Latif, the NDAA, and Mitt’s Moochers

Amy Goodman is doing a 100 city tour to support public outlets that carry Democracy Now. She also gave a talk about the importance of independent media at Grand Rapids Community Media Center.

And, she had me–live!–on her show.

Man I’ve got a lot of hair!

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  1. allan says:

    A great performance – articulate and knowledgeable.
    My only nitpick is that Goodman referred to you as an investigative blogger.
    You’re a journalist.

  2. phred says:

    16 minutes and not one “blowjob”. A new record? ; )

    Seriously EW, very well done. I was especially glad that you managed to squeeze in at the end Romney’s hypocrisy from the convention having to work 2 jobs when you only get paid $9 an hour, yet he was one of the s.o.b.s that drove the $20+ an hour jobs into oblivion. That’s a connection that really cannot be made often enough.

    And of course you did a terrific job on Latif and the NDAA.

    In the context of the election though, I find everything completely depressing. Going after Romney is like shooting fish in a barrel. So why is it even close? Where the fuck is Obama? Oh, I know, catering to the same craven interests as Romney, he’s just a more elegant caterer.

    I heard Amy Goodman give a speech last spring essentially making the point that despite our disappointment we have to vote for Obama anyway.

    I. just. can’t.

  3. Eureka Springs says:

    Due to DN giving entirely too much attention to the Republicans this year and what I felt was horrible coverage of both Libya and Syria I had to cut back on the show for a while. I’ll try again after the election season. That said, always great to see and hear you, Marcy. Thanks for posting the segment here. You really help Amy and so many DN viewers.

    And man oh man, when you said “coward” I had to stand up and cheer! Kudos!

  4. rosalind says:

    A fav moment of the last Vegas Netroots: Marcy & me at a table, listening to the luncheon speaker, when a woman came by dropping DN leaflets at our table then hurrying off to the next.

    We both realized at the same time: it was Amy herself doing the leg work.

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