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Beryl Howell’s Biggest Secret: Whether Bill Barr Killed the Egyptian Bank Investigation

The biggest secret that Beryl Howell brings with her, as she ends her tenure as Chief Judge of DC, is whether the closure of the investigation into a suspected $10 million donation from Egypt to Trump in September 2016 was political interference from Bill Barr or a legitimate investigative dead end.

How Tucker Carlson Duped the People His Producer Called “Dumb … Cousin-Fucking … Terrorists”

What we’ve learned from Tucker Carlson’s effort to lie about January 6 is that Tucker is the one lying about what happened. Before Tucker’s propaganda gave reason to respond, DOJ, had actually been withholding some of the most damning video from journalists. Tucker’s propaganda effort has provided yet another glimpse of how many close calls the police managed to avert on January 6.

Tucker’s Putin Envy

Among the new details about the back channel Tucker Carlson had with Russia — purportedly to set up an interview with Putin — are that the intelligence community also obtained Signal texts, not just an email setting up a trip to Russia.