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The Mueller Investigation Is the Second Most Important Investigation into Which Flynn Assisted

The Flynn sentencing memo, with a largely redacted addendum describing his cooperation, is out. Effectively, Mueller recommends no prison time because of Flynn’s substantial cooperation, his early cooperation, his record of service to the country. The section on cooperation describes Flynn’s assistance in three investigations. The Mueller investigation is actually the second thing listed, which […]

Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi’s Matryoshka Cover-Up

For over two years, Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone have been crafting a series of nested cover stories to hide the details of how they learned in August details of what WikiLeaks would release in October. It’s fairly clear, this Matryoshka cover-up has become part of Mueller’s investigation. It all suggests that whatever lies inside that last little doll is something so damning that the guy with the Nixon tattoo allowed the cover-up to become a second crime. 

If SSCI Was Referring All This Perjury to Mueller about GRU Funding Trump, Why Did Richard Burr Claim It Had Found No “Collusion”?

Twice during election season, Richard Burr claimed his committee hadn’t found any hard evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. But we now know his committee referred at least two people to Mueller’s office for lying about the funding to Trump from GRU-tied people.

The Manafort Lying Cards I’d Show if I Were Playing Presidential Pardon Poker

One detail from Paul Manafort’s status hearing yesterday did not surprise me: Andrew Weissmann said he was “ready to go immediately with his filing of details on Manafort’s alleged breach” of his plea agreement.  (Judge Amy Berman Jackson gave him a week, until December 7, to do so). Weissmann plays coy about next steps One […]

Some Important Historical Details Michael Cohen Probably Shared with Mueller’s Team

Michael Cohen has probably given Mueller a great overview of Trump’s sleazy business practices. But two past events, in particular, were probably particularly useful to the investigation: Trump’s 2011 trial balloon for a presidential run (which was funded by Trump Org), and the negotiations around the 2013 Miss Universe pageant.