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On Squi and the 65-Lady Letter

Given the mutual ties each had to “Squi” the summer in question, the fact that Christine Blasey Ford was (presumably) not asked to sign a letter attesting that Brett Kavanaugh treated women well during the summer of 1982 is evidence it cannot be said to represent the sample you’d need to ask to learn how Kavanaugh treated women at the time.

The Record Supports Christine Blasey Ford

This may sound counterintuitive. But the Republican-led whitewash hearing into allegations that Brett Kavanaugh assaulted Christine Blasey Ford actually ended up supporting her case, not Kavanaugh’s. Ford withstood Rachel Mitchell’s interrogation As bmaz noted, the Republicans hired a skirt: Maricopa sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell. Mitchell conducted all of the questioning — save one impetuous outburst […]