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How They Lied Us to War

Doug Jehl has a scathing article out providing clear evidence that the Administration knowingly used intelligence from a source deemed not credible to support their claim there were ties between Al Qaeda and Iraq.

A top member of Al Qaeda in American custody was identified as a likelyfabricator months before the Bush administration began to use hisstatements as the foundation for its claims that Iraq trained Al Qaedamembers to use biological and

Reading Judy, Part One

Because I was away watching the aspens turn (no, really, and they do turn in clusters!), I never really had a chance to do a thorough reading of Judy’s explanation of her involvement in the Plame Affair. But now that I’ve laid out what I suspect Libby was trying to get her to testify to before the grand jury, I want to go back and look at what she said–or what

About John Hannah's Promotion

Say, did anyone notice that John Hannah just got a pretty plum promotion recently? Yeah, apparently Dick Cheney picked him to become his new assistant to the Vice President for national security affairs, now that his previous national security assistant, Scooter Libby, had to resign in disgrace.

What’s that? You have heard of this promotion?

The CIA Report on Joe Wilson’s Trip

I see eRiposte is busy documenting the differences between CIA claims and Niger forgery “realities” (go check out his series). So I’m going to have to delve into the weirdness of the CIA report on Joe Wilson’s trip myself. Just a reminder of why this trip report is important: A copy of it was almost certainly […]