Merry Christmas to the emptywheel Community

I’m mostly spending time with family in PA today. Thanks to bmaz for kicking off the holiday cheer with his remembrances post.

I wanted to weigh in, though, and add thanks not just to those who’ve been putting up with us for over a decade and those we’ve lost, but for the new commenters and lurkers we’ve gotten in the last year. One of the highlights of my year came as the host on a KPFA show introduced me before I came on his show. He went on a length talking not about my contributions at this here little blog, but the rich contributions of our readers.

I am enormously grateful that, over a decade after the golden year of blog-dom, our community has persisted and grown, and our comment threads remain a big part of what we offer.

At times the slog of reporting on Trump’s abuses gets really heavy. At those times, your support makes it worthwhile.

Thanks to all of you who have been (financial and non-financial) supporters of emptywheel, this year, and over the years.

Merry Christmas. May 2019 bring more good news than bad.

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  1. ek hornbeck says:

    Merry Merry Marcy and bmaz and the gang. Good to see you finally getting some of the recognition you’ve deserved and I wish you (and each of us, everyone) a Happy New Year.

  2. jonb says:

    I am so grateful that this year I was able to become  better educated. I found empty wheel but I don’t know how. so thank you Marcy and everyone who contributes to this news site, May you all be merry and bright.  thanks. jon

  3. obsessed says:

    Deep deep gratitude and Merry Xmas to EW, Bmaz, Rayne, the many expert commenters, and all my fellow denizens of the peanut gallery. Here’s hoping for a morally and intellectually satisfying denouement in the coming months!

  4. Pete says:

    Yes, Merry Christmas to  bmaz, Ed, Rayne, others who start topics as well as the contributors her at large.  And to YOU as well as your hubby and and and, of course, June Bug.

    It is my fervent hope that your Trump and related coverage exposes you to the world at large in the way that you choose and that you are rewarded in ways that you also choose.  It seems to me that it is happening and your ability to stay focused and grounded is commendable. It’s good to see and hear you as well as read your commentary.


  5. Dimmsdale says:

    Longtime lurker since FDL days, wishing all our blog hosts and esteemed commenters (all of whom teach me as much as I can intellectually grasp with each new post) a wonderful, sane, productive new year filled with best possible outcomes for all our (and Mueller’s) endeavors. Cheers, all!!

  6. Pat says:

    Hello to you all. I found this blog a couple of months ago, and I find it extremely informative. Thank you all for your hard work and talents! Have a great holiday! And don’t worry, I truly believe that we will survive Trump, his crime family, and all the swamp creatures who associate with him. We will be smarter and stronger as a country for having gone through this rough patch.

  7. Ollie says:

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight.

    Thank you all: Marcy, bmaz, and all of the commenters. I learn and for that eternally grateful. Ollie

  8. marksb says:

    Reading you was one of the ways I got through my cancer treatment, helping keep my mind focused through the drugs and pain. During the first months of my recovery, I had the privilege of meeting you briefly at the Plame hearing. I’ve kept on reading you, Bmaz, Rayne, Ed and all of the amazingly intelligent and insightful commentors whenever I could over the ensuing years. You all provide depth and context to the news…not to mention a little law education.

    Thanks and best to all as we face what is certain to be a very difficult 2019.

  9. LJ says:

    Many thanks, Marcy, for all that you and others have brought to this blog.  I’ve been a steady follower since the days of the Libby trial, though this is my first comment.

  10. BroD says:

    I’m glad everyone’s taking the opportunity to step back and recharge. I’ll be counting on this community as we head into uncharted waters.

  11. klynn says:


    Merry Christmas! My family gave me a vintage “It’s Mueller Time!” t-shirt! I yelled out upon opening it, “I love it!” and put it on immediately. The family said, “Marcy inspired us!”

    We need a  code word for when you are about to publish your personal Mueller story.

  12. I Never Lie and am Always Right says:

    Thanks so much, Marcy, to you and the rest of the crew here. I’m a relative newcomer, and I enjoy this site a great deal. The posts and the comments are both stimulating and a constant breath of fresh air. Merry Christmas to all.

  13. Legonaut says:

    Happy holidays one and all! This site has become a regular part of my daily efforts to stay informed and interpret events, thanks to the quality of this community. There’s been enough historical references to previous incarnations of this site that I wish I’d found you folks years ago.

    Thanks to Marcy, the regular team and all of the wonderful commenters for your rational analysis, great humor, and troll hunting — it’s a great gift you give all year long! Given the trajectory of past shenanigans, through our current turbulence and into the (inevitable) ratfuckery to come, these voices will need to be heard more than ever.

  14. oldoilfieldhand says:

    Happy Christmas Emptywheelers! Feliz Navidad to the Southwestern contingent and Happy Boxing Day to the group from the Northern clime.

    Wishing you all a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year in 2019. Keep the faith! Change is gonna’ come to America in the new year.

    Stay strong! Stay focused. Never forget that the United States Constitution, the written manifestation of the desire to start this experiment in democracy begins with “We the people”.

  15. dr hummus says:

    Hi Macy, Thank you for all blogging, which I have found invaluable for ubderstanding the Trump-Russia saga. Good luck with 2019! Dr Hummus

  16. Jenny says:

    Marcy, thank you for creating Emptywheel. Your in-depth investigations have been imperative. Thank you for creating a place to express opinions in this time of transformation. May 2019 Another Space Odyssey bring balance, harmony and equality for ALL.

  17. Trip says:

    Marcy, THANK YOU SO MUCH! (all caps necessary, altho not presidential, or is it precedential covfefe? anyway…).

    Has Junebug, the Terrorist Foster Dog graduated to Forever-home Terrorist Dog now, officially? She is the Emptywheel mascot for certain, repping all of us randoms, coming together and finding refuge from the storm here.

    • emptywheel says:

      Not yet, no. It’s still a juggle with my travel schedule. But she seems intent on outlasting those concerns.

  18. Tracy Lynn says:

    I don’t remember how I found emptywheel, but I remember you (and some of the moderators) from the FDL. May your (our) 2019 be bright and some of the horrors of 2018 become tools for learning.

  19. P J Evans says:

    May 2019 be a much better year for all y’all than the last two!

    (I hope Mueller Time is everything that we wanted Fitzmas to be.)

  20. MattyG says:

    Merry Boxing Day! This site is gold – thanks again for the efforts and determination of everyone involved…

  21. SaabMadoxSaab says:

    Happy holidays, Marcy and the EW crew!  Your work is of the highest order, and I am incredibly grateful for the service you provide here.  It’s taken me a while this year to get to a position where I can offer more support than readership alone, but I’ve finally set up my subscription.  I hope it helps in the coming year and I urge others who have the capability to follow suit.

    Cheers, EW, for days of auld lang syne and those still yet to come.

  22. Cicero101 says:

    I’m new. Very grateful for the outstanding work here. Have an excellent Xmas and new year all!


    (There’s no one else on the planet like Marcy Wheeler. Extraordinary!)

  23. Charlie says:

    As the lads from Liverpool used to say “Merry Crimble.”  Huge thanks and gratitude for such enlightenment to Marcy, bmaz, Ed, Rayne and all the commenters. Have a happy and healthy 2019 from the once great Britain!

  24. Anon says:

    A merry merry merry Christmas, and a Happy New year, Happy Chanukah, and a Happy Kwanzaa as well to everyone, whatever your favorite holiday!

  25. Nan says:

    Longtime lurker…FDL days. Thank you all for the insight, and for a rudder in a crazy sea.  The world is made better just knowing you are all out there. I can’t say I have been successful in following the complexities of this insane chapter of history, but whatever insight I have I owe to all the posters and writers on emptywheel.

  26. Yogarhythms says:

    EW, Bmaz, Ryane, Ed, jbug, et al,
    Merry Merry Merry and a Happy New Year. May everyone discover their truth and celebrate EW. When we stand up together we have already won. Letting go of Palace fomo news cycle is contrasted with legal construction and debate. I so appreciate the beautiful gifts to be uncovered in this site.

  27. bloopie2 says:

    Thank you and Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful folk. So much of the time the level of discourse here is so high that I can only watch with awe–of how many other places on the Internet can that be said?
    Anyhow, I’m in a good mood, saw Aquaman with the children–fun but not great. What was great about it was their use of clip from a very, very pretty Roy Orbison song I hadn’t known–She’s A Mystery To Me. Take a listen, you won’t regret it. Reminded me of how incredible his voice was–like the softest, sweetest butter. Bless him and bless all of you.

  28. e.a.f says:


    Being Canadian, in Canada, we get a second day of festivities. We get Boxing Day. Had Americans not had that revolution you too could all have had that second day off of work, well in more recent times.

    Found Empty Wheel on the blog roll of a blogger in Vancouver, B.C. who writes about politics in British Columbia, Canada when not working as a cancer researcher at U.B.C.

    Reading this blog provides me with more information regarding the “trump shit show” as some of us refer to it

    Thank you for the work you do. Bloggers are becoming more and more important as a source of information. Enjoy the blog!

  29. firstwife says:

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and God Bless Robert Mueller! Thank you so for this blog and your thoughtful and helpful dissection and analysis of current events. I appreciate the legal insight.

  30. Spencer Gainey says:

    Wandered in here about 5 months ago from Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire. Wow. This blog is a national treasure. Marcy, you are truly a Yoda level being. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  31. Steve13209 says:

    All the best to you and your family from a lurker just learning the ins and outs of this stuff. The blog is incredibly helpful (I think I got here from FDL, myself).
    Your URL is in my top 5, right below Slickdeals, which is a big deal for the likes of me.

  32. it's complicated says:

    Merry Christmas and a Better New Year to all of you, and thank you for being an island of rationality and hope.
    On Dec 31 I will drink a cup of Feuerzangenbowle to your health!

  33. Theresa says:

    Thank you Marcy and team for the wonderful analysis and insight on our upside world. Honestly, I am not hopeful about our country’s situation but I want to be dead wrong. After reading the New Yorker article about Mark Burnett and the remaking of #Individual1 I felt like crying. I am a rather new follower as well and found out about EW from my twitter feed, Lawfare-Benjamin Wittes maybe? Love your tweets, they are the first ones I check. It looks like you gained about 20K new followers in the recent month or so, which means you are not the hidden treasure anymore! I root for your success.

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