The Return of the NFL: It’s ON!!!

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I have been being heckled about this Trash Talk stuff forever. Marcy is just cranky jonesing for football and Jim White thinks the Devil Rays count. But this ain’t called “Trash Talk” for nothing you know. Pre-season fake football and baseball in the swamps are not enough. Nosirree. Not in a sophisticated joint like this.

But there was a little smattering of real college football last Saturday, so there was primordial Trash. But, now, my friends, there is REAL, professional grade, NFL football in the queue. Let it be known, unless I meet a bigger margarita pitcher and burrito that looks like this tomorrow night, there will by Saturday morning be additional MAJOR LEAGUE Trash for the weekend. NCAA, NFL and the F1 Circus at Monza (yes, that really may be the bigger story worldwide. Formula One rules; get used to it).

But, tonight, there are two games on the schedule. The biggest, of course, is a replay of last season’s AFC Divisional Playoffs between the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens. Ought to be a great game. Despite what the naysayers say, Peyton Manning’s arm is turning bionic in its incredible strength. The Bronco’s, however, are a bit wounded with Elvis Dumervil now on the Ravens and Von Miller suspended for the first six games. The Ravens have also lost a LOT of weight from last year’s Superbowl team, including Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. As much as the media and fans have always focused on Ray Lewis, I cannot help but believe the absence of Ed Reed, one of the most incredible ball hawks in the history of the NFL, is every bit as big a loss. Broncos are at home and are PISSED about that last minute loss last year to the Ravens. My money is on Peyton and the ARM OF HULK.

Secondarily, and I, (maybe you?) will probably have to DVR this, but the ASU Sun Devils are opening their season tonight at 10:00 pm EST against Sacramento State. Okay, this won’t be much of a game. But, GO DEVILS!!

That’s it for now. More later as promised. This is the best blog in the world, if I do say so from my completely neutral perch! Rock and roll my friends. Today’s music is by Government Mule. Because Donkos and Peyton rock….and, because, the US Government, collectively, are a bunch of War Pigs.

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  1. scribe says:

    Meh. I got Sawx at Yankees and the Yankees 2 1/2 out of the playoffs with 25 days in September left. My money’s on Jeter.

    And I won’t have to wade through the hip-deep pregame football crap.

    If I gotta pick a winner in the football game tonight, go with Arm of Hulk. Hulk angry. Hulk smash. Throw ball far.

  2. What Constitution says:

    @scribe: I long ago stopped questioning Jeter, but when he didn’t finish last year’s playoffs after merely breaking his ankle, I was starting to wonder about age. Then he returned from the DL to hit an oppo home run on the first pitch back and, well, I figure that the Commish will simply waive the Yankees into the playoffs this year by invoking his “best interests of baseball” powers should Jeter only ask. It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

  3. freepatriot says:

    high everybody
    I came out from my lurking spot behind the couch to make my prediction and reserve my hubcap
    last year I just missed with San Francisco. but this year you suckers aint gettin no breaks
    If Payton Manning stays healthy, give Denver the Lombardy trophy and I’ll take another shiny hubcap.
    so say it with me folks, PAYTON FOOKIN MANNING
    Why not? It worked with Drew Brees two years back
    I feel like I’m forgetting something
    oh yeah

  4. bmaz says:

    Are the freaking Ravens too skert to come out of the tunnel??

    Is it that the POWER OF PEYTON’S ARM and SOUR FACE is too powerful????

    If only there were Irish folks here to answer questions that HAD to be asked.

  5. emptywheel says:

    OK: Wes, as the only completed pass on the Donkos thus far, may be doing better than Elvis.

    But the absence of Elvis is the story of that drive.

  6. bmaz says:

    @freepatriot: FREEP!!!

    Damn. Was originally on mobile for a while after loaded post (also, I may have been getting loaded).

    Excellent to see you again. We may be dysfunctional, but we are family. Please join us for wonderful family meals more often!

  7. emptywheel says:

    So far Flacco looks like the HOF QB.

    But maybe someone besides Welker will start getting open enough to catch a ball?

  8. Jim White says:

    And the LaserRocketArm finally connects for a TD. After a lightening delay and playing the first quarter as if it were a bye week, Operation Peyback is now underway.

    But I’m switching channels to the Rays game. No Devils allowed.

  9. bmaz says:

    Damn, I was wondering if Teh Pirate would be along to talk some Johnny Football trash.

    And all is right in the world now!

    Especially with a MANNING TO WELKER TOUCHDOWN!!

  10. bmaz says:

    Knock knock.

    Anybody here?

    Is there anybody home to see Peyton’s SIXTH TD pass, to one of many men named Thomas, tonight?

    Just askin.

  11. Peterr says:

    Someone’s going to be running laps in practice, to say nothing of the grief he’s going to get all year long.

  12. freepatriot says:

    seven fookin touchdowns

    all in one game

    seven times sixteen equals what ???

    make it a real shiny hubcap, I deserve it

  13. scribe says:

    As predicted: Arm of Hulk Angry. Hulk Smash. Throw Ball Far.

    Or, in the words of ESPN: “Manning. To Welker. Touchdown. …. This much chemistry, this early: watch out.”

  14. Bay State Librul says:


    My money is on Ellsbury

    “The Red Sox own the best record in the AL, and won for the 10th time in 12 games. The Yankees had their three-game winning stopped in a loss that blunted their push for a wild-card spot.

    This was the start of an 11-day stretch in which the longtime rivals will face each other seven times. Boston is 8-5 against the Yankees this year.

    ‘‘We just blew it,’’ Rivera said

  15. GulfCoastPirate says:

    @bmaz: I think Welker is going to be a big hit with Peyton. If they both stay healthy that’s going to be a tough combination to stop this year.

    Who was that young tight end? He looked pretty good also.

  16. Bay State Librul says:


    According to Kevin Millar, the “ghost” of Aaron Boone and the Yankees
    has vanished.
    Btw, do you think the Sox will re-sign Jacoby Ellsbury from the grips of Boy Wonder Boras and his greedy mitts?

  17. Bay State Librul says:


    Dateline: New York

    Looks like Farrell will bee the Manager of the year, although Girardi
    comes in a close second.
    Need to reconsider money on Jeter?

    “Two nights in a row, the Red Sox have pulled off the final rally at Yankee Stadium.

    Mike Napoli hit a tying grand slam in the seventh, Shane Victorino had a go-ahead homer one inning later and Boston beat the New York Yankees 12-8 on Friday night for its fourth straight victory.

    Will Middlebrooks went deep for the third straight day and the Red Sox erased a five-run deficit in another wild game between these longtime rivals. One night earlier, the Yankees took an 8-7 lead with a six-run seventh — only to lose 9-8 in 10 innings on Victorino’s tiebreaking single.

    ‘‘We never feel like we’re out of it,’’ Boston manager John Farrell said.

    New York has lost consecutive games when scoring at least eight runs for the first time since September 1949, according to STATS. The last time it happened with both games at home was 1911 against Cleveland.

    Napoli also doubled, singled and walked twice in a perfect night at the plate. He scored three times, one night after sparking Boston’s ninth-inning comeback with a two-out single off closer Mariano Rivera.

    The Red Sox, who began the day with a 6½-game lead in the AL East over Tampa Bay, have slowed New York’s wild-card charge by winning the first two in a four-game set to improve to 9-5 against New York this year. They have scored 41 runs in their past three games and won 11 of 13 overall.”

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