Are You Ready For Some Futbol? Special FIFA Trash

Yeah, well, gather round the campfire boys and girls, because this may be the only time you get soccer trash talk out of me. And it took some extreme measures from mom to get it at all. But Mr. Wheel, being Irish and all, has the beautiful game in him and that is enough for me; so here goes.

Tomorrow’s match with England may be, at least in some respects, the biggest soccer tilt the US has ever played; certainly at least in a very long time. The tilt goes off at 1:30 pm EST and 10:30 PST. From NBC Sports:

The bars are stocked across America, and the pubs are getting ready in England. A 70½-foot billboard of Clint Dempsey stands near Penn Station in Manhattan, and there’s even a large poster of Landon Donovan in a store along Piccadilly Circus.

American soccer has never been more popular in the United States or its players more well-known across the world. And on Saturday comes the first competitive match between the U.S. and England since the great American upset at the 1950 World Cup. For one afternoon, millions will be watching from California to New York island. Like never before in the United States, this is the sport’s moment.

Yep, sounds about right. Brits v. Yanks. Old Glory v. Union Jack. The big tilt. If the US is going to do anything in this, they need to get out of the gate early, get the point and get out of group and into the sweet sixteen. That process, if it is to happen, starts by beating England tomorrow. England is a little beat up and a lot cocky; they are ripe. The Yanks must put a clamp on Wayne Rooney and Landon Donavan must step up and Jozy Altidore must hold up. Game on. Above and beyond this opening match, the smart money is on Spain or Brazil taking the cup. Germany is down, but always dangerous; the Netherlands is the hot longshot if you are in a betting mood and feeling loose.

Next up is some real football. You may have heard, there is a bit ‘o shuffling afoot in the major NCAA football conferences. Nebraska has already officially joined the Big-10 Big-11 Big-12. the Colorado Buffaloes have already joined up with the PAC-10. Ralphie and the Buffs hooking up with my homeboys, the PAC-10, is fine by me. I went to graduate school in Boulder for a year and a half; it is a beautiful and wonderful town and university. Gotta love a place where the restaurant in the student union building is named after a cannibal and Vail, Copper, Mary Jane and Breckenridge are all within 90 minutes or so bed to slope. So I am all down with that.

The remainder of what appears to be the inevitable plan though, bringing in the Okies and Aggies, namely Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, well I just dunno about that. Jeebus. Like I want to go to Lubbock or Muskogee for an away game. The other question is – that makes it the PAC-15 – who is 16? Please let it be BYU and not those pyromaniacs at Texas A&M. You know they will try to use the Stanford Tree for their fucking bonfire; you just know it. Also, Boise State has moved from the WAC to the Mountain West. Probably a good move; although I would have taken them in the PAC if it were up to me.

Next up is kind of an intra-FDL grudge match we are hoping to manufacture in the NCAA baseball playoffs. I have the ASU Sun Devils, who along with their PAC-10 brethren Southern Cal, Texas and LSU are the cream of the crop historically. ASU has five national championships; Florida has ….. well, they don’t have any yet. But the Sun Devils play Arkansas this weekend in a two out of three Super Regional for a spot in the College World Series while the Gators take on Miami, starting tonight in a two out of three Super Regional for spot in the CWS. Here is hoping they both make it to Omaha for a CWS showdown in the last year of fabled Roseblatt Stadium.

Lastly, this weekend is the much anticipated return of the Canadian Grand Prix after a tragic year without the Canucks being on the schedule. The race is at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal. Montreal is a rather uncomplicated circuit, and I say that in a loving manner. It is fast and there are several excellent opportunities for overtaking. The Senna curve is always one to watch. Look for the McLarens and Mercedes teams to be fast on this circuit, and keep an eye on Schumi who should be starting to round into form about now.

As a parting shot, the video is of U2 playing All Because Of You, which was filmed with the boys on a flatbed spontaneously rolling through Manhattan. Pretty awesome. Funny thing is, just about exactly one year ago I was in New York with Marcy and Mr. Wheel for the Hillman Prize ceremony and I was right in that exact same spot in Times Square depicted in in the U2 video. I didn’t get Bono and the Edge; I got this dude. Go figure. Time to rock and roll people; let’s rip this joint!

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  1. Petrocelli says:

    If you go to Montreal just for the race, you’re missing out on a lot.

    The people, the parties, the food are all incredible … did I mention the parties ?!!

    • PJEvans says:

      I’ve heard about the food.
      Au Pied de Cochon, isn’t it, if you want the full glory of Quebecois cuisine?

  2. rosalind says:

    ah PAC 8 10, i knew ya when…

    and i look forward to the new & creative ways the MSM will find to still ignore the west coast teams…

  3. Jim White says:

    Gators made quick work of Miami tonight. Alex Panteliodis pitched a complete game victory, striking out 12 and retiring the last 14 in a row for the Gators to win 7-2. And tomorrow night’s pitcher is better. The third pitcher (whom we probably won’t need, is also our DH).

  4. dustbunny44 says:

    What, no word on if this match will be the only revenge we can extract from the British for poisoning the Gulf?

  5. bobschacht says:

    Well, as long as we’re doing sports trash talk,…

    Is it Fie-Fa (which is what I always thought), or Fee-Fa (which is what I’ve been hearing on the radio lately)?

    And what? Have you entirely lost interest in basketball just because the Suns couldn’t deliver on Steve Nash’s brash promise that the Suns would win Game 6? I mean, another edition of the classic Lakers-Celtics rivalry cannot pass without comment. So I’ll comment:

    There are a host of interesting parallels between the Lakers-Suns series and the Lakers-Celtic series. The Celtics have done best when Ray Allen has been able to emulate the Suns 3-point game and Rajon Rando did his best to emulate Steve Nash. But the Lakers solved that problem in Game 5. Then the Celtics did their best impression of the Suns Bench in the 4th quarter of the last game, with Nate Robinson doing his best Goran Dragovic imitation, and Glenn Davis unleashing his Inner Beast in the paint. That was a remarkably intense 4th quarter!

    Bob in AZ

    • harpie says:

      That was a remarkably intense 4th quarter!

      I was on the edge of my couch for that. Big Baby and Robinson and the whole bench really stepped up to the plate-[if I may mix some metaphors].

      Go Celtics!

      We know someone who’s in Montreal today…may get some pictures…don’t know anything about auto racing, but could feel the excitement through our friends.

      Today, our daughter is making the drive from San Clemente to Santa Fe on Rt. 40. Last time she did this [in the opposite direction], she had car problems and was rescued by a knight in a cowboy hat who was riding a shiny white pick-up steed. Though he remains anonymous, he will always have my gratitude. It’s weird, since I don’t really know any of you, but knowing that bmaz and others are in Arizona [yeah, I know it’s a big place] is helping my nerves today.

      If I can get done with some [major] work in the back 40 [in the next 4 hours] I’ll be able to convince the slave driver [only kidding] to watch the soccer, so I better get going…now!

      Have fun!

      • bmaz says:

        Our man Bob Schacht is in Flagstaff which is pretty much the halfway point of I-40 in Arizona. And we have friends here at the blog in Santa Fe and Taos too. Any problems, let us know!

        It is hard to understand the allure of Grand Prix without having been to one. Formula One is just different; but there is a very special air about them. Excitement, sophistication, a bit of the European old world, and the highest tech motorsport imaginable …. don’t know exactly how to explain it, but it is unique. If you can get the high grade tickets/passes where you get to go in the infield, garage and pit areas and really see what is going on, there is no way to not be hooked for life. Your friends will have a riot of a good time.

        • harpie says:

          Oh, Thank You so much, bmaz! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. She left San Clemente at 6:45am and expects to be in Santa Fe 14 hours later…I guess 9:45pm NM time…keeping my fingers crossed, [though that will make the yard work somewhat difficult].

          It is hard to understand the allure of Grand Prix without having been to one. Formula One is just different; but there is a very special air about them. Excitement, sophistication, a bit of the European old world, and the highest tech motorsport imaginable …. don’t know exactly how to explain it, but it is unique.

          This is almost word for word the description we got from our friends. Passion is a good thing! Enjoy!

      • bobschacht says:

        Today, our daughter is making the drive from San Clemente to Santa Fe on Rt. 40. Last time she did this [in the opposite direction], she had car problems and was rescued by a knight in a cowboy hat who was riding a shiny white pick-up steed. Though he remains anonymous, he will always have my gratitude. It’s weird, since I don’t really know any of you, but knowing that bmaz and others are in Arizona [yeah, I know it’s a big place] is helping my nerves today.

        On that route, she might well be passing through Flagstaff. If she has any trouble hereabouts, you can give me a shout. I’m on facebook, or you can email me at bobschacht AT infomagic DOT net. I also have a sister and cousin in Albuquerque, and a brother who has a vacation condo in Santa Fe.

        Bob in AZ

        • harpie says:

          I really appreciate that, Bob. As a matter of fact, she’s now [3pm eastern] about 150 miles west of Flagstaff. Everything’s going well, so far.

  6. masaccio says:

    I missed last night’s game, but France plays Mexico on the 17th, and your devoted correspondent will trundle around to the local bar to watch with the neighbors.

      • masaccio says:

        OK, just returned from my local, where the bartender decided to root for the Americans when I started rooting, so we had a couple of loud voices cheering on the side. Howard played a brilliant game: the Brits had us on the ropes for about 30 minutes in the second half, but Howard just stopped them cold, with a couple of other good defensive plays. The Brits finally got tired and we put on some good runs, so they sat on the ball. We had a small chance at the end, but no.

        Rooney is everything people said, but I was surprised by his speed in short bursts. We have some long speed, but our long passes were never that good. The Brits move the ball from their side to ours too easily, which gave them a lot of good attacks, just not enough to get past Howard.

          • masaccio says:

            The other guy who had a good game was Dempsey, who took a couple of hard tackles and came up strong.

            • Peterr says:

              Howard was stellar, stepping up repeatedly when his defense left gaps. Time and again, especially in the last 15 minutes, Rooney got free only to have his shot go wide or get stopped by Howard.

              Bmaz, next time you need to go to a bar and watch with a crowd. It’s better with a group.

              Four years ago, my then-four year old and I went to a local German restaurant to watch the World Cup. They got special permission from the city to open for breakfast, set up a big projection screen, fired up the grills and opened the taps. It was a blast.

              • emptywheel says:

                Four years ago I was in Ontario at an ultimate tourney heading to the local sports bar for pea bacon and soccer before we played ourselves.

                It’s probably the longest I’ve been awake before games started at a tourney.

  7. GulfCoastPirate says:

    The word down here is the A&M regent’s meeting is Tuesday and everything will go down then. The Aggies want to go to the SEC but Governor Hair and the big boys at Whorn U are putting a lot of pressure on for the BOR to fall in line and keep the PAC 10 deal on. The other question mark is if the SEC does offer the Aggies who goes with them. Word is the SEC wants Oklahoma but refuses Okie Lite and the Oklahoma schools can’t be broken up or T Boone Pickens will go ballistic – plus the governor is Okie Lite.

    You better put the word out to all your compadres the PAC 10 would be a lot better off without the Whorns and their friends. First they bust up the SWC then they bust up the Big XII. You guys are next. Maybe the commish out that way should have a little talk with Tom Osborne up at Nebraska.

    The PAC 10 ought to just find one more to go to 12 and call it a day to let the dust settle. They’re going to rue the day they jump in bed with the Whorns and their friends. Away games at Stillwater, Lubbock, Norman and College Station. Those California and Arizona boys will get a good dose of culture shock.

    • bmaz says:

      My point exactly. I actually would take Boise State as the 12th team; but, quite frankly, it only makes sense for football, if it even makes sense there. Boise just is not big enough, nor does it have enough revenue to compete in the PAC-10. Stadium is too rinky dink too. Just would not work. BYU would though. If it was not such a religious school, they would be perfect. Utah is an outside possibility; although they start getting into a bit of the rinky dink range too. Where else they gonna go? Almost has to be a raid on the Big-12 and then here they all come. I don’t see any other alternative in light of the fact the PAC seems determined to expand.

      • GulfCoastPirate says:

        I forgot – BYU and Utah. Isn’t the deal that the politics in that state prevent them from being broken up? Once you folks got Colorado you can’t take both. From what I understand the PAC 10 did the Colorado deal quickly to force out Baylor whom they didn’t want (for the same reason they didn’t want BYU).

        • bmaz says:

          Yep, my understanding was it was to put the Baylor bit to rest. Though, I have to say, the temperament and whole aura of Colorado does fit in with the PAC schools beautifully. I mean almost perfectly really. The same very much cannot be said about the Texas and Oklahoma schools. I guess the money that having the Texas and Ok markets in the package is just too much to pass up; but jeebus, that is the only thing that fits. The rest just feels very wrong, greasy and bad. I just want no part of em. Talking about the conference looks of the other sports though, the PAC with the addition of the Texas and OK schools would be one impressive baseball conference. Southern Cal, ASU and Texas all in one conference?? Jeebus that is over 20 championships right there and the top three teams in NCAA baseball history – all in one conference.

          • GulfCoastPirate says:

            Yea, nice baseball league but baseball loses money – big time.

            You’re correct. It’s about the TV markets for football. UT started all this by demanding the Big XII let them have their own TV network. They got the cold shoulder to that then started looking around. We’ll have to see how the TV ratings shake out in Texas with West Coast games. Lots of folks don’t think the West Coast schools have all that much drawing power down here. No one watches A&M. Texas has a lot of fans but I don’t think their ratings against West Coast schools will be what they were against more regional schools everyone down here knows. Who’s going to stay up to watch UT – Oregon that starts at 10:00 PM down here? No one will do it for Tech and A&M – that’s a given. In fact, with Leach gone, who would watch Tech in prime time when ESPN has the SEC on? Let’s see, I can watch Tech – A&M in the PAC 10 game of the week or LSU – Georgia. That’s not even a contest.

            Anyway, good luck. The Austin paper this morning is reporting it’s a done deal.

            • bmaz says:

              I think it is a done deal, and I just don’t get it. With the exception of the Buffs, who as I discussed fit quite well, these are either schools that we in the PAC have made a healthy living at hating (Horns and Sooners) or treating as irrelevant (all the others). It just feels wrong.

  8. GulfCoastPirate says:

    I’m not so sure you folks can get Utah. Supposedly all the schools leaving the Big XII would have to pay a buyout fee that would be kept by the remaining five. The Big XII already has AQ status so there will be folks who want to join. Remember, the MWC took Boise to bolster their BCS ratings. Let’s suppose the remnants of the Big XII bring in seven members. They get Boise, Utah, BYU from the West. TCU and UH in the south. That gives them 5 and they need 7. They could get a couple like AFA and New Mexico or, and this is the most intriguing I’ve heard down here, there are a couple of Big East schools like Louisville and Cincinnati who may want to make a move before the Big X raids the Big East if they want to bring ND aboard. If they go to 14 they could bring in folks like Louisville, Memphis and Cincinatti. Look at that basketball lineup – Memphis, Kansas, Lousiville, Utah, New Mexico, UH, Baylor, Kansas St etc. You instantly have one of the top basketball conferences in the country and football isn’t too shabby.

    Remember, I’m a UH guy so some of this is just ‘talk’ but if you remember the original proposal to the PAC 10 included the four big Texas public schools – UT, A&M, Tech and UH. The UH part kinda soured (as you can tell I’m glad about that. We’ve already had our dealings with the Klingon empire)and then it was Baylor. The PAC 10 nixed Baylor and went for Colorado which left the 5 spots for the Ok and Texas schools. Now, the word is the Aggie alumni base and big donors are adamantly against following the Whorns again. They’re tired of being the little sister but the political pressure to keep the deal going may be too much. If the political people get A&M to fall in line then UH and TCU are working to get the remnants of the Big XII to listen. If the goal of adding Boise was so the better football schools in the MWC have a better chance of AQ status then they get that instantly by moving to the Big XII where they can leave their bottom half dragging them down behind.

    But it’s all speculation – who knows.

  9. ANOther says:

    A minor correction – it is not the Brits vs. the Yanks – it is England (i.e. not Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland). So it’s not the Union Jack, but the cross of St. George. England to win 3-1.

    • bmaz says:

      Tee hee hee! I was almost sure I would draw that comment from you and Chetnolian!

      You are not in Montreal for the circus are you? Ought to be a fine weekend. By the way, you know Le Mans is on right now, right? Peugots and Audis are leading the open field.

  10. Mary says:

    All right, this has no place in a trash talk thread, but Daphne Evitar has a really good piece up at the Seminal and I wanted to put up a link here since this may be the hub of traffice this weekend.

    On the soccer front, I have to admit, I’m personally in Colbertland, but so many of my nieces and nephew have played that I am seeing a really different dynamic with them and start to feel compelled. They are doing things like making up t-shirts to wear while they watch – a lot of enthusiasm. I guess when it’s the sport you played growing up it has a special hold. My sport growing up was “not getting caught” but they don’t televise the playoffs for that one

      • Mary says:


        Even bluer songs about the getting caught variation.

        @34 – Let’s just say, I remember sporting events from a different side of the bleachers. I got all that out of my system really young, though.

    • bmaz says:

      I plan on watching US/England starting 90 minutes or so from now. Might be the first whole soccer match I have ever seen (sober and attentive that is for sure). Now that you mention it, I am kind of surprised MSNBC has not had a series of shock docs called “To Catch A Delinquent”. I could have easily starred as a child.

      • PJEvans says:

        I was pretty quiet as a kid – it was my brother who was in and out of trouble. My mother figured he’d become either a lawyer or a conman, since his trouble always, always started with his mouth. (He became neither, in fact.)

      • rosalind says:

        (sober…that is for sure)

        well, ya got 90 minutes to take care of that.

        p.s. kiki the wonderdog will do quite nicely.

      • Peterr says:

        bmaz, as a lover of the beautiful game myself, I think I see your problem. You’re *supposed* to view the game while enjoying festive beverages, not while abstaining from them.

  11. JohnLopresti says:

    Futbol is one sport I learned to avoid in school; we had a coach who would let the bullies kick anyone who was on the field at random as if practicing in case they were to have the ball come their way.

    As for the BigEast, I know of one school that needs to get out and explore the world. That campus has a reputation for playing hard against the strongest teams, and losing; further hint, Cousy coached six years for one of its sports programs.

    Time to head out to the side40, as well; one companion in the chores today is likely to be a trusty canine named She-Ra, after the namesake cartoon character from the 80s also known as the Goddess of Power; a little incongruous for a Sheltie. She is shy, for a dog, unless facing a coyote.

    • bmaz says:

      Huh? Not sure if this is hockey, baseball or tiddliwinks. Either way, didn’t work out well for the Cheesesteakers, did it? Heh heh!

      Where is scribe when Pennsylvania is getting punked?

  12. Mary says:

    A. What is with the orange shoes.

    B. Love the the British announcers saying that it now tied, 1 -1, in a “most improbable fashion”

  13. Mary says:

    @50 – I hurt for Green too. Esp since I had just come in from the barn (oppressively hot and humid here) and flipped on the game and wasn’t completely sure who was who yet. So I was “oh, nooooooooooooo, oh, wait, oh, yeah!, but oh, poor guy”

    @51 – wot, wot? The orange is smashing.

  14. john in sacramento says:

    The other question is – that makes it the PAC-15 – who is 16?

    I don’t have a vote, but if I did, how about Pac West?

    You don’t need a number for tradition, (Pac 8 is long gone) e.g. Big East, and it’s a mixture of Pac 10 and the old Southwest Conference – the Pac 10 goes back to the Pac 8, and the old SWC adds the Az schools (sorry bmaz), and they have championship rotating between Cowboy Stadium, the Rose Bowl, the Coliseum and Univ of Phoenix Stadium. And the merger is a win, win, for the Tx or the Ok teams getting a chance to play in the Rose Bowl, and the West Coast teams get a chance to recruit in Tx.

    • bmaz says:

      You want to send us to a SWC with the Aggies and Okies? Nuh uh. Be better off getting rid of Cal; the Bears have never met a stretch of prosperity they could not choke completely from in any sport. Or Washington State who rarely is even competitive in anything.

      Stop the blasphemy about the Devils!

      • GulfCoastPirate says:

        Saw my cousin today on the golf course whose son is going to ASU. Wide receiver. Look for a kid from the Woodlands on the roster.

          • GulfCoastPirate says:

            The word they got from Erickkson is the West Coast coaches don’t like this deal but all the presidents think it’s going to bring in tons of additional TV money. Like Arizona, Texas has a lot of new people coming in all the time and some of them still have some loyalties to where their parents went to school; therefore, there is always a certain number of Texas players that leave the state. The coaches out west fear those kids who want to get away from the UT – A&M axis may decide to go places other than the Pac 10 now that you are the new Southwest Conference (just kidding). Who knows though with 18 year olds. Randy said ASU offered him before his senior year and he just wanted to go somewhere outside of Texas to see something different. There will always be those kids available. I still think the winner in all this is going to be the SEC. They’re the only ones that don’t look to be panicking.

            I feel your pain. Good luck with that crowd. :)

            • bmaz says:

              ESPN just said the SEC is NOT interested in Florida State, Miami, Clemson or Georgia Tech. I am somewhat surprised they are so dismissive of FSU and Miami; seems like they would fit with the SEC well. Randy will like ASU and Tempe. Absolutely beautiful stadium, good other facilities, Downtown Tempe is a blast and, at least when I was there, as good looking of girls as at any university I have ever seen – including UCLA, which I have been around a fair amount.

              • GulfCoastPirate says:

                That’s what I’ve been hearing about the SEC for quite a few days now. What’s a little weird about all this is they have supposedly offered A&M a spot that they are considering but if that is the case then who is the second player? First it was OU but apparently the politics in OK won’t allow it – OU and Okie St have to be a package. I’m left wondering if A&M is dreaming this spot in the SEC in order to get out from under the Klingon’s boot. Or if OU and A&M bolt then you guys are left with Okie St and Tech along with the whorns. I just don’t see how that sits well with the Pac 10 people or why the Arizona people who are going to have to put up with all this aren’t raising more of a stink.

                Plus, supposedly the highest rated cable game in Houston last year was UH – Tech on ESPN. What are the TV people thinking they are going to get out of this in the biggest Texas market? LSU outdraws Tech and A&M combined.

                Yea, I’ve heard Tempe is nice. I’m sure the opposite sex situation doesn’t hurt in the recruiting wars.

          • GulfCoastPirate says:

            And don’t forget to bring your own liquor when you make some of these road trips. Some of them are dry counties. Lots of Baptist churches around though if you decide to repent. :)

            • bmaz says:

              Meh, I don’t do much of that anymore; I, and a couple of other friends used to do away missions once or twice a year, but am old now. Although I have never missed a Rose Bowl ASU was in (never had to concern myself with Arizona making one), and the Rose Bowl is so awesome I will never miss one of those. But hard to envision going east. If so, then we will just hit a nice bar in Galveston like we discussed before.

              • GulfCoastPirate says:

                Too old – LOL. I know how you feel although we’re thinking of making the UH game against UCLA in the Rose Bowl this year. Never been to the Rose Bowl. With a side trip to Vegas to place a couple bets of course. :)

    • GulfCoastPirate says:

      There aren’t many Texas kids that are going to go play football on the West Coast no matter what the conference alignments look like. What folks need to watch out for now is when all this settles down the SEC comes in and poaches TCU and UH then adds a couple from the East to go to 16. That’s where the Texas kids who want to go out of state will then be going – to SEC schools.

  15. rosalind says:

    green has competition in the goat dept:

    ITV sorry for missed goal glitch

    ITV has apologised to viewers following an “interruption” during its live coverage of England’s opening World Cup game.

    Viewers reported that in the early stages of the match the coverage had suddenly switched to an advert. When live coverage returned viewers found they had missed England captain Steven Gerrard’s opening goal against the USA.


  16. rosalind says:

    espn headline: England keeper Robert Green’s botched save handed Clint Dempsey a goal and the U.S. earned a draw.

    telegraph headline: Lacklustre England struggle for draw in opening World Cup match as Robert Green’s howler gifts USA equalising goal.

    those english, a way with words…

  17. john in sacramento says:

    I’ll take Cal State Fullerton to take out the Bruins at the LA Super Regional

    And I’ll take em in the CWS (I couldn’t name one player, but they’re usually pretty good)

  18. Jim White says:

    And the Gators punch the first ticket for Omaha. Of course, 7 errors by Miami, including an error on a play that would have ended the game with Miami winning, but at least the Gators kept fighting and took advantage, eventually, of all those gifts.

    SEC still has all 5 teams in the Super Regionals alive.

          • bmaz says:

            And ESPN is indicating that, should Texas, Texas Tech, OK and OK State agree to join the PAC, it is down to Utah and Kansas for the 16th spot in the league, with Utah being preferred. Ouch, that has to sting if you are Kansas.

            • GulfCoastPirate says:

              I still don’t see A&M going to the SEC when the whorns have the PAC10 deal all worked out. WHo else is going? The SEC can’t have 13.

              • Jim White says:

                SEC has said they want the Whorns. If they do something, look for Whorns and Aggies to go to SEC West with the two Alabama schools shifting to SEC East. They won’t take the Aggies by themselves. Whorns plus Aggies is a better deal than Whorns plus Tech (sorry, Mrs. Randiego…)

                And the Jayhawks are looking at either the PAC, as a second choice patsy or the Mountain West? Well, the campus is on Mount Oread, but it’s just hard to see the mountain part of Kansas.

                And what’s up with the story on the ESPN crawler saying TCU was lobbying against Baylor joining their conference? Is this a religious battle? Does TCU want a lock on the God fans?

                • bmaz says:

                  I thought Texas wanted to play in a better conference with better academics? Why would they then lower their sights and go to the SEC?

                  • GulfCoastPirate says:

                    Academics? LOL – they want DOLLARS and as little competition as possible. If anyone out west thinks anything otherwise then you folks are going to have a mighty big comeuppance when you see what those people are about.

                    • bmaz says:

                      Heh. I don’t think Teas gives a rat’s ass about Texas Tech, but I think Oklahoma has an issue moving without Oklahoma State for several reasons. But if the Whores and Nooners do go to the Suspect Educational Conference, do we still have to take OK State and the Dead Raiders?

                    • GulfCoastPirate says:

                      Sure the whorns do. They’ve been beating up on them since the 50’s. It’s hard to find a little bitch that reliable that will stay with you. The only time they’ve ever competed was when they had Leach and they ran him off. I’m sure the Klingons had nothing to do with that though. One year they finally beat Texas and then the next year his own people want to get rid of him. Let’s see, the president of TT now is the same clown who was the SOH of the Texas legislature when TT got into the Big XII and didn’t get along with Leach. What was he told – you don’t want us to bring the Baptists with us when we leave instead of you now do you? So they bring in Tuberville. What’s he going to do? Line up and play SEC smash mouth with the whorns when he has about a 40 pound disadvantage across both lines? That should work well. They should have built a monument to Leach after all those ass kickings.

                      That’s what I had always heard about the Oklahoma schools also but who knows, it’s unchartered waters now.

                      Speaking of Tech, I heard Leach is now the head coach at the high school in Key West. Now that could be an interesting road trip to make.

                    • bmaz says:

                      Hahhahhahaha. I have pinged Randiego and Lady Randiego to advise they need to stand up and represent; it is getting embarrassing for the Dead Raiders.

                    • GulfCoastPirate says:

                      Hey, I liked Leach. He was the best thing that ever happened up there. He competed well with inferior talent and from what I understand he had a good graduation rate. Of course, that’s why he’s now in Key West. The Klingons weren’t happy so he had to go.

                      Look, they couldn’t win with Bobby Knight which should tell you all you need to know about Lubbock.

                    • bmaz says:

                      Considering the crappy talent level he inherited and was subsequently able to recruit to freaking Lubbock, Knight was a miracle worker at Tech.

                    • Jim White says:

                      Heh. Even though I was born in Oklahoma and was a diehard Sooner fan through my high school sophomore year, right now I think Texas is a much better catch than Oklahoma for the SEC. Despite his “accomplishments”, Stoops has a horrible record in games where it really matters. If he has to play LSU, Arkansas and the two Mississippi schools every year, he’ll be gone in just a few years. If bmaz thinks going into the duck nest is tough, he needs to spend a day listening to those goddamn cowbells in Starkville. That place is a coach-killer. Besides, Texas brings better basketball and proven winners in more sports than Oklahoma, too. I just don’t see the SEC doing this. Slive is too smart. If he doesn’t get Texas, his best bet is to sit pat.

                      Now the Whorns and Sooners instead of Whorns and Aggies–that could make sense. Keeping the Red River rivalry inside a conference is good business.

                    • bmaz says:

                      I know you SEC boys think you are God’s gift to the sporting world and all, without a lot of proof except the most recent period of time in football, but I really hope you are right on this. In fact, please use your superiority to take all the Aggie and Okies and keep the dustbowl out of my conference!

                    • bmaz says:

                      Hey, its Trash Talk!!

                      I am just sad Freep can’t poke his head in to bleat about the Boomer Nooners. Clearly the Freep has been hangin around them turtles too long!

                    • GulfCoastPirate says:

                      You really have to get over this tribalism you are displaying about the PAC 10. You’re part of the Klingon Empire now. Be thankful.

                    • GulfCoastPirate says:

                      Starkville? UH went in there last year and blew them cowbells up.

                      I don’t know. I like Stoops. He competes well while being at a significant recruiting disadvantage. He’s also sent quite a few of his assistants on to better jobs. Plus, unlike the whorns, his teams don’t seem to have that lengthy rap sheet. He may not win all the ‘big’ games but Oklahoma seems to be pretty consistent every year.

    • bmaz says:

      The Sun Devils have punched their ticket and are on their way to Omaha to join the Gators at the swan song for Rosenblatt. Took another nail biting twelve inning nightmare with the Arkansas Hogs, but they got it done. I tell you what, those Hogs are a hell of a scrappy team, I am glad to be done with them.
      But we squeaked through them and now it is game on! And, since we are on opposite sides of the bracket, the only way to meet it appears is for both to make it to the championship series. Hope it happens; would be a riot!

      • Jim White says:

        Yes, that would be great to have a showdown in the finals. I had been serious about going to Omaha if the Gators made it, but then I suddenly found myself employed and without enough time on the job yet to ask for time off…

        Arkansas is really an enigma. As you saw, that team has a ton of talent, but they somehow find a way to lose. At the beginning of last season, they were unbeatable, but about two thirds of the way through the season, they started losing and haven’t been able to make it stop. I suspect something in terms of “team chemistry” in the clubhouse, but haven’t read anything that pinpoints where the problem is. If you look at their personnel individually on paper, you would think that they would be a seeded team and expected to compete seriously for the title.

  19. GulfCoastPirate says:

    The whorns aren’t going to the SEC. They’ve made that very, very clear. That don’t want any part of LSU, Alabama and Florida except in a national championship gaame. If the PAC16 were to come about with 4 quads then their only real problem each year is beating Oklahoma. They don’t figure the Arizona schools or their bitches they are bringing with them offer much competition. They’d have a championship game with the other division but outside of USC (which now appears to be heading south) how much real competition is there on the West Coast? They’ll regularly beat up on the Stanfords and Oregons of the world – or so they think.

    TCU’s problem with Baylor go back to the breakup of the SWC. Those left out felt Baylor had no business getting the invite and wouldn’t have except the governor and lt. governor were Baylor grads. It’s the same with UH and UT/A&M. Remember, UT was on top of the world until UH came into the conference and started beating up on people, including the whorns. It was that 30 – 0 pasting with bloodied whorns all over the field in Austin that sent St. Darell Royal packing. Lots of those old wounds haven’t been forgotten. If there is some kind of merger between the MWC heavyweights and the remnants of the old Big XII you can rest assured TCU will do everything it can to stick it to Baylor.

    • bmaz says:

      First off, I was just punking Jim White with the SEC thing. Secondly, I think your analysis is just about right; however playing on the road in the PAC is notoriously tough. Texas and Oklahoma may not find it quite the pushover they think. Autzen Stadium and the Ducks at home are way more intimidating a deal than you think if you have never been there or paid attention to it. Seriously. In the years where ASU is “up”, Sun Devil Stadium is no walk in the park either. And USC will still be USC; they won’t be that far down, and it won’t be forever. Texas and the Sooners would be big forces in the PAC, but they may not own it quite like their overinflated thick heads think.

      • GulfCoastPirate says:

        That’s why I said ‘… or so they think’. I don’t think it’s going to be any cakewalk either. But remember, if they go to the quad setup, then you only play the other schools in the other division once every four years (outside of the championship game every year). It’s the Arizona schools that have to play the Texas/Oklahoma contingent every year. That’s why I can’t figure out why they went along with the idea – what’s in it for them unless it’s the dollars?

        Don’t worry – I’ll be rooting for the good guys. That would be the Arizona schools when they play UT. :)

        • bmaz says:

          I dunno either. I would veto it in a heartbeat if I were them. But us natives don’t control squat around here any more.

          • GulfCoastPirate says:

            It’s going to get worse now that you’re part of the Klingon Empire.

            The Suspect Educational Conference – that’s pretty cold. :)

  20. bobschacht says:

    I started this comment last night, but then forgot to finish it.
    I was watching the D-backs vs. the Cardinals baseball game. So far, the score is 7-2 in the 6th, and most of those runs have been home runs– at least 5 of the 9 runs were home runs. Not just driven in by home runs, but home runs, most of them solo.

    Back in the old days when I was a kid, the *normal* thing was for a hitter to have more singles than doubles, and more doubles than home runs. Nowadays, while league-wide there are still twice as many doubles as home runs, many hitters seem built like Mark McGuire or Barry Bonds, and it is much more common to have more home runs than doubles. Albert Pujols, for example, has 14 home runs and 13 doubles. The Diamondbacks have 3 hitters who have more home runs than doubles.

    I think maybe MLB needs to lengthen outfield walls, with a league-mandated minimum distance from home plate. It would make the game more exciting to have more doubles and triples. Home runs are exciting– for about 5 seconds. Doubles and triples create excitement and tension that lasts.

    Bob in AZ

    • bmaz says:

      Yeah, but with the DBacks, that is like three players with five home runs and four doubles. It isn’t really saying much; none of them hit for shit.

  21. GulfCoastPirate says:

    Yea, that’s my point. Now you know why the whorns want them tagging along wherever they go. Kind of like those guys that travel with the Globetrotters.

  22. bmaz says:

    Well we are off to a rollicking start in Montreal. Jeebus. Told you this was a fun circuit; but even I had no idea we would have this much excitement so early. Alonso just punked Hamilton coming out of the pits a bit ago.

    • bmaz says:

      Jesus, this is a freaking great race so far. It is live on the main FOX network right now for anybody who can’t find it.

  23. bmaz says:

    Just how technologically advanced is F1? A F1 team (Sauber) has the third most powerful supercomputer in Europe to handle their design and aerodynamic engineering calculations, testing and work. Bigger that even the defense capabilities of major European NATO powers. Sauber has it codenamed “Albert”.

    • bmaz says:

      First time since the 1991 US Grand Prix (a race I was at and won by the great Aryton Senna by the way) the podium in Montreal has three former F1 World Champions perched on it. Lewis Hamilton with the win for McLaren, Jenson Button in second for a 1-2 finish for Mclaren and Scudderia Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso for the show. An extremely fast and exciting race as predicted. Well done!

      • ANOther says:

        Terrific race except for Schumacher, who, if I were a steward, would be starting from the pit lane in the next race. The move on Massa looked totally deliberate.

        Good result for the US yesterday – they were full value for the draw, even though their goal was, shall we say, a gift. England were very disappointing. Having said that, in 2006, Italy, the eventual winners, drew 0-0 with the US in the preliminary round.

        • bmaz says:

          I missed the Massa shunt, which I understand was not good; but had no issues with the earlier one (Kubica I think).

    • GulfCoastPirate says:

      They’re saying down here now that A&M turned down the meeting with the PAC 10 commish. I hope Gene Stallings doesn’t end up with a horse head in his bed.

      Sooners now want their own TV network. This thing is falling apart. Bmaz may get his wish.

  24. Jim White says:

    And the second ticket punched for Omaha is…. USC.

    Not that USC, the one from the land of teh crazy.

    First two in are SEC. Maybe they should save travel money this year and just have the CWS in Hoover, AL, home of the SEC tournament.

  25. Quebecois says:

    Great race in Montreal. Kudos to Hamilton who drove flawlessly. Bridgestone tires should be crucified for the crappy tires they brought. Schu needs a spanking, he pretty much swerved all around when he was about to be passed. Alonso lost second spot to Button because of a lack of attention as to what was happening around him. A mistake that was eating him alive during the post race interviews. I’ll say that the broadcast was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Our cameramen nailed it, the director was really aware of the fights happening. During the whole weekend, the drivers and big wigs were so happy to be back here, I fully understand their point of view, I live here!!! What a wonderful weekend…

  26. Jim White says:

    Vandy almost pulled it out in the 9th, but fell a run short, so Free Shoes University is the first non-SEC school headed to Hoover North. The Whorns just fell behind 3-0 in the bottom of the 7th in their deciding game.

  27. bobschacht says:

    Hey– Its Lakers-Celtics again!
    Celtics up by 6 points at half time. A few days ago, I was thinking: First team to win two games in a row will win it. If they win tonight, that makes two in a row.

    Bob in AZ

  28. bobschacht says:

    Celtics up by 13 more than halfway through the third quarter!

    Kobe is hitting everything, but the Lakers’ defense is ineffective. Pierce is having his best offensive game of the series. Celtics seem in control. We’ll see how long that lasts!

    Bob in AZ

  29. bmaz says:

    Why wasn’t that a breakaway foul by Pierce on Bryant with about 43 seconds to go??

    Lakers have gotten jobbed by the refs in the last two minutes.

      • harpie says:

        The refs never, ever cheat, take bribes from, are in awe of, are fans of, unfairly favor the Lakers

        Agree. Seems to me they get away with a lot, Kobe especially. I don’t think there was a foul called when Davis got a concussion…I’m no expert, obviously, but wasn’t that a foul?

    • bobschacht says:

      There were a lot of strange fouls, but the basic problem the Lakers had was with their offense. Except for Kobe, who was his usual fabulous self, who else was there? Gasol was just barely into double digits on points, and everyone else was in single digits. The Boston defense had them handcuffed, except for Kobe. And they didn’t even have to have a heroic quarter of intensity.

      So, the Celtics are the first to win two in a row, and are up 3-2. I am surprised. All they have to do is win one of the next two, and they already won one of two in the first two games at LA. I think Kobe is mad at his teammates again.

      Bob in AZ

      • harpie says:

        I wouldn’t blame Kobe for being mad at them…it was like they weren’t even there…but I’m glad about it! Celtics go to LA with a lead and the momentum!

        BTW, Bob and bmaz;
        Our daughter arived safely in Santa Fe on Saturday night. I just want to thank you both again for the offers of assistance. They really helped!

    • harpie says:

      Yeah, I have to agree that was questionable, but not the only questionable call, and it wasn’t one sided, imho. Celtics played with a lot more sustained intensity, and that made the difference, I think. I love watching Rajan Rondo!
      I’m glad the race in Montreal was exciting…makes up for the soccer?
      [also, see me @141 :-) ]

  30. ANOther says:

    The England-US soccer game explained – by a commenter on the Guardian website

    “Conspiracy theory:

    Cameron phoned up Capello and said ‘Look here Fabio’ (that’s how posh boys talk) ‘We are having a spot of bother with the Yanks – they are really cross about us getting oil all over their Gulf… Worst possible time to beat them 5-0, which of course you would otherwise do… any way you can help me out there? There will be a knighthood in it for you of course when you come back with the cup…’

    ‘No problems David: ok if we hammer Algeria and Slovenia?’

    ‘Not at all, full steam ahead there…oh, and put Crouch on for 10 mins could you?'”

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