Pressure Drop Trash Talk

Lot of stuff in the last couple of days, and things that have people hot and bothered. So, let’s chill it out a bit with some late trash talk.

First off, a bit of credit to Fernando Alonso, who finished on the podium in Qatar for the first time in a long time. The Spaniard is still one of the fastest and best drivers in F1, the problem has long been his quality of equipment. So, that is fantastic.

In the college ranks, too many B1G teams, hi Ohio State and Michigan, won yesterday, as did those darned Domers. The Pac-12 truly sucks, and ASU is in serious need of a new head football coach and athletic director. The Cincinnati Bearcats truly deserve to be in the CFB Playoffs, and if they are not let fire engulf the entire NCAA.

In the pros, the Patriots seem to have reloaded with Mac Jones a lot faster than expected, though they are doing it against not the best competition. Their next four games are tough though, so we shall see. The Packers at Vikings may be the most interesting game of the day given that Kyler Murray seems unlikely to play as the Cards are in Seattle. Bengals at Rayduhs looks pretty interesting, though both a little flimsy right now. Lot of people taking the Cowboys over the Chefs, not sure about that. I will go with the Chefs with the game in KC. If Big Ben plays, and it looks like he will, Scribe’s Stillers at the Bolts looks to be an excellent SNF game.

That’s it. Trash this joint immediately. Music by Toots. Currently, Mrs. bmaz is playing Here Comes The Sun on her newish piano, the summer heat has broken, and I hope life is as good for every one of you.

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  1. dakine01 says:

    Things didn’t look too good for the Hilltoppers when they were 1 – 4 but looking much better now at 7 – 4. Maybe losing at Army & Michigan ST & at home to Indiana & UTSA isn’t so bad after all. Marshall to go before bowl season. Of course the QB is only leading the country in yards & TDs.

    Now all the ‘Cats have to do is beat UL in Louisville & win their bowl game against whomever to have another 10 win season. Not quite as good as once hoped but still pretty good given history.

    • dakine01 says:

      I do wonder (not really) if the AAC will regret not asking the ‘Toppers to join given how they’ve beaten most of those they did invite..

      Actually, they just want more wins so no surprise no Hilltoppers.

    • J R in WV says:

      Marshall may give them all (or more than) they want.

      New coach appears to be good new coach.

      Not that Doc wasn’t a great coach. I was shocked when they didn’t continue with Doc as head coach.

  2. Jon says:

    Alonso drove a very smart and stylish race. It demonstrated his skill and ability, and that his car was perfectly dialed in for the course. He held out against a fairly well balanced midfield. And he was gifted the podium when Bottas had his flat tire and then had to retire. Hamilton drove a perfect race, easily controlling it and keeping Verstappen at least four seconds away. The only lapse was the late safety car preventing him from trying for the fastest lap point. But, he’s got to win the last two races to clinch the championship. That’s certainly possible, but the odds are against anyone winning four races in a row. All in all lots of clean racing, a fair number of impressive passes, no collisions and only two retirements for flat tires. I guess we can overlook the Saudi’s human rights abuses now, just as we ignored those of Brazil. And Toots was the best.

    • bmaz says:

      I have bitched about several of the races on the F1 calendar since they came to be. But F1 is about the money, and, starting with Ecclestone, they will take the money. It is sad, but true.

      • Jon says:

        In general, auto racing is dominated by older, affluent white guys, who tend to skew extremely conservative. That’s just the landscape. They’re making some efforts now (certain more than the nil under Bernie and Max) to address racism and discrimination, and human rights, but it reads mostly like window dressing. Hamilton is doing vastly more than nearly any other racer, ever, and is probably inspiring thousands who’ve felt excluded, simply by being a successful Black Brit. And he may be the most talented, skilled and successful driver of the past fifty years or more. That’s got to move some needles.

        • Silly but True says:

          It’s not just democracy and criminal justice systems. Racism, too: Americans are the worst, except for everyone else. Even the happy Canadians, jeez, the Residential School revelation is as bad as it gets.

      • Peterr says:

        FIFA to F1: Hold my beer.

        Holding the World Cup in Qatar, in NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER(!), makes F1 look like pikers.

        (Gotta love the folks at the Guardian, who have taken to calling it the Human Rights World Cup.)

  3. scribe says:

    Mason Rudolph was as bad as everyone thought. Haskins, on his phone during warmups. Ben or bust.

    And I think that will obtain next year, too. No replacement on the horizon….

  4. MissingGeorgeCarlin says:

    One thing has always irked me about the NFL (besides the greedy jerks who run the league)….please stop calling the Super Bowl winner “world champions”. It’s just dumb. It’s not an international league. Being the Super Bowl Champion is good enough, you don’t have to lie and claim to be “World” champion. You’re not! :) I’m enjoying the bust out season by Deebo Samuel of the 49ers.

    • bmaz says:

      Hmmm, nobody says that about the World Series Champions. If other countries think they can field a better team than the NFL champion, let them try.

    • Leoghann says:

      I guess an argument can be made that the American champion of a sport that isn’t seriously played outside the US is the world champion. And the Solar System Champion, and the Milky Way Champion. Baseball, hockey, and to a lesser extent, basketball, are played around the world.

      • Tracy Lynn says:

        To a lesser extent, basketball?? I think that is the one American sport that has much wider appeal than American football or baseball. My 2 cents.

  5. What Constitution? says:

    Shohei Ohtani.

    There, fixed that for you all. They’ve been playing this game — “America’s Game” — for how long and the first guy to do it this well is a guy from Japan. At least we think he’s from Japan; it might not be from this planet. I mean, I’ve been talking about Mike Trout as the best in the game for some time now, but Ohtani’s season was mind-boggling.

      • scribe says:

        It’s a fair comparison. It seems the one ability Ohtani lacks, to the extent he lacks it, is availability. Been hurt a good deal.

        • bmaz says:

          Awfully young though, guess we will see longer term. One hell of a season this year though.

          Kind of surprised the Stillers Bolts game is not closer. Will say this, Herbert is decent, and very much looks the part of a long term Bolts QB.

  6. Tracy Lynn says:

    Not exactly a trash-talk note, but I think a moment of silence for former Raider & Seahawk Steve Smith is in order. He passed yesterday after a 20-year battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

  7. Eureka says:

    Yelled (in matter-of-fact, chef’s kiss voice) @ tv today: “I fucking love this football team.”

    New meme born, lady in stands who couldn’t take the refs’ phantom calls n-e-moar (“That’s fucking bullshit!”). Indeed.

    The Jalen Hurts Philadelphia Eagles remain kryptonite for the Aints “#1 (Rushing) Defense.”

    Baldy’s breakdowns were a thing of beauty last week, those orchestral O-line movements. Can’t wait to linger over what he’s got from today.

    How was your day?

    • bmaz says:

      That game was not on my TV schedule, but every time I saw the score, I thought of you. Also every time Ertz touched the ball today, which was a LOT (8 receptions for 88 yds and 2 TDs).

      • Eureka says:

        Things got a little harrowing when they were up 26 and (with some key injuries) slacked off a bit, but it worked out. I thought I saw Ertz had 2TDs but when looking for clips only saw the opener. Good on him. As you see, he will go a long way towards keeping your McCoy straight until K1 returns. (And I still think Cards are much better weather — temps and roster maturity — for this season of his career.)

        Our new TE1, Goedert, just signed a big extension, and while he had some clutch plays and a TD that wasn’t recognized — they just hurried another one into the endzone sans challenge — he had some cringe drops today as I reflected on Ertz’ sure* hands.

        *ETA: mostly sure: there was that 2018 Div Round in Nola (of all places) where an early Ertz drop killed (Foles’ et al) momentum… before the Jeffrey drop that ended it all

        • Eureka says:

          … missed edit window to fit in this nuance: that the 2018 post-season drop is both so memorable and was a momentum-killer reflects _well_ on Ertz in the sense that he is such a key, reliable player.

          • bmaz says:

            Seriously, if K1 and DHop are healthy, Murray will have DHop, AJ Green, Christian Kirk and Ertz as the front line receivers. How do you cover that? And, by the way, young rookie Rondale Moore out of Purdue is really special, keep your eye on him.

            • Eureka says:

              Yeah, exactly — you don’t.

              I hear of Moore a lot — but we haven’t had any Cards here since ThursNF; had a couple before that, seemed like we were getting a (relatively) good amount. Lots of Cards (and Bills) fans/appreciators in this area (not just this season, either) — but I have no idea what all the reasons are upon which they decide markets to air.

              Dunno how to explain it but that things will just happen, it’s in the air — cue Phil Collins solo … (maybe I’m sensing wrong, but e.g. 2017 I could just ‘tell’. It was time.) [Also plenty of parallels in that the national media/ talk took too long to catch up to what the Cards have going on this season.] Enjoy it.

              # My 3cents.

              • bmaz says:

                Lol, I mean it “is” the Cardinals, so there is always serious reason for doubt. Losing JJ Watt really hurt. We’ll see. But so far pretty fun!

        • bmaz says:

          Oh, I think he will like it here, especially as he fits in more with the offense. And, as said originally, this is Julie’s home, so is a good deal for all. Cards are, somehow, 9-2, just put the Squawks to bed and headed into a break week, and then they get Kyler and DHopkins back. Heady times for the Cards, hope they don’t screw it up.

  8. Peterr says:

    Had a really long day today, with a Thanksgiving service in the late afternoon after the usual Sunday morning stuff. Missed the Chefs game, but managed to get caught in the post-game traffic coming out of Arrowhead Stadium. Lots of crazy driving on the highways, as folks try to ride lanes heading for exits only to cut back into the main flow of traffic right at the exit.

    Also, I hate drunk drivers. Almost got plowed by one, and another almost got plowed by two fire trucks right in front of me at a stoplight when it started to make a right turn on red in front of the vehicles with the wild red lights and loud sirens.

    Mrs Dr Peterr, however, did *not* miss the Chefs game, and was effusive about their defense coming together to shut down the (previously) #1 offense in the league. I have restrained myself from calling my brother the Owboys fan. Per Mrs Dr Peterr, the Chefs got flagged repeatedly for taunting, and I don’t want to add any more taunting to the mix.

    • Eureka says:

      Hello, I am super glad you are here to equivocate over taunting your fam (in re the drunk drivers; and I use _equivocate_ with intention bx I’m sure this game might somehow “come up” in conversation eventually: tauntlet gauntlet throwdown incoming…).

      I never doubted the Chefs would cook dem Boyz. Forgot to mention to bmaz that I (selfishly) hope his Cards are still playing to win (or, fine, at least get the win) in Game 16 when they catch the Ows…

      • Peterr says:

        The Chefs really beefed up their D line, and it’s really really paying off. Chris Jones was a beast today, in part because the Owboys couldn’t spare anyone blocking the defensive ends to cheat to the middle to help out.

        • Eureka says:

          Big Red is no dummy (and will someday be recognized as the True GOAT). [speaking of vacuous media narratives (in re “The reports of [Chefs] demise…”).]

          OMG this game is wild — hope scribe’s fortified w/the approp. libations…

  9. scribe says:

    No surprise on the way the Stillers turned out. I went to bed during Q2 after they couldn’t push it in from the 2. After that, the result was obvious, foreknown, and sleep was a better idea.

    Tomlin delenda est.

    • bmaz says:

      It turned into a very interesting game. But, man, Big Ben looks simply unable to throw the ball more than 8-10 yards. And I think people are catching on. Don’t know if they can get to him, but the kid at Pitt looks really promising.

      • scribe says:

        IDK whether it’s Ben or the O-line. They don’t seem to be doing the best of jobs of giving him and the receivers time to develop plays. They’re better than they were, but that’s a low bar. I saw one or two where Ben opened up and went deep, but his accuracy wasn’t there.

        Not that it really matters. Tomlin delenda est.

        • bmaz says:

          I don’t either. It just hurts. Don’t have to love Ben for it to hurt, the guy has been huge in the NFL forever. It sucks

  10. Anthony Kotoun says:

    Saw Toots a few times. Energy and positiveness nonstop through out the concert.
    Been dancing to Toot’s “Country Road” with my one year old son.
    Happy holidays to all!

  11. Honeybee says:

    Thanks for that musical conjuring of “Pressure Drop.” Made me think back to Jimmy Cliff, and “Many Rivers to Cross.”

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      I agree, however the scuttlebut is that Justin Wilcox is VERY unhappy with the AD over the Covid protocol fiasco. I am very unhappy with the AD. And Justin Wilcox. And the Men’s Basketball Coach, Mark Fox. And I said so loudly in a letter to the Chancellor who happens to be my former Academic Advisor.

      Unfortunately she has yet to get back to me. I am not expecting to hear anything soon, but the program is a mess.

  12. Silly but True says:

    There’s been some movement in Shulte’s prosecution pt. deux.

    Case was reassigned from Crotty to Judge Jesse M. Furman a month ago. Schulte just had his SCIF time doubled from two 4-hr days to two 8-hr days. Schulte has made new complaints this month that there’s no law library available, and that prison is not charging his approved laptop.

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