Some Key Gaps in the January 6 Story [Updated]

DOJ continues to roll out arrests of people involved in the January 6 coup attempt.

But there are some obvious gaps in the (public) story so far.

Arrests relating to over 100 police assaults

In a filing submitted over the weekend, the government asserted that 139 cops were assaulted during the insurrection.

In the course of the insurrection, approximately 81 Capitol Police and 58 MPD officers were assaulted,

In its website tracking the people arrested so far, DOJ describes assault charges being filed against 12 people (updated on 2/1 to total 17 people):

  1. Daniel Page Adams, whose arrest affidavit describes engaging in a “direct struggle with [unnamed] law enforcement officers” (his cousin, Cody Connell, described the exchange as a “civil war”).
  2. Zachary Alam, who pushed cops around as he was trying to break into the Speaker’s Lobby.
  3. Matthew Caspel, who charged the National Guard.
  4. Scott Fairlamb, who was caught in multiple videos shoving and punching officers (one who whom is identified but not named); Cori Bush has said she was threatened by him last summer.
  5. Kyle Fitzsimons, who charged officers guarding the doorway of the Capitol.
  6. Alex Harkrider, who after being filmed fighting with police at the door of the Capitol, posted a picture with a crowbar labeled, “weapon;” he was charged with abetting Ryan Nichols’ assault.
  7. Michael Foy, a former Marine who was caught on multiple videos beating multiple cops with a hockey stick.
  8. Robert Giswein, who appears to have ties to the Proud Boys and used a bat to beat cops.
  9. Emanuel Jackson, whom videos caught punching one officer, and others show beating multiple officers with a metal baseball bat.
  10. Chad Jones, who used a Trump flag to break the glass in the Speaker’s Lobby door just before Ashli Babbitt was shot and may have intimidated three officers who were pursuing that group.
  11. Edward Jacob Lang, who identified himself in a screen cap of a violent mob attacking cops and who was filmed slamming a riot shield into police and later fighting them with a red baseball bat.
  12. Mark Jefferson Leffingwell, whom a Capitol Police officer described in an affidavit punching him.
  13. Patrick Edward McCaughey III, who was filmed crushing MPD Officer Daniel Hodges in one of the doors to the Capitol.
  14. Ryan Nichols, who was filmed wielding a crowbar and yelling, “This is not a peaceful protest,” then spraying pepper spray against police trying to prevent entry to the Capitol.
  15. Dominic Pezzola, a Proud Boy who stole a shield from cops.
  16. Ryan Samsel, who set off the riot by giving a cop a concussion; he appears to have coordinated with Joe Biggs.
  17. Robert Sanford, who was filmed hitting Capitol Police Officer William Young on the head with a fire extinguisher.
  18. Peter Schwartz, a felon who maced several cops.
  19. Barton Wade Shively, who pushed and shoved some police trying to get into the Capitol, punched another, then struck one of those same cops later and kicked another.

While a number of these men — Fairlamb, Jackson, Nichols, Shively, among others — allegedly assaulted multiple cops, that’s still far below the total of 139 alleged assaults.

That says the FBI is still looking for a significant number of people in assaults on police. Over the weekend, the FBI released BOLO posters showing 12 other men believed to have assaulted police — including two targeting individuals specifically.

The murder of Brian Sicknick

Of particular note, while the FBI has released a BOLO poster focused on the men who assaulted MPD Officer Michael Fanone, no such post has identified suspects as those suspected of killing Brian Sicknick (though note that Robert Sanford did assault a different officer with a fire extinguisher). There are many possible explanations for why his murder might be treated differently (not least that the culprits are more likely to flee).

But we haven’t seen anything to suggest who assaulted Sicknick badly enough to lead to his death.

The DNC and RNC bomber

On January 21, the FBI increased their reward for information leading to the guy believed to have planted pipe bombs at the DNC and RNC. But there’s no sign they’ve found the guy yet.

Rudy’s interlocutors

On January 15, Rudy Giuliani posted texts involving “James Sullivan” claiming he was going to blame the riot on “John,” that he had gotten “my agent out of trouble along with three other” Utahans, and mentioning “Kash.”

“John” is James’ brother, John Sullivan, someone long ago IDed by leftist activists as a provocateur who had been charged two days earlier. He was arrested on January 14, but bailed the next day.

“Kash,” is Kash Lee Kelly, whose parole officer IDed him at the scene. His bail in the gang-related drug conviction he was awaiting sentencing for in IL was revoked on January 14.

John Sullivan is the only Utahan that GWU identifies as being from Utah, meaning the three Utahans, in addition to James Sullivan, he claims to have gotten out of trouble thus far are (publicly at least) still not in trouble. No one yet arrested is identifiable as his “agent,” either.

That means, key people who might be a pivot between the rioters and Rudy Giuliani, who was coordinating events in Congress with an eye to how much time the rioters would give him, remain (again, publicly at least) at large.

There are around 73 sealed cases in the DC District, many of which probably having nothing to do with the January 6 insurrection and some of which are surely defendants already publicly charged whose cases have not yet been unsealed in the DC docket. The reasons for unsealing could vary — though the most common would be that someone hasn’t been arrested yet). Still, some of these sealed cases may be people who’ve already moved to cooperate.

Update, 2/1: I’ve updated the list of those charged with assault.

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  1. bg says:

    In footage by John Sullivan, he points out a man who beats on the door where the shooting happened who he says came out of nowhere with police and who seemingly disappears down the stairway with the police. JS seems dicey at best, and I wonder why he points this out. . .and if that person was ID’d by anyone or has been charged? He did not appear to assault police.

    In ABQ, APD has been under a DOJ consent decree for years and years now. We are currently “looking” for a new Chief. The current acting, one of “3” finalists (a charade most likely) has allowed a sergeant to display flags and campaign signs for you know who in his office. I had an officer at an accident I was involved in try to talk to me wearing a thin blue line flag mask. I refused to speak to her and told her why. APD referred to armed militia as “armed friendlies” at a demonstration last year where a protester was shot. Maybe I am paranoid, but I do not trust police.

    • bmaz says:

      Ooof, APD has been a hot mess for a long time. And look what happened to Kim Brandenburg when she tried to make it even marginally better as the DA. The Trump DOJ basically refused to do such consent settlements, and terminated several. Kind of shocked the APD one survived at all.

      • bg says:

        Kari Brandenberg was really not great, but IMO Raul Torres is worse. Our current otherwise (mostly I think fairly progressive Mayor who we worked to elect and had high hopes for) has been hornswoggled by the police union, which is led by a killer cop. I could go on and on, but there is no agreement by the police on use of force policies, which has been the main obstacle to enforcing/signing off on the consent degree and the needed end for the job of the Court-Appointed Independent Monitor, which when he first came called his work “a growth industry” which is an understatement 7 years on. Don’t get me started. It is exhausting.

        • bmaz says:

          Crap, I said Kim didn’t I? Kim is her cousin from here. I know the family here and so met her father Jim and her a couple of times. Very few DA’s are really great, not saying she was. She seemed like a pretty decent person personally. All I really know is that she got taken out for even the most minuscule efforts at police accountability, and it rattled her. Ancient history now I suppose.

    • Greg Hunter says:

      I happened to be in The Range Cafe in Bernalillo last year discussing this very topic with a recently retired ABQ officer who was lamenting the DOJ consent decree as “ruining” the police department. He was big, tattooed and projected a roid sensibility typical of a militarized police force. He was proud of training other police departments across the world in techniques.

      I always enjoy asking these officers about crime stats and the Drug War as their answers are aligned with Fox News and not reality. Demilitarizing the police as well as America should be a top priority at the Federal, State and local level; however, right wing socialism will be hard to change as people are easily cowed to accept a large police force that lacks any accountability or transparency.

        • timbo says:

          It’s also illegal, correct? Or is that somehow protected speech in New Mexico? The police are just claiming it’s just a picture of the President?

  2. Diogenes says:

    I wonder whether part of the reason why we haven’t heard more is that at least some of these players got involved in whatever went down leading up to 1.20.

    Not the foot-soldiers in the Capitol per se, but the ones who were referring to having agent(s) in there. When 1.6 failed, they didn’t stop trying.

    • timbo says:

      Or how about the theory that the DOJ and FBI are trying to avoid investigating any conspiracy and resulting murder as it protects the guilty?

  3. BobCon says:

    I would be very interested in the eventual investigation’s conclusion why the rioters in the Capitol weren’t arrested, photographed and fingerprinted.

    I understand that there was a wish to defuse the situation as soon as possible, but that explanation seems awfully incomplete. If there had been a similar sized incursion of 1000 people at Langley or the Pentagon, I can’t believe there would be a similar low priority placed on IDing who was there.

    When the Capitol was being swept the DC police were there in numbers. I’m really curious who made the call to simply let people go and I would like to see official testimony made as to the rationale.

  4. Peterr says:

    Here in metro KC, we’ve got a bunch of electronic billboards that run ads in rotation. This past week, I’ve noticed a ton of ads in quick rotation on the same boards about the hunt for the Jan 6 insurrectionists, asking people to call the FBI if they know anyone who was involved.

    I immediately wondered if they have some leads that point to metro KC, or if this is a general ad campaign across the country.

    • harpie says:

      These are the locations that come up at the top of Google right now:

      Florida, RI, Cleveland, Tennessee, Columbus, Indiana

      • klynn says:

        I think that meeting held in central Ohio regarding the MI gov kidnapping planning may have been a bigger “planning” meeting than the public has been told.

        • subtropolis says:

          That was before the election. I doubt that anyone had planned the coup — to the extent of involving the militia types, at least — that long in advance.

          • timbo says:

            To a large extent it does not matter when they planned this, it just matters when there was a conspiracy to disrupt the Constitution and the Congresses role in certification of the actual winner of the Electoral College

          • cavenewt says:

            That was before the election. I doubt that anyone had planned the coup — to the extent of involving the militia types, at least — that long in advance.

            Trump was already talking about contesting the election at least as far back as August. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of his more rabid followers, especially the militia types, picked up the ball and ran with it. To be fair, they probably didn’t get as granular as the EC certification on 1/6, but they would have been primed for it.

    • Ravenclaw says:

      I’ve seen the billboard here in New Haven CT as well. Consistent with either a national rollout or something more selective, targeting major transportation hubs (I-95 runs through and I-91 begins here, so most anyone heading for New England passes through).

      • Ginevra diBenci says:

        Ravenclaw, I saw the billboard on 91-South heading back into New Haven last week. So the corollary is also true: this one would catch the eyes of people en route *from* New England to NYC, and all points south and west. (Also, FBI has a large and active field office in downtown New Haven, with a history of handling big investigations.)

    • Karin says:

      I’ve seen a big FBI billboard right near where I live in Central New Jersey, and it’s on a secondary state highway, not even a major highway. And I’ve also seen on a smaller highway in Pennsylvania. I am surmising they are everywhere.

  5. Peterr says:

    That means, key people who might be a pivot between the rioters and Rudy Giuliani, who was coordinating events in Congress with an eye to how much time the rioters would give him, remain (again, publicly at least) at large.

    In related news, Dominion Voting Systems made good on their threat to Rudy:

    An election technology company that has been the focus of consistent conspiracy theories by Donald Trump and his allies has sued the former President’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani for defamation after he pushed the “Big Lie” about election fraud on his podcast and TV appearances.

    Dominion Voting Systems is seeking more than $1.3 billion in damages.

    “Just as Giuliani and his allies intended, the Big Lie went viral on social media as people tweeted, retweeted, and raged that Dominion had stolen their votes. While some lies — little lies — flare up on social media and die with the next news cycle, the Big Lie was different,” lawyers for Dominion wrote in the lawsuit, filed in DC District Court on Monday morning. “The harm to Dominion’s business and reputation is unprecedented and irreparable because of how fervently millions of people believe it.”

    I say “related” because I would not be surprised if some interesting nuggets emerge during discovery about Rudy’s contacts in the world of Unreality. Things could get very complicated for him very quickly.

    • Eureka says:

      harpie, where do you get the dateline for Just Security articles? This has been driving me nuts forever, never see one on the page (it is available in the guts by R-clicking “view page info”).

      • bmaz says:

        Wait, do they not have dates on their pieces?? Ah, I see dates, but not the posting time on that date. If that the issue? If so, am happy to talk to Ryan about it.

        • Eureka says:

          Oh, I’m just looking for a simple date.

          I don’t see dates anywhere (ever) on a given article there. (The listing of “Related” articles at the bottom of a given article have dates next to them, so I used to click all around the related articles trying to get the one I was reading to revert to a “related” one to get the date for it. Finally I figured out to try checking page info. “View page info” does have the posting/modification times, too, if one is interested.)

          No clue why I don’t get dates, then, if you do. I have a very common setup so can’t be the only person this happens to. That’d be great if you could mention it to Ryan.

          • bmaz says:

            As Greenbird notes below, the date shows up for me, just no accurate clock stamp. Do we have accurate forward facing clock stamps? I don’t even know!

            • harpie says:

              I have not been able to find a clock on the articles here. For that timing, I usually go to the announcements on twitter. The comments always have a time associated with them.

            • Eureka says:

              (I had replied to greenbird below before seeing this)

              Yes, it appears that you do (I mean I don’t know for sure but looking at a couple of pages it seems correct — off by five hours so I assume UTC or is that GMT — compared to time of first comment made as a rough estimator).

              For this page it says it was published:


              (Because of the comment system it appears the page _modified_ time rolls forward w/ addl. comments)

              And it gives an estimated four minute reading time (LOL I must remember to check what this estimate is on one of Marcy’s monster posts. Then multiply by five. Or more).

              ETA after seeing harpie’s comment: to clarify, I do not see a clock on EW pages, this info above is thru “View Page Info”

              • Eureka says:

                JHC Who’s on first: I pasted the wrong “article published” date/timestamp above (that one is from Rayne’s page, which I checked for comparison because she often adds a comment near-after posting).

                The one for this page is:


            • cavenewt says:

              Do we have accurate forward facing clock stamps? I don’t even know!

              No, but you have such an active site the first comment is usually a pretty good indicator. It would be nice if you add a timestamp, especially these days with things moving so quickly.

              Related, the timestamp on comments is two hours off for me. If I can figure out how to register, maybe there’s a preference setting for time zone. In the meantime I just subtract two hours.

          • cavenewt says:

            I see a date on the Just Security article, even on the web browser where I’m running the most blockers.

        • greenbird says:

          is it not at top left, under blu authors info/names ?

          “by Ryan Goodman and Justin Hendrix

          January 25, 2021” … but w/o time stamp

          • Eureka says:

            No, there is no date at all for me. Further, the ‘about the authors’ info appears at the bottom of the article [not at the bottom of the article text, but you (I) have to keep scrolling until the right-sided column of “Featured Articles” ends — so there’s a big gap of whitespace below the article before I can see the authors]. There is no byline at the top, and no dateline anywhere.

              • Eureka says:

                My window is maxed at all times (so I just tried reducing it for kicks, to no change). Also this is for years, across multiple operating systems (but using Firefox).

                Apparently this is my lonely curse (tho having nothing exotic going on w my setup I do suspect I am not “alone” alone. Just alone alone).

                LOL thanks all.

                Adding: and Fetterman hasn’t got the magic shrooms passed or anything like that so it’s not that, either.

                • cavenewt says:

                  What happens if you try a different browser, just as a test? If it appears correctly there, then maybe you’ve done a Firefox override on style settings or something.

                  FWIW I usually read EW in Firefox (on a Mac).

  6. JamesJoyce says:

    Anything which distracts attention away for Covid KIA body count serves the two party system, not us.

    Anything which further ties Americans to trillions of dollars of involuntarily servitude to debt protects vested interests, not us.

    It is a very old tactic to instill fear, discriminate then divide and split the proceeds after conquest while the diseased corpses rot.


  7. Matthew Harris says:

    I think one of the problems for us looking at this is that the news cycle has moved on, but that doesn’t mean that investigative work has.

    It has been a busy month, to say the least,and a violent looting of the US Capitol should be big news, but other things are happening, which are equally important: Covid-19 and the inauguration of a new president are both important stories. And the average and most photogenic parts of the immediate aftermath are over. The “QAnon Shaman” was arrested.

    What I imagine is going on now is that people who were arrested for very obvious but maybe relatively minor crimes are being persuaded to give testimony on the organizers who weren’t doing it for social media. All those people who did dumb things like carry a podium or sit at Nancy Pelosi’s desk are probably talking to their lawyers and prosecutors about identifying the people who were the organizers.

    And those people are better at covering their tracks, so it might be weeks or months (or possibly years…even decades) before they start being caught.

    • subtropolis says:

      Agreed. The Press isn’t an ideal source for what is going on behind the scenes. I’ve no doubt that they are working hard to find the worst offenders, including the main conspirators. News about that latter group, especially, I wouldn’t expect to hear much about, given the circumstances.

      As for those assaulted officers, it’s possible that many of those incidents were poorly documented, or not at all.

      • timbo says:

        The press seems to be a better source about what is happening behind the scenes these past four years. Has that suddenly drastically changed somehow?

        • Ginevra diBenci says:

          If you mean the mainstream press, I’m seeing a trend toward the “moving on” narratives. While that is certainly the GOP’s wish, Biden’s (understandable) focus and rhetoric are also reinforcing it. The positive side, as I see it, is a greater acknowledgment of the challenges posed by Covid. The negative, of course, is the danger that all Trump-related issues get shunted aside.

          • timbo says:

            I mean that the press was actually better at getting information from FOIA requests than the Congress was during the Twitler regime. Without that there would be a lot less info out there on what the Twisslerings were doing. It was kind of like “Oh, you’re not Congress? We’ll see what we can do…”

  8. Leading Edge Boomer says:

    There is a reason the cult is not called IQAnon. Morons, each one of them.
    * Wear distinctive garb, get arrested.
    * Take selfies/videos, publish them, get arrested.
    * Their cell phones identify them in time (within 2 minutes) and space (a few meters), get arrested.
    * Face recognition software identifies lots of them, get arrested.
    * Boast on dating sites to women who call FBI, get arrested.

        • e.a.f. says:

          gave me a good laugh, thank you. omg they are dumb, as you write.
          boasting on dating sites is my favorite. men who engage in violence such as we saw on 6 Jan. are more than likely to be rather violent in relationships also.

          Then add in Rudy, who reads about as dumb as they come, omg its a wonder they got as far as they did. But then I’m sure some who are far brighter and more dangerous were pulling the strings.

          When I looked at the list of corporations pulling financial support, my take on it was, they weren’t concerned about ethical issues, but worried that those mobs at the Capitol could turn on their corporations. Trump had given the corporations their tax breaks, wonder if Biden will take them away.

          • timbo says:

            At minimum they’re likely to be unstable, that much is clear.

            But why didn’t you talk about the women who were out there on the frontline too? They seemed pretty crazy too…you think they don’t also use dating sites?

    • P J Evans says:

      After arrest, arraignment, and release, boast some more or do something else that gets attention. (See: Williams, the alleged hardware thief. She wasn’t barred from using the internet, and has apparently been advising others to get rid of evidence.)

  9. John DAlessandro says:

    Rudi is tweeting. About a riot he helped instigate. Just what your lawyer would advise you to do.
    This is part of the mental illness defense, right?

  10. Eureka says:

    Wow even network news is making a to-do over the delivery of the Article of Impeachment. (now)

    ETA: There was a picture earlier of the impeachment managers walking (something over / another time). They looked quite like badasses then and do so now. That’s a squad…

    ETA2: If someone knows the basis of why Leahy is in charge instead of Roberts I’d appreciate to know, tia.

    • P J Evans says:

      Leahy gets to do it because Trmp isn’t the President now, so they don’t need to have the Chief Justice sitting. (For that matter, they don’t need to have it all on the floor.)

      • Eureka says:

        Thanks PJ, Marinela, Ruthie & harpie.

        Not much news consumption today and it’s funny how one realizes they are unaware of the finer points of impeaching a voter-ejected FORMER president.

      • timbo says:

        Alas, Leahy just checked into a hospital. Reports are that he’s doing “fine” and will “likely be back on Wednesday”. Fingers crossed!

    • Marinela says:


      I had the same question. It appears that the SC chief justice presides on impeachment of existing president. Since DJT is no longer president, he is out.
      It is unclear if it was his decision to not participate or some procedural rule.

      • harpie says:

        Yes. That’s what Steve Vladeck says here [responding to House Judiciary GOP’s: If Chief Justice Roberts doesn’t preside, the American people will know this isn’t a serious impeachment trial.]:
        12:36 PM · Jan 25, 2021

        But see U.S. Const. art. I, § 3, cl. 6: “When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside.”

        Last I checked, the President of the United States is Joe Biden.

        • P J Evans says:

          The ex-president is setting up an “Office of the Former President” (as if there’s only one of those) with an emblem that’s awfully close to the one he used to be able to use.

      • Marinela says:

        So when the votes are counted on impeachment, I hope Leahy gets to vote, otherwise the democrats are loosing one vote.

        • bmaz says:

          This how it works on all impeachments that do not involve a sitting President and, yes, the Senate Pro Tem still gets to vote. Not that it will matter here, it is beyond unlikely there will ever be 67 votes for conviction.

          • skua says:

            Would be good if, after all the stress of the election, insurection and Senate trial, many Repub Senators found they had come down with COVID symptoms and would, very much against their wishes and most regretfully, be absent for the vote on conviction and the barring of Trump.
            Or they could be absent for patriotic reasons.
            Yeah, unlikely.

          • P J Evans says:

            Not while they refuse to even look at the evidence. Or admit that inciting insurrection is impeachable, even after he’s left office (if they’re even willing to admit that much).

          • timbo says:

            That depends on how bad it is, right? I mean, what if there’s concrete evidence that Trump didn’t care who got hurt when bum-rushing the Capitol. Further, the idea that it is somehow cool for any President to put a crony in charge of DOJ to gin up fake election fraud is not a good look, especially considering how worried the GOP claims they are about the DP being a socialist conspiracy… how to explain not holding an obvious violation to account then becomes a campaign issue for the GOP if there is such evidence…

            • cavenewt says:

              Unfortunately I think most of these people are impervious to concrete evidence. The only thing I can see helping is if the big donors keep withholding money, which might help get Mitch to pressure his membership…

              • timbo says:

                The problem and danger is that the density builds to the point where it is for the cement shoes of all that oppose strongman rule. There needs to be a moving back away from that or that is where we will be soon enough.

          • Bay State Librul says:


            Amend the Constitution, and delete the impeachment process.
            I don’t mean to sound mean, but can we jettison the two scumbag Senators from Ole Miss?

      • timbo says:

        Now if only she’d had some backbone sooner…

        And can you personally imagine her doing this against a DP President? Just sayin… maybe the “hero of the moment” is just making clay feet look good?

        • skua says:

          Would be better to have reliable folk.
          But if all we’ve got are some unreliable folk who are currently doing the right thing then I’m ok with appreciating the good they’re doing.

  11. Stephen Calhoun says:

    Has there been a comprehensive accounting of injuries sustained at the insurrection and emergency medical transports from the capital?

    • Eureka says:

      Funny story: one night many many months ago (oh gosh, forgot corona year – so longer ago than that), Philly was trending on twitter because the bots were pushing one of his/ local affiliate’s walk away events there, featuring a panel of 3rd-tier wingnuts (to be generous). As an astroturfed trend of low quality and interest — virtually no notice was given for this next-day “event”, did they really want people to come? — one top result was an unrelated tweet by the jerk from barstool announcing a move to Phila. Minutes later, via separate channel, one of the friendly bots that tracks the Trump fam’s twitter habits announced that Jared had just followed the barstool guy.

      TL;DR I feel like I know what Jared was clicking around that Friday night. SAD.

  12. Franktoo says:

    If the militias had nothing to do with Trump’s speech, how did the militias know that Trump was going to send his crowd to march on the Capitol? The Trump rally took place at the Ellipse, more than one mile and a thirty minute walk away from the Capitol. The Trump rally had no permit to march on the Capitol. The militias didn’t have large enough numbers to take on the Capitol Police by themselves.

    • Eureka says:

      (Maintaining a facetious stance) They could claim that they knew it because Alex Jones (e.g.) had announced the plan to (march from the Ellipse to) be at the Capitol at 1pm. Of course the PBs et al. arrived a bit sooner to beat the crowd, break the police lines, and provide a path for day-LARPer followers to follow.

      The crowd could just, and did just, flow in after them and otherwise join in bad acts. Kinda like that was a tactical plan, along with a behavioral releaser:

      Rebecca Ballhaus: “Remarkable @WSJ investigation finds that the Proud Boys, who have tried to play down their involvement in the Capitol riot, in fact led some of the most pivotal moments of escalation. [embedded video]”
      1:02 PM · Jan 26, 2021

  13. Eureka says:

    note to harpie, Rayne, readers of Rayne’s Crowdsourced Timeline page:

    Comments closed before I was able to link together these updated topics:

    • harpie just posted about Trump’s January 3rd retweet of Amy Kremer (Chair of Women For America First) — when they finally have a place for his speech:

    • I’d just added upthread re Alex Jones claiming that he (with an unidentified 80% benefactor) paid ~ 500k for the Ellipse; Jones also said that “three days” before the event, “the White House” told him to lead the march to the Capitol (for Trump to follow).

    i.e., January 3rd.

    • AP reporting subsequent to Jones’ statements:

    Women for America First, which applied for and received the Park Service permit, did not respond to messages seeking comment about how the event was financed and about the Trump campaign’s involvement.

    AP goes on to detail Trump campaign staffers named on permit/ etc. associated with the event (see also Bloomberg News update):

    (linked further upthread

    • Eureka says:

      well, acts like they’re not necessarily right handed; (and) who knows how n-dimensional chessy suspect was with their habitus

  14. harpie says:
    9:32 AM · Jan 27, 2021

    Yesterday @misstessowen reported Oathkeepers were on Roger Stone’s security detail the evening before January 6th Capitol siege. Scraped Parler video I reviewed with @rgoodlaw @just_security would appear to confirm. Below is video; here is Owen’s report: [link] [VIDEO]

    The video here shows STONE walking to/into what looks like a HOTEL [seems like it might be after his speech] …maybe the same HOTEL shown in this photo of ALEX JONES on the same evening, 1/5/21:

    Seems like same number of steps, blue rug, brass/glass doors …

    • Eureka says:

      harpie did you see in the replies that the hotel is the Willard IC? [Look also at photos of the Willard InterContinental in search and you’ll see that those odd circles on the facade framing match, too]:

      Devin Nunes’ Mom’s Son Devin: “@justinhendrix @misstessowen @rgoodlaw @just_security @justinhendrix & @rgoodlaw – the hotel Roger Stone entered in the video you shared above and exited in this video below is The Willard (see sign on right of image). Watching your video carefully, it appears Oath Keepers entered The Willard after Stone.[screenshot]”
      1:32 AM · Jan 28, 2021

      [these tweets are nested QTs]

      WTF: “Roger Stone at the Willard Jan 5, thanks baked alaska. @Ip2Wins [video]”
      7:02 PM · Jan 9, 2021

      WTF: “@LoulzIRL yo, the other night at the Willard, where’s that selfie with roger stone?”
      6:46 PM · Jan 9, 2021

  15. harpie says:

    Scott Dworkin
    5:30 PM · Jan 28, 2021

    Here’s video of Marjorie Taylor Greene at the White House in late Dec 2020 saying she had a “great planning session for our January 6th objection. We aren’t going to let this election be stolen by Joe Biden and the Democrats. President Trump won by a landslide.” Expel Greene now. [VIDEO]


    Greene: Just finished with our meeting here at the White House this afternoon. We got-had a great planning session for our January 6th objection. We aren’t going to let this election be stolen by Joe Biden and the Democrats. President Trump won by a landslide. Call your House Rep. Call your Senators from your state. We’ve gotta make sure they’re on board. We already have a lot of people engaged. OK, stay tuned.

  16. harpie says:

    “Fight for Trump”: Video Evidence of Incitement at the Capitol
    Ryan Goodman and Justin Hendrix // January 25, 2021


    PRIOR TO RALLY // FaceBook Live
    [Jennifer Ryan walking] I don’t see anybody around here messing around. We’re here to take our country back. President Trump yesterday, said we are not giving up the White House. He said we are going to fight. And I believe that. I mean, they are taking our country from us, and this is a prelude to the war that is about to happen. And we are not messing around. There’s a lot of us that are going to be – -there’s more of us than there are of them.

    [00:34] TRUMP We will never give up. We will never concede. It doesn’t happen. (crowd cheering) You don’t concede when there’s theft involved. Republicans are constantly fighting like a boxer with his hands tied behind his back. It’s like a boxer and we want to be so nice. We want to be so respectful of everybody. Including bad people. And we’re going to have to fight much harder. And Mike Pence is going to have to come through for us. And if he doesn’t, that will be a sad day for our country, because you’re sworn to uphold our constitution. (crowd cheering) Now it’s up to Congress to confront this egregious assault on our democracy. And after this, we’re going to walk down, and I’ll be there with you. We’re going to walk down. We’re going to walk down, any one you want. But I think right here. We’re going to walk down to the capital! (crowd cheering)

    [01:43] IN THE CROWD // Parler
    TRUMP: We’re going to walk down to the Capitol! (crowd cheering) Congressmen and Women. And we’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them. Because you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength. (Crowd cheering drowns out Trump’s speech.) We’re going to walk down to the Capitol!

    [2:07] [Man in Crowd] Storm the Capitol!
    [Man in Crowd] Invade the Capitol Building!
    [Man in Crowd] Let’s take the Capitol!
    [Man in Crowd] Take the Capitol!
    [Man in Crowd] Take the Capitol right now!

    [02:25] TRUMP: …over to the Capitol building.
    [Woman recording] Yes!
    TRUMP: To peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.

    [2:32] TRUMP: The radical left knows exactly what they’re doing. They’re ruthless. And it’s time that somebody did something about it. And Mike Pence, I hope you’re going to stand up for the good of our constitution and for the good of our country. And, if you’re not, I’m going to be very disappointed in you, I will tell you right now. I’m not hearing good stories.

    [02:56] IN THE CROWD // Parler
    TRUMP: [near the end of the speech] And we fight. We fight like hell. And if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore. Our exciting adventures and bold endeavors (crowd chants “Fight like hell!”) have not yet begun, my fellow Americans, for our movement.

    • harpie says:

      [03:12] 12:59 PM / Parler [at Capitol]
      [Crowd] Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump!
      [Man in crowd] What are we waiting for? We already voted and what have they done? They stole it! We want our fucking country back! Let’s take it! Let’s fucking take it! Come on! Come on! Come on! Let’s go!

      [03:41] 1:02 PM // [PENCE Tweet]
      Vice President Pence tweets three images-a letter indicating he will follow protocols in counting the Electoral College votes.

      [03:45] 1:21 PM // Parler
      [Man recording] President Trump is here at the Capitol building with us. We saw the motorcade. Shit is about to get real.

      [03:55] 1:36 PM // Parler
      [Alex Jones] Hey guys Trump’s coming right now, so be on the other side of the Capitol.
      [Crowd] Alex, this is your revolution buddy! Thank you! Thank you! Storm the Capitol!

      [04:08] 1:38 PM // Parler
      [Man walking] Speech is over, it was awesome. Some of you may have seen it online. It went over all the voter fraud. I am very concerned about Mike Pence. I have no idea what he’s gonna do. Did not love the way the President talked about that. And, uh, I don’t know. We’ll see. Anyways, we’re walking over to the Capitol right now, and I don’t know, maybe we’ll break down the doors.

      [04:28] 1:54 PM // Parler
      [Woman in crowd] Love you Alex Jones!
      [Alex Jones] History is happening! I salute you! Tell everyone you know to go to the other side of the Capitol! That’s where Trump’s going to be!

    • harpie says:

      [04:42] 2:00 PM [approx.] // The New Yorker
      (crowd chattering) [Video of gallows] (people laughing)

      [04:50] 2:15 PM [approx.] // YouTube
      (alarm beeping)
      [Crowd] Hang Mike Pence! Hang Mike Pence! Hang Mike Pence!

      [05:04] 2:24 PM
      TRUMP tweet

      Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!
      [Twitter: This claim about election fraud is disputed]

      [05:13] XXXX PM // IN THE CROWD // Parler
      [Woman with Crowd] Mike Pence is a bitch! Mike Pence is a bitch! Mike Pence is a bitch!

      [05:24] 2:37 PM // Parler
      [Man on phone] Can I speak to Pelosi? Yeah, we’re coming bitch! Oh, Mike Pence, we’re coming for you too fucking traitor.

      [05:31] 3:20 PM // Parler
      [Voices in crowd] May he go under the gallows. I hope he is put under the firing squad, and found guilty of treason. Because men like him are the reason this country is falling apart. Where is Pence?
      [Man in crowd] Bring Pence out!
      [Man on megaphone] Where is Pence? Where is Pence?
      [People in crowd] Bring him out!
      [Man on megaphone] Where is Pence?
      [Man in Crowd] Bring him out!
      [Man on megaphone] Bring out Pence!
      [Man in Crowd] Bring him out!
      [Man on megaphone] Where is Pence? Where is Pence?
      [People in Crowd] Bring him out!
      [Man on megaphone] Where is Pence!
      [Man in Crowd] Bring him out!
      [Man on megaphone] Bring out Pence!
      [Man in Crowd] Bring him out!
      [Man on megaphone] Bring out Pence!
      [Man in Crowd] Bring him out!
      [Man on megaphone] Bring out Pence!

    • harpie says:

      [06:00] 3:22 PM // Parler
      [CROWD] Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump!

      [06:17] 3:35 PM // Parler
      [Man] So, I just wanted to report to you guys, the patriots and the protesters have taken the Capitol building. I’m going to show you guys what’s happening right now.
      [Crowd] Fight for Trump! (loud, rhythmic banging) Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump!

      [06:39] 3:35 PM // Parler
      [Crowd] Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump!

      [06:46] 3:42 PM // Parler
      (inaudible yelling)
      [Man recording] (yelling) We were invited here! We were invited! Hey, We were invited here! (multiple people yelling inaudibly) We were invited by the President of the United States! (multiple people yelling inaudibly)

    • harpie says:

      [07:10] 3:30 PM [approx.] // The New Yorker [Inside the Capitol]
      [Man to police officer] You’re outnumbered. There’s a fucking million of us out there, and we’re listening to Trump, your boss. (crowd yelling over each other)

      [07:19] 3:30 PM [approx.] // Baked Alaska Livestream
      [Man with camera] Let’s call Trump, yes! (laughs) Dude! Dude! Let’s tell Trump what’s up!
      [Man] Trump would be very upset.
      [Man with camera] No, just say we love him. We love you, bro. No, he’ll be happy. What do you mean? We’re fighting for Trump.

    • harpie says:

      [07:33] 4: 00 PM [approx.] // Parler
      [Crowd] Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump!
      [Man] This is as close as I can get. You’re looking at storming the Capitol.
      [Crowd] Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump!

      [07:49] 4:00 PM [approx.] // Parler
      [Crowd] Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump! Fight for Trump!

      [08:03] 4:17 PM
      TRUMP: [tweet] [VIDEO]

      This was a fraudulent election but we can’t play into the hands of these people. We have to have peace. So go home. We love you. You’re very special. You’ve seen what happens. You’ve seen the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil. I know how you feel, but go home, and go home in peace.

      [08:28] 5:06 PM // Parler
      [Man] What’s your message to everyone now? Like what are you yelling at?
      [Chansley] Oh, Donald Trump asked everybody to go home. He just said, he just put out a tweet. It’s a minute long. He asked everybody to go home.
      [Man] Why do you think so?
      [Chansley] Because, dude, we won the fucking day. We fucking won.
      [Man] How did we win?
      [Chansley] We won by sending a message to the Senators and the Congressmen. We won by sending a message to Pence, okay. That if they don’t do as they, as it is their oath to do, if they don’t uphold the constitution, then we will remove them from office one way or another.

      [08:58] [Senator Ben Sasse] [January 8, 2021] // Hugh Hewitt Podcast:

      I don’t have any idea what was in his heart about what he wanted to happen once they were in the Capitol, but he wanted there to be chaos. And, I’m sure you’ve also had conversations with other senior White House officials, as I have. As this was unfolding on television, Donald Trump was walking around the White House confused about why other people on his team weren’t as excited as he was. As you had rioters pushing against Capitol Police trying to get into the building. As that was happening, he was delighted.

      [09:27] 6:02 PM
      TRUMP tweet

      These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever!

    • harpie says:

      [09:37] January 15th // CBS 11 Dallas-Fort Worth
      [Jennifer Ryan] I would say I was doing my- – I felt like I was doing my patriotic duty.

      [News reporter] Tonight, Frisco realtor, Jennifer Ryan, is speaking out in defense of her actions last week, that federal authorities say were criminal.

      [Jennifer Ryan] So, me personally, I do not feel a sense of shame or guilt from my heart, from what I was doing. I thought I was following my president. I thought I was following what we were called to do.

      [News reporter] She’s referring to this moment: a now deleted video that the FBI recovered showing imaged of Ryan entering through the rotunda.

      [Jennifer Ryan] He asked us to fly there. He asked us to be there. So I was doing what he asked us to do. So as far as in my heart of hearts do I feel like a criminal? No, I am not.

      [10:17] SOURCES

  17. harpie says:

    RAYNE, possible time zone issue:
    I’m pretty sure the Acosta tweet was at 4:13 PM ET
    4:13 PM · Jan 6, 2021

    A source close to the White House who is in touch with some of the rioters at the Capitol said it’s the goal of those involved to stay inside the Capitol through the night.

    I can’t figure out if he might have tweeted it twice?
    This is where the discrepency came up:

    • WilliamOckham says:

      Harpie, are you in the Mountain Time Zone?

      Here’s how timestamps on Tweets work, as far as I know. Timestamps are stored as UTC and displayed to the end user according to their own time zone (as determined by browser settings or the app you use to view the tweets). I’m in the Central Time Zone and the tweet shows as 3:13pm, Jan 6, 2021. That would be 2:13pm Eastern. In my original mention I got the time wrong. I mentally converted the 3:13 to 2:13, but typed 2:21.

      • harpie says:

        Oh! Thanks for responding!
        I’m in Eastern, though, and got 4:13 PM…STILL do.
        lol, I’m so confused!
        So the actual time in Eastern is 2:13?

        added: [wouldn’t you have to ADD an hour from Central?
        …I told you I’m confused! OY!]

        • bmaz says:

          Just think about us poor slobs in AZ who are sometimes on PST, and sometimes on MST, because we don’t do the daylight savings time thing. So, part of the year we are two hours earlier than EST, and the other part 3 hours earlier. It is confusing!

          • harpie says:

            NO! You are certainly NOT!
            [I realize I have it VERY much easier on this score, and if I had to rely on computers, I would still, SOMEhow get it wrong.]
            I’ve been doing conversions to Europe since I was a kid because of the occasional phone call to relatives.

        • WilliamOckham says:

          It was 4:13. I really shouldn’t do time zone conversions in my head. That’s what I have computers for.

  18. harpie says:

    I just want to say here that this
    will be with US for a LONG time:

    Capitol Police arrest a West Virginia man who was armed with a handgun and 20 rounds of ammunition near the Capitol. [CNN]
    6:55 AM · Jan 29, 2021

    Westover had “Stop the Steal paperwork” with him “that had a list of Senators &Representatives”… was “animated” &”shouting” at National Guardsmen on the inside of the perimeter surrounding Capitol Hill… He was taken into custody for having a black 9mm Sig Sauer handgun & ammo.

    • Eureka says:

      Yes, that was (is) alarming.

      No suspects announced yet, but an area Democratic Committee office was shot through with bullets mid-afternoon on inauguration day (possibly done in the early morning hours or the night before). A recent threat had been reported to the FBI. No one was in the office at the time.

    • harpie says:

      January 5, 2021
      Near the RNC bldg.
      8:13 p.m. Suspect spotted [walking westbound] in Rumsey Court [VIDEO]
      8:15 p.m. Suspect carries backpack in alley [VIDEO]

      [harpie: towards end of VIDEO suspect takes piece of paper out of his left pocket and looks at it and replaces it]

      8:16 p.m. Suspect retraces steps [VIDEO]
      8:17 p.m. Suspect walks eastbound on Rumsey Court [VIDEO]

      The same person is suspected of placing the bomb at the Democratic National Committee building, according to a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation. It is not clear which bomb was placed first.

      • Eureka says:

        That’s why I used the pronoun “they” above when describing the suspect from the still photo(s). [And there are many potential options between and about ‘male-like female’ and ‘female-like male’, converging continua/causes of the variation.]

        I think a lot of folks (self included) whose first reaction to photos (or video) was a “female” flinch also came to that in reaction to a default “male” frame. Stepping back from that sort of action/reaction, an ambiguousness stands.

    • harpie says:
      11:34 AM · Jan 29, 2021

      The FBI has added an image of one the pipe bombs to their wanted poster and confirmed the internet’s identification of those shoes. [screenshot]

      From the screenshot:

      DETAILS The FBI has developed new information regarding the pipe bombs discovered in Washington, D.C. Between the hours of 7:30 PM and 8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), on January 5, 2021, an unknown individual placed two pipe bombs in Washington, D.C. One pipe bomb was placed at the headquarters of the Republican National Committee (RNC), located at 310 First Street Southeast, and the other was placed at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), located at 430 South Capitol Street Southeast #3. The unknown individual wore a facemask, a grey hooded sweatshirt, and Nike Air Max Speed Turf shoes in yellow, black and gray. The individual carried a backpack in their hand.

  19. harpie says:

    VERY helpful information here:

    VISUAL INVESTIGATIONS Tracking the Oath Keepers Who Attacked the Capitol
    Jan. 29, 2021

    Donovan Crowl and Jessica Watkins — both members of the Oath Keepers with ties to its leader — have been accused by federal investigators of coordinating a Jan. 6 Capitol breach in advance and conspiring to obstruct Congress.

    Visual evidence shows they, along with a third alleged conspirator named Thomas Caldwell, may not have acted alone. […]

    The full identities of the 10 are currently unknown, but after they left the Capitol, all of them can be seen gathered around the Oath Keepers’ leader, Stewart Rhodes, just 70 feet from the building, with Mr. Crowl and Ms. Watkins close by.

  20. harpie says:

    Eureka posted this article above…I did a TRANSCRIPT of the ALEX JONES comments.

    Alex Jones claims he funded rally that led to Capitol chaos
    Mr Jones pushed the conspiracy theory that antifa was responsible for Trump supporters attacking the US Capitol
    Monday 11 January 2021

    […] Mr Jones explained his involvement in a video he posted from Washington DC on the day of the riots. […]


    [ALEX JONES]: When I tell you this, it’s not to brag about my connection to this embattled President, cause that in the modern world is a millstone around my neck. So, you understand what happened. No one would book the Ellipse. No one would book the other areas. No one [would] pay for it. We went and paid for it. Thank god a donor came in that paid for like 80 percent of it, cause it cost close to half a million dollars for all the equipment and all the stages and the rest of it, porta potties, you name it.

    And then, the White House told me three days before [1/3/21], We’re gonna have you lead the march. The Secret Service, before Trump finishes, 30 minutes before or so, will lead you to a point, take you out of the front row, and lead you to the place where they want you to start the march and Trump will tell people, Go on, I’m going to meet you at the Capitol. There was a million people outside of the Ellipse that was you know, metal detectors, folks coming in. And so, by the time I got out there, 40 minutes 30 minutes before Trump finished his speech, there were already hundreds of thousands of people ahead of me marching.

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