Should Elena Kagan Really Be Getting Shooting Lessons from the Koch-Addled Hunting Buddy of the Guy Who Shoots People in the Face?

I admit I’m no big fan of Elena Kagan. But tell me whether I’m justified in worrying about this?

Data point 1: On at least one occasion, Antonin Scalia participated in the Koch brothers’ secret sessions plotting to advance the Koch agenda.

Data point 2: Antonin Scalia is hunting buddies with Dick Cheney.

Data point 3: Dick Cheney has been known to “accidentally” shoot his hunting partners in the face.

Data point 4: Scalia and Kagan are spending lunches shooting skeet together.

I always thought one of Kagan’s strongest qualities was her instinct for self-preservation. But going shooting with Cheney’s hunting buddy sure seems to violate every principle of self-preservation.

  1. Mary says:


    More seriously, Scalia is no Cheney (which you can take in any number of ways) Kagan is pretty much being true to form here. Whatever else you can say about Scalia, he is brilliant and probably one of the strongest characters left on the court – Ginsburg excepted. Kagan is the moth, drawn to flame. A lot like Obama, wanting the “important” people to “like her, really like her.” At least it’s not quite so revolting for her to suck up to Scalia as it was for her to act so giddy over Graham.


    • emptywheel says:

      And to be fair, Kagan may judge chumming up with Scalia to be smart in terms of self-preservation.

      And of course any danger would only assume that Kagan will oppose Scalia on the court.

  2. scribe says:

    From the read of the Daily Caller article, it seems to me more like she’s the novice and he’s trying to show her how the thing works and that it doesn’t bite. I would not be surprised if she’d never handled a gun before and she’s approaching it in a sense of intellectual curiosity.

    If she’s new and being shown the ropes, Scalia’s the one who should be more worried though even that level of worry is or should be pretty low. I shoot trap pretty frequently and every week or so we have someone instructing someone new, often a kid, and the care and safety everyone exhibits is reasuring. The new shooter usually has their instructor close behind them and ready to intervene. That, and on the trap range I shoot at the shooter is only allowed to load one round at a time and convention is to keep the gun open until the shooter before you has fired. Skeet does require shooting double targets (2 single targets and one double target from each of the 6 stations), but even then you’d only load two, and turning around or having your muzzle pointed anywhere other than downrange is a good way to get shown the door.

    Of course when one guy showed up, shooting a 28 gauge, everyone had some fun with him about using a Dick Cheney gun. And then they remembered he nearly blew Harry Whittington’s head off and stopped laughing.

    If anyone were truly interested in determining whether she had or had not been a gunner before, Massachusetts has a pretty stringent gun control law that requires individual permitting and the records of permits almost certainly would be public records and subject to disclosure. And, IIRC, Obamaco’s generic application to work in the administration required an answer to whether you owned any guns and if so whether they were properly registered in your home jurisdiction.

  3. cregan says:

    What you need to watch for is when she starts going shooting with Cheney. Though, it is possible she might start shooting with Gov. Manchin.

  4. Sharkbabe says:

    Whatever else you can say about Scalia, he is brilliant

    Mary, I respect you to pieces and am not qualified to so much as shine your literary or analytical shoes, but I am sick to death of seeing the B word endlessly applied to this lawless, sociopathic, corrupt, constitution-destroying piece of fuck.

    What was brilliant about Bush v. Gore? Or a million other of his cynical judicial travesties?

    “Brilliant” is people like Yitzhak Perlman or Stephen Hawking. Or even some of the truly great SCt justices. Fat Tony deserves no more than “canny” – at best.