtime!!

    Here are my predictions that I wrote early this morning. I was pretty accurate.

    • bmaz says:

      Yeah the zebras, but the zebras would not have been a factor if the Vikings had not have fumbled the game away relentlessly. And if Favre had not had thrown that pass across his body at the end of the game (although it still would have been a very long field goal attempt).

      • emptywheel says:

        Shit. You sound like me saying it was all BillBel’s fault for wasting his last timeout and not keeping one in pocket to be able to challenge the Kevin Faulk catch.

        You’re right–as I was then–.

        But still.

      • Peterr says:

        That kick was a thing of beauty, though. It would have cleared the crossbar at 50 yards, easy.

        If the Saints had to win, the kicker in me loves that it was a kicker that won it.

        That said, I’m going to be cheering for DFB to beat the Colts. Any team that feels it has to “rest” its first string does not deserve to win.

    • MsAnnaNOLA says:

      Fat tuesday is the weekend after the Super Bowl. Feb 16th is fat tuesday. The weekend of the Super Bowl is the first weekend of Mardi Gras.

  61. bobschacht says:

    Well, before the game I was gonna be happy with whoever won. So I guess I should happy now. I’m happy for New Orleans (the city, especially). Favre could have won the game, so in a way, he has only himself to blame (two interceptions). But he played one heckuva game, in most ways better than Drew Fookin Brees. But the turnovers were decisive.

    Bob in AZ

    • bmaz says:

      You win with your Favre and you die with your Favre. But neither one of those interceptions happen if he had the lead which would have existed without five fumbles – three of them of the cerated dagger in the heart variety. Whatever, you gotta take yer hat off to the Saints and New Orleans. They had more points at the end and that is the only measure that counts. Awesome thing for one of the two coolest and most unique cities in the US, and one that deserves some joy.

  62. bmaz says:

    By the way, I think Favre had enough fun this year, and has a good team that he really likes and gets along with well, and will play another year.

  63. Nola Sue says:

    I mostly lurk bc I have recurring login probs. But I’ve been here all night, enjoying the company, as always, and managed to get in for the occasion. This has been a fun game for me — I’m a native N’Awlinian and a MinneSOHtan by marriage, now living upriver.

    bmaz, nicely said.

    Saints in the Superbowl — after 43 years, it’s simply amazing.

    Personally, I’ve wondered if Favre & Peyton might struggle to bring their killer instinct against the Saints, where they both grew up with different loyalties. We’ll see how that goes in a coupla weeks, I guess.

    And now I’ll have to practice being a classy good sport for all my friends, family & naneighbors up here!

    Cheers, y’all. And Geaux Saints!

  64. freepatriot says:

    favre had a good run, an Minnesota would have a better chance next year with the geezer under center

    but I still have to be a cynic …

    jes hang em up an go to the Hall o Fame, ol man. don’t put us thru that retirement kabuki again

    you ain’t George Foreman and you sure ain’t no George Blanda either

    but if the geezer wants to try placekickin …

    an you do gotta wonder what Archie Manning did in a past life that caused him to deserve this

    now I gotta start practicin my Pro Bowl trash talk

    as far as watchin Pro Bowls, this is my rookie season

    I hear there are some rules about “No Trashin A guy’s Mother” on third down, an ya gotta chug a beer on third down

    did I read those instructions right

    • emptywheel says:

      Archie Manning raised his kids–at least one of them–to be the most uptight fucking brilliant QB almost no one wants to win. So yeah, he deserves this personal hell for the next two weeks.

      • randiego says:

        Archie Manning is a full-measure douchebag, who thought he knew better than the NFL system, when his kid was about get drafted.

        I kinda like Peyton – at least he has a sense of humor.

      • freepatriot says:

        Archie Manning raised his kids–at least one of them–to be the most uptight fucking brilliant QB almost no one wants to win. So yeah, he deserves this personal hell for the next two weeks.

        Archie Mannng’s wife used to worry that the constant fan abuse directed at Archie would have a detrimental effect on their children, until one game day, when she heard two eirily familiar voices shouting “boo archie, you suck”

        Peyton and Cooper were joining the Nawlins crowd in verbally abusing Archie Manning

        so the kids can’t be all that bad

    • Phoenix Woman says:

      Favre wasn’t the problem. That was All-Day — who has gone the Herschel Walker route and damned near totally collapsed after a stellar start to the season. If Peterson hadn’t kept fumbling, the Vikes would have won in regulation.

      The Saints are going to find out that Drew Brees will have to complete more than 55 percent of his passes if he wants to win a ring.

  65. sluggahjells says:

    Okay, so, can I help with the whole preview process for this game…..(and no, not the Pro Bowl)

    • Phoenix Woman says:

      Actually, the Geezer wasn’t the real problem last night. Aside from throwing the INT at the end of regulation, Favre didn’t do much wrong. The problem was Adrian Peterson, who was not only dogging it (as he has most of the season) but giving gifts to the other side. I won’t be surprised to hear he’s being traded in the off-season — I’ll bet he ends up with a New York team. Then again, that’s probably what he wants.

      Sadly, the Saints didn’t win this game; the Vikings gave it to them, in the form of five turnovers. Take any one of those away and it’s a Vikings win.

      The Colts aren’t going to be as generous two weeks from now. I predict a monumental blowout in the AFC’s favor.

      • bobschacht says:

        The problem was Adrian Peterson, who was not only dogging it (as he has most of the season) but giving gifts to the other side.

        IIRC, Peterson also gained more than 100 yards rushing. Like Favre, he was very good most of the time, but made critical errors at key moments. It would be a mistake to pin the loss on either of them. Without them, the Vikes would not even have made it to overtime.

        Bob in AZ

  66. 4jkb4ia says:

    (I may not watch the Super Bowl because the last field goal was on a pass interference call, therefore not legitimate)

  67. 4jkb4ia says:

    Wonderful post from DT. Agree with every word. But Obama is not named. The post seems to be directed at Claire McCaskill as a pungent example first and foremost.

  68. randiego says:

    very impressive performance from Favre, who got the crap beat out of him. He’s a damn gritty player, and I just don’t think you hang this one on him.

    The Saints couldn’t do much against the Vikings D in the second half. The Vikings offense wasted a great effort by the D, by kicking the ball all over the place.