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  2. Rayne says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you but the YouTube feed is glitchy, like compression is breaking up.

    I’m just listening, can’t watch the subtitles. At least the audio is fine.

  3. Nicole Sandler says:

    Sorry about the YouTube gremlins. I was able to upload the clean video and Marcy already loaded it in. Sorry about that. And yes, at least the gremlins let the audio sound good today. Ugh.

  4. zscoreUSA says:

    What was the “exchange that happened in early January [2019] where it’s clear [Hunter] didn’t have access to the internet”? Mentioned when Hunter was staying with Ablow and had sketchy access to the Internet.

    And I’m curious about your theory of how Hunter got hooked up with Ablow. I tried to locate that but couldn’t quite pin down based on the available data. There’s a ton of coincidental ingredients being mixed together at just the right time to make that batch of soup.

    • emptywheel says:

      It’s the exchange with the orthopedic surgeons. Ablow pretty clearly lied when he told Hunter that his emails were working.

      I’m not ready to share my theory abt how Hunter got to Ablow, bc it involves a possible referral and I don’t want to screw that person if I’m wrong.

      • zscoreUSA says:

        I’m trying to follow along.

        In this interview you mentioned Hunter staying at Ablow’s Cottage immediately before saying he had sketchy access to the internet and then saying about the exchange where Hunter didn’t have access to the internet.

        Are you under the impression that Hunter was in Massachusetts with Ablow during the email exchange with the surgeons?

  5. Michael8748 says:

    Just curious, If Dr. Wheeler started dating say, Habba in the middle of these trials, would it have any import on all the hard work she’s done so far?
    It shouldn’t. But would it?

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  6. Henry the Horse says:

    Just watched my first podcast and it was brilliant! So many thoughts but I will just point out a couple.

    I agree with you Dr. Wheeler about the optimism regarding this election. We are going to open a can of you know what on Trump.

    My reasons are many, but the biggest one is the big move of the Democrats back to labor. To wit, we had the big strike, the UAW won, the economy DIDN’T collapse under the weight and no major manufacturers were harmed during the making of this prosperity.

    Secondly as I alluded to yesterday in another comment, the attempted manipulation by the right is obvious but it’s great to have someone take the time to show the receipts. Keep up the great work!!

  7. earlofhuntingdon says:

    From Mehdi Hasan:

    Just today, a Wall St Journal headline called an Arab-American city [Dearborn, MI] a ‘jihad capital’; a NY Times columnist compared the Middle East to animals & the jungle; & the editor of the UK’s Jewish Chronicle suggested pro-Palestinian doctors should be fired.

    Banner day for the media.

    The WSJ piece, especially, is no surprise, given that its opinion editor is the execrable Paul Gigot, who almost single-handedly helps Dartmouth maintain its reputation for launching the careers of ultra-hard right journalists. He’s been around. He knows where Father Coughlin did his work. He knows how dangerous this language can be. Would Gigot keep his job if he said something similar about Crown Heights or Williamsburg?


    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      A nice retort to the WSJ. The author describes Dearborn this way:

      Dearborn is one of the greatest American cities in our nation.

      – fastest growing city in MI
      – home to the #1 travel destination in MI (Greenfield Village / Henry Ford Museum)
      – home of @Ford Motor Company
      – coffee/food/culture capital of MI
      – among the most diverse cities in MI


    • Rayne says:

      The op-ed writer, Steve Stalinsky, needs to be taken to the woodshed along with Gigot.

      From Stalinsky’s Wikipedia page:

      Steven Stalinsky is an American commentator on the Middle East, terrorism, terrorist use of the Internet, and encryption technologies. He has served as executive director of the pro-Israel media advocacy outlet Middle East Media Research Institute since 1999.

      Heavy on the “pro-Israel.” Not very anti-violence or pro-human rights.

      ADDER: forgot to add this asshat is a supposed expert on terrorist use of social media. Hah. As if his op-ed can’t be used in social media to promulgate terror, including that by states.

  8. Henry the Horse says:

    At one time, the 2 largest Arabic populations outside of the Middle East were metro Detroit (mostly, but definitely not all in Dearborn) and metro Toronto.

    So beware as you cross the Bluewater bridge. /s

      • Henry the Horse says:


        My inelegant intended point was that this has been true for a long time.

        And yet we haven’t had any jihad in Sarnia, or Hamtramck or Leamingon or Farmington. So the pathetic worthless fucks at the WSJ can kiss my ass.

        BTW I have witnessed the Dearborn Fordson football team be subjected to horrible verbal abuse and it was shameful.

        I have spent a lot of time Detroit and Toronto and their surroundings and I have NEVER felt unsafe in either city.

        • earlofhuntingdon says:

          And nearby Toledo, also home to a large Arab-American population (and former home to MASH’s Klinger).

        • Rayne says:

          My great-aunt lived in Dearborn so far back she was a Rosie the Riveter type working on an assembly line. There’s nothing wrong with Dearborn apart from its excessive reliance on Ford for its economic support.

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