Kansas to Execute White Supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller

While the focus on racial justice has been on Columbia, MO in recent days, a Judge in Kansas sentenced the white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller to death for his murder of three people he presumed were Jewish.

A judge has sentenced a white supremacist to death for the killing of three people at two Jewish centres.

Frazier Glenn Miller Jr, 74, targeted the sites in Kansas last year and will be put to death by lethal injection.

Johnson County District Judge Thomas Kelly Ryan said: “Your attempt to bring hate to this community, to bring terror to this community, has failed.”

Miller responded to the sentence, by shouting “heil Hitler” before he was removed from the courtroom.

This is why I don’t support the death penalty: because even when you argue it should only be used for the worst of the worst, like Miller, it usually ends up allowing those people to claim to be martyrs. That’s especially true in Miller’s case–he’s old and ill and would die alone and forgotten in prison otherwise, but now gets to claim to be martyred.

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  1. emptywheel says:

    Argh. When I originally posted this I said Missouri was going to execute Miller.


    I think it’s fixed now.

    • bloopie2 says:

      Once you reach a certain age, you will realize there’s no sense doing anything significant before 10:00 am. And for that matter, after 4:00 pm. Except maybe deciding between Denny’s and Cracker Barrel.

  2. orionATL says:

    “–he’s old and ill and would die alone and forgotten in prison otherwise, but now gets to claim to be martyred.”

    in my view this would have been the best response to bin-laden also. an old, very ill (with diabetes) activist critic of the u.s. who lived a life isolated electronically from society and his family for fear of being discovered.

    there was no strategic need to murder him, and making him an american prisoner anywhere would have provoked a dangerous circus.

    now, there is the manner in which his body was disposed of and the treatment of his wives and children to add to the burden of ill-will for his murder.

    the best revenge against bin-laden had already been accomplished. he was a house-bound prisoner undef pakistani state cia, and his al-q network, both communications and money-raising sectors, had been effectively destroyed by the u.s. by the time he died.

  3. Ryan says:

    A prisoner doing janitorial work in the clerical offices barricaded the door, bound a woman employee, and proceeded to rape her. Afterwards, he was given an additional life sentence.

  4. Evangelista says:

    Not only can Frazer claim being martyred, he can look forward to thirty years of ‘mad-science’ life-support and sustenance to keep him alive through his appeals, so that the state can ‘carry out his sentence’, for the sake of the Seriousness of our Judiciary jabberwonckies’ Seriously-Authoritarian image.

    In centuries past their precedent counterparts used to dig up and burn the bones to prove that when the argument is between God and Judge, the Judge has the last word…

  5. Evangelista says:

    P.S. I support the death penalty only because it is the Constitutionally ascribed penalty for Treason, which is, Constitutionally, aiding and comforting enemies of the Constitutional United States, which enemies will be, when the ‘Great Reform’ comes, will be all who aided in the creation and development of the present Commercial United States, which foundations on the “Commerce Clause”, which adherents to the Commercial United States aver to trump (no pun intended) all else in the United States Constitution, including the Preamble, which puts the people above the government and governing and apart from commerce, which the People, in their Constitution, gave their government servants responsibility to regulate, not join in revolt to ascend them and themselves to overlords through creations of empowering statutes, and the “Guaranatee of Republican Government Clause”, which obligates the United States government to coerce State governments to maintain and provide to their Peoples “a Republican form of Government”.

    It is these Constitutional Clauses and the Constitutional definition for Treason, and asignment of penalty that will permit the United States form remain civilized when popular revolt against the global commercial aristocracy’s worsening depredations brings a ‘French Revolution’ to the United States: Instead of a mayhem of ‘Terror’ executions the People of the United States will be able to execute the commercial-sector and government-official powers-usurpers legally, per existing provisions in the Constitutional Law, for Treason agains the People and Republican Government (meaning government responsible to the Public and to maintain the Public’s rights and privileges, and sovereignty, instead of usurping those to turn the People of the Public from sovereign to serf.

    I imagine that at the time of the “Recovery”, in the heat of the passions of the moment, the maintenance of legitimate rule of the Constitution’s law will seem of little importance, but to an orderly recovery for the Republic it will be an essential stepping-stone, and corner-stone, to regain and retain the Reasoned Order the Constitution defined. It may save us the decades of turmoil and internecine warring the French and Russian revolution histories document filling where void-of-law incurs.

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