HuffPost Live on Drone Strikes

Yesterday, Jonathan Landay, Gregory McNeal, Steve Bucci, and I joined Alyona Minkovski to talk about Landay’s latest reporting on drone strikes, which I wrote about here.

Why is it that I’m the one who makes a career out of cataloging the things Congress gets lied to about?

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  1. jjerryy says:

    Nice rhetorical question!

    You do have quite a case study of an institutional victim (seemingly gleefully) enabling its ‘user and abuser’.

    Perhaps a book to flesh it out some more — the only way it seems these days to point out the obvious.

  2. zwei_dinge says:

    Funny how Steve Bucci goes from “we’re killing bad guys and anyone who has a problem with that is naive” at the beginning of the segment to “civilian deaths are a problem and Congress must demand a justification” at the end. The Heritage Foundation’s solution to the inadequacy of drone strikes and the intelligence that guides them seems to be more boots on the ground and more secret deals and financial carrots and sticks for our “allies” in the Middle East. Because all that has generated such great HUMINT in recent history. On the other hand, according to Heritage, the “Islamist mindset” “equates honor with power,” so Bucci should really regard civilian casualties as icing on the cake we’re baking to show the Muslim world just how honorable we are.

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