More Dirty Secrets Go to the Grave

I gotta believe Moussa Koussa is feeling a bit worried these days, as one after another of those harboring the secrets about the torture the US has been complicit with die. Today, Omar Suleiman brought details of how Egyptians tortured Omar Khadr and Ibn Sheikh al-Libi (the latter of whom invented details that Dick Cheney used to drum up war against Iraq), among others, on our behalf to the grave with him.

Egypt’s former spy chief Omar Suleiman died early on Thursday aged 76 whilst undergoing medical tests in the United States.

“He was fine, it happened all of a sudden,” Hussein Kamal, the head of Suleiman’s presidential campaign team and head of his personal office, told Reuters. “He was undergoing medical examinations,” he added, without revealing the cause of death.

Meanwhile, Sky News Arabia quoted an anonymous source stating that Suleiman had been suffering from a blood disease, which led to his death in a Cleveland hospital at dawn Thursday.

Egypt’s state-run news agency MENA claimed Suleiman had developed a lung disease months ago, which later caused heart problems. His health notably deteriorated over the past three weeks, it added.

I expect we’ll see a range of conspiracy theories about Suleiman’s quick death, and on US soil. But then, I guess that’s deserved, given how sordid our relationship with Suleiman has always been.

America’s torturers are outliving the evidence against them. Congratulations are in order, for example, to Dick Cheney; his new heart has given him the ability to outlive one of the witnesses to his crimes. And Cofer Black, who crafted the plan to subsidize the Egyptian torture chambers after 9/11 and now stands poised to reenter government if Mitt Romney wins the Presidency? Congratulations, your soiled slate just got one bit cleaner.

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  1. klynn says:

    I knew when I saw the headline on Yahoo about his death, you would post about it.

    The “all of a sudden” wording caught my reading eyes.

  2. Chris says:

    Speaking of Cofer Black, I urge you to go to and splash out the 2 bucks for Evan wright (Generation Kill, Rolling Stone) ebook called something like How To Get Away With Murder In America. Seriously, indulge me and at least find the link and read the excèrpt, its astonishing reporting

  3. matt carmody says:

    Medical tests in the US?
    What were they testing if not the expected gullibility of Americans to not see something sinister in this.
    Seriously, they just come out and say it? I’m not even stoned and I can’t stop laughing.

  4. shekissesfrogs says:

    Maybe he was on president kill list’s kill list.
    Somebody has to bury all these damned bodies, and Qatar is trying to dig Arafat’s up.

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