Sparky Takes a Dump, Produces Turd Named McCain and Other News and Notes From Wingnut Hell In Arizona

Yes, that is Sparky the Sun Devil and the small turd next to him is John McCain (no, it is not a photoshop; is a real picture McCain himself put out on Twitter). As you may have heard, the Arizona primary was last Tuesday and McCain squeaked by the “serious challenge” of gasbag extraordinaire J.D. Hayworth. McCain beat Hayworth by 25 points. But for months, going back even well before Hayworth finally was forced to quit campaigning on his radio show and admit he was actually running, the national media clucking heads were yammering relentlessly about how McCain was “vulnerable” and “in the fight of his political life”. It was, as just about everything with McCain is, a complete gin job and fabrication by the national media.

Here is what I said in an email discussion with a number of colleagues back on February 24 after one of them started talking about McCain being in trouble:

I am telling you, I just do not, at least yet, see any giant tidal wave here for Hayworth. … It may change, but so far in Arizona, the Hayworth bandwagon is far overrated by the national chattering classes.


Again, the problem is there is a very established Republican party and attendant power and money machine here and they do not like JD Hayworth for shit and never did; they did not give a rat’s ass about him losing to Harry Mitchell, in fact if they had, he would not have lost. Quite frankly, McCain is not their favorite either in some regards; but he sure is compared to Hayworth historically. Plus McCain has Grant Woods behind the scenes again, and he is very good and pretty ruthless. Hayworth’s sound bites make for dandy fodder for FoxNews, MSNBC and, to a lesser extent CNN, but they do not mean diddly shit here. This is not a national election, it is an Arizona Republican primary.

I tried to correct the record with any number of places and people when I saw this meme, right up to the election; mostly to little avail. I am a native here and have been around a long time, there was just never a chance in hell that Hayworth could even get close to McCain; but you just could not stop the national political horserace chattering chowderheads like Chuck Todd, Chris Matthews, Chris Cillizza, the Politico boys etc. from perpetrating this pile of dung.

They were full of it as the vote total demonstrated. Now they have blithely moved on to compensating for their ignorance and/or incompetence by clucking about “yes, yes, McCain won big, but he had to sell out and be someone he wasn’t to do it”. See for instance USA Today, NPR, Reuters, and Dan Balz of the Washington Post.

It is all pure unadulterated rubbish. A con. McCain has always been a completely self serving grifter con who has never been dedicated to any principle or cause other than John McCain. McCain walked out on his first wife and family after returning from Vietnam, after she had waited for him the entire time and while she was crippled and laid up bedridden from a tragic car accident. Left her while they were still married and brought his flim flam carpetbag to Arizona because it provided what he thought was his best shot of anywhere in the country to get a seat in Congress and because there was a very cute and very rich beer heiress here whose family could provide him with the juice and credibility to get elected.

That is the kind of man McCain is and what he stands for. Always has been, always will be. John McCain is a supremely narcissistic self serving belligerent lout that cares about one thing, and one thing only, and that is John McCain. So, when senile political nitwits like Matlock David Broder blather baloney like this:

But now, as the 73-year-old senator prepares for what may well be his final term in a congressional career that began in 1982, the time has come for McCain to look to his legacy — and conditions are right.

In a Congress in which Democrats have pitiful approval ratings and Republicans even worse, McCain is one of the few names that does not draw instant contempt from the voters. The reputation he established for independence — for being his own man, no matter what the pressures — has survived the vagaries of an exceptionally long career.

choke back the appropriate gag reflex to puke and remember just who and what John McCain really is, the belligerent narcissistic turd of a Devil. McCain didn’t change to win this election, doing and saying whatever benefits John McCain at the moment has always been his calling card.

In other news and notes from the Arizona primary last Tuesday, it will be Jan Brewer versus current Attorney General and former Phoenix Mayor Terry Goddard in the general election for governor. It is kind of amusing watching the same chattering media class described above talk about Jan Brewer like she is some political force to be reckoned with. Brewer has been around for decades, mostly as a harmless but batty state legislator. Locals called her “Kooky Jan” as far back as the 1980s because she was, well, kind of kooky.

Brewer’s newfound notoriety and prominence is accidental, not the mark of political shrewdness. She was basically the puppet template that a local right wing political strongman operative by the name of Chuck Coughlin ran for Secretary of State and fell into the governorship when Janet Napolitano was named DHS Secretary. Brewer also stumbled into the SB 1070 Immigration law issue and she and Coughlin were smart enough to know it was her ticket to fend off Joe Arpaio’s thoughts of primarying her and to get her name out as a power player who was capable of actually being reelected (which was not particularly the case before). Brewer is actually personally very nice and not particularly mean spirited, but she saw her ticket to staying in office and ran with it.

Terry Goddard is a good guy and a decent politician, but has little charisma and has been hanging around for so long that he just kind of has the patina of stale. Unless something changes, Kooky Jan is going to be comfortably reelected, which is more than a little mind blowing.

Another very important race is for Attorney General. The uber right wing political climber, and Joe Arpaio acolyte, Andrew Thomas thankfully was defeated in the primary. Unfortunately, the guy who squeaked out the win over Thomas by a few hundred votes, Tom Horne, is not all that much better. And Horne will have a solid advantage over the Democratic nominee Felicia Rotellini. This is a critical post because the Arizona AG decides how to handle the batshit crazy legislation that comes out of the Arizona state legislature. If you have any pull in Arizona, or friends there, give Rotellini some help.

Last, but not least, there is the matter of young Ben Quayle. Also known as Brock Landers. Quayle is an aggressive and incredibly duplicitous punk who needs to be stopped. Quayle at first denied he was party boy Brock Landers, then admitted he had lied. Word on the street here is that a LOT more about Quayle/Landers’ Caligula past will be forthcoming; it already is in multiple forums.

Doug Kahn and Howie Klein have been pounding on the absolutely horrid Blue Dog Gabby Giffords over at Down With Tyranny and supporting progressive Raul Grijalva from the shameless attacks by Giffords and the DNCC.

So that is an update on political life in wingnut hell, otherwise known as Arizona.

    • Sharkbabe says:

      Can’t remember her old look .. this one’s working, but somehow i still think she’d look better with Rachel Maddow’s tongue down her throat ..

      Maybe she’ll do a Ken Melhman once McGrifter has shuffled off to his gov/military welfare-without-end in the sky ..

    • Teddy Partridge says:

      Wow, she keeps the “dentist” busy, doesn’t she?

      Or else it’s all those “workouts” with the “pool boy” in LaJolla.

      (too many quote marks in this comment….)

  1. BayStateLibrul says:

    The dark horse was never a dark horse.

    Fine analysis.

    You must hate McCain as much as I hate Clemens…

    Reggie issued a “gag order” to your buddy Hadin and Clemens (The Texas

    Dickhead Duo)

    “Don’t think. It can only hurt the ball club”

    Bull Durham

    • mattcarmody says:

      McCain is similar to Bush in the way he tries to depict himself as this maverick independent. Neither one of them would have had a chance if it hadn’t been for daddy.

      McCain’s father was an admiral in the navy and not just any admiral. He was in charge of the entire armed forces in Vietnam in the late 60s. If he hadn’t had some juice, McCain Jr. would not have been allowed anywhere near an airplane. Hell, he never would have been appointed to Annapolis.

      Poor old Johnny McCain. All that special treatment he received when a POW while the other guys were enduring hell must have just seemed right to him. Another GOP POS.

  2. BoxTurtle says:

    Sparky looks really glad to have relieved himself of McCain. That smile says it all.

    Boxturtle (Thought of lots of possible comments, but I went with my, ah, gut instinct)

  3. bobschacht says:

    What’s the difference between Broder’s

    The reputation he established for independence — for being his own man, no matter what the pressures…

    and your

    John McCain is a supremely narcissistic self serving belligerent lout that cares about one thing, and one thing only, and that is John McCain.

    Other than choice of pejoratives, aren’t those characterizations about the same?

    Admittedly, Broder’s sounds nicer.

    Bob in AZ

  4. bgrothus says:

    turd of a devil, nice turd of phrase.

    Has Jan Brewer ever been elected as Gov? If not, she will not be re-elected but elected, just to be a nitpicker.

  5. bgrothus says:

    And PS, we have the chance to elect a nutty R woman or a not-nutty D woman here in NM. Looks like we will have neighboring women governors here among the square western states, which all too often look alike or are mistaken for one another. Help us that we elect Diane Denish.

  6. reddflagg says:

    Are you sure that isn’t a photo of McCain in 2008 trying to negotiate with Satan, only to find out Obamarahma already made a deal?

  7. Margaret says:

    I always thought the whole McLame is vulnerable to Hayworth, (whom you pointed out was thrown under a bus by the establishment Repugs, thus losing his House seat), story was a media manufactured pantload. This is what for profit news does. If there is no story, why it’s simple just to make one up! And the shareholders will just adore Gregory and Tweety and Chuckie, et al. Why, they might be feted at the next party!

  8. diosnomeama says:

    “doing and saying whatever benefits John McCain at the moment has always been his calling card.” You could substitute just about any politician’s name in that sentence, and it would still be true.

  9. Jeff Kaye says:

    McCain has always been a completely self serving grifter con who has never been dedicated to any principle or cause other than John McCain.

    You nailed it. McCain has also sold the fact of his own torture for years, changing the narrative as he sought fit. He did it again during his 2008 run for the WH. If interested, see my Sept. 2008 story on that, which I think goes into the question of McCain’s torture more than you’ll find most places.

    But it’s August 2010 now, and jeez, what a crappy and mendacious politician McCain is. As for living in wingnut AZ, don’t forget, the state of Calif next door passed the infamous Prop 8 and other reactionary laws over the years, not least Prop 13, the untouchable third rail of Calif politics.

    Nice column, bmaz.

    • timr says:

      And he broke under what I would call torture, wouldn’t you call it that? I can only imagine what kind of guilt he has carried with him because he (broke) instead of following the big military oath to give only name rank and number. I remember having to memorize that little ditty while at the same time telling myself that I would tell anyone anything they wanted to hear. But pilots and officers were givin the entire boy scout bit, I will never talk, I will attempt to escape, I will never cooperate.I am not to surprised that the pilots bought into that propaganda

    • rkilowatt says:

      Jeff–McCain was NOT shot down by surface-to-air missile [struck by SAM or SA-2]. See

      According to Navy records, he was “struck by AAA” [ground-fire] which was often the result of violating orders to observe minimum altitudes set precisely to avoid that hazard.

      Also, copy of Naval Investigative record lists AAA, not SAM, as cause.

      [Can no longer find this report on net??]

      Ground fire [AAA] in VN was very effective and included dense fire from low-caliber, handheld weapons and of all sorts. Perhaps the SAM story was contrived bec it sounded glorious compared to gound-fire.

      • rkilowatt says:

        edit – The above link exists to note AAA as cause. There is also Zalin Grant reference material via Pythia Press on account of the shoot-down.

        Any other “Naval record” on the net may not have, in fact, existed…in contrast to my recall!.

      • Jeff Kaye says:

        Well, I never said how McCain was shot down, I was quoting Fred Thompson’s lies at the GOP convention. But I hadn’t know there was this other lie, also meant, per yr comment, to cover up for McCain.

        As for McCain and torture, he sold out on that long ago, if it was ever a principled position.

        • bmaz says:

          Oh, a lot of his Navy “record” has been sanitized. Even what remains is pretty damning and no other pilot would have ever been left in the air with it, but there is a lot that has been cleaned up. A whole lot missing from the Forrestal incident for instance.

          • bobschacht says:

            Is it only his own personal version of his record that is sanitized, or is it actually the official Navy record that has been sanitized? Isn’t there some kind of law about tampering with official Navy records?

            Not to mention, of course, the sanitization of George W. Bush’s record as a pilot.

            Bob in AZ

            • timr says:

              could very well be the “official” record. They fixed the record when one of the first female pilots was carrier qualified even tho she was in no way qualified. But the record does not show that. Then you have the admirals gestapo which is now being sanitized publicly in a couple of TV shows. Kind of like how they turned the FBI into super duper good guys with the TV program FBI, and of course the much earlier radio serials about the FBI. Its all propaganda. Aimed towards the sheeple public. We are only told what they want us to know. Anything else is covered up. Even if an entire ship knows the truth, the “official” record is the one that stands. BTW, McCain was a shitty pilot, no doubt. But he was carrier qualified, the most difficult evolution that any pilot anywhere can attempt. Where the pilot is graded on each landing and if he gets a low grade he has to requalify. Lots of women fighter pilots now. A good thing IMPO as women can handle the “G” forces much better than men can.

  10. timr says:

    excellent post. Just one more example of how disingenuous the chattering class in the village is. So they were wrong, that is so yesterday and means zip today. So they will continue to prognosticate from animinal entrails about how the tea baggers will kick ass in Nov.

    So we listen to these village vidiots because? What exactly is their winning percentage? Just how often have they been right about anything? Altho their flip flops might be a tad humorous come election eve, I really can not think of any reason to watch MSNBC, or any other network, for the very reason that the village vidiots are going to bore me to death all damn evening, the elections for the most part will not be decided until well after midnite-and god I hope that no one tells us who the victor in any race is based on 1% of the vote, in past elections that was very disturbing. When you get down to where the rubber meets the road, their reasoning as to what happend and why is nothing more than BS on the same level of Dick(head) Morris on faux news. As Tip O’Neil said, all politics is local. As is every congressional election. Not national, local.

    The democrats have put up some damn weak candidates lately. Those who are running for reelectrion are running scared. Their record frankly sucks. So they try to out thug the rethugs. Or else they are too nice to go deep and go dirty against their rethug challengers.

    As much as I hate it, dirty fighting wins the sheeple vote every damn time. I do not recall any election that I have voted in over the past 40 years where the one who went for the dirt first, did not win, except for Bart Stupek in Mi, his various rethug opponets went for the jugular every election, he stayed on message and did not go after the rethug, and won every election. IMO it was because of what he did in the area of constituent services, he worked very hard at that, was out in his district every weekend(and yes, I know you people really hate Bart and were very happy to see him leave. Hope your still happy when a rethug takes that district as the entire district has always been very conservative, which was made even more so during the last redistricting when the state tried to make it easier for a rethug to unseat him). Its a fact of politics. The sheeple don’t know shit about who is running and pay no attention until the mud starts to fly. American politics in a nutshell. The rethugs have dirty politics down to a science, the democrats are acting like target dummys, just standing, waiting to get hit in the face by a mud ball.

    • bmaz says:

      Oh no, McCain went down to Tucson to pander to the MildKitten crew the same day. He is such a phony asshole dickhead. Check out his Twitter feed:

      Better pic of A Mountain #gocats!
      3:36 PM Aug 27th via Twitter for iPhone

      In Tucson with the gov. Proud of @UofA – go Wildcats!

      3:32 PM Aug 27th via Twitter for iPhone

  11. JohnLopresti says:

    AZ political life continues to have an dispute involving the Phoenix sheriff with respect to US-DoJ*s 2009 request for production of documents. Also, there is some DoJ effort underway to obtain a court ruling on admission of evidence in an ethics matter involving a former US House of Representatives politician from AZ, which the ex-congressperson is trying to characterize as speech or debate related non-cronyism. The desert scenery and pine plateaus are pretty in AZ.

  12. Travis Disaster says:

    good post, I do take issue with the idea of “Brewer is actually personally very nice”, however

    the living mummy has spread pernicious lies about Mexican Americans and immigrants as a whole, I kind of don’t give a shit how polite she is in mixed company

    • azportsider says:

      I’m with you, Travis. Brewer’s support of the racist boondoggle SB1070 renders her unfit for human company. Unfortunately, I also agree with bmaz: Goddard doesn’t have a prayer.

  13. PeasantParty says:

    Great Post! McPain is a bought and paid for whore. The neocons and behind the scenes Libertarians finance him so he is beholding only to THEM!

    • bobschacht says:

      “Beholden”? When you pay a whore, they’re beholden to you only for the duration of the tryst. You have no control over who their next john is. I doubt McStain is beholden to anyone for very long.

      Bob in AZ

  14. Teddy Partridge says:

    Thanks, bmaz, I’ve been awaiting your trenchant analysis and wordplay on this race. You did not disappoint….

  15. qweryous says:

    Kudos for the update on AZ pols.

    WRT to Senator McCain, I understand not attempting to list it all.

    I did remember several additional ‘items’.

    Fun with Google:
    Search: (McCain ” convicted felon Charles Keating” McCain’s wife’s investments ” McCain’s vacations””nine trips at Keating’s expense””you’re a liar” )

    Result: This CROOKSANDLIARS story from October 6, 2008:”Campaign Now Claims McCain’s Admitted Keating Five Wrongdoing a Smear

      • qweryous says:

        Heh, remember this?

        YES I DO.

        Maybe you should add that pic and a link as an update.

        It is CLASSIC McCain.

        There isn’t enough space to smack McCain for everything all the time!

        But think of the entertainment that his staffers get as they troll the internet searching for all mention of Senator John Sidney McCain III.

        They might not have seen that picture yet.

        • bmaz says:

          Oh, they saw it back in 2008; I can guarantee that.

          By the way, Spa turned out to not be nearly as good a race as I thought it might be, although there were a couple of wild spots. Wish Webber had more time to close on and overtake Hamilton. Not to be though.

  16. cregan says:

    Listen, I once played a gig at a birthday party for a beer heiress (Budweiser–the real thing, not just a beer distributor), and, man, they paid a big fee and all the beer you could drink. And, there was loads of beer of every type.

    So, I have a soft spot in my heart for beer heiresses.

    McCain is not much different than other pols. They are all out for themselves. And if you think otherwise, then, they’ve just sold it better than the other guy.

    • bmaz says:

      I knew Cindy when I was in college, and have friends that grew up with her and were very close to her (couple still know her). I always liked her a lot; she was very cool and pretty cute too. I have no problem with Cindy….other than the asshole she married.

  17. dustbunny44 says:

    Looks to me like the red devil on his right shoulder and the white angel on his left shoulder (a barely visible smudge) are just not in balance.