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Three Things: Call, Call, Call!

[As always, note the byline — this isn’t Marcy’s post. / ~Rayne]

Dial (202) 224-3121.

If you don’t already have this number memorized or logged as a contact, have it tattooed on your body where you can see it. Afraid of needles? Use henna for a temporary tattoo. You’re going to need this number until Congress breaks before the mid-term elections.

~ 3 ~

The White House’s occupant was supposed to announce today the nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy. Call your senators and tell them to refuse to hold hearings on this nomination.

If they are GOP, tell them it’s too close to the mid-term elections and the people deserve to have a say — in short, use the same argument Mitch “Turtlehead” McConnell used when he refused to hold a Judiciary Committee hearing to approve President Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland.

If your senator(s) are Democrats or Independents, tell them they must deny a president who is under investigation any nominee to a lifetime seat as long as there is a cloud over the presidency. If they cannot fend off a Judiciary Committee hearing, insist they do not vote for any nominee who seeks to overturn Roe v. Wade. Nor should they confirm a justice who will not recuse themselves from any case against Trump or his campaign arising from Department of Justice investigations, nor should they approve a justice who believes the president is in any way above the law, immune in ways the public is not.

I’ve come to resist The Hill as it has become ridiculously biased, but this op-ed is worth a read: The ‘McConnell Rule’ is law, and Senate Democrats should sue to enforce it.

Live by Turtlehead’s rule, die by it.

Need a script for your calls? See Celeste Pewter at this link.

~ 2 ~

Your next call is again to your senators, this time on the nomination of Brian Benczkowski to the Department of Justice as Assistant Attorney General.

Senator Dick Durbin has already been working on this:

Read the letter’s text and the rest of his comments on Twitter at this link. Benczkowski’s nomination should be withdrawn; it is little more than another form of obstruction of justice.

This is another poisonous nomination; just as a president under investigation shouldn’t be permitted to appoint justices, neither should he be able to appoint nominees to the Justice Department with such serious conflicts related to the same investigation. Benckowski’s nomination is simply corrupt.

~ 1 ~


Not the Thai students who’ve been trapped in cave but the thousands of children from infants to teens who have been separated from their asylum-seeking parents for no legal reason apart from institutionalized terror in the form of human trafficking.

The lack of a means to trace children as they were placed in camps, foster homes, gods know where else is a clear indication of intention: this administration meant for these children to be lost to their parents. This administration did not want to be held accountable by any tracking.

As I’ve said before, it’s criminal. Media shouldn’t expend one lick more time on scum like Alan Dershowitz (like The New York Times’ allocation of six journalists to his obstructionist ass) and instead should be hounding the government to find and unite these children with their parents, documenting application of immigration and asylum laws, and reporting on the creation of concentration camps (that’s exactly what they are).

Call your representatives in both houses of Congress and demand a legislative fix — Rep. Nadler’s Keep Families Together Act (HR 6135) and Sen. Schumer’s call for a Reunification Czar — to bar the executive branch from separating families. I also want to bar the use of military resources for this purpose.

See Celeste Pewter at this link if you need more overview and a script for calling.

Some of the children are being reunited under court order — like this one-year-old who appeared before a judge, alone — but if the government never had a plan in place to track children separated from families, how do we know all the children will be reunited?

~ 0 ~

Every Monday seems considerably worse, but I’m not going to face them on my knees. Instead I will be contacting Congress. What about you?

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    • Nancy Hunt McDonald says:

      If the IRS can’t be held responsible to every American citizen, by investigating every aspect of 45’s tax returns, then they have no right to collect one dime from honest, tax paying Americans.

      45 is already collecting money from a bogus media survey I took this evening. The survey was to see if we believe that CNN, MCNBC and other media outlets are portraying Republicans and his presidency as fair to him. At the end of the survey he wants donations from $35-$33,000 for his 2020 race. Now this is just another way of the con artist supreme, to get money from honest Americans that he can hide along with the money that hasn’t been accounted for from the 2016 race.

      The IRS needs to get off the pot and do it’s job investigating deeper into his business, private and campaign returns.  Mueller and Cohen shouldn’t have to do the job for them.

  1. Rugger9 says:

    The McConnell angle is weaker than the one Cory Booker and several others pointed out: Kaiser Quisling is trying to appoint someone who will cover for him when the inevitable executive powers overreach (pardons, in particular) makes it to SCOTUS. That’s why the personal test will be important, just like KQ tried with Comey (as Ghouliani admitted on the Sunday Shows). Since the palace works from the Federalist list, the politics aren’t in question.

    SCOTUS justices do not have to recuse themselves since they are excepted from the lower courts’ proscriptions on conflict of interest. They choose to do so, normally, when deciding a case they have interests in, but in particular the GOP Justices are likely let that slide when key political issues are at stake given how they lied through their hearings. Does anyone really think that Gorsuch wouldn’t rule on KQ’s powers even though KQ appointed him?

    • Rayne says:

      Rhetorical question, no reply necessary: If you are talking with a (compromised) GOP senator’s office, do you really think that presidential overreach especially with pardons is a selling factor on withholding support for a Trump SCOTUS nominee?

  2. Rugger9 says:

    Rayne: the GOP will ram this one through regardless of what Collins or Murkowski or Paul thinks. We may even get into Betsy DeVos territory where Pence (also compromised) will cast the deciding vote with pleasure. Collins’ attempts to pretend RvW isn’t a target for any Federalist justice is willful ignorance and Mainers flubbed their chance to be rid of her waffling and phony concern about women. Murkowski hasn’t even been heard from in any news outlet that I have seen, so she’ll toe the GOP line like she always does. Even if this doesn’t get done before the midterm elections, there will doubtless be a special session to make sure all of the GOP list is coded in law before the Ds take over.

    My point is that trying to argue with a McTurtle precedent as the weapon of choice is a losing battle with the unscrupulous GOP that considers the Ds to be marks for skinning. It’s a better and more clear line about conflict of interest for the discussion to be about the fact that SCOTUS will likely have to rule about the actions of Kaiser Quisling while he is in office trying to obstruct investigations and justice. Why should the palace get to pick the referee?

    On a related note, what’s really going on with the GOP trip to Russia? Not even a presser or any details aside from what Russian TV has posted. The details are where the devil is found, what did these guys promise?

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