Fat Al Gore’s Sunday NFL Trash Talk

Was a little hard to get too gigged up over the Army/Navy game, and that was about it for football and/or other interesting sports yesterday. So Trash Talk is a Sunday affair this weekend and it is brought to you be the weird weather of Fat Al Gore. It is, according to the innertoobz, 60º in Grand Rapids right now, yet 44º and freezing here at Casa de bmaz. Freakier still, today’s game between the Cowboys and Packers will be the warmest December game in the history of Lambeau Field. The Tundra, it ain’t frozen.

As to the games, with the exception of the Lions/Rams and 49ers/Browns, every game has playoff implications of one sort or the other. I actually think the Cowboys have righted their ship with Matt Cassell a little bit, but hard to see that being enough at Lambeau, and that will be the final death blow to the absurd talk of the Cowboys making the playoffs.

The best game of the day looks to be the Steelers at Bengals. Big Ben is back and the Stillers are gelling, but it will be a tall task to walk out of Cinci with a win. The Redskins had a brief run at the head of the NFC East, but the Skins truly suck on the road, and I think the Bears are just a better team right now. The Bills at Eagles could be a great game being the return of Shady McCoy to Philly and the desperate need of both teams to win to keep any playoff hopes alive. I rate that a very interesting toss up.

Seahawks should obliterate the Ravens, who are now down to Jimmy Claussen at QB. Love to see the Falcons take out the Panthers, but hard to see that the way Carolina is playing, and the game is a home game for the Panthers. A lot of people are yakking about Houston upsetting the Pats. The Texans are better than people think, but Tom Brady and Bill Belichick losing three in a row? Nope, can’t see that.

Well, that is it for today, we are starting late, so get trashing. We have a little bit of DC Go Go Christmas music today from Pleasure. And they are indeed a pleasure.

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  1. bmaz says:

    And the Panthers are already obliterating the hapless Falcons.
    Oh, and here is a tidbit I just heard, Mike McCarthy has retaken the play calling duties for the Packers. That is fairly significant.

    • phred says:

      That’s good news (about McCarthy). I know after the abysmal play calling in Seattle last year that there was a reason he gave it up, but the play calling this season has not been an improvement. I hope McCarthy can get things turned around…

  2. Hans Sherbert says:

    Here’s a photo caption at the top of today’s Sunday nytimes.com
    “Women cooking and bathing babies in Anse-à-Pitres, where residents struggle to find food.  Credit Meridith Kohut for The New York Times”
    Shouldn’t they bathe the babies BEFORE cooking them? [rimshot]
    I love to poke the NYT.  They take themselves so seriously.  They don’t provide a way to report typos or grammatical honkers.  They consider themselves above that.

  3. emptywheel says:

    Refs blow another call against the Kitties again, turning a 1st and goal into a 3rd and 33.

    I mean, they suck. But it’s like the refs hate them too.

    • phred says:

      NFL Sunday Ticket doesn’t like your Kitties either. Admittedly there are currently 11 games underway, only 8 of which are being shown on the NFL Mix channel, nonetheless the Kitties are playing one of the 3 invisible games. Definitely a conspiracy ; )
      Speaking of which, can I just say DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket has been a lot buggier since it was acquired by AT&T. I hate AT&T.

  4. Peterr says:

    Chefs are slicing the Bolts up on an ugly day at Arrowhead. It’s 60 degrees, but rainy and messy – sometimes a light drizzle, other times a deluge. Turnovers by both teams, missed FGs by both kickers, and lots and lots of yellow flags flying today against both teams, ranging from run of the mill offsides/encroachment calls to some vicious personal fouls.
    Seems like a bunch of bad blood is flowing.

  5. bmaz says:

    Carolina game was such a blowout, Fox switched Phoenix over to Skins and Bears. Which was not a great game either except Skins immediately gave up 14 points and now it is a good game. Well, at least a close one anyway.

  6. bmaz says:

    These NFL Network commercials where they pick out two dopes off the street to talk about “their teams” are beyond stupid. Did an ad agency get paid for that shit?

  7. Bay State Librul says:

    Houston will always be the “Oilers” to me.
    George Blanda and Bum Phillips “Last year we knocked on the door. This year we beat on it. Next year we’re going to kick the son of a bitch in!”

    Best logo in the league, that derrick, NRG Stadium and Enron.

    Too bad they moved to Tennessee.

  8. Bay State Librul says:

    We love New York and the Court of Last Appeals

    First Judge Berman, and now Manhattan Appellate Judge Paul Feinman.

    Reprieve granted until January 4th for Draft Kings and Fan Duel.

    Us minnows live to gamble another day

  9. scribe says:

    Stillers 33, Bungles 13.
    Andy Dalton out most of the game with something wrong with his right thumb. What, the Bungles won’t say.
    When it’s Stillers-Bungles and playoffs are on the line, being the Bungles’ QB is a bad place to be.
    E.g., 2005-06 1st round playoff game, at Cincy:

    On the Bengals second offensive play of the game, Carson Palmer suffered a season-ending knee injury after being hit by Pittsburgh’s Kimo von Oelhoffen, but his 66-yard pass to wide receiver Chris Henry (who was also injured on the play) set up kicker Shayne Graham’s 23-yard field goal.

    Stillers went on, as 6 seed, to win the Super Bowl.
    I’m just sayin’.

    • emptywheel says:

      My guess is broken pitching thumb. In any case, Lewis said he’d be out next week at least.

      A pity–they looked good at the beginning of the season.

      Frankly, I think AFC is wide open, including by Wild Cards. Wouldn’t rule out Stillers getting a rematch of the opening game of the season.

        • scribe says:

          Yes. Dalton, out of his own mouth.
          I would not be surprised if somehow the Stillers wind up winning the AFC North. Though it would take winning out, at home next week v. Denver, then on the road v. the Crows and Young Mr. Football. And the Bungles losing out. Not easy by any stretch, but definitely within the realm of the possible.
          Annnnnd TD Packers. The proverbial truck-sized hole in Dallas’ D-line. I’m doing quite well today, as my rooting interests play out quite nicely so far:
          Stillers (win)
          Who’s Playing Dallas (Pack – winning)
          Iggles (win)
          Sadly, the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS won, to stay ahead of my Stillers in the playoff hunt. But Fat Rex and his undisciplined yellow-flag-catching bovines lost, much to my joy.
          But, as the talking heads in the CBS postgame noted, the two teams nobody wants to be playing right now are Seattle and the Stillers.

  10. phred says:

    Woot! Just turned on the Packer game (following a bit of an intermission where we missed the end of the 1st set of games) in time to see Shields make an interception in the end zone : ) Go Packers!

  11. Petrocelli says:

    Bmaz, I got time this week to YouTube Janiva Magness…amazing!

    Although I did note that you posted her videos two weeks in a row and Pats lost both times…there are no coincidences ;)

    • Petrocelli says:

      Things are getting better, after 10 years of NeoCon rule. The new PM ran on hope and change, and has set a blistering pace right out of the gates.

      For the Rayduhs to contend, they have to clone Jim Plunkett!

      • phred says:

        Your shiny new PM gives me hope. I wish him all the luck in the world. It was particularly heart-warming to see him greeting Syrian refugees. Puts us to shame.
        Congrats on your happy day of football scribe : )
        Now the question moves on to the Pats: past couple of weeks a fluke or are they really in a pickle?

    • scribe says:

      Go look at the map on The 506 and you’ll see the whole country except Denver and Oakland are seeing Owboys at Pack.

  12. bloopie2 says:

    Nice musical selection, thank you. It has a good beat, you can dance to it, I give it an 88.
    If I may, I will share one of my favorites – a recent discovery for me (it’s always nice to be introduced to good music). ‘Candlelight Carol’ by the great John Rutter. Addresses the true meaning of Christmas (as did Linus in ‘Charlie Brown’). Hope you enjoy.

  13. JohnT says:

    I only felt good about two matchups today, and that was the Jets over the Fins, and the the under in the Pats / Texans
    I wanted to take the Bengals over the Steelers, but I didn’t feel good about it. I also wanted to take the Bears at home, but the Skins are too streaky. And going against my inclination this year, I thought the Falcons might show some pride and stay close to the Panthers
    Re: Fat Al Gore. El Nino seems to be afoot this year, and the warm blob off the west coast that steered storms away from us last year (that’s still in place), must be either enhancing, or moderating the El Nino
    What it looks like when the storms hit
    What it’s looking like between storms
    If you want to see a couple more pics, click my name and scroll down

  14. Peterr says:

    Meanwhile, in what the rest of the world calls football, Teh Tree takes down Clemson in the NCAA championships, 4-0. Key lines from the KC Star write-up: “The Stanford defense proved to be huge throughout the match. The Cardinal did not allow a goal in 200 minutes of College Cup play.”
    That’s better than two shutout games, at the highest level of college competition.
    It’s hard to win if you can’t put the ball past the keeper.

  15. Bay State Librul says:

    The Guardian has been poking around Foxborough
    “How did the New England Patriots cheat this week?

    Wait, how did New England tight end Rob Gronkowski return in time for the Patriots’ win over the Houston Texans after suffering what looked like a season-ending injury just two weeks ago?

    There are whispers around the MIT area of Cambridge that head coach Bill Belichick has set up a top secret project to clone his offense’s not-so-secret weapon. According to these completely fictional sources, the Gronkowski who had played all year is indeed sidelined indefinitely. He was not recovering in these past two weeks, that was just the time needed to finalize the the production of the first of what could be many Gronk clones. Now these clones could end up being deficient shadows of the original a la Multiplicity, but even so, they will be far more reliable targets than Brandon LaFell.”

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