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Carter Page Believed James Wolfe Was Ellen Nakashima’s Source Disclosing His FISA Application Less than a Month After the Story

According to the Statement of Offense to which James Wolfe — the former Senate Intelligence Committee security official convicted of lying about his contacts with journalists — allocuted, Carter Page suspected Wolfe was the source for Ellen Nakashima’s story revealing Page had been targeted with a FISA order. When the former Trump campaign staffer wrote […]

The Hybrid Hatchet Conspiracy: A Premeditated Plan to Surround the Capitol on January 6

A Three Percenter January 6 conspiracy indictment released last night has a hybrid form, tying the anti-mask community in Southern California into a network with the Three Percenters. More importantly, it suggests the organizing surrounding the rally on January 5 included a premeditated plan to surround the Capitol on January 6.

The Gateway Pundit’s East Capitol Door Oath Keeper Conspiracy

The detention motion for Jason Dolan makes a compelling case that he should be detained pre-trial. But it also suggests he invented a story claiming not only that the Oath Keeper stack could not have “broken” into the East door of the Capitol, but also that Marine Major Christopher Warnagiris did something other than know precisely when the door was going to be opened from the inside.

Welcome to Lisa Monaco’s DOJ, E Jean Carroll Lawsuit Edition

Lots of observers are asking how Merrick Garland could make such a horrible decision as to sustain DOJ’s defense of Trump against the lawsuit brought by E. Jean Carroll. They might be better served by — finally — considering what Lisa Monaco’s background suggests she will do at DOJ.