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Rick Gates’ Interviews

July 2, 2014 [link] DMP International Manafort strategist Gates structure Party of Regions region Cyprus b7A Someone he met with (Kluyev) Lyovochkin Business deal (Pericles?) Kilimnik January 29, 2018 [link] Weissmann and Andres Gates taxes Oligarchs as paymasters DMP pay directly Manafort taxes Gates aware Manafort not claiming everything Corey Lewandowski Tension rises after Cruz […]

The Network Effect: The 3%ers Incitement, Terrorist Enhancements, and California’s Anti-Maskers

At a hearing for Danny Rodriguez, AUSA Kimberly Paschall didn’t seem sure whether they will end up charging Rodriguez in a conspiracy with others from Southern California or not. But this network of extremists is a good place to look to understand how the various parts of the riot came together.