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“That’s Rudy.” Trump Proves, Yet Again, That He Would Just Ignore a Defensive Briefing

For much of the last three years, Trump has claimed that, if only he had been given a defensive briefing about Russia’s efforts to help his campaign (rather than launch investigations into four men who all turned out to be selling Trump out to one or another foreign country), he would have done something about it. By ignoring the warnings he got about Rudy being targeted for disinformation, Trump just made it clear that was not true.

Rat-Fucker Rashomon: Accessing Hollywood Cover-Ups of the Russian Attribution

Rather than telling us what the Mueller team learned about Roger Stone’s influence on the timing of the John Podesta release on October 7, 2016, the Mueller Report provided a comedy routine featuring Jerome Corsi’s shifting claims about that day. It may have done so to hide that Stone timed the Podesta release to cover-up the US government’s attribution of the DNC hack to Russia.

Roger Stone Was Parroting That Russian Intelligence Report a Month before FBI Got It

Yesterday, I noted several key problems with the way the frothy right is trying to politicize some reports that John Ratcliffe just declassified: Russian intelligence analysis picked up before July 28 ascribes to Hillary foreknowledge of what Roger Stone would start doing on August 5, first denying that Guccifer 2.0 was a Russian mouthpiece and […]